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Chinese Civilization Essay

The land here is broad and diverse. Among this immense piece of earth, one can find both farmer and businessman; mountain and plain; drought and rainfall; wasteland and farmland. It is vast, it is multifaceted. And yet these collections of disparate and dissimilar presences are bound as one, side by side with each other. They are together, they are connected. They are united, united under one name: China. It is impossible to choose a single word that exactly represents all the land of China.

The Himalayan Mountains might have “majesty,” or the Forbidden City might have “opulence,” but certainly the two are quite different and cannot be swapped. Yet there is a word that can describe all the land of China: the cities,….

Chinese Schools Essay

Chinese schools have come a long way since the colonial days. Over the years and with the evolution of the national education system, Chinese schools have had to face countless threats to their survival. Despite this, Chinese schools have gained popularity and have enjoyed high enrolments, even among non-Chinese students. It has been reported that at least 10 percent of students studying in Chinese schools come from non-Chinese backgrounds. A number of factors contribute to this growing phenomenon. First, Chinese schoolteachers are well known for their high level of commitment.

For this and other reasons, students from Chinese schools often excel in public examinations especially in Science and Mathematics. The other attraction of Chinese schools is that students are required to learn an….

Chinese Dress Essay

Chinese clothing is an important part of their culture. Although China no longer dresses in their older more traditional styles, the traditional garments are still worn for holidays and ceremonies. There have been many historical changes in Chinese clothing, and the Chinese style choices vary depending on what region is being scrutinized. Hanfu is a term that includes all traditional Chinese dress worn prior to Manchurian and western influences. All Chinese citizens living under the Ming dynasty, and many dynasties prior to it adopted this style of dress.

It was widely worn by all until the beginning of the seventeenth century and the start of the Quing dynasty. Hanfu, which was the widely accepted style in China for over three thousand years, consists….

Chinese Masks Essay

Chinese masks first appeared in China some 3,500 years ago primarily used for Chinese shamanism. Chinese masks became an age old cultural phenomenon shared by all ethnic groups in China. The Chinese developed such masks to overcome disasters and to protect their lives. These masks were given many functions like, communicating with the gods, bringing blessings, driving away ghosts, warding off diseases, and lots of sacrificial rituals involving masks were regularly held. Many traditional ceremonies held in China involved the use of masks, for example masks are worn during elaborate Chinese New Year celebrations.

In addition masks were used for other festive occasions like, religious ceremonies, the birth of children, keeping one’s home safe, and masks for theatrical performances as well. Some of….

Chinese Traditions Essay

Values for one society may seem strange to another society, but nonetheless, they are important to that society. For instance, the painful and debilitating Chinese tradition of foot binding, as bizarre as it may seem to our culture, to the Chinese people, it was the esoteric essence of pure beauty and signified status within the family structure, allowing young women with lotus feet better opportunities for marriage with well-to-do families.

Traditional Chinese courtyard life – in existence until the early 1900’s, was a unique lifestyle where Chinese families and neighbours lived in very close quarters – sharing a common courtyard and everyone knowing everyone else’s business.

Special rules applied for who occupied which space in certain directions Chinese Courtyards Chinese courtyards are the….

A Comparison of Han China and India Essay

Mauryan/Gupta India from 320 B.C.E. to 550 C.E. had similar as well as different methods of political control with that of Han China from 206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E. in the sense that both used culture to justify social inequality supported with the idea of rising in social status and the use of religion to help with political control. The differences were more seen by the twos’ organization in political control as well as the language role in the midst of the civilizations.

The differences between the Han and Gupta/Mauryan had been largely attributed to the main sense of political organization when keeping a civilization running. Han China was more organized due to a solid bureaucracy as a solid political system where all….

Ancient Chinese Foot Binding Essay

Woman in living in China during the Song Dynasty believed that they would appear more graceful and beautiful if they had small feet. They used foot binding, a long and painful process of breaking and moving bones, to deform their feet until they were tiny. Foot binding perceived the role of women in Chinese society and Confucian moral values. This practice affected the lives of many women in ways that are unimaginably painful (Bound). One Chinese legend speaks of a time when Lady Huang of the Song Dynasty started this practice and continued it because her prince loved her little feet.

He was proud of her ability to dance and walk gracefully. Soon, others took up the idea of foot binding, and copied….

A Brief History of the Chinese in the Philippine Essay

According to The History of the Sung Dynasty or Sung Shi, published in 1343-1374, China already had trade relations with the people in the Philippines as early as the tenth century (AD 982) (Miclat, 2000). By the time of the Sung Dynasty (860-1127), Chinese colonies were already founded in some towns by the coast. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) , colonies were already found in the hinterlands (Agoncillo, 1990). When the Spanish arrived in Manila in 1571 the resident population of Chinese in the area was around one hundred and fifty.

Many of them were traders in Chinese merchant ships. The Chinese said they were seng-li (or xang lai), which meant “we are traders” (Gardner). The Spanish eventually called them Sangley, which is….

Chinese fan dance Essay

The art and tradition of the Chinese fan dance have captivated audiences for two thousand years. Just one of many forms of traditional folk dances, fan dances has been preserved to share the stories and beauty of Chinese culture.

Chinese Fan Dance the Chinese fan dance is performed in celebration of Chinese culture. It represents beauty, grace and delicacy, according to the Chinese Educational Development Project. It also expresses feelings of joy. The dance is composed of consistently changing rhythms paired with consistency changing body positions.

Father fans and silk both are part of the traditional Chinese dance that has its roots in the Han Dynasty, circa 206 BC.

History: While archaeologists have found pottery depicting Chinese folk dances dating from….

Kathmandu Enter Into Chinese Market Essay

With the rapid development of economy and society, Chinese market has attracted a great number of attentions from foreign companies. Therefore, how to enter into Chinese market and how to be a successful company in China has become a realistic issue faced by business managers, entrepreneurs and consultants. This essay will focus on introducing one Australian local brand “Kathmandu” which is an outdoor sport equipment company into Chinese market. Thus, a detailed analysis of the current situation of the Chinese market and this foreign company is indispensable.

Firstly, this paper will analyze the current situation of the Chinese outdoor sport market and the Chinese economy, and then identify the strengths and weakness of the Kathmandu Company when entering into Chinese market. Subsequently, selection….