Controls and Events Programming Assignment Instructions 

Controls and Events Programming Assignment Instructions 


Matthew 28:19-20
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

For your first visual basic assignment, you will create a basic assignment to present a picture of your choice, a Bible Verse on the importance of mission work, and information on a Missionary of your Choice.  It is so important to understand our call to serve.  This is your chance to show an example of serving. 


When the application runs the user will see the picture of your choice and a Bible Verse on mission work. The form will be able to close the application and a mission button. When the mission button is pressed, the user will be presented with an image of a missionary of your choice and a label with information on the missionary.

The following steps must be completed. 

1. Form Setup

a. Your form should have 2 buttons, 2 images, 1 label, and 1 textbox. 

b. Name the initial form frmAssignment1 and put Assignment 1 in its title bar.

c. Set the backcolor of the form to a color of your choice in the properties menu.

d. Lock all controls on the form 

e. Create access keys for the buttons for both buttons.

f. The tab order of the buttons should go from Missions to Quit. The form should open with the Missions button as the highlighted option. 

2. PictureBox

a. Add two PictureBox controls to your form and name the PictureBox picStudentImage and picMissionary

b. Import an image for both picture boxes to the resources of the project (Make sure you save the image in the project folder before you inport it to the resources folder)

c.  Use the stretch image property for the image

d. Make the picMissionary not available for vieiwing at the run of the application.

3. TextBox

a. Name the textbox txtVerse and enter a Bible verse on why missionary work is important. 

b. The font of the textbox should be something other than the default Microsoft Sans Serif. 

c. The text should be center aligned. 

d. The text box should be multi-line. 

e. The backcolor and forecolor should be different from the default.

f. The user should not be able to tab to the text box.

4. Label

a. A label should be created called lblMissions. 

b. The label should be created on the form but not show on the load. 

c. The label should include the missionary name, your name and your teacher name and the date you finished your project.. **This is a main requirement and the assignment will not be accepted without this detail.

5. Mission Button

a. When the Missionary button is pressed the lblMissions label is displayed using the visible property. 

b. The Missionary image is also made visible

6. Quit Button

a. The application will quit

7. Code

a. Create a comment section at the beginning of the code with the name of the assignment, purpose of the assignment, and your name. Comments must be throughout each sub of the application. 

b. Remove any subs that are not utilized by the program

A screenshot of a social media post  Description automatically generated

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What concerns are associated with VPN configuration and usage, and what suggestions can be recommended to resolve them?

1) Wireless networks and cloud computing are susceptible to a variety of attacks that can compromise data security. Pick two attacks that can target wireless networks and cloud computing (one for each), briefly explain them, and suggest some security implementation strategies that organizations can use to prevent them.

2) What are the concerns associated with VPN configuration and usage, and what suggestions can be recommended to resolve them?

3) How do you envision the security challenges and risks evolving as we move into a more connected world with the development of the Metaverse? What steps can organizations take to ensure secure communication channels in the Metaverse, especially in the context of wireless networks, cloud computing, and VPNs?

2 pages

Need ORIGIONAL WORK!! Don’t use ChatGPT, I can simply ask ChatGPT if it wrote the answer and it will let me know, even if you modify it. I will dispute if found using the AI.

Provide Turnitin Report

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Letter of Intent for Master’s Program in Cyber Security

Letter of Intent for Master’s Program in Cyber Security

I would love to apply for a master’s program in cybersecurity. I am about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, and I believe I have what it takes to take the next step, which is meant to define the shape of my destiny. I have always been intrigued by using technology to save the world, and I am engrossed in the technological world. I know that engaging in this course will not instantly make me do that, but it will give me a clear insight on what is expected, and maybe it will offer a clear insight on how to deal with the rampant rates of cyber-crimes.

