How to Meet Customer Needs Essay

How to Meet Customer Needs Essay.

A marketing campaign should have the goal of meeting customer needs in mind. There are certain things you can do to make sure you meet your customer needs, and those are explained below: First and foremost offer good customer service. The customer is not always right, but they should always be respected and valued. So, make sure that your customers know they are important to you, and that you want to meet their needs. If they know this, they will be more forgiving, and they will be more willing to stay loyal to you and help you meet their needs by informing you of what those needs are.

Another great way to meet customer needs is to find out exactly what it is that your customers expect from you, and how they want their needs met. You can do this by issuing customer surveys. Have customers do a small three question survey with room for comment as they check out, or by mail, etc.

you can attach some sort of incentive to it. This will give you a clear idea of what your customers want, and what areas you could improve on. Surveys are a marketing campaign of sorts, they get your name out there, and they help people know you care. Another way to meet customer needs through your marketing campaign is to make sure your customers are aware of how you will deal with their complaints. Mention your methods of dealing with complaints in the campaign.

For example, say “If you are not satisfied you get 100% of your money back.” This is a marketing campaign that has proven very effective because people do not feel risk, and thus are more open to purchasing something. Another great marketing campaign that can help you to meet customer needs is through offering repeat business cards. These are like punch cards where they get incentive for coming in, buy however many, get however many free. This helps you identify repeat customers at the check out, and gives your employees a chance to ask them if there is any sort of changes they would like to see made to your level of service, etc. It also gives customers the feeling of being appreciated, and they get a reward for being loyal, which makes them happy as well.

Last but not least, as part of your marketing campaign, you can meet customer needs through allowing for and providing opportunity for comments to be made. Include a toll free phone number that can be called with questions. Provide a comment card in the bag you put their item in after purchase, etc. Marketing is not all about getting your name out there. One big part of marketing is meeting customer need. This can be taking the product to them, instead of having them come to you. It can mean offering incentives with multiple purchases. It can mean giving the customer the right and enough information to find you and your business.

To find out what your customer’s needs are, ask them, and then put your marketing team’s heads together to come up with a way to meet those needs through your marketing campaign. You will want to build strong products, and inform your customers through marketing of any improvements you make. You will also want to allow them to make suggestions for improvement, and thank them for any comments they do make. After all, your customers are who keep you in business, so make part of your marketing campaign be listening to their suggestions, and acting on valuable ones.

How to Meet Customer Needs Essay

Aldi case studies Essay

Aldi case studies Essay.


Aldi is a leading retailer with over 8,000 stores worldwide. They operate a typical store sells around 700 products, compared to approximately 25,000 items stock at traditional supermarket. Since opening its first store in 1913, Aldi has successfully established itself as one of the most trustworthy retailers in the international business market. In industry business, company were achieved their competitive advantage in operating management based on competing a difference, competing cost and competing a response. ALDI have a different way of their services in retail shop industry.

Physically, grocery shop is quite common but they achieve a competitive advantage through a services attributes in retail industry.

ALDI‘s strategy lead to competitive advantage thorugh their brand that associated with value for money. Operating manager in ALDI operates an effective plan in order to emphasizing their product and services that will influence potential value to the customer. Its emphasis is on providing high quality products and excellent value for customers. As simply, ALDI have provided the customer an efficient way to shop.

As we know, customers want the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. With such tough competition it is vital for organizations to understand what their customers want. As a reputable retailer, ALDI understands that its customers want value for money but do not want to compromise on quality. ALDI’s strategy revolves around providing good quality groceries for low price. For ALDI quality is important that guarantees product sold with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Based on case, ALDI achieves its low cost strategy but still maintain to produce quality products.

They applied a several methods such as buys large quantities of item from trusted suppliers, taking advantage of quantity discounts and economies of scale. ALDI did not waste their cost towards shelving, locations and warehouse because they utilized an effectively resources. Otherwise, ALDI have a quick response in term of delivery product because of Just in Time (JIT). The staffs in ALDI operate the checkout as well as restock items by replacing pallets and this is quite flexible. They arrange a excellent scheduling of their performance such as minimize overhead cost.

QUESTION 2 ALDI is a retailer that offers a low cost strategy as one of its strength in retail industry in Germany. Even though pertain a low cost strategy, there is no such things that ALDI offer a low standard of products. They could maintain to providing a good service quality because they succeed in customized the utilities of its resources capacity. ALDI using a time based management that required them to meet changing market and customer needs. Regardless of competitive strategy, quality is important to create a value to pay. It means, customers did not had regret buying our products and keep to buy it that similar principle used by ALDI that guarantees product sold with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Other than, a good service is one of a part of quality. It is because, services such as meet customer want on time, readily available and convenience stores could satisfy a customer on their routine daily grocery shop.

Aldi case studies Essay

Customer Satisfaction of Standard Hotels in Tagaytay City Essay

Customer Satisfaction of Standard Hotels in Tagaytay City Essay.


