Dianna Baumrind emphasizes four styles of parenting

Dianna Baumrind emphasizes four styles of parenting. Developmental psychologist Dianna Baumrind emphasizes four styles of parenting that are associated with different aspects of the adolescent’s social behavior: authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful parenting, and indulgent parenting. This assignment will help you recognize and differentiate the parenting styles and how parenting styles affect development during the adolescent years.

Tasks and Requirements

You are required to complete this assignment in a Word document. You must use APA formatting to cite any research sources you use. You will look for a comic strip that reflects each of Baumrind’s parenting styles (a total of four comic strips). You will save the images and insert them in the Word document.

Once identifying the comic strip, you will describe why you think that comic strip is related to that particular parenting style by answering the following questions in a sentence or two each:

What is the situation? Why is it a problem?
What is the message the comic is trying to convey?
What is the adolescent likely to learn from the comic strip?

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Dianna Baumrind emphasizes four styles of parenting

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