Managing Behavioral Health/Mental Health Illness in a Medical Surgical Unit: Project Implementation Pl

Title: Managing Behavioral Health/Mental Health Illness in a Medical Surgical Unit: Project Implementation Planning

Slide 1: Introduction

  • Brief overview of the project: Managing Behavioral Health/Mental Health Illness in a Medical Surgical Unit
  • Importance of addressing behavioral health in medical surgical settings
  • Objectives of the project

Slide 2: Permissions and Approvals

  • List of permissions required for the project
    • IRB approval
    • Site permission from the medical surgical unit
    • Permission to use assessment tools
    • Consent for recording, if applicable
  • Plan to acquire each permission
    • Detailed timeline
    • Responsible parties

References: [Cite relevant literature on ethical considerations in behavioral health projects]

Slide 3: Site Preparation

  • Overview of site preparation activities for the medical surgical unit
  • Collaboration with unit administrators and staff
  • Ensuring compliance with hospital policies and regulations

References: [Cite literature on integrating behavioral health into medical surgical units]

Slide 4: Personnel Preparation

  • Identification of key individuals involved in the project
  • Training and orientation plan for medical and nursing staff
  • Ensuring staff readiness for managing behavioral health issues

References: [Cite literature on training healthcare professionals in behavioral health management]

Slide 5: Material Preparation

  • List of materials and resources for behavioral health intervention
  • Procurement and preparation plan for materials
  • Ensuring availability of educational materials for staff and patients

References: [Cite literature on materials for managing behavioral health in medical settings]

Slide 6: Facility/Setting Preparation

  • Preparation steps for creating a supportive environment in the medical surgical unit
  • Collaboration with facility administrators for necessary adjustments
  • Ensuring confidentiality and privacy for patients

References: [Cite literature on creating a therapeutic environment in medical surgical units]

Slide 7: Information Collection Preparation

  • Strategies for collecting information on behavioral health outcomes
  • Tools and methods for patient assessment
  • Quality assurance measures for data collection

References: [Cite literature on effective data collection in behavioral health projects]

Slide 8: Project Activity and Deliverable Preparation

  • Detailed plan for implementing behavioral health interventions
  • Timelines, milestones, and responsible parties
  • Steps for constructing the final project report

References: [Cite literature on project activity planning and deliverable construction in behavioral health projects]

Slide 9: Sharing Outcomes with Stakeholders

  • Identification of project stakeholders, including hospital administrators, medical staff, and patients
  • Communication plan for sharing outcomes
  • Strategies for disseminating project results to DNP program faculty

References: [Cite literature on effective communication and stakeholder engagement in healthcare projects]


Original  Instructions


The Preparation for Project Implementation presentation assignment provides an informal draft of your initial project management planning to complete the DNP project. You may utilize any presentation format that you desire so long as you are able to convey the required information.

Include full reference citations at the end of the presentation that support information contained in the presentation.

The presentation should include the following:

  • A list of the permissions, and a plan to acquire them, if needed for the project (e.g., IRB approval, site permission, permission to use tool(s), permission to record, etc.)
  • Preparation of the site prior to implementation of the project, if any
  • Preparation of persons that may be involved in the project, if any
  • Preparation of materials that may be utilized for the project, if any
  • Preparation of facilities or practice setting where the project will be implemented, if any
  • Preparation for collection of information that will be utilized in the evaluation of the project outcomes
  • Preparation for completing the project activities and constructing the final written deliverable
  • Sharing outcomes of the project with appropriate project stakeholders and DNP program faculty


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