Major: General Studies

Major: General Studies

Article: Bennett, Jessica. “Man Deconstructed”



  1. “It was the day after the masculinities conference, and he’d gathered a group of men for an informal salon. “We have a mass shooter in the U.S. every few weeks. And every time it happens, we talk about guns. We talk about mental health. But we don’t talk about how all of these mass shooters are male.”
  • This quote from the article stood out because it made me realize something that I never did. Most, if not all, mass shooters are male. Does masculinity really have anything to do with it? Is there science that backs why that might be? I think that is an interesting topic to dig into.


  1. “There is a Pentagon document,” Dr. Kimmel said, “in which Lyndon B. Johnson is quoted saying he didn’t want to pull out of Vietnam because he wouldn’t be viewed as manly.
  • This quote from the article stood out to me because it makes me feel a type of way. There were lives lost due to someone wanting to keep a reputation or specific look, manly. How many other times has this happened? Why does being manly make you go against your better judgment? Why is conceding considered not being manly?


  1. “But it’s called “masculinities” (plural) to acknowledge that there is “more than one way to be a man.”
  • I find this line in the article interesting because that’s debatable. There is also group out who are against this acknowledgment. But what are those different ways? What justifies being a man and who says so? Is there more than one way? This is a question I would like to see viewed from both sides.

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