Barbie Essay

Barbie Essay.

“Come on Barbie lets go party”, goes the popular song by Aqua, a song that is loved by many but when listened to carefully this song has some very demeaning messages towards Barbie. “I’m a blonde single girl in the fantasy world,” is a message that many people claim her to be, living in a fantasy world. Unfortunately too many girls young and old want to follow in her footsteps. Barbie is indeed a negative public icon. Not only is she a negative influence towards young girls but she also promotes an impossibly perfect body figure and a fantasy lifestyle which is unrealistic to achieve.

Barbie plays a major role in many young girls’ lives.

You’ve already strongly established that Barbie does this – you said so when you called her a “public icon” and again when you said she is an “influence”. So saying it again is sort of repetitive. Remember when we talked about this in class? ) They all want a Barbie to play with; they all want to be like Barbie.

She’s a public icon, something like a superstar to these young ones. They are getting brainwashed at a young age with this doll but instead of her being a positive influence she’s not. Pregnant Barbie is a prime example. That doll was removed from shelves because of the message it was sending.

A pregnant doll makes these young children believe that it is ok for then to go ahead and get pregnant. What’s even worse is that the doll was sold without a father figure. What kind of message is that sending to these children? Being pregnant without a father figure around is not easy. Pregnant Barbie gives the false impression that being a single mother is easy. That a woman can be a single mother and still live a rich ravish lifestyle. That is not the case at all. It’s not as easy as Pregnant Barbie makes it seem.

Having a child is difficult, especially having one with no father figure present. watch out for repetitiveness – you already made your point about single motherhood being difficult. Now you need to say something more complex about the issue) Obtaining Barbie’s rich, lavish lifestyle is virtually impossible when a child is present. “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic”. In reality how fantastic is it? Barbie is perfect. Perfect hair, face, and body shape. To often do we find women trying to imitate her. Not only do females starve themselves or try other ridiculous methods to achieve her body shape, but they have also turned to plastic surgery to achieve this “goal”.

Take Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian for example. They are famous and they try to achieve that ultimate beauty that Barbie holds through artificial ways. Nicki Minaj even takes it as far as calling herself Barbie. Women need to understand that Barbie is indeed plastic and that they will never achieve her looks or body size, even when they try to manufacture them through surgery. The following paragraph kind of jumps out at the reader without warning, because we were reading about single motherhood and plastic surgery before (dangerous and destructive things in society), and the next paragraph begins with “pink. You need to lead up to the next point about materialism with a smoother transition.

Maybe you can say, “Barbie not only encourages unhealthy ideas about motherhood and physical perfection, she encourages unrealistic expectations about money too. ” Usually when hearing Barbie’s name a few things pop into mind such as pink, party girl, rich lifestyle, and of course fantasy. Some may argue that she’s a good role model because she has various jobs and she makes her dreams come true, but never is all the hard work for those jobs mentioned.

All that is seen is her luxurious lifestyle, her big fancy beach house, pink convertible, and many jobs. Barbie’s lifestyle won’t be achieved without hard work and financial backing. Too many women in society want to walk in her shoes but either they don’t have the monetary resources or they don’t want to endure the hard work it takes to achieve that life style. Clearly Barbie is nothing more than a little plastic brainwashing disgrace to society. She promotes broken homes and provokes eating disorders and outrageous plastic surgery in women of many ages. Her glamorous lifestyle mocks those who cannot walk in her footsteps.

Barbie is indeed “a Barbie girl in the Barbie world” but somehow she still finds a way to bring destruction to the real world. You have a lot of strong, intelligent arguments here. I think that for future essays you can improve your writing by trying to develop the essay so that the whole thing flows smoothly on one focues, track. Using god transitions will help you do that. I gave one example of how to use a transition between paragraphs above. Try to practice transitions more in your writing. It’s hard at first, but I promise you that once you learn how to do it, other people will be amazed at how good your writing gets.