I want to pursue this out of need and necessity. I have always had a strong passion for cyber security, and having a business minor might help me slide right into what is encompassed in the field of cyber security. I would like this chance to pursue a course I love and one that I believe will be essential to the country and the years to come. I want to be a part of a potentially brighter future, and I would gladly love to be involved in the making of it, a concept that this course can help make a reality. My motives are to learn and eventually help make a difference with the knowledge I acquire, and thus, it is important to pick a path that will eventually lead somewhere. I will only be fully satisfied if I pursue this master’s program within your institution. I am determined to embrace what I learn and take in what is offered to ensure I get the best out of the course. I hope you consider my application and give me this chance to keep learning. I appreciate your time, and I look forward to securing a chance to pursue wh

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Journalism, Mass Media, and Communication

Audio One

So, what is your name and what do you represent?

 My name Belle and I am with associate alternative. I am a retired and part of the national union of student’s campaign to make education free again 

So, according the budget of 2017,there is  more than two billion dollars from tertiary firm, to be cut down, and that   include 10 %, partially received by students and parents,  which in the future  will have to pay more , and earlier on repayment. So, all these, and Malcolm Tembo  said the other day to the media  that he will bring school funding worth to an end, what do you think about this?

I think it is like a total, to warn young people in a lot of ways. So basically, the qualities are just like to shuffled the  funding around, maybe taking some from the more expensive private  high schools and giving it to some other ones  that haven’t actually increased  any more funding to education and then at the same time. Just as you said ,  having two billion dollars  out of higher education, and I think it goes totally against what he is telling government, to pitch themselves like giving everyone a Fargo , which is actually totally disadvantaging international students, and working class students, unlike affecting rich kids. It does not affect kids that are capable of funding their own education and getting a well-paying job in the end. It actually affects people from the tribe, a lot of these come from low and serious backgrounds, and this makes it hard enough to get out of the close situation.

So, what appeal does the protest on 17th of March have to make?

We are sending a clear message to the liberal government that when you attack students. We will fight back, and I think this message was pretty clearly outlined in 2014, when Ube hockey budget came out and tried to introduce the regulation to the university fees. And the Americanization of our universities, which would have potentially increased university fees up to one hundred thousand dollars. And we made a big protest, and this is the first protest since the budget, and we want it to be big, and lively all over Australia, and every city is coming out, to say like, if you attack the students, we cannot just lie down and take it. Students have a history of fighting back this stuff. In the 70s, it was a bit like radicalism, and protesting for things like that, to send a clear message that we are not just going to take it. And we know what they are doing, and they are not gonna take money out of higher education to give it to  primary schools over there, we know that it gonna mean shattering education in the future, and if we allow this to go through, they can do more attacks later on.

 So, can you explain what will happen after the settlement of the legislation and if not, what has to be undone

 Well, it I hard to tell because a lot of it is in the university, and the university will make these decisions. But I can tell you that the 3.8 million dollars is not gonna come out of the vice chancellor’s salaries, they will be very   well off still, as the standing vice chancellors are the well paid off in the world, or whatever. So, it will probably end up with a staff cut, as we have seen literally in the last few years, there has been a lot of restructuring, which is just done for cutting a lot of departments, and a lot of faculties in staff like that, which means that if you need any help we have to go to ask the tribe, which is made of students, and they don’t know answers to many of questions, they are actually not that helpful. They try really hard. But they are paid much less to what a faculty really offers. That is one of the ways that they would make up the two billion dollars. Another way is the increase to what you pay, so the university is to check up your degree by 7.5 %, but if they are allowed to, they will, because they have to make up that to billion dollar funding cut somewhere. Is that kind of what you mean?

Yes. What happens, how much ill they have to pay? More…

Well, I mean, there is 7.5 % fee increase ,  which will be up to 4000 $ more for a degree, which doesn’t sound much when you are paying on hits,  but it actually is a lot more down the track. Well, if it is for wages, wherever. And I think you just need to look around a little, and see what has been happening so far. And it is going to get worse. My students talk of having courses that doesn’t even resemble a course, any more, you can’t find a lecturer to actually talk to, about stuff, and they actually run off their feet. And there they get lack. Like   with hours’ worth of marking past students past semester whatever it is, no one gets great feedback for our work, and most of our classes are just like YouTube  videos now, I think we just see more of that kind of stuff

So, all these, who has to be responsible for these?