The hotel industry grew with travel, as people needed places for shelter and food along the routes they travelled, whether by land, water or air. The hotel industry is, therefore, one of the oldest endeavors in the world. (Andrews, 2009) Owners of the hotel realized that a customer has their own demand in services and facilities, that is why they developed what the hotels are offering before through what are the customer’s needs. The Hotel Proprietors Act 1956 provides a clear definition of a hotel: An establishment held out by the proprietor as offering food, drink and, if so, required, sleeping accommodation, without special contract, to any traveler presenting himself who appears able and willing to pay a reasonable sum for the services and facilities provided and who is in a fit state to be received.

Hotels can be classified into different types according to their target market, size, location, facilities or ownership. (Baker.,Huyton., Bradley., 2000)

Recently, the hotel industry trends towards separating the services sector between hotels.

Many hotels nowadays offer recreation for a particular group of tourists. Popular family hotels, hotels for the newlyweds and hotels for people with disabilities, each of them has its unique set of services. Among the services that are indirectly related to the customers, that means that they are not involved in direct care of guests, are marketing service and bookkeeping of the hotel. Reservation, once considered one of the main hotel services, today has become an anachronism. Nowadays, in order to book a hotel clients use the services of the major tour operators. Online booking through the numerous tourist online services is getting increasingly popular. says it offers 202,842 hotels globally. STR Global estimates that there are 187,000 hotels, offering 17.5 million guest rooms, around the globe.

The Priceline Group’s supply included 200,900 hotels through March 19, Susquehanna estimates, and during the first quarter it was adding about 1,541 properties (hotels, apartment hotels, motels, hotels, residence hotels, B&B’s and guest houses) per week. (, 2012) In the Philippines, hotels can be classified into four categories: De Luxe class, First class, Standard class, and Economy class. The higher the star rating of the hotel is, the higher its luxury level. De Luxe has 30, First class has 16, Standard has 83 and Economy has 43 as of September 2011. (, 2011) One of the famous tourist destinations is Tagaytay City. In order for the place to accommodate guests; they have nine hotels that were accredited by the Department of Tourism. Standard Hotels offer an affordable stay and provide all basic amenities to the tourists.

These hotels are considered as the best option for all those people who look out for affordable accommodations and don’t find it sensible wasting money over unnecessary facilities. ( Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991Section 5. Requirements for a standard class hotel: Location, Bedroom facilities and furnishings, Front office/reception, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Engeering and Maintenance, General Facilities, Service and Staff, Special Facilities. (

Background of the Study

Tagaytay has a lots of business establishments that can affect ones operations. There are a lot of hotels and establishments in Tagaytay that offer different accommodations, amenities and services such as Bed and Breakfast, Inns, Apartment Hotels, Apartel and other establishments located in Tagaytay City. Hotel Dominique welcomes the guests into a charming European – style chalet in the cool countryside of Tagaytay. The guests can hole up in a Balinese suite or cabana with direct access to the pool. But they’re more than just one place to stay. Hotel Dominique imparts the feeling of “home” when they greet guests with the warmest of smiles and attend you your needs promptly. And whether the guests spend their days sampling their signature dishes or getting a massage, guests can always come back to a room that looks like the very first day they saw it. (,2011) Hotel Kimberly nestled close to Tagaytay City’s café district. It offers elegant accommodation, modern facilities, and genuine hospitality of its friendly and efficient staff.

All these set against the floral landscapes, breathtaking scenery, year-round cool climate, and wonderfully idyllic atmosphere of Tagaytay City. (, 2012) The Lake Hotel Tagaytay offers charming, unbelievably serene spaces. With each reasonably priced accommodation you’re sure to finally be in a place where everything becomes unforgettable. (,2010) Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay focuses only on giving you these special moments that you simply will never simply forget. Whether being awed by breathtaking views of Taal Volcano and Lake or lounging away at our distinctively themed rooms, every second spent here should be savored.

For some, these uninhibited pleasures may seem trivial and even insignificant. But it is these little moments that inspire us the most. (,2012) One Tagaytay Place Hotel suites offers a refreshing vibe of Tagaytay, let our hotel’s cozy rooms and amenities tickle your senses. Stay in bed a little longer and enjoy the sumptuous comforts of a richly furnished guestroom. Indulge in local and international cuisine, Tagaytay delicacies, spa treatments, and other pleasurable choices. Go celebrate life’s most important events with friends and family at the Aurora Grand Ballroom.

