Questions of purpose force us to define our task

Questions of purpose force us to define our task. Questioning Your Questions

When you meet a person for the first time, what questions would you most like to answer about him or her? Another way to put this question is to ask, “What information do you seek about people when you first meet them?” What do these questions (and the information you seek) tell you about your values and concerns? What do they tell you, as well, about the nature of the relationships you tend to form?

Consider the following types of questions based on the elements of reasoning and intellectual standards.

  • Questions of purpose force us to define our task.

  • Questions of informationforce us to look at our sources of information as well as the quality of our information.

  • Questions of interpretationforce us to examine how we are organizing or giving meaning to information and to consider alternative ways of giving meaning.

  • Questions of assumptionforce us to examine what we are taking forgranted.

  • Questions of implicationforce us to follow where our thinking is leading us.

  • Questions of point of viewforce us to examine our point of view and to consider other relevant points of view.

  • Questions of relevanceforce us to differentiate what does and does not bear on a question.

  • Questions of accuracyforce us to evaluate and test for truth andcorrectness.

  • Questions of precisionforce us to give details and be specific.

  • Questions of consistencyforce us to examine our thinking for contradictions.

  • Questions of logicforce us to consider how we are putting all our thought together, to make sure that it all adds up and makes sense within a reasonable system of some kind.

Think for Yourself 6.1Questioning the Depth of Your Questions

Write out your answers to these questions:

  • Are any of the questions you are focused on in your life deepquestions?
  • To what extent are you questioning your purposesand goals?
  • Your assumptions?The implications of your thought and action?
  • Do you ever question your point of view?
  • Do you ever wonder whether your point of view is keeping you from seeing things from an opposing perspective? When?
  • Do you ever question the consistencyof your thought and behavior?
  • Do you question the logicalness of your thinking?
  • What did answering these questions, and your reflection on them, tell you about yourself and about your habits of questioning?

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Questions of purpose force us to define our task

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