 I think the government needs to be responsible, like we have already seen these people to take care of us, to be take care of ordinary people, but it is increasingly obvious that they do not, especially not the liberals. It’s very obvious they look for the rich, and so I think I think it is the country’s responsibility to give good and accessible education to the people, and we know it is possible. In 1970s, Kolfon grand gave free higher education for all, it is actually that successful, and a lot of people, like even in politics, a lot of people said it was a good thing for Australia. It was great for the economy. So, it is for the government that should be responsible to funding these things. A place to start is taxing the rich, not giving them 50 billion dollars where the tax cuts, it would cost 8 billion dollars to fund higher education  a year, when you think about how much corporations are avoiding tax, like you should be saying will, it  should be getting  up from   

So, we just say to them if you can make face to face will agree,

There is probably be a lot of swearing, but, I probably say like we know what you are all about, we can say they are attacking some vulnerable people in the society to fund your millionaire lifestyle, and  your bodies, in big business, and we can say like three and students are gonna take it.

So, just to air up, when you say it’s about more to the rich people right? Do you mean those funding to the private schools, like they have increased 40.5 billion, and 12 billion to the public schools and, 1.5 billion to catholic schools, all these, do you thinks this are sort of, helping the rich people instead of needy students

As in when they increase funding to private schools?


 I think it is like private schools, are private for a reason, and it is pretty crazy that public school in  some cases get less funding than private schools, and  so I think it is kind of ideological thing of work, yes,  say positioning themselves at the side of the wealthy  people in the society, private schools decide to be  private schools, that means if you don’t belong to the government, you want to be a public school, not have both, like they don’t want to be private and funding as well, so, I think, yes, you are right , it is totally in line with the gender the liberals choose,  you know in  giving more money to the rich. I think they are just school, they should be funded. I think that is not an issue, and I think the funding should be equal based on how well reserved schools are. I think everyone has a right to go to a religious school or not a religious school, and they have a right to exist

Okay, so what is everyone have to do to change this?

 I think is starts with the protest on Wednesday, May 17. As I said before, like in 2014, or in the seventies or whatever think education was won through protests,and2014,the deregulation gave back fire by thousands and ten thousands of students  coming out in the streets, and protesting,  and also like protesting liberal senators and MPs whenever they came on campus, it was like we chase any case upon to retrieve campus  in 2014,and so in the media the  headlines was  liberals attacking students and students fighting back, rather than thy have done a rather good job in getting fury,  Or there is educational forms or whatever, so it really starts with people standing up from fighting back, and they are concerned a bit with cliché , but the fact is that it has worked, and it is the only way that we have actually won anything in the society, like Australia is  a prosperous country and we are very lucky.  But they haven’t handed us anything. All our rights that  we have now have been  fought by unions   and students and student  unions, and we just need as many student out in the streets  as possible, because  it’s the only power we   are not gonna  lay until the next election  to vote them out, because they would have already got us there. Yes

 Thank you Bella. Thank you.

Thank you

Audio Two

All right we are starting. Okay. I did an interview once with am Member of Parliament and I forgot to record it. It went for half an hour. She was kind enough to do it again but I had to wait for her in her hose and office to be available. Imagine how that feels. All right. So double check the technology is good lesson. Double check. Okay so can you first, so this is just about environment movement in Australia and I am doing a research from 1967 to  present, and this is the future article so environmental movement like idea of environmentalism would be main character of this story. So what is your name and what is your expertise. my name is doctor Benjamin Habib a lecturer in international relations in department of politics and philosophy and  specialized in north east Asia security and also international environmental can you briefly tell me the field you specialize in when you working in environment.

