Write a short persuasive essay about a debatable topic

Writing Assignment – Using Core Concepts 1-5


Write a short persuasive essay about a debatable topic. For this week, begin with steps 1-5 of the core concepts. Complete the five steps below and submit your answers:

Here is a list of topics to choose from, or you can choose your own: https://www.thoughtco.com/argument-essay-topics-1856987

Step 1: Explore a topic – Write 2 topic ideas that are interesting to you. For each one, write a few sentences about what you know about the topic and why it’s interesting to you. (Example: Should cigarette smoking be banned?)

        Topic 1:

        Topic 2:

Step 2: Examine the Rhetorical Context – Choose one of your topics from step 1. In a few sentences, describe who your audience is and why they would care about this topic now.

Step 3: Select a Medium – The medium for this project is a typed essay document. However, in one or two sentences, describe one more medium that would be effective to argue your opinion on this topic. Why would it be a good medium choice? (examples: video, PPT presentation, photo essay, etc.)

Step 4: Have Something to Say – Write a thesis statement for your topic. Your thesis statement should clearly and strongly state a point of view. (Example: Smoking cigarettes should remain a personal choice for individuals.)

Step 5: Back Up What You Say – Write at least three arguments to back up your thesis statement. Briefly explain each argument in a sentence or two. (Example: Banning cigarettes will lead to banning other activities people choose to do. For example…).

     argument 1:

     argument 2:

     argument 3:

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