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Barbie Essay

Conform Essay

Conform Essay.

In other cases being beautiful is very important to many people and some are willing to change to conform to everyone else’s perspectives to beauty. Others find themselves comfortable with just the way they are. Some people decide to go into painful plastic surgeries to fit in with the rest of the so-called beautiful people; others rebel against pleasing others and don’t put so much importance to it. They focus on being on what they really are. In “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy and “Lost Sister” by Cathy Song Girlchild and Sister struggle with their decision on whether to rebel or conform to what society expects.

Girlchild from “Barbie Doll” chooses to conform to society’s expectations. Girlchild does not consider herself beautiful because she has large nose and chubby legs. Even though she is described as smart and in good conditions, the people around her only care of how she looks physically. The requirements to be beautiful are so limited and her good features are not one of them.

Physically, Girlchild does not believe herself as beautiful. Barbie dolls are the ideal form of beauty, with the perfect body, big eyes, and perfect nose. Girlchild does not carry any features of a Barbie doll but that does not mean she is ugly.

Instead of finding her own way of beauty Girlchild decides to fit in. So Girlchild loses weight, changes her look, and attitude to please others. Even like that people criticize her of being imperfect all they still see is “a fat nose on thick legs” (Piercy 11). She fails to find acceptance, even after all the hard work she puts into it. To conform to everyone else she finally decides to cut her nose and legs off. This decision to fit in causes her life to end. After that the undertaker fixes her up putting on a fake nose and fixing other imperfections. At her uneral now that she carries a different nose, the so-called perfect nose, everyone finally asks “Doesn’t she look pretty? ” (Piercy 23). At last she succeeds to be accepted but now it doesn’t really matter, because she is dead. In the other hand sister from the poem “Lost Sister” did not conform instead she decides to rebel. Her culture expects women to be loyal, obedient, and to stay at home and care for their family throughout all their lives. Sister is compared to a jade stone, because like the stone women are able to do so much, but are not able “to move freely” (Song 13).

In Sister’s culture women are destined to take care of their family and are not capable to achieve anything else. They also have to go through a painful process of foot binding that didn’t allow them to walk comfortably. This foot binding procedure is for women to have small cute feet. It also enables them to move fast and far. Sister does not conform to this lifestyle unlike Girchild, Sister decides to seek opportunities and equality in America. Sister leaves to another country to find freedom. In America she does not have to go through painful procedures to be accepted. She now has the opportunity to “stride along with men” (Song 36).

While this is what she wants, she is still not satisfied. In America she has no family. By rebelling she gets what she wants but she is unable to share this with her family. She is unable to understand the new language. The city is nothing like where she was born; in the city there is always light and the air is not the cleanest. She starts to miss China. She realizes it wasn’t so easy after all. Even though one decides to rebel and the other to conform at the end, ironically, they are both unhappy. Girlchild is lifeless unable to enjoy her accomplishment and Sister was unable to share her freedom with her family.

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Conform Essay

Conflict Resolution worksheet Essay

Conflict Resolution worksheet Essay.

Complete the Resolving Conflicts in Teams simulation located on the SOC 110 student Web page for Week Four. Reflect on the experiences with different conflict management styles at K24, in Ch. 12 of Small Group and Team Communication, and on your own experiences. Answer the following questions. 1. What are your strengths in resolving conflict? My greatest strength in resolving conflict is the ability to bring a team together to focus on the issues rather than the personalities involved.

I also come from a neutral standpoint when addressing conflict, and have been successful getting members in the team to remove all assumptions and stereotypes and meet me at the same neutral starting point.

2. What skills do you want to improve? I would like to improve my focus on maintenance behaviors. Although I have strong conflict resolution skills as it pertains to tasks, I want to make sure the team interpersonal relationships don’t take a hit as a result of the resolution. 3.

Which of the following conflict management styles did you select in managing conflict at K24? Check all that apply.