Yes sure at the moment aim doing g research into the relationship between grass root sustainability project and environmental movements and the international climate change treaty. Okay. Yeah. And the point where all the different players and those things come together that the really interesting at the environmental politics at the moment. So what is Australian role in this international dynamics? That interesting question if you look at the UN framework convention on climate change the negotiations are going on around the treaty, Australia plays an important role as one of the biggest exporters of coal in the world and emissions sort of middle arrived in terms of total size. But per-capita Australia has almost the worst greenhouse footprint in the world. Because of the kind of economic activities particularly the mining sector yeah so we have a big stake in contributing to the programme. But also as for our country we can play some important leadership role which we haven’t been doing for the last so long and part of that is the domestic environmental movement here hasn’t been strong enough to push environmental issues and climate change onto the policy agenda with this current conservative government. What is environmentalism? Environmentalism is a branch of politics and political actions that is devoted to preserving, protecting environment from harms related to human activities is much more about protection as well is about intersects with other issues social justice issues like land rights and indigenous struggle. And how people relate to the land, is about how we structure our economy because economy one of the primary ways humans interferes is with nature so some of the economic structures negative damaging behavior so that’s important part of environmentalism its more less arguments about economics just as much as it is about the environment. But it also can be about security as well, not just security of nations but about the security of individuals people. Because a lot of things that contribute to human security is not about physical safety from violence is also about do people have fresh water, fresh air, and safe places to live free from disease that kind of staff that is directly related to the environment. Which is then directly related to security of if we take eco system security how humans feed into ecosystem as one of the many difference species that contribute to that ecosystem. So its is Australia considered as environmental friendly. Yes or no. As I said as a developed country we have quite a big environmental footprint because there is very strong relationship between economic activities and environmental harm because every all economics activities uses resources and some way or another and produces waste as a result of that resource use. So the more economic development you have necessarily the larger the pollution an environmental footprint of that development and also as a resource supplier to the global economy you know Australia contributes to environmental impact that occur in other countries as well. But having said that there is very strong grass root environmental movements here and activist groups doing a really good job advocating for environmental protection and different modes of organizing the economy to make it more sustainable and less destructive. There is the good and the bad but Australia is very illustrative of this. Based on your knowledge what is Australia attitude to your environment in 1960s? In 1960s, the main debates were over conservations, do we set aside land to preserve wilderness so that we don’t take that land for urban scroll or development activities or farming so is about do we try to preserve as much as nature as possible. What do people attitude to towards environmentalism now? Much more broad. Climate change is the big issue of the time and that was not on the radar of mainstream society in 1966 so now this is a big issue people understand, some people understand interdependence between humans and the environment in the way that was not quite the same in fifty years ago. Politics, the environment has become a political issue. In 1960s, no politician would ever have talked about the environment as an issue, whereas now we have the grains where political party whose primary issue is environmental protection and climate change is an issue that all political party has grapple with. It shaping things like the debate of what kind of energy system we would have so this transition to renewable energy. Dominating the politics, once involved in the politics of refugees and asylum seekers in because environmental harms in other countries are contributing to refugees its environmental issues underpinning so many different parts of politics and policies debate at the moment and people are much more aware of this. But then there are other concerns how people make living? Are there enough jobs? Other things that tend to take precedent in the pecking order of importance for ordinary voters that often rank above the environment, so it is much better but there is still work to be done. Speaking about green, what are the greens roles in the environment as far as you know what significant contribution they have made? Let us in Australia the greens growing out from franklin protest movement in Tasmania in 1980s that was 70s and 80s that was movement, protest movement that was resisting the building of a dam on the franklin river. And a lot of the early critical people in green like Bob Brown, Christine they were part this protest movement. They went out to found the Australian greens from that movement. The greens started out very much in Tasmania now their major presence is really here Melbourne Victoria. But they do have some popularity elsewhere in Australia. Their big wins. They were instrumental in helping to bring about the curb pros that was broaden by the Gillard government in 2010. So they are like a major force in that movement. They were deeply involved so that legislation could not could not have passed because it was a minor government at the time, could not have passed without the greens support and because it was a signature policy that the greens supported and managed to get behind it as well. That was a big win but of course, that curb an pros was repealed. Their other major achievements are getting a member in the House of Representatives in the federal parliament so that is Adam bent who sits in the city of Melbourne. so that the first time green member has been in the house of representative but they have members in the senate for 20 or 30 years but their main ongoing achievement keep environmental issues front and center in political debate. There never going to have enough support to be a main party but that’s not their a minor party their job is to keep these issues within the debate and to work with whatever party happen to be in the government to try and maximize good outcomes for the environment. Speaking about people being aware of environment, do you think the great nature of this land is somehow influence people to be aware of it? I think so there was, in leading up to, 2010 there was millennial drought is Australia, and some did not rank for over ten years. And that coincided with that burden of growing of climate change as a problem because all of the prediction point of what’s going to happen to drying trend more hot days, greater bushfires and that kind of thing. And then in 2010 and 2011 there was really significant summer, and lots of flooding and that which in itself was related to climate change and climate awareness started to deep a little bit. But now I think that is starting to pick up again because of the evidence of extreme weather events in Australia and elsewhere is becoming really obvious. But Australia as a continent already before climate change had a very challenging geography, challenging weather patterns in a lot of places it’s a very difficult place to live, difficult place to grow food, there is no a lot of water that’s quite a forbidding environment and climate change comes in and makes that difficult environment even more difficult. People understand this difficulty of living on this land that is the theme of Australian history and now is turbo charged. Despite the public, what do you think the authority attitude to our environment? The current federal government, national party, liberal parties are very poor. the liberal part in particular has very close links to the mining industry they have a lot of people who are ideologically resistance to climate action because they see it as too much government interventions  or restrictive  trade through environmental  regulations the typical right wing objections to environment policy, so their record is really quite poor on environmental issues, the labor party when they are in power they tend to be a little bit better but they track because one of their support bases is working class people who work in manufacturing sector and in the mining industry as well, so they get support from people who livelihood depend on industries that are quite high polluting  so in a sense they are waged between wanting to do good things for  the environment and also speaking to these core support base and supporting people who in these polluting sectors.  The greens we know are better the other fringe parties on the right wing of this spectrum they are climate deniers and they are completely useless on environmental issues. So it depends the way you are in the spectrum but I suspect even