Live that perfect day at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites. (,2012) Days Hotel Tagaytay is an affordable luxury. An ambiance of carefully cultured elegance.Architecture, appointments and amenities of distinction.Outstanding customer service.Awesome cuisines from all over the world.Addictive flavors and captivating tastes.Creature comforts without compromise.Dedication to enhancing everyday expectations.Pleasant surprises that ensure every guest leaves happy. It all comes together in the Best Value under the Sun. (, 2012)

Statement of the Problem

This study will determine the level of guests satisfaction experienced by the customers through the services they offer and help to improve their services on guests. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:
a) Age
b) Gender
c) Educational Attainment
d) Monthly Income
e) Place of Origin
2. What are the levels of guest satisfaction of Standard Hotels in Tagaytay in terms of: a) Accommodation
b) Front Office Service
c) Facilities and amenities
d) Food and Beverage Service

3. Is there a significant difference between the ratings of the respondents based on the criteria set by the Department of Tourism on the different services provided to guests by standard hotels in Tagaytay City? 4. Is there significant relationship between the profile variable of the respondents to the ratings on there level og satisfaction? 5. What action plan can be proposed?

Significance of the Study
This study will be beneficial to the following:

Province of Cavite. This study will benefit by knowing the strategies on how to encourage tourists to visit Cavite by means of this, Cavite may attract more tourists because of the quality of the rendered services and accommodation by the hotels.

Tagaytay City. This study will benefit by improving or increasing the tourists arrival in Tagaytay City. Hotel Industry. This study will benefit by helping the hotel industry to improve their service and products to the better service and strategies of their competitive life. As well as the management and staff of the hotel, and also the customers.

Students. This study will benefit by helping the students to have an idea concerning the service of an establishment, which can make their study easier and realistic. Future Researchers. This study will benefitby using our study asreference or source of other studies to be conducted.

Scope and limitation

The researchers cover the guest and employees of standard hotels in Tagaytay city. The study is limited to six (6) standard hotels accredited by Department of Tourism in Tagaytay city. They are the respondents of the study. They will evaluate and analyze the whole production of standard hotel
in Tagaytay city.The researchers will conduct a survey to 120 respondents, 20 respondents per standard hotel.

Definition of Terms

Accommodation- is anything done to adjust with the expectations of others. It is equated so as to address needs and wishes or to reconcile contradictory interpretations of things. Accreditation – is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. Amenities- Something that contributes to physical or material comfort. things that make you comfortable and at ease. Anachronism – an error in which a person, object, event, etc., is assigned a date or period other than the correct one.

Department of Tourism – is the executive department of the Philippine governmentresponsible for the regulation of the Philippine tourism industry and the promotion of the Philippines as a tourist destination. Facilities – something designed, built, installed, etc,. to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service. Food and Beverage – which is the sector/industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of, and delivery of foods. The largest are in restaurants and bars, including hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Front Office – welcomes guests to the accommodation section: meeting and greeting them, taking and organizing reservations, allocating check in and out of rooms, organizing porter service, issuing keys and other security arrangements, passing on messages to customers and settling the accounts. Guest – a person who receives the hospitality of a hotel, a city. A person who patronizes a hotel, restaurant, etc. for the lodging, food, or entertainment it provide. Guest Satisfaction – is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Satisfaction – an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification. The state of being satisfied or contentment. .

The researchers cover the guest and employees of standard hotels in Tagaytay City. The study is limited to six (6) standard hotels accredited by Department of Tourism in Tagaytay City. They are the respondents of the study. They will evaluate and analyze the whole production of standard hotel in Tagaytay city. The researchers will conduct a survey to 120 respondents, 20 respondents per standard hotel.

Definition of Terms

Accreditation – is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. Anachronism – an error in which a person, object, event, etc., is assigned a date or period other than the correct one. Department of Tourism – is the executive department of the government responsible for the regulation of the Philippine tourism industry and the promotion of the Philippines as a tourist destination. Guest – a person who receives the hospitality of a hotel, a city. A person who patronizes a hotel, restaurant, etc. for the lodging, food, or entertainment it provides. Guest Satisfaction – is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Satisfaction – an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification. The state of being satisfied or contentment.

Customer Satisfaction of Standard Hotels in Tagaytay City Essay

Head Ski Case Essay

Head Ski Case Essay.

1. The best indicators to assess whether Head Ski had the competitive advantage in the ski industry would be to look at profit ratios and compare them to competitors, which will allow us to assess whether Head Ski has above average profits. The best ratios to look at are: return on assets, return on sales as compared to other ski companies that sell high-priced skies, and return on equity, combined with numbers that show how much Head Ski is financed by debt.

Looking at net margin as compared to competitors would also be useful. If they have the highest net margin as compared to competitors, than they have the most competitive advantage.

2. Head Ski successfully matched customers demand for high quality metal ski for which consumers were willing to pay premium (as reflected by industry trends), with Head Ski capacity to create differentiation by producing ski with superior features and quality. The skies were sold primarily by experienced specialty retailer in the ski specialty shops, which reflected growing customer preference to buy skies in ski specialty shops.

