Watch The Interrupters and “One Man’s Journey From Gang Member to Academia

Watch The Interrupters and “One Man’s Journey From Gang Member to Academia.” Next, read “Lost Years, Labels and Principles in Criminal Justice” in this module’s Required Learning Materials. Then answer the following questions.
Deviant identities and deviant careers are important considerations in studying deviant behavior and social control. However, it’s critical to remember that human beings are not merely pawns of the social system. Ameena and the other InterruptersLinks to an external site. chose to change their lives and put their skills to use helping the community rather than harming it. Victor RiosLinks to an external site., as another example, seemed to be on the path to a very serious criminal career–if not early death–and yet he changed his life completely and became a successful criminology professor. What do you think made the difference for him? Explain your reasoning.
Michelle Inderbitzin’s blog links to an external site. discusses the wrongful conviction that stole 27 years of Thomas Haynesworth’s life. It also illustrates a person in a position of power working diligently to help an innocent man rebuild his life. Do you think Haynesworth and others like him can make a successful transition into new lives? Explain your reasoning.
Finally, do you think society could or should be doing more to help individuals change their pathways? Explain your reasoning.

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