Impact Of The Response To The Attack.

Past Response and Alternatives


In previous milestones, you researched the history and background of your chosen attack and analyzed its impact. In this milestone, you will focus on the impact of the response to the attack. In addition, you will propose alternative responses. You will base these alternative responses on the information you gathered during your analysis of the attack.

Specifically, the following  critical elements must be addressed:

· Past Response and Alternatives: In this section, you will focus on how the government of the country in which the attack occurred responded to the event. You will also consider the impacts of the government’s response and suggest an alternative response.

· Discuss  decisions that were made  and policies that were created in response to the attack to discourage terrorism, and explain the intended purpose of those decisions. You may consider both foreign and domestic policies.

· Explain the  unintended consequences of those decisions and policies. Consider the following:

· Did the response negatively impact relationships with other countries?

· Did the response unintentionally encourage terrorism?

· Describe how  other countries were impacted by the response, using supporting examples.

· Discuss the  lessons learned from the government’s response. In hindsight, what did the government do wrong? What did it do right?

· Suggest a specific way in which the government could have  responded differently to the terrorist attack.

· Explain how this  alternative response could have changed the current state of the terrorist organization responsible for the attack. In other words, if that alternative response had been used, how might the terrorist organization have been more or less of a threat to the world today?

What to Submit

Your paper should be a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least two sources cited in APA format.

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