The format and structure of the research paper


Now we should be getting serious about the research paper.  Last week, you should have studied up on the format and structure of the research paper.  Now, we need to get started!  This week, I would like for you to type up a draft of your introduction and send it to me.  Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction.  Also, include the name of the author, the genre (novel or play), and the title of the work in the thesis statement.  (Example:  In Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park, he shows that when man tampers with nature, it can be self-destructive.)  For examples of introductions, refer to the link above entitled “Example Introductions.”  There are also examples of body paragraphs and conclusions for the research paper.  You can access those as well to get you started.  Send your introductory paragraph through the Canvas link below.


The entire contents of your research paper (Title page, Outline, Essay, Works Cited page) should be typed using Times New Roman font style (size 12), one-inch margins, and double-spacing format.

Works Cited

Please submit your Works Cited here as an attachment. You must have at least five sources in order to receive full credit for this assignment, and one of the sources must be your primary source. Of those five sources, only one can be an Internet source.  Also, remember that all sources must be literary analysis or criticism; things like movies, YouTube videos, and sources that have nothing to do with your primary source should not be used.  You will have to go to a local library or use BPCC’s databases to conduct research on your topic.

Please check your student email every few days once you have submitted your Works Cited and before you receive a grade in the gradebook for the Works Cited as I may need further information from you to show you how to properly cite your sources. If you submit five sources on your Works Cited (and if you have followed my specific directions), you will receive full credit for this assignment; however, because I am taking the time to correct any mistakes and showing you exactly how all entries should appear on your Works Cited, if the final draft of your Works Cited page is not in the correct format, you will lose points off of your research paper grade!


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