Sports Gambling: The Case of Pete Rose Essay

Sports Gambling: The Case of Pete Rose Essay.

On May 19, 2003 at Cincinnati Riverfront Stadium, Pete Rose made the greatest triumph in his career in baseball. He was able to hit a total 4, 192 hits, passing Ty Cobb to become the greatest hitter in the said sports. At the same time, he became a candidate to the baseball Hall of Fame. After a mere four years, this sports star was banned from playing baseball. An investigation found out he had gambled thousands of dollars on baseball games during his peak years as a baseball player.

The investigation also noted that when he was manager of the Cincinnati Reds, he was accustomed to betting for “his” team in every scheduled game.

Thus, Pete Rose appealed to the Major League Board to consider his motion for reinstatement. In his appeal, he admitted “making some mistakes” although he denied the “betting” issue. If appeal is granted by the Board, Pete Rose will have a high chance to be elected to the baseball Hall of Fame (as part of the Cincinnati Reds) – he can once again play baseball.

In his press release though last Wednesday, he admitted that he bet on the Cincinnati Reds every night. He added that during his tenure as manager of the team, he earned thousands of dollars from betting for his team.

Added to that, he also admitted that “his betting” became a habit. This habit, according to him, was borne out of the belief of the capacity of the Cincinnati Reds to win every match. He also said that although betting is morally fatal to an individual, especially a sports star, it is just transitional. In due time, according to him, an individual will stop from gambling because he will see the negative feedbacks it cause to himself. This was not the first time Rose was accused of gambling. In 1989, he accepted a lifetime ban for gambling, although he denied it for almost 15 years.

In his autobiography published in January 2004, he admitted that he got additional “income” from betting baseball (for the Cincinnati Reds). In the same autobiography, he said that he did not worry of being elected to the baseball Hall of Fame, although he had hopes that he would be reinstated to manage the Cincinnati Reds during majors. Pete Rose is an example of a player (and manager) who engaged in gambling. Although he gambled for his team, it is morally incipient for a player to engage in a game without due consideration to chance. Note that when he was a player, he usually employed a third person to handle his bet.

The third person would look for another gambler, usually a major supporter of the game opponent of the Cincinnati Reds. Note also that during his peak years as a baseball player, he could significantly control the outcome of the game. His skills as a baseball player were unmatched in the latter part of the 1980s. Added to that, when he played, his teammates were motivated to “crush” the opponent team. These instances contributed to the successive victories of the Cincinnati Reds. The implication: those who bet to the opponent team of the Cincinnati Reds would naturally lose.

These gamblers had less chance of winning against Pete Rose, because primarily Pete Rose controlled the game (even during his tenure as manager of the Reds). The so-called “belief” and “love for a team” were nothing but rationalizations of his gambling. These virtues, if we may call them virtues, can function without monetary considerations. Monetary considerations just “bleed the eye of the loser” and “widen the nose of the winner. ” When Pete Rose was interviewed, he admitted that “he was well-pleased of the monetary flow coming to his pockets.

This is generally a proof that gambling when transformed into a habit, can become deadly to the career of a sports star. When the Major League Board decided not to reinstate, Pete Rose said that it was “really nothing. ” This was an instance that he finally accepted the penalty for his “unforced mistakes. ” Hence, his actions contributed to the collapse of his career in baseball. His habit of gambling engulfed his principle of sportsmanship. Now, baseball players are avoiding what Rose did, not for the sake of principle, but for entrance to the baseball Hall of Fame.

Sports Gambling: The Case of Pete Rose Essay

Is gambling a good idea Essay

Is gambling a good idea Essay.

There are many people gamble now a day. It is good or bad? some people think it is a good entreatment for killing time and relax, but is it a health entreatment for us? or it is just a activity that make us addicted and use all our money and time for it. Why people love gambling? there are lots of reason that a person get in to gambling. there are people said that when they gamble at the casino, they can throw all they problems away and be happy.

some on the other said that it is a fun and relax when they gamble. the thrill of winning and getting back the money they lost. those are some of the reasons why people get in to gambling.