Head ski used differentiation strategy by using strategy focused on superior product quality, and focusing on exceptional service, and prestigious high-quality image. Head Ski created a new metal ski almost 5 years before the introduction of next competitive product, by deploying its superior R&D and creating skies that were radically different in design than anything before. Head skies had unique product features (durable and long lasting, reliable: did not break, and unique performance (turning, tracking, traversing), which were superior to other products and for which customers were willing to pay more, costly to imitate (Head ski introduced several considerable upgrades to the product line over the years and did not hesitate to recall defective product), and organized to be exploited (VRIO).

Despite the difficulty of organizing complex ski manufacturing process, Head ski developed many processes from scratch, bettered them, and deployed manufacturing cost efficiencies when possible (laminating press). It implemented effective compensation reward system that consisted ofraises based on seniority, merit reviews and profit sharing plan. As a result, attempts to unionize Head ski plant have been consistently rejected.

Quality in service: Head ski was known for exceptional service thorough its ski dealer organizations and regarded them be the most valuable asset. 85% of Head skis were sold through carefully chosen high quality ski specialty shops, where sales staff was highly knowledgeable. Dealers were expected to service Head skies, and for more comprehensive repairs, skies were sent back to the Head ski factory, where skies were repaired under 3 weeks. This level of after-sale service was superior to competition, unique to Head ski, customers valued it, and were willing to pay more for it. It was organized to be exploited but not very costly to imitate, as others could set up similar service (VRO).

Shaping perceptions through marketing(Superior to competition): 85% of Head skies were sold through carefully chosen high quality ski shops, with experienced and knowledgeable sales staff, as part of marketing strategy. This strategy helped to shape the perceptions of Head ski being superior in quality and the choice ski for knowledgeable and experienced skiers. This reflected customer needs as ski sales through specialty outlets stores grew faster than through other stores. In addition, Head ski established itself as an important factor in ski racing world, as “one third of top ten places on all ski racing events were on Head skies), thus adding legitimacy to the product and adding to the value of its brand. Moreover, customers were able to test the product before purchasing it, by renting skies.

Ski rental strategy was the most effective way to introduce new customers to the “ease if Head ski”. This integrated soft-sale approach that relied on word of mouth marketing was unique to Head ski, valuable to the customer, costly to imitate as it required integration of complex relationships, and well organized to be exploited (VRIO). 3. The uniqueness of Head ski has a sustainable competitive advantage can be sustained. Head Ski understands its customers requirements and preferences and creates a unique product that customers value and are willing to pay more for.

Sources of Head Ski competitive advantage are sustainable, hard to replicate, and hard and costly to imitate. Head ski had a long history of culture focused on quality and attention to detail that grew out if its entrepreneurial history. It is difficult to imitate such distinctive, integrated strategy that involves “service, dealer relations, product quality, style, advertising”. Attempts to imitate Head ski strategy would likely fail because of the difficulty of replicating every aspect of the strategy, followed by integrating them in the right way.

Head Ski Case Essay

Best Buy Co., Inc: Sustainable Customer Centricity Model Essay

Best Buy Co., Inc: Sustainable Customer Centricity Model Essay.

Best Buy is the largest national electronics chain and the only one that remains since the closing of Circuit City in 2009 and Comp USA before that. Founded in St Paul, Minnesota in 1966 as the Sound of Music Store, it was rebranded as Best Buy in 1983 with a single flagship store in Burnsville, Minnesota. By 1993, Best Buy had become the United States second-largest consumer electronics retailer, breaking into Fortune magazine’s annual ranking of top 500 companies two years later at number 373. A partnership with Microsoft in 1999 help to boost the company’s profile and lead to the opening of its first retail store in Shanghai which was followed by stores in Canada, Mexico, Turkey, and nine European countries (Lowe, 2008 May 8).

Best currently operates 1,105 big box stores in the United States. In addition to personal computers, computer equipment, and consumer video and audio products, Best Buy outlets, which are on average 44,000 square feet in size, also offer large and small appliances, and entertainment software that includes DVD’s, compact discs, video games, and computer software (Funding Universe, n.

d.). Best Buy’s subsidiaries include Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales, and in Canada, it operates under both the Best Buy and Future Shop labels.

Best Buy differentiates itself from its closest competitors, Walmart and, by not focusing on low cost products but by switching from an aggressive commission-based system of service to highly trained sales associates and service solutions. Having a well-trained staff who can educate the customers regarding product features, allows the customer to make informed buying decisions on big-ticket items. In addition, with Geek Squad capabilities available in-store, Best Buy is able to provide installation services, product repair and on-going support for these or other items the customer purchases (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC22). This end-to-end solution is one aspect that separates Best Buy from its competitors.

This is also one of the many strengths Best Buy currently possess’. Best Buy’s customer centricity approach is key in its survival and is something often missing from their competitors. Best Buy takes the time to understand who its customer is and what they need. They then took this information and started selling solutions instead of just products.

