Ways Of Knowing In Nursing

Read the article, 

Sherman, D. W. (1997).  Death of a newborn: Healing the pain through Carper’s patterns of knowing. Journal of the New York State Nurses Association, 28(1), 4-6.


1-Discuss how the “death of a newborn” article illustrates Carper’s four ways of knowing (Empirical, Aesthetic, Personal, and Ethical Knowledge). in informing knowledge development in nursing and clinical practice.

2-Based on a clinical nursing experience of your own, identify in your case study Carper’s four ways of knowing and how it has informed your knowledge development and clinical practice.  (Explain each of Carper’s ways of knowing and relate it to your example).

please follow the Rubric

Question 1 and 2

• All parts of the question are correctly answered.
• An explanation stating the logic behind the answer is provided with each answer.
• Proper scientific terminology and complete sentences are used in all parts of the answer.


• All discussion board assignments in this course will be in AMA 11th ed citation, written with correct spelling grammar, syntax and punctuation. double space, 1″ margin, third person, scholarly tone.
• For each error, 0.5 point will be taken from the total points of the assignment.
• Each assignment submitted will be run through Turnitin, No assignment will be accepted with an plagiarism or AI score greater than 25%

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