Establish that a crime was committed and what the specific crime was

Final Exam

Imagine that you are conducting a thorough legal search at the scene of a crime. Even though not initially visible, evidence in some form is present at most crime scenes. The goal of any search during an investigation, at the crime scene or elsewhere, is to discover evidence that helps. Pick a different crime scene not the same one that was submitted for your CPI and answer the statement for each.

  • Establish that a crime was committed and what the specific crime was.
  • Establish when the crime was committed.
  • Confirm where the crime was committed (e.g., in a homicide, the crime may not have occurred where the body was found).
  • Identify who committed the crime.
  • Explain how the crime was committed.
  • Suggest why the crime was committed.


* This assignment should be a one-page paper for detailed in description to receive full credit.

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