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Computer Forensics

You are required to write a 7-10 page research paper, double-spaced, on a current topic within the realm of digital forensics. The topic needs to be approved by the instructor when you submit the Abstract (Week 7). The paper has to be well referenced. This is defined by having at least two “peer reviewed” references cited. For the purposes of this assignment, we will consider any paper published in a conference proceedings or journal as peer reviewed. The following notes are available from the Purdue OWL Writing Lab. The Analytical Research Paper You will be writing an analytical research paper, which begins with the student asking a question (a.k.a. a research question) on which he has taken no stance. Such a paper is often an exercise in exploration and evaluation. For example, perhaps one is interested in Cloud computing…the research question may be “what challenges does Cloud computing pose to the field of Digital Forensics?” Then, the research will lead to a conclusion of what current Cloud challenges are. The Paper Writing Process Once you have identified a topic and research question, you need to do academic research on the topic. For the purposes of a graduate-level research paper, all references must be academically strong, meaning from scholarly journals and published in the last 3-5 years. The best source of research is the UMGC Library. Once you have enough information to write a 7-10 page paper, the next step is to create an outline. Write a draft report from the outline, proofread and revise to complete the final paper 

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Ransomware Threat Report

Ransomware Threat Report – Project Brief What is a Ransomware? In a Ransomware attack an attacker encrypts and locks the data of the victim, this includes sensitive and important documents. A Ransomware attack may lock the authorized user out from the system as well. The attacker then demands for a payment or ransom to unlock these files or system. These types of attack takes advantage of software, network, system or human vulnerabilities to encrypt the victim’s device. These end-point devices can be point-of-sale (POS) terminal, wearable, smartphones, computer or even a printer. Conti Ransomware Conti is an extremely damaging ransomware due to the speed with which encrypts data and spreads to other systems. In May 2022, the US government offered a reward of up to $10 million for information on the group. Project Overview:

In this project you would be required to perform a threat research on a ransomware group. You can use the websites that have been discussed in the video lectures and live mentored sessions. You can also use resources available on the internet to research about the threat group. The project consists of a total of 30 points.