There are good effects of gambling “Maryland will be following the examples set in the U. K. , where cash prizes are used to encourage citizens to buy savings bonds, and Michigan, which since 2009 has allowed credit unions to hold lotteries; anyone making a deposit of $25 or more is entered to win.

”(1). This is some facts, For example, when a person is gambling, he she will use his her thinking skills (Critical thinking skills), that person need to use many strategies to win the game and that meanThe person makes use of judgment and decision making skills. The use of critical thinking and analytical skills are really health to our mind.

The use of those skills can empower our brain by thinking and problem solving. Therefor when a person gamble, he she Is gambling a good idea! sharpening his her mind, on the other hand you can say it is health. Some other gambler play at the casino, and they describe it as a kind of a therapy. they said when they play at the casino, they can relax, because most casino offer free drinks and food. Some of it play soft music etc. The field of health aims to promote relaxation. The gamblers find relaxation in gambling which can cause some good effects to their health. Gambling is not all money.

Many gamblers do not mind how much they win and lose. What is important for them is to have a great time and bond with their friends or even family. Most of the gambler are an addict, some of them even ignore their family life , focusing on gambling and gambling all alone “Significant child neglect has been reported, with 10-17% of children of compulsive gamblers being abused” ( by http:// www. scribd. com,A Bad Deal Gambling Facts) . they will not care about everything, for example their family and their work etc, and patrick murray said “I’ve had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me and the second one didn’t”.

For a gambling addict, nothing matter but gambling. Gambling can bleed your bank account dry. Those addicted in gambling almost end up saving money allotted for more important things like health or medical insurance. They find themselves in big gambling debts that they will never be able to pay for. If unlucky, they end up in a mess with loansharks who would go after their lives if they are unable to pay. “Problem gambling is harmful to psychological and physical health. People dealing with this addiction can suffer from depression, migraine, distress, intestinal disorders and other anxiety related problems.

Ultimately, severe problem gambling can lead to Is gambling a good idea! suicide. The rate of problem gambling has risen globally over the last few years. ”(2) Most people with gambling problems say they lost control over how much time and money they spend gambling. Meanwhile, they ignored other responsibilities. They knew they had problems, but only gambling seemed important. In conclusion, gambling is a bad activity “The effect from gambling for a problem gambler is comparable to someone taking a tranquilizer, a drug, or having a drink. The sensation experienced is similar, although no substance is ingested.

The gambling behavior alters the person’s mood and state of mind. The gambler is hooked and keeps repeating the behavior, attempting to achieve that same effect”(3). but it is not all negative. In moderation , gambling is fine to play, it is always fun to have a good time with your friends or family in the casino. Throwing a few dice and have fun, but please remember that the dealer is made to win. Casinos are design to trick people into playing longer, spend more and losing more. sometime people will get lucky, but most of the time you do not.

There are many people have a really hard time shaking a gambling addiction, in my opinion, gambling just like drugs and alcohol, it will affects mostly the people you love and you care about. As i said, it is really bad and negative, but it dose not have to be “Gambling itself isn’t bad, if you understand the game and can control yourself. The only bad thing is doing what someone else wants you to do, rather than what you want to do. Whether it’s gambling, or drinking or smoking, or any other activity, you should decide whether or not you want to do it.

You shouldn’t give in to pressure from other people” by (PokerChic). As PokerChic said, it is not a bad idea to gamble, but how you gamble and how you defined gambling is a big problem. No matter if you want to get in to gambling or not, this article is only for reference only. Is gambling a good idea! Reference 1. Christian Nordqvist (2012) How is gambling bad for you :Medical News Today 2. Brad Tuttle (2012) Gambling for good. :Time business and money 3. Christian Nordqvist (2012) How is gambling bad for you :Medical News Today.

Is gambling a good idea Essay

Is gambling immoral? Essay

Is gambling immoral? Essay.