Briefly describe why you selected each, or why you chose not to try a particular method. XAccommodation Didn’t attempt accommodation as there were two strongly opposing points of view and someone would have been unhappy XAvoidance Didn’t attempt to avoid or nothing would have gotten resolved and there was a deadline XCompromise Compromise was not an option due to the fact that the result had to be choosing or not choosing to go with Emily’s idea

XCompetition I selected Competition first, as there were two competing ideas, and I needed to get all the information on the table about each and why the points of view were supported or not. XCollaboration After hearing all of the information from both sides, I got the group to agree on the goal, then we analyzed each viewpoint to see why we should or shouldn’t support them as a team. 4. What was your dominant conflict management style? collaboration Was this style effective? Why or why not?

This style was effective because it allowed the team to focus on the important issues at hand and analyze the facts after we agreed what the goal was. 5. Provide an example of how you have used the following conflict management styles in your personal or professional life. Accommodation I’ve accommodated team members when a project had requirements in each individual had their own tasks, but may have felt better suited to perform a task that was assigned to me. Being that I was able to complete several tasks, I switched with team members to accommodate them.

Avoidance I have worked with team members who have always wanted to complain about projects after team meetings. I’ve picked up my cell phone right after the meetings and walked off to avoid the negativity Compromise I have wanted to meet with my study group on Fridays because it give me more time to work on our team assignments, but the team didn’t want to work on weekends, so we compromised and chose Monday, therefore it still gives us 2 days to work individually before class on Wednesday. Competition I’ve had a problem that was to be resolved by the team a few members had a different suggestion on how to complete the task.

We’ve each went away and wrote down our solutions and then met as a team and let the team decided a whole which idea was best in moving forward Collaboration In working on our week 4 assignment, we all met as a team, discussed our strengths and weaknesses, deciding what we wanted our paper to look like and the time in which we wanted to have it submitted. This allowed us to divide up the work so that everyone would be pleased with his or her portion and the time in which it should be done. 6. What conflict management styles do you plan to use in future team or group situations?

Explain your answer. I plan to use competition using the nominal group technique and collaboration. I like the idea of putting competing issues out on the table for discussion. I think it’s important to make sure that, in doing so; each member has the chance to voice his concerns and point of view without interruption. I find it equally important that each opposing member have a chance to address why they oppose. This allows everyone’s point of view to be expressed. Then we can focus on what we expect to achieve then collaborate to get that accomplished.

Conflict Resolution worksheet Essay

Conflict Management Essay

Conflict Management Essay.

I have read the ACAP Student Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and understand its implications. I also declare, if this is a practical skills assessment, that a Client/Interviewee Consent Form has been read and signed by both parties, and where applicable parental consent has been obtained. 6th January, 2014. Today I reflect on a conflict that happened recently at work and at times can be an on-going issue within my workplace. Christmas/New Year is the busiest time of the year in the Deli department, and my manager is in charge to obtain enough staff to handle these shifts.

Conflict escalated, when my manager began giving 30 hours to all the junior staff, while I was only receiving 8 hours a week. As a result, I was extremely angry with my manager, as I felt, because of my age, I was over-looked for shifts. My manager did not diffuse the situation by explaining her reasons and chose to ignore me, which resulted in this conflict situation initially evolving from a covert situation (non-cooperation) to soon showing attributes and levels from the overt spiral, from Eunson’s (2007) conflict spiral (p.

2). This finally resulted in complaining, which then began escalating to anger and eventually arguments between not only my manager, but with other staff members on my team. On reflection, I would normally not let a situation like this escalate to the point that it did. DeVito (2009), states that interpersonal conflict is inevitable, and that conflict can have both negative and positive effects, depending on how the conflict is handled (p. 278). I believe in this effect, this conflict actually did have a positive outcome.

