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Changes & Continuities of Silk Road Essay

The Silk Road which started in 200 BCE and ended it in 1450 CE has its own changes and continuities. Trade flourished between the Asian and Europe at the time and as time went on its sole purpose of trading expanded to many other purposes and affect not only the area it contacted. Although there were many continuities during the time but it has more significant changes that occurred and also impact the world. One significant changes of the Silk Road is when it was first started it mainly started as a way for trade to flourish between Europe and Asia.

But the purpose of this Silk Road has also expanded to transcend different culture and technologies from different places and caused cultural diffusion along….

Amway in China: a Case of Corporate and Brand Reputation Essay

With the turbulent regulatory environment for the direct selling industry in China, the November 2005 announcement that Amway China Co. Ltd (ACCL) had over $2 billion in sales for the second consecutive year is significant for the multilevel direct selling giant, Amway Corporation. China remains the leading market of their worldwide operations even though direct selling was banned in 1998. Their success can be attributed to responses by the corporate and local management for adapting during the ten years of business operations in China.

Eva Cheng, chairwoman of Amway (China) and an executive vice-president of Amway Corporation, told a press conference in Guangzhou, “We have been told to shut down five times and to change our way of doing business four times. We depend on….

The Roman Empire and Han China Compare and Contrast Essay

The Roman Empire and Han China developed cultural syncretism by using different methods of spiritual beliefs and the gods they worshiped, but developed in similar ways on how they both used methods of family hierchy and also how they structure their government to create more control which was used to build up both societies with similar rule, all of these contributed to making cultural syncretism.

Paragraph one-

There were many differences in the way Han china and The Roman empire contributed the use of religion on their societies.

In Rome, the religions Christianity and Greco weren’t used among their society but used more independently and just for worship. This was an advantage on roman society because it lead to more independent….

Spring Festival Essay

Spring Festival is the most joyful festival in China, and it is also the day of a family member reuniting. Do you want to know that Chinese how to celebrate this festival? Putting the spring festival scrolls up, hanging the lanterns, having the reunion meals, having dumplings, sitting up late and waiting for the ring of the New Year are all the Spring Festival’s custom. All the activities contain the nice blessings and willing. For instance, eating fishes during the festival express that they hope they are abundant every year, and giving oranges and apples express lucky and safety.

Before the New Year comes, the people completely clean the indoors and outdoors of their homes as well as their clothes, bedclothes and all….

Taobao vs eBay China Essay

This case deals with the competition of dominant position in China’s online market between domestic player Taobao and global internet C2C service leader eBay. EachNet was copyed from eBay’s business model. As it confronted the difficulties raising capital, eBay entered China with its acquisition of the EachNet in 2002. The previous Chinese operation was changed significantly to align it with eBay worldwide systems including listing categorization, location of servers, pricing, structure of leadership. Ma, the founder of Alibaba. com Inc – the leading B2B website in China by 2002, realized the serious threat from eBay.

Taobao was launched secretly until July 2003 when Ma thought it was ready to compete with eBay China. In the various competitions, Taobao took over eBay’s market share gradually. Firstly, eBay approached….

Chinese Inventions Essay

China is unlike any other country; winning a trip to China would be a dream come true! China is known for several years of their creative and useful inventions. Along with the many useful inventions, China was known for the first recorded observation of comets and solar eclipses. China has been creative for with their contributions to the world. China created useful inventions such as toilet paper, bristle tooth brushes, paper, printing, gun powder, and the compass. (China’s Science and Technology, 1999) Although, we as individuals cannot live without some of Chinese items, before the Chinese inventions we had no choose.

Before the invention of paper; bamboo silk, papyrus and parchment were used for writing. In 105 BC, Chinese invented what we referre today as….

Han China and Mauryan & Gupta India Essay

Han dynasty and Mauryan/Gupta empires developed in roughly the same time frame and overlapped in the years 320 B. C. E. – 220 C. E. developing in different parts of the globes with their own unique geographies. Both the Han and Mauryan/Gupta empires developed bureaucratic governments that were ruled by kings, but due to the different geographical regions, India’s government was fragmented into local governments. The Han Dynasty of China was structured off of a social philosophy while Mauryan/Gupta India followed a religion which united the subcontinent.

The Han and Mauryan/Gupta empires also both developed agrarian economies although their view on the merchant class were nearly opposite. The Han and Mauryan/Gupta empires both created hierarchical, bureaucratic governments. The hierarchy in China’s government was more flexible and was….

Changes in China During the Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties Essay

China’s development had started at a very early point in human history and continued to grow through millennium until the collapse of the Han Dynasty in 221. When China reunified it experienced political, social, and economical changes over a period of 700 years and 3 dynasties. Those dynasties were the Sui, Tang, and Song. The Sui Dynasty, founded by Yang Jian in 581, was responsible for unifying China for the first time in 400 years. The capital was re-established at Chang’an . Yang Jian turned Chinese religion from Confucianism to Buddhism and Daoism.

The strength of both belief systems were evident as monasteries for both were built in the capital and Buddhist monks were appointed as key advisers in the government. A major accomplishment of the Sui….

Wyoff and China-Luquan: Negotiating a Joint Venture Essay

Joint ventures (JV) are a popular method of foreign market entry because they theoretically provide a way to join complementary skills and know-how, as well as a way for the foreign firm to gain an insider’s perspective on the foreign market. Since China began its market opening in 1978, joint ventures have been the most commonly used form of foreign direct investment (FDI), with about 70% of FDI in China in the 1980s and 1990s taking the form of joint ventures (Qui, 2005, p.


The Chinese company, as well as the foreign investor, has since 1978 been drawn to the joint venture form. Walsh, Wang & Xin (1999) note that from the Chinese perspective, “the joint venture form of governance was seen as a particularly attractive….

Chinese Wedding Tradition Essay


            A wedding day is considered as the most important and memorable event in one’s life because it is their way of affirming their love and intimacy in public. At that very moment, the couple makes sure that everything is perfectly planned, from proposal to reception. This is because the groom usually wants to offer the best to his bride. A wedding is also considered among many nations as a very sensitive event because all aspects of the wedding shall conform to their beliefs and traditions.

The date and place of the wedding are also given considerable significance. Moreover, the wedding rites are meticulously carried out because everything used symbolizes something especially among Chinese.

            In Chinese tradition, the wedding….