Research Document: Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions


Discerning and clarifying your research interests and knowing how to locate and evaluate scholarly sources of information are important skills for graduate students. This assignment will encourage you to think critically about the topic of attachment as a major concept of developmental psychology and select and refine a more specific area of attachment that is of interest to you. You will also gain experience locating and selecting scholarly sources as well as thoughtfully examining and critiquing the sources, an important skill for graduate students.


In this course, you will write a research document that discusses and evaluates the current research in the field of attachment.  To formally present your argument in your document, you will need to create a thesis statement, which is a single sentence that presents your argument and main idea to the reader. The rest of the document provides evidence and rationale to support this argument. 

For this Research Document: Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography Assignment, you will write a thesis statement that will be used to present the argument for your research document.

In order to create a credible thesis statement, you will need to read about your topic and give significant thought to what you read. You will need to explore the scientific literature concerning the topic.  For this assignment, please read peer-reviewed articles directly related to your topic and look for issues and themes that are common to all your sources. You will develop an annotated bibliography of your scholarly references. 

  • Please read at least 12 potential, primary peer-reviewed articles
  • Current APA style formatting 
  •  Following each reference, please provide a paragraph of 100-200 words providing a summary of the research article
  • This should include an analysis and evaluation of the article 

An analysis will capture strengths and weaknesses of the study and reliability of results.  The evaluation will include a statement related to the usefulness of the study, including why the study was useful or why the study was not useful. 

The Jerry Falwell Library is a reliable place to conduct your searches. Some of the databases have the option to select “peer-reviewed” sources; selecting this option will help you eliminate non-scholarly sources from your search results.  You do not need to pay for articles. Articles that ask you to pay for access can generally be accessed through the Jerry Falwell Library without requiring payment. You can access the Jerry Falwell Library through the Resources section. 

Remember that you are choosing a research document topic related to current research in the area of attachment.  Be sure to review the criteria on the Research Document: Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric before beginning this assignment.  It may also be helpful to review the Research Document: Final Submission Assignment Instructions before beginning this assignment. 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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