Time and motion study: car wash and teller Essay

Time and motion study: car wash and teller Essay.

Process of car wash Averaged time for 6 cars of regular size and weight (minutes)
Car registration 1
Payment 2
Queue time 5
Selection of car wash program and prewashing 3
Wash with water containing the detergent 3
Rinse with fresh water 2
Applying wax 3
Drying the car 3
Cycle time for washing one regular sized car 22 minutes

Analysis: Cycle time for washing one regular sized car is 22 minutes average based on 6 cars. Tool used is stop watch to measure each processes. Accuracy made in actual observation and study in a car wash service is 100%.

The times that were gathered from the study were all closely related from one car to the other and there is not big variance in time between the processes of the 6 cars.

Tellering process deposits of notes only amount considered is $100,000; state of bills considered not mute Averaged time for 6 clients in minutes
Call client number and asking for nature of transaction including greeting and reply of client 2
Receiving deposits and counting bills, notes breakdown and checking for fake bills 5
Sorting bills and checking notes breakdown again 3
Validation of deposit slip 1
Updating of passbook 1
Cycle time spent for counting 12 minutes

Cycle time for counting a $100,000 dollar notes by a teller is 12 minutes.

Study was done observing 3 tellers and 6 clients of same amount and of same classification of notes counted. The variance between the processes of involved is close to the average. This study is 100% accurate based from personal observation and study. Tool used is stop watch.

Time and motion study: car wash and teller Essay

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Motor Car Insurance Essay

Motor Car Insurance Essay.

Bob Brown was recently involved in a minor auto accident. His car was hit from behind, and he, in turn, slammed into the car in front of him. He would like someone to explain his coverage and show him where, in his auto policy, each of his losses might be covered. The explanation of coverage and the location of coverage should be in general terms for most auto insurance policies. Please do not use only your personal auto insurance policy as your guide for your response.

Help him out by doing that for each of the following items. o The cost of a medical checkup for his passenger, Ruth.

The front and rear damage to his car o The damage to the car in front of him o The damage to the car behind him o The total amount of liability protection for bodily harm and property damage In your own words, post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings.

You will be graded on the quality of your postings. Response to the Discussion Board Legal requirements for motor car insurance in the US, stipulate certain minimum item wise amounts. Such amounts differ to some extent from state to state. The minimum requirements are for certain specified types of claims only.

Option is available to the owner of the car to cover insurance for damages that exceed the provisions under minimum requirements or to provide for other types of claims, such as “collision” and “comprehensive”. Coverage also exists for towing and labor, extended transportation, mechanical breakdown etc. The premium paid is related to the types of claims and limits specified for each type of claim. The minimum legal requirements include three types of claims. These are: (1) No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection) (PIP) (2) Liability, and (3) Uninsured Motorists

The provisions that cover the case of Bob Brown are explained below: No-fault or PIP Provision under “PIP,” (or No-fault) covers medical expenses of persons getting injured or getting disabled in an accident. The beneficiaries include the driver, passengers in the vehicle and pedestrians hit by the car. Who is at fault for causing the accident is of no concern in settling the claim. The amount payable by the insurance company is limited to the sum specified in the policy under this head. For instance if a person has taken insurance on minimum requirements in New York state, the amount will be limited to $50,000.

If however the owner has exercised his option to cover a higher amount, settlement will be made up to that specified amount. In the instant case of Bob Brown, the insurance company is obliged to pay actual medical expenses of Ruth limited to the amount specified under the head “No-fault or “PIP. ” Liability This cover is available for the owner or anyone driving the car with owner’s permission for settlements against claims from Third parties. These claims may be for injuries to personnel or properties of third parties.

The amount payable by the insurance company is limited to the amount specified under this head. Any amount in excess of this, as decided by a court of law will have to be made up by the owner. While the claim amount will be limited by the amount insured, the insurance company is liable to pay the cost of defending the case by the owner, in a court of law. In the case of Bob Brown, the insurance company will meet the expenses for defending the case if there are claims from the owner of the car that hit his car from behind and the owner of the car in the front which he hit.

The question as to who was at fault in causing the accident will be decided in the Court. If Bob Brown will be found to be at fault, the insurance company will pay the damages limited to the amount specified under the head of Third party property in the policy. If the required amount for settlement is more than the sum insured, the difference will have to be paid by Bob Brown. On the other hand if the court finds that Bob Brown was not at fault, no amounts are payable towards third party claims. Collision Coverage The provisions apply when the insured car hits or is hit by another vehicle or object.

The premium payable varies based on agreed deductibles from the claim. Options for deductibles start from $100 per claim to $1000 per claim. The premium payable is less when the agreed deductible is higher and vice versa. If the policy taken by Bob Brown includes coverage for collision, the total cost of damage to his vehicle less the agreed deductible amount will be settled by the insurance company. Other Coverages Other coverages include Towing and labor, Extended transportation component, Mechanical breakdown etc.

If Bob Brown’s policy includes these provisions, amounts spent on these also will be compensated.

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Motor Car Insurance Essay

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