Discussion #2 Understanding the Role of Culture

MG615 Managing in the Global Environment – Discussion #2 Understanding the Role of Culture



Read: Chapter 3: Understanding the Role of Culture Text or Presentation (Deresky &


Miller, 2021).


Watch: Hofstede Cultural Framework YouTube Video


Review: Week 3 – Understanding the Role of Culture lesson plan.



1.    Select 1 question from the Ch. 3 Discussion Questions, p. 110, in the Deresky & Miller (2020) text.


2.    Prepare a 100-word substantive response to the question; post the response in Discussion #2 forum by Wednesday, January 31st at 11:59PM.


To earn full points for participating in the discussion:


Each student should post 1 substantive response (that contains at least 100


words) to 1 discussion question


Discussion Questions

3-1. What is meant by the culture of a society, and why is it important for international managers to understand it? Do you notice cultural differences among your classmates? How do those differences affect the class environment? How do they affect your group projects?


3-2. Discuss the types of operational conflicts that could occur in an international context because of different attitudes toward time, change, material factors, and individualism. Give examples relative to specific countries.


3-3. Discuss how the Internet and culture interact. Which most affects the other, and how? Give some examples.


3-4. Discuss collectivism as it applies to the Japanese workplace. What managerial functions does it affect?


3-5. Discuss the role of Islam in cross-cultural relations and business operations.


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