In my culture, the somewhat money-orientated Chinese culture, gambling is nothing but daily entertainment, something to occupy yourselves with over a cup of tea or some rice wine with friends, a must-do during family get-togethers on Chinese New Year, or a fun activity you see going on under a tree in a random park. That is our version of gambling, or Majhong, as we call it. However, in recent years, as the western world invaded Asia, more and more “casinos” or “pachinko slots” have started mushrooming all over the country, and you often hear news of people fighting, even resorting to murder, over conflicts of money lost over gambling.

It brings us to think hard about the morality of gambling. Sure, it is the personal freedom of an individual to choose whether he or she wants to gamble or not, but should the government issue licenses to these gambling venues? From my point of view, gambling is not immoral, as long as it does not become addictive.

First of all, gambling venues are built on vast pieces of land that, normally, construction companies would never lay eyes on. It could bring large sums of tax to the government, which could use it for other purposes and construct useful facilities without having to ask citizens for more tax.

Also, since these venues make a large amount of profit already, there would be less problems when it comes to asking them to pay tax, unlike lots of other businesses that often find loopholes to sneak out of tax paying. Second of all, if you come to think of it, gambling is just another type of entertainment, which keeps people minds off their work or stress for a while, and may actually reduce the number of people committing crimes on the streets because they have nothing else better to do.

That is, as long as the gamblers don’t get hot in their heads and cause conflict. Thirdly, as we can clearly see from gambling paradises such as Las Vegas, or the aspiring Macau, these gambling venues can actually promote tourism and stimulate the local economy! Some people travel half way across the world to enjoy a night in one of these casinos, and under well control so as not to affect local citizen’s lives, it is no doubt a one-way ticket to making the city a prosperous, thriving tourist hot-spot. Responsible gambling is nothing but harmless fun.

Irresponsible gambling, on the other hand, in which the gambler loses property essential for living, or money that doesn’t belong to him, is immoral and should be stopped at all costs. Instead of arguing over whether or not gambling should be legalized, I think the government should spend more time on thinking which venues it should issue a license to. These casinos are merely another sort of business, where businessmen make money, and consumers willingly come to spend money. For the above three reasons, I believe that gambling is not that much of a vice then most people think it is.

Is gambling immoral? Essay

Should gambling be legalized Essay

Should gambling be legalized Essay.

Since the negative consequences of gambling surpass the positive ones gambling should be banned. In fact, there are several reasons that indicate why gambling shouldn’t be legalized comprising debts issues, depression, addiction, and political corruption. Thus the loss accompanying gambling way more exceeds the financial profit that an individual or a group of people might gain. Therefore I strongly disagree with the legalization of gambling. Gambling should be banned because it might turn into an obsession and consequently lead to debts very quickly.

Basically the loss associated with gambling far outweighs any profit, since one is more likely to loose the money he or she has invested. Likewise, legalizing gambling can even affect young children. Thus since gambling might supply a person with great number of money easily; young children may follow the incorrect path quickly. In fact the expense of gambling obsession alone way more surpasses profits. Thus not only adults are becoming addicted to gambling but also young children.

For instance, according to a recent Reader’s Digest article “Today, more kids gamble than are involved with drugs, smoking or drinking” (Mar.2001, p. 160).

Yet, even though it is prohibited for children to play gambles, reports indicate that in states such as Texas and Louisiana about one-third of adolescents buy tickets. Likewise such gambling addiction might eventually lead to depression as well. For instance if one lost all his money by investing it in a game of chance, depression issues might arise. Another reason to prohibit banning might be due to the fact that gambling might turn out to be a moral issue. Citizens should be stimulated for better things rather than gambling.

Gambling unquestionably may cause a lot of income, but this is matter of luck. Yet, legalizing gambling will make people loose their money in hope of earning money the easier way. In fact, allowing gambling might even entice individuals who never gambled before. Thus, people gamble for diverse reasons. While some hope to gain a great number of money with little effort, others, especially problem gamblers, seek pleasure and excitement by games, and so feel a heroin-induced haste when long tension, anticipating ones game’s outcome, is announced.