Best buy also changed the layout of the store based on customer feedback. This included bundling together related products, offering installation help for all electronics, and improving store productivity by adding more technology experts to the sales floor and deploying touch screen monitors with product information. Future plans also include a 10% reduction in US square footage over the next 3 to 5 years. A reduced floor plan will not only be more cost efficient but will provide an overall easier shopping experience for the customer (Briggs, 2011 April 14). Customer centricity is necessary in today’s competitive market and it is a concept Best Buy continues to excel at.

One of Best Buy’s weaknesses includes the decline of net income and operating margins. Although this could be a function of increased costs, it is more likely due to pricing pressure (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC20). The economic decline and consumer pressure has forced the prices of consumer electronic products to be lowered. This decrease in prices has caused the decline in margins which negatively affect net income and operating margins. Another area of concern is the increase in accounts receivable and inventory. Best Buy had a 1% increase in inventory from 2008 to 2009 and a 12.5% increase in revenue accompanied by a 240% increase in accounts receivable (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC20). This creates a potential risk for losses due to bad debts. Best Buy is weak in their ability to quickly adjust inventory level to the demand, in order to reduce costs related to inventory. Best Buy did not recognize the economic downturn and was not successful in adjusting their inventory levels (Sienna College, 2009 April 17). This is an area for improvement for Best Buy as the economic downturn has created an oversupplied market.

Best Buy’s best opportunities lie in their series of acquisitions into their Best Buy family. Best has gained valuable experience in the process of integrating new companies and service providers with their keen ability to know where to expand and is a key component in their ability to differentiate their company from others in the marketplace (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC23).

Best Buy also has room for opportunities as they have expanded upon their global presence. This global presence exceeded expectation late in 2009 with a 15% uptick in international sales. European stores experienced a 4% gain in same store sales, while Best Buy’s China store sales jumped 34% (Lindner, 2010 March 25). This global presence also opens up opportunities to trace global technology trends first hand and opens the door to newly developing markets. It also provides a wide range of places to test and introduce new products and analyze customer needs.

Best Buy faces many threats beginning with the economic decline. Today’s customer has less disposable income and Best Buy sells luxury goods and not necessity items. The future of the economy including consumer confidence, unemployment, tax rates, fuel costs, and the availability of consumer credit are all factors that could affect consumer spending and Best Buys earnings.

Another concern for Best Buy is increased competition particularly from online competitors like Amazon has an advantage over Best Buy because they are able to maintain a lower cost structure compared to a brick and mortar store like Best Buy and can push those savings through to their product pricing and selection. With an increasing trend in the consumer electronics industry to shop online, is positioned perfectly to maintain strong market growth and potentially steal some market share away from Best Buy (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC22). Best Buy will have to continue to differentiate themselves from their internet competitors with their unmatched customer centered model of business.

Based on the findings of the SWOT analysis, Best Buy should continue to develop and implement their customer centricity model. This customer based model creates better customer satisfaction, promotes growth, and creates a unique experience. On the other side, Best Buy needs to address their decline in net operating income. This means cashing in on opportunities such as expanding their global presence which has had much success in generating profits. Best Buy should also be conscientious of their inventory levels in comparison to revenue increase. They need to adjust for the economic downturn while continuing to offer a good mix of products accompanied with superior service.

Best Buy needs to stay on top of technology trends in order to keep up with online sales threats from and others. Best Buy’s focus should be on the continual improving of the in-store shopping experience that currently differentiates them from competitors like Amazon. This means added customer service, technology experts, and services that take the customer from the initial purchase all the way through installation and use.

Best Buy’s corporate level strategy revolves around their customer centricity model and is the core of their company mission and goals. To implement this strategy and achieve a competitive advantage, Best Buy maintains a wide variety of products to meet customer needs but also goes beyond the initial sale into service offerings. Best Buy has used their customer centricity model, which is built around a significant database of customer information, to construct a diversified portfolio of product offerings (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC22).

This vital database allows Best Buy to structure customer needs to the locations they are requested, which in turn helps keep costs lower by shipping the correct inventory to the correct locations. This is important because it helps to offset the extra costs required to provide high-level training to sales associates and service professionals. This structuring of inventory is a large part of their business-level strategy and is advantageous for Best Buy because each market contains the products most desired and avoids items not sought after by customers.

Best Buy’s customer based structure is only as strong as their greatest service professional and staff member. Best Buy recognizes this and invests a lot into their employees. Best Buy has a reputation for retaining their talent and is widely recognized for superior service. Highly trained sales professionals, like the members found at Best Buy stores, have become a unique resource in the consumer electronics industry, where technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, and this is a significant source of competitive advantage for Best Buy (Hill & Jones, 2013, pC23).

Currently, Best Buy has recently gone through an organizational change due to the departure of CEO Brian Dunn, U.S. retail chief Mike Vitelli, and chief administrative officer Tim Sheehan. New CEO, Hubert Joly, is in the process of outlining new strategies that will strengthen operations and financial performance. He has stated that he will continue to build on their strong customer service model and their multi-channel shopping experience (Best Buy News Release, 2012 November 13). While this falls in stride with Best Buy’s previous strategy, Joly has also stated that Best Buy has been slow in capturing their fair share of the online channel. This leads me to my first recommendation, having a larger e-commerce presence.