Project Instructions:

You are a part of SOC (Security Operations Centre) team, and your role is of a threat researcher. Through the threat intelligence sources, your team has come to know that your organization faces a probable threat from the Conti ransomware group. The CISO has asked you to prepare a threat report, specific to this ransomware group. You are expected to research and report the following for this group:

1. What is the origin of this group? (4 points) Hint: Try to determine the first known attack and examine if you can trace that attack to its originating country or known associates.

2. What is the motivation of the group? (4 points) Hint: Try to analyse the known attacks by the group to understand what did the group attain from that attack- was it financial profit or was it to gain sensitive information or is it nation-state sponsored.

3. Were there any past successful attacks? If yes, name at-least three. (4 points)

4. Submit the MITRE ATT&CK navigator. (Excel format is preferred) (4 points) Hint: Recall from the learning videos of the first week of the module-

Understanding Cyber Attacks A4YTHD1KUQ

This file is meant for personal use by only. Sharing or publishing the contents in part or full is liable for legal action.

5. What are the IOC’s (Indicators Of Compromise) for this group? Mention at- least 4. (4 points)

6. What are your recommendations to the security team? (4 points)

7. Provide references of the data. It is mandatory to provide the references to the source of your data. (6 points)

Submission Instructions:

1. Use the submission template PowerPoint document uploaded on Olympus to

submit your research. 2. Answer the above questions in a concise and organized manner. 3. Provide the references to the information you mention in the slides.

References can be added in the speaker notes or can be provided in an additional slide.

4. Each slide can consist 3 – 6 bullet points. Afterall, we are meant to keep the report easily understandable for the readers!

5. Make sure you add relevant information only, as the report would be shared with your organization’s CISO!

6. Along with the PowerPoint presentation slides, please upload the MITRE ATT&CK navigator in the Excel format to Olympus.

7. In the PowerPoint used for submission, you are free to have multiple slides for

sharing information on any of the elements you are researching about.

Project Support:

Q&A forum for offline support: Discussion board. You can also post your queries on the discussion forums available on Olympus.

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Prescriptive Practice Safety and Quality Assignment

Prescriptive Practice Safety and Quality Assignment


In recent years, policy reforms in the APN’sboard have proceeded nationwide. Sixteen states have tabled new laws and changed existing laws influencing APN’s legitimate power to practice. One state has instituted positive corrections influencing the repayment of APN’s, and three other states have ordered alterations to current law, which will decidedly influence their prescriptive power. Connecticut passed a bill commissioning APNs to ask for, sign for, gain, and apportion physician-recommended pill tests. New Jersey’s state lawmaking body passed a bill that was marked into law giving APNs power to launch regulated substance prescriptions/orders (as per joint conventions) in all circumstances, with no confinements.


Advanced practice nursing is a broad division in the health sector that deals with direct care and management of patients, health policy development, and implementation. In the state of New Jersey, APNsare certified health practitioners, under a statutory-mandated joint convention with medical doctors, obliged to perform diagnosis of diseases, patient management, and the prescription of recommended medicines. On the other hand, health experts of different foundations give medicinal services, health training, and sickness counteractive action. The cooperation of both APNs and Physicians results in efficiency and improved care within the sector. Leadership training and expansion of clinical education of APN’s in New Jersey, is a symbol of trust and progress in the health sector. Every year, APN’s excitedly foresee the progress work on nursing. Their input is significant, and New Jersey is working industriously to change laws permitting them to practice at their full potential.