In fact , some gamblers value this such state of excitement more than the money they might win. Likewise, some claim that gambling is just a hobby as is regarded as a form of entertainment. Thus if everyone started to gamble and give up their occupations, the world would eventually need people to work in serious jobs other than gambling. Furthermore gambling might lead individuals to instigate criminal actions. In fact many people who became addicted to gambling fail to reason shrewdly before taking any decision.

This happens because their obsession forces one to invest a great number of money in gambling. Accordingly, this might make one reach a stage in which he or she cannot halt himself or herself from risking money or possessions. Consequently, gambling might lead to debts as mentioned before. Likewise the ones who usually start gambling, are the ones who give up their work, ruining their lives. Thus, gambling should not be legalized but rather should be banned. Accordingly through the use of edicts and rules gambling might be hindered.

Furthermore punishments should be implemented on the ones who gamble which in turn might reduce the number of people who gamble. So basically through the use of order and penalties, gambling might one day be reduced or even stopped.


Should gambling be legalized Essay

“Should online gambling be banned?” Essay

“Should online gambling be banned?” Essay.

Online gambling has been speedup over past 14 years. The development of the technology of internet was admitting customers to gamble in any time anyway (John & Aunshul, 2010). Most of the gambling website provides the legal age limit for gambler. This means only the gamblers who are above 18 can join those gambling game (Steve, 2007). Although online gambling is a convenient entertainment, it cause many people addiction on it especially the teenagers. They can sit in front of the computer 24 hours without sleep because they want to play the online gambling games.

Online gambling is using the personal computer to access but uses real money to bet. They can use their credit card or open an account to bank in for the game. If they win, they can receive the money through the same account. Although online gambling is a type of entertainment, it can have negative impacts. Opponents argue that online gambling is a type of entertainment during free time. People can spend their free time to the online gambling.

They can find a lot of fun from there and while away their free time.

Online gambling has two categories, which are play to win money and another one is just play for fun (Simon, 2010). However, if the player has no self-control, that entertainment will become addiction. Michael S. observes that men are easier addicted into online gambling than women. That is because online gambling full of competitive and easy to attract them involve battle and struggle (2010). If the player is a student, he or she will neglect their studies. They will addict on the online gambling no matter is just for fun or gambling with money.

They also will waste their time on it because they want to earn more money from the gambling games. Opponents argue that online gambling is very convenient because it can be done anywhere. When people are in a place that provide internet access service such at cafe, cyber cafe, fast food restaurants, office, etc, they can online easily no matter is using personal computer or cafe computer. However, the convenience of online gambling will cause addictive behaviour, serious financial problem and some work delay because the workers are online in anywhere (Neil, 2003).

They will be online gambling till they forget what they need to do when working and spend more money on it. Besides that, if college students are addicted to online gambling, they will go online when attending classes with their own laptops. This problem will cause their achievement to lag behind. When people prefer to gamble online, that will cause the demand of real casino decrease. Therefore, the revenue of casinos will decrease and cause unemployment rate to increase.

Another argument put forward when people are gambling online, they need not be scared about the social problem such as robbery. Bank is the safest place for business persons, investors, saver and for the online gamblers. Before start to gamble online, players should check for the authenticity of the site and the security levels at the site (Riza, 2010). Online gamblers can open an account to put the deposit for gambling. After winning the game, the online casino owner can also bank in the amount for them through the same account.

Nevertheless, nowadays the world of the internet full of hackers. They can hack into people’s e-mail account, which the players use to apply the gambler account to get their password using computer techniques (Jack, 2004). After hack into an account, they transfer all the money to their own account. The laws, which set by government are difficult to control the hacker’s behaviour and cannot catch those hackers from the internet. On the other hand, if people get their friend’s password, they can access the account easily and steal the money.