While Best Buy can’t duplicate their high-level customer service experience found in-store they can expand on sales by offering a broad range of products online. From here, customers can be invited to visit stores in person for services that may aide in the set-up and installation of products purchased online. I also recommend that Best Buy address their issues with outstanding debt by temporarily halting expansion and focus on their current strengths. While acquisitions have been very profitable for Best Buy, they may want to slow down temporarily as the economy starts to recover and consumer spending slowly begins to increase.

While Best Buy has faced a lot of hardship in recent years, they also have made smart strategic decisions that have kept them pliable. Best Buy’s new leadership has a lot to work with and should also introduce fresh organizational change that will help propel Best Buy into profitable territory.

Best Buy News Release. (2012, November 13). Best buy holds analyst and investor day to provide assessment of the company and to outline priorities to reinvigorate performance and rejuvenate its business. Retrieved from

Best Buy Co., Inc: Sustainable Customer Centricity Model Essay

Customer-Based Brand Equity Model Essay

Customer-Based Brand Equity Model Essay.

CBBE act as a bridge to add value on a product endowed to a product as a result of past investments in the marketing of a brand. It is also provide provides direction and focus to future marketing activities. CBBE model designed to assist management in brand building efforts. According to the model, building a strong brand involves four steps: establish brand identity, create brand meaning, positive, eliciting accessible brand responses, and building brand relationship. In order to achieve these four steps, there are six brand building blocks which involves brand salience, brand performance, brand imagery, brand judgments, brand feelings and brand resonance

Brand Identity

Brand Salience means awareness and it’s related to achieve right brand identity.

Brand awareness refers to customers’ ability to recall and recognize a brand also involves linking the brand of brand name, logo, and symbol and so on to certain associations in memory. First, salience influences the formation and strength of brand associations that make up the brand image and gives the brand meaning.

Secondly, creating high level of brand salience in terms of category identification and needs satisfied is of critical importance during possible purchase or consumption opportunities. Third, when customers have low involvement with a product category, they may make choices based on brand salience alone.

Brand identity can be differentiating by two dimensions which are depth and breadth. Depth of brand awareness refers to how easily customers can recall or recognize the brand. Breadth of brand awareness refers to the range of purchase and consumption situations in which the brand comes to mind.

Brand Meaning

Creating brand meaning involves establishing brand image. It comes into consumer mind what’s the characters of your product. Brand performance is the primary influence of what consumer experience with the brand and what they heard about it. Brand Imagery deals with extrinsic properties of the product or service. Is it how people think about a brand abstractly rather than what they think the brand actually does. Thus, imagery refers of more intangible aspects of the brand.

Brand meaning can be characterized according three dimensions which are Strength, Favorability and uniqueness. The question needs to be answers are How strongly the brand identified with a brand association? How important or valuable is the brand association to customers and How distinctively is the brand identified with the brand association?

Brand Response

Brand response simply to say how customers respond towards the brand that is what customers think or feel about the brand. It can be distinguish by judgments and feeling of customers. In another word to said whether they arise from the “head” or form the “heart”.

Brand judgments refers to customers arise from their “head” where personal opinions and evaluate the brand. By creating a strong brand, there are four judgments that concerned by customers. Including brand quality affect of value and satisfaction, brand credibility is extension of quality where they expect the brand organization are expertise, trustworthiness and likability, brand consideration depends on customers considered whether the brand possible purchase or usage, and brand superiority is customers want to know is the brand offers advantage than others brands do not?

Brand feelings refers to customers arise from the “heart” while these customer are more emotional response to the brand. Feelings can be unimportant or intense, positive or negative in nature. Warmth, fun, excitement, security, social approval and self-respect are critical to build brand feelings.

Brand Relationship

The final step of the model is brand relationship, focuses on last relationship and level of identification that the customer has with the brand. Brand resonance refers to relationship that customers have with brand and extent that they feel they are in synch with the brand. brand resonance can be classified into four categories, behavioral loyalty, attitudinal attachment, sense of community and active engagement.

While brand relationship can be characterized in two dimensions which are intensity and activity. Intensity refers to strength of the attitudinal attachment and sense of community. Question like how deeply felt is the loyalty? to be answer. Activity refers to how frequent is the consumer buy and use the brand or either in others activities that not related to purchasing and consumption. In short, Apple, Toyota these brands are well in building brand with high resonance.

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)

How do you manage what you can’t measure? What value are investments that are not linked to returns? All these are the most hard challenges facing by brand management. Brand value is an intangible value. BAV is define as a brand and precisely measuring it in a way that is linked to financial performance, marketers can gain an edge in making more intelligent brand decisions.