After stepping back to cool down, I approached my manager to ask why I had been overlooked. Seeing that I had calmed down, she explained to me that she had planned to give me extra hours in the New Year as she knew I would be taking the time off for study commitments. She explained her hands were tied from management and to make it fair, she divided the shifts between us over the Christmas/New Year period. On reflection of this, my manager was hoping for a win-win for all of us, though at the time I did not see this and chose to enter conflict.

Perhaps if I had shown more empathy and better listening skills, for example; taking the time to listen to the needs of others, as well as stating my own needs (DeVito, 2009. p. 280) and worked for collaboration and negotiation instead of a I win-You lose competing attitude where my needs and desires came first and gave little thought to anyone else (DeVito, 2009, p. 279) this situation would not have escalated the conflict spiral (Eunson, 2007, p. 12) the way it had done. 14th January, 2014

Today I reflect on a conflict which happened today between my husband and myself. Based on Eunson’s (2007) conflict spiral model (p. 12), this conflict evolved from a covert situation (non-cooperation) and soon escalated to an overt situation (nagging, followed by a brief argument). My husband was required to complete some paper work for a government department and was given a due date but he had failed to complete it. This resulted in his payments being temporarily suspended. As a result, conflict between us emerged, and a heated exchange of words took place.

I had asked him on several occasions whether he had completed this paper-work and each time, I was met with an “I’ll get to it” response. (Cornelius & Faire, 2006, p. 37). states; Wherever possible, the task is to continue the win/win approach, to show others the value and beliefs of cooperation. In this instance, I felt that my husband was ignoring my request to complete this paper-work as not only would this affect his payments, but it would also have an effect of me, and the last thing I wanted was for us to continue bickering and escalate this situation further.

After the way I handled my previous conflict at work, this time, I decided to approach this conflict from a different perspective and approach it differently. This time I wanted to keep the conflict in perspective (DeVito 2009) and not blow it out of proportion to the extent it would escalate further up the conflict spiral (Eunson 2007). Instead, this time I sat down with my husband and listened to why he hadn’t completed the paper-work. I needed to understand what he was feeling and why he was feeling this way and as a result discovered that he was unsure on some of the questions and didn’t quite know how to complete it properly.

After going through the paper-work with him and helping him complete it, it was sent off and the issue was resolved and his payments restored. On reflection, because I feel I had used a better conflict management technique, and used empathic and objective listening skills (DeVito 2009) I was able to ascertain my husband’s reluctance in completing the paper-work which then resulted in me sitting down with him to help him through completing it. Integrated Statement

Reflecting back over the past few weeks, I can honestly say I did not realise that there were different personal styles of handling conflict. Eunson (2007) lists five different approaches to conflict based on conflict analysts Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilman TKI mode. Until recently, my method would be to avoid conflict and rather than face and tackle the conflict head on, I would rather walk away from it. After reading through and analysing both Eunson (2007) and DeVito (2009) texts on conflict management, it did ot occur to me that I could allow conflicts to fester and grow (DeVito, 2009, p. 280) and I was facing a lose-lose situation.

My conflict at work, where I now feel I was using the competing mode of I win-You lose (DeVito, 2009, p. 279) realised this mode was in fact causing more conflict within the workplace. Reading through the Thomas-Kilman TKI, I decided to approach my manager with the compromising approach. I knew I would never achieve the result I wanted, and therefore realised that a compromise would be an acceptable outcome where I would achieve at least some positive results.

My conflict with my husband again proved I was willing to adapt and change my approach to this conflict. By collaborating with my husband and aiming for a win-win approach, by using effective empathetic and listening skills, this conflict was sorted out successfully. In summarising, I have discovered each of us is capable of using all five conflict handling modes. None of us can be characterised as having a single style of dealing with conflict. We each learn to adapt to the conflict at hand.

Certain people may use some of these modes better than others and, therefore, tend to rely on those modes more heavily than others – whether because of their temperament or practice. By thinking a conflict through, and by using active listening skills and using empathy, we can all hopefully achieve a win-win solution to our conflict.

Conflict Management Essay