When players forget their ID password, they cannot get their money from the online casino. In conclusion, online gambling brings disadvantages more than advantages so it should be banned. Online gambling will cause a people to become addicted to it like addicted to drug. Most of the online gambling games will cheat people money and is not legal. In fact, people lose their money more than win when playing those games in a illusory world. Every month, many people will use their salary to risk losing it on online gambling. Online gambling should be banned because of the disadvantages. (759 words)

“Should online gambling be banned?” Essay

Problem gambling and argument Essay

Problem gambling and argument Essay.

Persuasive Speech Proposition: I am going to prove to you that betting or gambling is an addiction, and that like any addiction they are wrong for us. We should stop being addicted to anything. Introduction: I. Attention Getter: Don’t do it in excess. Once you do it, you aren’t going to stop doing it. One is nothing. If someone says to you give 5 dollars, and if you get a question right I will give you 50 dollars. Would you do it? I think you everyone would do it.

According to Gregory Jantz writer of the book “Turning the tables on gambling”, two thirds of the adult population placed some kind of bet last year.

Also, According to the American Psychological Association the Internet could be as addictive as alcohol, drugs, and gambling. II. Reveal Topic: So today I chose to talk about an addiction called gambling. III. Establish Credibility: I chose to talk about gambling because I actually have been part of this addiction, and my uncle also has this problem but he has worst problems than I did.

Yes everyone needs money, but there is no such thing as easy money. IV. Preview Main Points: What can we do to get over an addiction? Everything has a solution, but we have to find it.

Gambling has many consequences, and when you win money is great but is like 1/100 that someone wins. Let me talk to you about the problems, consequences and solutions on gambling. Body: I. Main Point#1: First, I will discuss that gambling is a big problem in the world. A. Society keeps gambling and losing money, while casinos and lotteries are getting bigger thanks to the gamblers money. 1. Argument with evidence #1: We all need money, and betting is not an option because apparently we lose more than we win. Adults think that because the numbers of gamblers keep increasing.

In 1999 the National Gambling Impact Study Commission estimated the annual cost to society of problem gambling was $5 billion. 2. Argument with evidence #2: According to ALL IN magazine, Internet gambling has nearly doubled every year since 1997 in 2001 it exceed $2 billion. Also in the same magazine, Gambling profits in casinos are more than $30 billion while lotteries are about 17 billion annually. B. The feel or adrenalin makes us want to keep gambling or any addiction. 1. Argument with evidence #1: According to Jantz book, Gambling is no longer confined to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

It is everywhere-the Internet, state lotteries, race tracks, sporting events and slot machine in convenience stores. The growth of gambling places need to stop or change because the economy is already awful imagine with more. 2. Argument with evidence #2: Apparently, people are more into gambling because since the economy is on a downfall we think that betting as same as winning the lottery can be our alternative. It’s not, we are actually losing more money. According to the Casino Journal Magazine, “Players” or gamblers with household incomes under $10,000 bet nearly three times as much on lotteries as those with incomes over $50,000.

C. We get too involved in gambling that we forget everything else. Most important family and jobs. 1. Argument with evidence #1: According to National Opinion Research Center “Children of compulsive gamblers are often prone to suffer abuse, as well as neglect, as a result of parental problem or pathological gambling”. Family is the one who suffers more, when some member of the family gambles. 2. Argument with evidence #2: “The average rate of divorce for problem gamblers is nearly double that of non-gamblers” this according to National Research Council on Pathological Gambling.

Gamblers forget or get very angry with them that they blame it on other people, and for some wife’s are the victims. 3. Argument with evidence#3: Studies of Gamblers Anonymous (GA) members report that approximately half of the participants had stolen to gamble and over one-third had been arrested. Gamblers at this point are addicted to gambling. Connective: Now that I explained why gambling is a big problem “addiction”, let me discuss how anyone can get over gambling and an addiction. II. Main Point#2: Any gambler, as same as any other addict can stop from an addiction. A. Solution: Any addicted person needs to accept the problem.