Combination Model

CBBE Model is all about how and why build brand equity to be strong and known by outsiders, customers and employees. Brand Asset Valuator is to help business executives, investors and marketers’ access and drive strategic direction and intangible value of brands. BVA model instead of added value towards the brand yet help in product as well. Therefore, brand vitality is an important role in future growth while brand stature subsequently forms power of the brand at the given moment. There are four variables, differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge, building block that can combined with CBBE model.

Customer-Based Brand Equity Model Essay

Kinko`s Copier Store Essay

Kinko`s Copier Store Essay.

1.) The general operational standards can be developed and implemented in all or in a majority of Kinko`s shops. In fact, general operational standards are guidelines and directions for defined activities, which Kinko`s employees have to meet and provide during printing operations. It helps be sure in the product’s quality, which Kinko produces for their customers. Kinko`s is service-oriented company, it has lower degree of labor intensity and higher degree of customer interaction and customization. For printing shops in the customization process of products the major role plays specially standardized step by steps procedures for high-tech specialized equipment and machinary, standardized materials and perfectly providing service operators.

2.) The copiers in machine center should be grouped and sort according to their specific tasks, functions and specialization. For instance, copier-duplexing and copier-duplicators are large machines that combine both functions copying and duplicating and also contains feature to be printed on both sides. In fact, printing functions quite similar, such machines need close or combined printing area and qualified operators.

Moreover, Kinko`s Copier Stores should increase the level of self service by introducing convenience copiers outside of store or inside near with entrance in many locations through building. Indeed, the basic activities customers can make themselves. Moreover, Kinko`s Copier Stores should implement special sector for automatic feed and automatic staplers, which will be located near with major printing machines. In fact, close location of cross-functional items will decrease avarege waiting time per customer, increase the service level and decrease labor costs.

3.) Kinko offer binds, folds, staples, collates, makes pads and take passport photos. All the machines and personnel deliberately displays in one big room. Also, Kinko provide private copying and copying service. Private copying like “professor publishing” provided by company takes lot of working ours. And major problem here is that while working on that order, they will not be able to service all other regular customer. However, Copying service itself has it is own problems related with room where all services provided. People are always peering back to the audience and maybe afraid that someone will see what they copy. So it is inconvenient to have all machines in one place. Kinko’s managers has a case when one women insisted that manager throw away the ribbon on the self- service typewriter she’d just used, fearing that someone might try to use it to re-create her document. It obvious that is costly to the company to throw ribbon after every customer. That is one of example of one more problem that company faced.

4.) We assume that maybe this type of copyright was illegal. Hence, “professor publishing” is a service that lets professors excerpt chapters from several books and print them up together as a single textbook. Or as Kinko’s says it is one of the most scrupulous of the copy chains and takes lot of time, office works virtually around-the-clock on this order. So as result, maybe they will generate more profit spending time on regular orders than spent ours only on one.

Kinko`s Copier Store Essay

Husky Injection Molding Systems Case Essay

Husky Injection Molding Systems Case Essay.

Husky was founded in 1953 by Robert Schad. They were the world premier manufacturer of plastic injection molding equipment from the 1970s to the 1990s. The company has made products ranging from soft drink bottles and yogurt cups to automotive components and computer housing. They provide the plastic industry with inclusive and ample manufacturing solutions but charged a heavy price for there business. In the early 1990s they reached had an extreme increase in growth, quadrupling there net income and raising equity close to 40%.

The reason for the rise in net income was because Husky produced machines that were unique, innovative, and efficient. They had evolved into a leader of the polyethylene terephthalate industry and put into place obstacles for competitors to enter. This helped eliminate the negotiating ability of customers. They also provided customer service that was quick and from trained technicians. After 1995 competitors entered the market with lower cost causing Husky to lose customers and in return lose money.

As shown in the case Husky machines cost two hundred thousand more dollars then there competitors.

Therefore, Husky has to show that there product is worth the premium cost. In order to find out if Husky’s machine is worth the extra cost we need to look at the cycle time, floor space occupied, and work per day. Husky machine has a slower cycle time by 1.4 seconds, they use 8.7 less square feet and works 3.4 hours per day. Also, we find that Husky machines can make the same amount of products in a year, 365 days, compared to their competitors taking 488 days. In the long run, Husky’s machine cost less than its competitors. This should show the customers that a Husky machine is worth the premium price but they first have to respond to some issues they are having.

Husky, being an independent company, definitely has difficulties and unexpected problems. One of the biggest issues is the resin shortage. Husky Injection Molding Systems was unaware that this may be a problem, resulting in the shortage ruining a huge part of the industry. This failure not only affected Husky but the companies who manufactured equipment for it. Another issue is that competitors offered products very similar to Husky’s but with much lower prices. This made customers more resistant to paying the price for Husky’s product. Naturally, Husky Injection Molding Systems wants to respond to these issues while solving them as efficiently as possible.

