Case study analysis and implementation of the design-thinking approach in a real store (bricks and mortar)

Subject of the task: Case study analysis and implementation of the design-thinking approach in a real store (bricks and mortar).you need to explain your application and practice of the design thinking methodology applied to the process of buying specific produc/s for a specific objective, as well as developing and testing prototypes from an online and bricks and mortar store of the same brand.Expected table of contents for both the oral presentation and the written report:1.Introduce the shop or store you have chosen and justify why. Include images, videos, map, etc.2.Empathy: present the empathy map with the most relevant information about the users. Reflect on your experience and insights doing the empathy map.3.Define: explain the pain points or problems faced by the users using convergent thinking.4.Ideate: explain your problem solving process applying one of the design thinking tools of the ideation phase (6-3-5 method, six thinking hats, mind map, 2×2 matrix, dot voting). Show and explain how you have applied the technique using convergent and divergent thining.5.Prototype & test: clearly explain one or more prototypes that you would develop as the solution to the problem/s using prototyping design thinking tools (low fidelity, medium fidelity, and high fidelity). Explain how you would test each of the prototypes. Present images, sketckes, drawings, etc)6.Design thinking strategy – Design thinking for business innovation: does your idea solution meet the innovation “sweet spot” – desirable, feasible, viable? What will you do next in the iterative design thinking process?7.Final reflection: reflect on your experience implementing the tools and how you may apply them in a real-world setting.Notes:-In the oral presentation and written report, show images, sketckes, drawings, etc including all visual materials generated during the implementation of the tools.-In the ideation phase, you have to apply one of the design thinking tools of the ideation phase we have worked in class with divergent thinking (6-3-5 method or 6 thinking hats), and then explain how you have selected the best solution with convergent thinking (2×2 matrix, dot voting or mind map). It is very important that you show the applied technique.-In the prototype & test phase, you have to show sketches, images, drawings, etc of the different prototypes you will develop.

  • Remember to tailor the content of your presentation and report to your specific chosen store, product, objective, and prototype.
  • Use visuals effectively to enhance your communication and showcase your findings.
  • Ensure your Harvard reference list is accurate and complete, citing all sources used in your report.
  • Proofread your work carefully before submission to avoid any errors in grammar, spelling, or formatting.

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