1. What it is: We need to accept the problem that we have and face it. “I am a gambler, and I need to stop doing it”. Not, “I know I should quit gambling, but I love it”. 2. How it works: Overcoming a gambling addiction or problem is never easy. But recovery is possible if you stick with treatment and seek support. B. Solvency: Gamblers need help, they can’t overcome it alone. 1. Argument with evidence#1: Gamblers Anonymous is a twelve-step recovery program patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous. These free programs, facilitated by peers, use group support and a set of guided principles, the 12 steps, to obtain and maintain sobriety.

The treatment recovery steps include admitting powerlessness over gambling and surrendering to a “higher power,” which you can interpret according to your own beliefs. 2. Argument with evidence#2: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for problem gambling focuses on changing unhealthy gambling behaviors and thoughts, such as rationalizations and false beliefs. It also teaches problem gamblers how to fight gambling urges, deal with uncomfortable emotions rather than escapes through gambling, and solve financial, work, and relationship problems caused by the addiction. C. Action: We need to change their lifestyle.

1. Step#1: Support them if they are looking for help. Distract them with other things like going to the gym, playing sports and not betting in sports. 2. Step#2: Help them fix their schedule in order to not think on gambling. Instead help them do something else. Conclusion: I. Signal ending/Restate proposition: Today I have talked about gambling and of any addiction that can be similar to it. II. Summarize main points: Like I said to you gambling has many problems but we need to support the people that we love because we can actually save lives of many people. III.

End Memorably: We need to live our life like is the last day, and stop thinking of problems or something that make problems. Bibliography National Research Council (NRC). (1999). Pathological Gambling: A Critical Review. Washington, D. C. : National Academy Press. I found these review on a research of problems with gambling and it appears that there is a lot of trouble with the United States according to the research’s by this council. National Opinion Research Center (NORC). (1999). Gambling Impact and Behavior Study, Report to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission [Electronic Version].

Chicago, IL: Author. The NORC states that gambling is a big problem within adults and youths. Moreover, there are more men gamblers than women. Joanna Saisan, MSW, Jeanne Segal, Ph. D. , Deborah Cutter, Psy. D. , and Melinda Smith, M. A. , contributed to this article “Gambling Addiction” April 09. In this article, the doctors state the different problems gamblers face, how they can treat them and what they can do to keep off of gambling. Jantz, Gregory L. , and Ann McMurray. Turning the Tables on Gambling: Hope and Help for an Addictive Behavior.

Colorado Springs, Colo. : WaterBrook, 2001. Print. This book explains all about betting. Since it all started in Las Vegas, and how it turned out to be all over the place. Why we have so many problems, and why people keep gambling. Erickson, Carlton K. “Is Pathological Gambling an ‘addiction’? ” Addiction Professional 1 May 2007. Print. In this magazine are some facts and statistics of gamblers in the U. S, and talks about what the gamblers do in order to keep gambling. Edwin Salgado Prof. Wenzell English 115.

Problem gambling and argument Essay

Cause or effect of gambling Essay

Cause or effect of gambling Essay.

“Che-Ching! ” “Yes! Jackpot! ” shouted the man as he jumped up and down. However, will his happiness last forever? The nest time the man gambled, the money in his pocket completely turned to dust. From that day onwards, like a broken glass, his life is destroyed and almost impossible to bring back happiness. From this man’s case, clearly there are several negative effects of gambling. First of all, gambling will cause a person to have bankruptcy. Luck is not always by our side.

When a person grasps a lot of money, he will have more urge to gamble and eventually lose all of his money in the end. Following up by bankruptcy, gamblers will face many hard times with loan shark. Most of them are unable to pay back as the interest rate gradually increases. Time after time, loan shark will disturb their lives and force them to pay back in any chance. Reports review that loan shark can be so inhumane that they will wreck and destroy the victim’s house, kidnap and blackmail any family members, or even strangle them to death.

Subsequently, gamblers will have a broken relationship with their family. Their action brings disgrace on the whole family due to bankruptcy and being hooked by loan sharks. More trouble will occur and family members have to leave them alone, desolated and unwanted, those gamblers are led to only one road, suicidal. In conclusion, gambling can ruin and even ends a person’s life. So before one choose to gamble, one must consider the deadly effects of gambling, before thinking of being filthy rich.