Collaboration, oversight, and authority to prescribe controlled danger

In New Jersey, a joint convention is a state-authorized agreement that provides the necessary tools and gadgets for an APN member in a particular work-related setting. This agreement provision must have the consent of the APN member and medical practitioner. It must be audited, redesigned, and co-marked every twelvemonth. However, the terms of the agreement are subject to scrutiny and evaluation by the New Jersey State Board of Nursing regulations.

Recently in New Jersey State, a new bill was introduced in the legislature to allow advanced practice nurses to prescribe medication without the constraining condition of a joint protocol with a consulting physician. This bill recognizes advanced practice nurses’ significance and vital role in the health care system. Their role is also expected to grow with the introduction of the federal Affordable Care Act.

The entry of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will encourage insurance coverage as it will reduce the cost of health coverage. Uncovered state citizens will be incentivized into health insurance coverage, raising their numbers. The Act will “push avoidance, wellness, and general social health” (Legislative Counsel, 2010). With the projected increase in demand of health care services, the need for authorized APN’s practices is wanting. The Association of American Medical Colleges assesses a deficiency of 46,000 essential forethought doctors by the year 2025 (Rouston, 2010).

Medical attendant practitioners can effectively venture with full-practice rights to help cover up the deficit gap. There is as of now 150,000 attendant professionals in the United States, and 5,500 specialists graduate consistently (Rouston, 2010). On the other hand, state lawmaking bodies control Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), and 16 statesat present have allowed for APRN prescriptive rights. For APRNs to completely watch over patients at the essential consideration level, state lawmaking bodies must uproot prescriptive limitations throughout the United States.


The necessity to measure quality is a profound concern to patients and qualified doctors. Primary care physicians have expressed their concerns over the quality of patient care if APN’s are left to work independently without collaborating doctors. They claim that the quality of Medicare is likely to be soiled if the two groups don’t work in a joint venture.

On the one hand, this could be seen as a cynical argument by the physicians who reap maximum benefits working in such a monopoly-like environment. If such prescriptive limitations are lifted, APN’s is likely to charge much affordable fees for their services as opposed to the physicians. On the contrary, there is need to additional primary health providers, the rising demand for health services by patients is likely to be met by additional health providers. This implies that the patient need for care is likely to be met. This allows more patients access to health care and removes barriers for other clinicians who treat the general public.

An increased number of licensed health practitioners guarantees the safety of clients. The limited number of health practitioners often put them in a strenuous position. Having a limited timeframe with a whole list of patients will likely result in work-related accidents, such as wrong dosage administration or a miscalculated prescription. Haste in treating as many patients as possible creates an unsafe practice area. If the APNs are permitted to perform similar functions as physicians, the number of patients to doctor ratio will reduce, creating an ample environment for accurately dealing with clients. Safety in this context is guaranteed not from the skills applied but from other work-related factors such as a peaceful environment for effective control over the subjects.

Advanced practice nurses are highly trained. They are graduates trained to diagnose and treat chronic diseases. Part of their training involves interpreting lab tastes and X-rays, immunization, physical examinations and counselling among other courses. With such skills, it is highly unfair to question the quality of their services. Their training covers the essential aspects of study, analysis and evaluation of the human body; very priceless skills in determining the quality of patient care. Not only is the quality of the care taken into consideration but also the client’s safety. Such knowledge is highly valuable in right prescription that would not turn out to be hazardous to the patient.

Regulating body of APN practice in jersey

The New Jersey State Board of Nursing is the sole state regulating body of APN practice in New Jersey. It participates in policy making, building the capabilities and confirmation necessities for APNs (NP, CNM, CRNA, and CNS). The body regulates the nursing curricula and professional practices. Any medical attendant who wishes to practice as a medical practitioner or clinical medical attendant expert, has to be permitted or authorized by the body.For instance, a member of the APN in New Jersey has prescriptive power and is obliged to have a joint convention with a medical practitioner who is authorized in New Jersey, before endorsing any pharmaceutical or therapeutic gadget.


