Progression and Regression in Edna Pontellier

Progression and Regression in Edna Pontellier.

Write a brief summary of the argument of each of the following critical excerpts, including at least one reference to something specific that the author says about The Awakening to support the argument. Each of your summaries must be at least the number of words that is indicated below after the name of the excerpt (indicate the number of words you’ve written at the end of your summary). Each of the assignments will count as the equivalent of one study question assignment.

Assignment #1

Margo Culley, “Edna Pontellier: ‘A Solitary Soul’” (write at least 40 words)

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, “Progression and Regression in Edna Pontellier” (write at least 40 words)

Assignment #2

Sandra M. Gilbert, “The Second Coming of Aphrodite” (write at least 100 words)

Assignment #3

Helen Taylor, “Gender, Race, and Religion” (write at least 100 words)

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Progression and Regression in Edna Pontellier

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