Review Chapter 3 in Mauk and Hobus; study the AGAPE Model.



  1. Review the AGAPE Model Reflective Paper Guidelines and rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Review Chapter 3 in Mauk and Hobus; study the AGAPE Model.
  3. Spend time thinking about your work setting and responsibilities.
  4. In the paper, reflect on how the AGAPE Model could be applied to your personal practice. If you do not believe it would be appropriate for your personal practice, provide the rationale for that decision.
  5. Although it is a reflective paper, follow APA guidelines for student papers for references and format


I work on a medical-surgical unit. Responsible for educating patients, administering medication and treatment, evaluating and implementing patient care, etc,


CriteriaLevel 3  Level 2  Level 1  Criterion Score  
Content Reflection: Professional Positions & Personal Life35 points (21-35 points) Your assignment was well developed and clearly identified the key areas related to work and personal responsibilities.20 points (11-20 points) Your assignment shows some development but just a brief overview about professional position and personal responsibilities.10 points (0-10 points) Your assignment shows little development or is missing information about professional position or personal life.Score of Content Reflection: Professional Positions & Personal Life, / 35
Overview of AGAPE Model35 points (21-35 points) Excellent overview of the AGAPE Model.  Personal perspectives were clearly reflected. Connections between personal life, professional responsibilities, and use of the model were expressed.20 points (11-20 points) A good overview of the AGAPE Model was included.  Some information provided about the connections between personal life and professional responsibilities.10 points (0-10 points) Brief overview of the AGAPE Model.  Limited connections were included.Score of Overview of AGAPE Model, / 35
Application of AGAPE Model35 points (21-35 points) Excellent example of at least one personal experience that explained how the content in the AGAPE Model was used or could have been used.20 points (11-20 points) Personal experience was included but application of the AGAPE Model not clearly defined.10 points (0-10 points) Personal application of AGAPE Model was minimal or missing.Score of Application of AGAPE Model, / 35
Reflection on Lessons Learned25 points (16-25 points) An excellent summary was included with lessons learned from completing this assignment.15 points (6-15 points) Good overview of the lessons learned was included.5 points (0-5 points) Lessons learned was not included or had limited reflection.Score of Reflection on Lessons Learned, / 25
Reflective Writing Style; Evidence, Formatting, and APA20 points (11-20 points) Reflective writing style was evident throughout the paper. References were included as appropriate. Word formatting and principles of APA were demonstrated.  Paper had no more than 2 unique errors.10 points (6-10 points) Reflective writing was generally present but, in some areas, reverted to a formal scholarly paper. 3-4 APA or Word formatting errors were present.5 points (0-5 points) Reflective writing style was not used. Multiple APA errors were present.Score of Reflective Writing Style; Evidence, Formatting, and APA, / 20


Score of 3.3 Assignment (150 pts),

/ 150

Overall Score

Level 1

0 points minimum

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