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Count input length without spaces, periods, or commas

Count input length without spaces, periods, or commas.

(LAB 1) Count input length without spaces, periods, or commas

Given a line of text as input, output the number of characters excluding spaces, periods, or commas.

Ex: If the input is:

Listen, Mr. Jones, calm down.

the output is:


Note: Account for all characters that aren’t spaces, periods, or commas (Ex: “r”, “2”, “!”).

(LAB 2) LAB: Output range with increment of 10

Write a program whose input is two integers, and whose output is the first integer and subsequent increments of 10 as long as the value is less than or equal to the second integer.

Ex: If the input is:

-15 30

the output is:

-15 -5 5 15 25

Ex: If the second integer is less than the first as in:

20 5

the output is:

Second integer can't be less than the first.

For coding simplicity, output a space after every integer, including the last.

(LAB 3) Print string in reverse

Write a program that takes in a line of text as input, and outputs that line of text in reverse. The program repeats, ending when the user enters “Quit”, “quit”, or “q” for the line of text.

Ex: If the input is:

Hello there

the output is:

ereht olleH

(LAB 4) Palindrome

A palindrome is a word or a phrase that is the same when read both forward and backward. Examples are: “bob,” “sees,” or “never odd or even” (ignoring spaces). Write a program whose input is a word or phrase, and that outputs whether the input is a palindrome.

Ex: If the input is:


the output is:

bob is a palindrome

Ex: If the input is:


the output is:

bobby is not a palindrome

Hint: Start by just handling single-word input, and submit for grading. Once passing single-word test cases, extend the program to handle phrases. If the input is a phrase, remove or ignore spaces.

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Count input length without spaces, periods, or commas

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What are the key elements of a multilayer process for managing security vulnerabilities based on the concept of reasonable assurance?

What are the key elements of a multilayer process for managing security vulnerabilities based on reasonable assurance?


Write a 5 page paper (deliverable length does not include the title and reference pages)

  • What are the key elements of a multilayer process for managing security vulnerabilities based on reasonable assurance?
  • What actions must be taken in response to a security incident?
  • What is computer forensics, and what role does it play in responding to a computer incident?

Provide three articles to substantiate the above three questions.

key elements of a multilayer process for managing security vulnerabilities

Using the APA format provide a citation for each of the articles you read


Pick one of the following terms for your research: Balanced scorecard, ethical leadership, emotional intelligence, sustainability, or authentic leadership.

Each student will select one of the key terms above and search Campbellsville University’s online Library resources to find 1 recent peer-reviewed academic journal article(within the past 3 years) that closely relate to the concept.

Your submission must include the following information in the following format:DEFINITION: A brief definition of the key term followed by the APA reference for the term; this does not count in the word requirement.
SUMMARY:Summarize the article in your own words- this should be in the 150-200 word range. Be sure to note the article’s author, note their credentials and why we should put any weight behind his/her opinions, research or findings regarding the key term.
DISCUSSION:Using 300-350 words, write a discussion, in your own words of how the article relates to the selected chapter Key Term. A discussion is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.
REFERENCES: All references must be listed at the bottom of the submission–in APA format study 

Read Deceitful Spammer or Marketing Genius? and complete the questions at the end of the case study.To read click on the words above “Deceitful Spammer or Marketing Genius” or copy to your browser.


Questions must be answered fully and completely to receive full points  (2 page minimum).

Questions :

Describe the ethical dilemma or dilemmas Rachel faced.

  • Do you think Rachel’s boss’ “Cindy Anderson” strategy is ethically acceptable? Why or why not?
  • What is Rachel’s obligation to her customers and what are Rachel ‘s obligations to the company?
  • What do you think is the most important factor in how Rachel responded to the situation: That she thought the proposed “Cindy Anderson” strategy was deceitful or that she thought the strategy would cost the company customers?

What are the key elements of a multilayer process for managing security vulnerabilities based on the concept of reasonable assurance?

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