Roman Cultural Values Essay

Roman Cultural Values Essay.

Roman civilization is known to be one of the greatest human societies to ever exist. Their progress and development are still considered unmatched for having built one of the riches and greatest empire in human history. Thus with great knowledge and intellectual development, the Roman society developed a highly philosophical and academic cultural values which is explicitly expressed by their civilization’s artistic works.

            Some of the Roman works that are preserved at the present reflects the richness of their cultural values, which are mainly often characterized in three main aspects: the human philosophy, religion and politics (Beard & Henderson, 2001).

Roman has high concern regarding human philosophy and wisdom and this is explicitly presented with some of their remaining artistic masterpieces such as the “Bust of Cicero”, which denotes human rationality and ethics. Another is the architectural design such as “The Pantheon”, which clearly represent the engineering supremacy of the Roman civilization.

This specialized artistry of the Roman society is mainly used for their religious infrastructural thus, denoting their high cultural values regarding their theology and religious aspects.

In addition, the famous sculpture entitled “Augustus of Prima Porta” expressed the Roman’s devotion to the political aspect of their culture. Primarily, the sculpture is viewed to be an expression of the political stability and strength of their government that denounces respect and obedience. Because of the stable and respectable form of government of the Romans, the society progressed and developed to be one of the greatest empire in the west.

            Most of the cultural values of the Roman civilization can be perceived in the artistic remains of their civilization. From these historical symbols and artistic masterpieces, the present civilization can learn important values and principles which they can apply to strengthen and development their present society to achieve the cultural prowess that the Roman civilization acquired in the past.



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Roman Cultural Values Essay