Explain Azure cloud types and deployment models

Project Scenario


You are employed as a cloud administrator at Cyber Domain Consultants, a firm specializing in Microsoft Azure cloud adoption support.

Your current client, a federal government agency, has hired your firm to help with the agency’s upcoming Azure cloud pilot. The agency has 1,000 employees and several regional offices throughout the country. The agency has a small data center but does not have space in its server room for any more racks, so a cloud solution would eliminate the need for additional hardware. In addition, the chief information officer wants to have the ability to set up a system quickly and be able to decommission it promptly. He also does not want to worry about upgrades, patches, or maintaining the servers. The CIO wants to explore hosting applications and services in the cloud.

Thus, the agency has budgeted $100,000 over the next year for a pilot program to test the feasibility of using Azure as the cloud provider.

Your first assignment is to develop a Comprehensive Cloud Plan for the agency’s CIO. Follow the instructions in the next section to learn more about this assignment









Project 1 Template

(Due on Week 4)







Executive summary

Briefly (no more than one page) describe the requirements and introduce the topics of the project.


List three benefits of using Azure

Explain what the company is struggling with and how the company could benefit from using the cloud.


Explain Azure cloud types and deployment models

Provide a detailed overview of Azure cloud types and deployment models.


Define Azure terms

Explain each term in detail:

1. tenant

1. management group

1. subscription

1. resource group

1. resources

Explain the significance of FedRAMP

Explain the need for certification by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and what security assurance it provides.

Propose an Azure governance model

The governance model should include the following:

1. identity management

1. access management groups

1. security controls

1. network services

1. blueprints


Include at least five references using 7th edition APA citation style.

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