Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present Essay

Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present Essay.

In most of the developed countries, many policies have been implemented to cope with the ageing population. In the past, most people retired at the age of fifty. Nowadays, people enjoy retirements only after three scores. The ageing population is usually more prevalent in the developed countries than in the developing countries. This may boil down to the better quality of life in the first-world countries nowadays. However, the greying population can in fact hinder the economic progress and social improvement of a country.

The longer lifespan of the population has caused some inevitable problems to the economic development of a country. Incontrovertibly, most of the silver generation lose their edge in terms of the health condition and the working ability. Whilst tax is being increased to enhance the well-being of the aged, the workforce which comprises the octogenarians is losing competitiveness and capability. In order to surmount the aforementioned challenges, new blood has to be injected into the workforce from time to time so that the engine to boost the economy can be driven continuously.

Healthy population growth contributes to the talent pool and the consumer market of a nation. The government is promoting population growth by implementing many pro-family schemes such as “Have Three or More” and attracting foreign talents to support the ageing population. ?Furthermore, the elderly are regarded as burdens to the government nowadays. Growing number of senior citizens means increasing need for geriatric care such as the amenities, healthcare and social services. More financial resources and manpower thus have to be channelled to the development of such infrastructure.

This may in turn hamper the growth of the industrial and commercial sectors. To maintain the national development while ensuring sufficient care to the aged, the “Many Helping Hands” approach is introduced whereby the individual, family and community share the responsibility of taking care of the senior citizens. This reduces the reliance on the taxes and alleviates the government’s burden. Thus, the resources saved can be used to develop other sectors and minimize the impact of the ageing population. ?Moreover, sometimes, the older people can bring troubles to their families.

Admittedly, the aged require more medical attention and are prone to illness. Their family members thus have to afford the high medical cost and look after them painstakingly. Should the elderly suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, the family may suffer physically, financially and mentally. Hence, it is integral for everyone to maintain physical and mental health so as to ensure an enjoyable and self-reliant retirement. The individual plays a major role in leading healthy lifestyle by adopting balanced diet, exercising regularly and abstaining from smoking and booze.

It is a personal responsibility to plan early and be financially prepared for one’s old age. ?All in all, the ageing population is a challenge to the economy, the government and the society. Albeit the silver population may be less able to contribute to the national development, their well-being must still be well taken care of. The high level of development enjoyed nowadays is attributed to the effort of the older generation in the past. In the case of the crows, they feed their parents once they have grown up. Are we, the most intelligent beings, no better than the crows?

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Nowadays, People Live Longer Than Ever Before, What Problems Does This Present Essay

Old Folks Home Essay

Old Folks Home Essay.

As year goes, we grow older and older regardless of who we are. Reaching the age sixty and above, we will be categorized as oldsters. Aging is traditionally described as the patterns of life changes that occur as one grows older. Taking care of an oldster is more or less like looking after a toddler. These oldsters will be too fragile and too sensitive. Their changes in life bring about many differences in them; physically and mentally.

For instance, oldsters tend to feel useless as they are physically weaker than before.

As a solution for these dilemmas I would strongly agree that elderly should live in the old folks’ home. This is literally because elderly needs special attention in order to provide them a comfortable life. What a comfortable life has got to do with old folks’? First of all, we have to agree to the fact that old folks’ homes nowadays are not the same as those of yesteryears.

Homes of those days are usually illustrated as very small, untidy and helpers who don’t have sense of humanity in them.

Although most of us have never been to old folks’ home, we are still traumatized by all these news that came to our ears and that has put a negative thought about homes in our mind. Well, today old folks’ homes have up-to-date and latest facilities in order to accommodate the needs of the oldsters.

For instance, many old folks’ homes have exercising machine, body massaging machine, mini garden with eye catching views, and others which we cannot afford in a moderate middle-class family. With all these facilities, oldsters feel comfortable living in such a pleasant environment. Furthermore, most of old folks’ homes have good medical facilities and equipments. Apart from providing wide bedrooms, living rooms and washrooms, every old folks’ homes have their own sick room which is equipped with medical facilities and medicine.

Old Folks Home Essay

Comparing the Young and the Old Essay

Comparing the Young and the Old Essay.

We live longer and experience more in life we would become wise to the ways of the world. The funny thing is, this does not always happen. If you listen to the elderly many do become wise but many others seem to get stuck in their past, but yet they think they are wise. They can not seem to see the world changing around them. A firsthand example of this for me is my Grandparents. When we talk about money, specifically the cost of buying a new car they cannot fathom the cost of buying a new car.

I remind them of all the safety features that cars now have but they still resist he idea of replacing their 1985 Buick because of the cost associated with a newer and safer car. On the other hand young adults readily accept changes in their world. Now that we are living in the Information Age an enormous amount of information is readily available at our fingertips.

Todays younger generation knows quite bit more than their grandparents knew at the same age because of this. The problem is that too many of us will allow ourselves to get stuck in our youth as well.

The extreme of a so-called typical young adult would be one who at 18 thinks they already know verything they need to in life. No one, especially an older person can tell them anything about life Another evident contrast between the elderly and the young is their outlook on life. Young adults are more optimistic about the future, whereas their counterparts are more pessimistic. An example might be that you will hear from the majority of young adults, “l want to make a lot of money and retire early’, but an older adult might say, “Money is not everything; as long as you stay healthy you will be happy. Another phrase that I hear quite a bit is to enjoy my youth and to see the world efore I get old. My Grandmother still tells me that to this day. Her belief is that once you reach a certain age when the aches and pains of aging begin you will lose your desire to be more active. Older people seem to get set in their ways and typically resist change. They get comfortable with a certain pattern in their lives and do not like this pattern disturbed. They have no tolerance for anything new. My Grandparents are a good example of how change is very difficult.

They have lived in their neighborhood for over forty years and it’s is not safe any more. They refuse to even think about moving to a retirement community. When I ask either of my Grandparents why they won’t move they blame each other for not wanting to move. Young adults on the other hand are much more adaptable to change. Most enjoy spontaneity and look forward to new experiences. What it all comes down to is time, experience and most of all the willingness of old and young alike to learn and share with each other. I know I can learn much from my elders, I hope they see that they can learn much from me.

Comparing the Young and the Old Essay