In order to do this, they need to come up with long and short-term goals. First, they need to make substantial improvements on return on investment. They need to show current and possible customers the higher quality and productivity that their machines provide. Next, lowering the price will increase customer awareness and will prevent competitors from joining the PET business. In addition to gaining customer satisfaction, the Husky marketing team needs to increase product awareness. Last, they need to explore different opportunities with other companies in terms of the molding system.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Case Essay

Product Design and Process Selection – Services Essay

Product Design and Process Selection – Services Essay.

1. Identify the operations management problems that Dr. Barr is having at the clinic.

Dr, Barr is experiencing several operations problems due to a change in what customers are requesting compared to the services the clinic was designed to offer. The increase in specialized services and the addition of grooming requires a different layout. Not only have the space requirements changed but some non-contact services are being performed in contact areas. Customers are requesting a mix of services but the clinic has not thought about service “packages”.

Finally, the staff is not trained for the new service mix.

2. How would you define the “service bundle” currently being offered? How is this different from the initial purpose of the clinic?

Customers are now requesting a bundle of grooming, examining, and sometimes minor surgical services. The business was originally designed to offer examining and surgical services. Not only do the new demands require additional services but also customers see these as a package. The clinic needs to offer the demanded bundle more seamlessly.

3.Identify the high-contact and low-contact segments of the operation. How should each be managed?

The high contact segments include reception and customer waiting. The low contact segments are examining, surgery, and grooming. However, grooming is currently being performed in a high contact area. High contact segments must be performed while the customer is present and in contact. Low contact segments can be performed while the customer is not there, and do not need customer contact. In fact, as the grooming operations demonstrate, customer contact with low contact segments can decrease performance.

4.What should Dr. Barr have done differently to avoid the problems she is currently experiencing? What should she do now?

Dr. Barr should have studied the impact of a change in the mix of services offered before she started accepting a significantly different mix. Now she needs to either reject business that is outside of her original plans (probably not what she wants to do) or redesign the clinic to better handle the current mix. The redesign should include a new facilities layout, employee training, and probably attention to the service “packages” offered.

Product Design and Process Selection – Services Essay

Why Is a Product/Customer Focus an Important Characteristic for Successful Entrepreneurs Essay

Why Is a Product/Customer Focus an Important Characteristic for Successful Entrepreneurs Essay.

A product/customer focus is a pivotal characteristic that entrepreneurs must have in order for the entrepreneur themselves and their business to be successful. With that said, an entrepreneur with a product/customer focus is one that clearly understands the needs and wants of their customers and thereby producing and developing products that enhance people’s lives, but also products that meet and satisfy customers needs and wants. Although there is a vast array of characteristics for successful entrepreneurs, it is vital for entrepreneurs to have a product/customer focus.

This is because without customers and a product that appeals to these customers, the business would go nowhere. The business would remain stagnant and thus, this would most likely lead to business cessation. A business without a good quality product or service would not appeal and satisfy to the wants and needs of customers. Without satisfied customers, in the long run, this would result in the failure, fall and closure of the business.

A product has the utmost importance and value to both the entrepreneur and the business.

Without a product, there would be no business as the entrepreneur would have nothing to sell to customers but most importantly, a product that does not have value or does not satisfy or enhance peoples lives would not appeal to customers and thus, the business would be unsuccessful. For this reason, it is crucial that entrepreneurs adopt a keen product focus. By adopting a product focus, entrepreneurs focus and aim to enhance already existing products or to develop a product that is innovative, are of high quality and performance and most importantly has value to customers.

By creating such products that meet the needs of customers, customers are more inclined to buy the product and as a result, profits are made and thus, a successful entrepreneur. Customers also play an important role in a business because customers by and large determine whether the business booms or busts. When new products or services are introduced by entrepreneurs that satisfy and meet the needs and wants of customers, customers react favorably with their money and thus, this creates even more opportunities for the entrepreneur.

Customers reward entrepreneurs through profits and revenue and these rewards are what facilitates and keeps the business operating. Profits and revenue are essential indicators that indicate customers are reacting positively to what the entrepreneur has to offer and that the entrepreneur is on the right path to customer satisfaction. As a result, this leads to a flourishing, affluent and successful business and thus, a successful entrepreneur. Similarly, a loss indicates that a product or idea does not provide enough value to the customer.

In a way, customers are judges of the entrepreneurs contribution in the marketplace. With that said, a keen customer focus is an imperative characteristic that entrepreneurs must espouse in order to be successful as customers play an important part in a business. Ultimately, it is vital for entrepreneurs to undertake a keen product/customer focus if they wish to be successful. Without a product and customers that are attracted to the product, there would be no business or entrepreneur. Therefore, an entrepreneur that takes a keen approach to product/customer focus is one that would be successful.

Why Is a Product/Customer Focus an Important Characteristic for Successful Entrepreneurs Essay