Cause or effect of gambling Essay

This is a oral presentation about Excessive Gambling Essay

This is a oral presentation about Excessive Gambling Essay.

Good morning/ afternoon Pastor xxx and fellow classmates. Today I would like to talk to you about the topic- excessive gambling. During my talk, I will be covering the following areas: 1. What is gambling? 2. What is excessive gambling? 3. Reasons for excessive gambling + statistics on excessive gambling in Australia. 4. The problems of excessive gambling. 5. How to stop excessive gambling 6. Opinions on gambling from different point of views. To my first point, “what is gambling? ” Now days, gambling is a rapidly growing industry.

The term “gambling” is defined in the dictionary as- to play a game in which a person can risk losing something, especially money. Some forms of gambling include; lotteries, casinos, social gambling, wagering on races, sports betting or even Internet gambling. If someone who did not gamble was asked whether gambling was good or bad, the person would probably say “No. ” In fact, gambling is not necessarily bad and is considered as a form of entertainment because it is often enjoyable.

It is only when gambling gets out control and starts to cause serious problems on people’s lives.

“What is excessive gambling? ” Excessive gambling is about spending time, money and energy in a way that is harmful to the gambler. It may also be hurting to others such as- the gambler’s family and friends. This type of gambling also refers to the spending of more money than was first intended and then returning later in an attempt to win the money lost in the past. Some of the reasons that people gamble are: *TO WIN BIG- Most gamblers think a big win will solve financial and other problems in their lives. These gamblers keep ‘chasing the illusion’ of winning, which results in the loss of more money.

*FOR SOMETHING TO DO- It is acceptable for a person to gamble occasionally. It only becomes a dilemma when gambling is regarded as a first priority and dominates over most of a person’s time. *FOR EXCITEMENT or FUN-SEEKING- There are some people who like to gamble because of the exciting atmosphere and the high risks involved. However, people who gamble for excitement are more prone to lose control of their money. *TO FORGET TROUBLES (procrastination) – Gambling may serve as a relaxing activity to some people who want to leave the everyday pressures and stress of reality.

*TO GAIN SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE- Some people gamble so that they can feel accepted into a social group. Did you know, according to statistics, Australians are the heaviest gamblers in the world? They lose twice more the amount of money of gamblers in North America and Europe. It is revealed that 82% of all adult Australians gamble- of which 40% gamble regularly. For most people this is harmless enjoyment… but 2. 3% (or 330,000) of Australian gamblers have serious gambling problems. These gamblers lose on average $12,000 per year compared to the more responsible gamblers who lose $625 per year.

There are so many more gambling problems in Australia than other countries of the world. This may be because the government is allowing increasing gambling business to operate in Australia. It is shown that in Australia, there are over 7,000 businesses that provide gambling services, 2785 pubs, 2419 clubs and also 13 casinos and other lottery services. An interesting fact is that Australia owns about 180,000 electronic gaming machines, which equals up to about 21% of the world’s total. People are able to spend their money on gambling because of the wide range of services provided.

It is estimated that in this country, the gambling turnover (or the amount of money spent) is more than $80 billion every year. There are numerous ways in which an excessive gambler can try to stop their addiction problems. Financial counselling and other services such as the “Break Even” program are helping many gamblers regain control of the ways that their money is spent. Some steps that excessive gamblers can take to prevent themselves from wasting money are abstinence or controlled gambling. Abstinence is a term that describes a method of quitting gambling altogether.

If gamblers are finding it hard to stick to their own limits, it is much easier to quit so they will not be tempted again in the future. Gamblers can abstain themselves by avoiding all forms of gambling and related activities. Another effective way is to take the option to be voluntarily banned or excluded from casinos and other gambling venues. An excessive gambler who does not want to totally quit gambling can choose the option of controlled gambling. These gamblers can refer to services alike Gambling Anonymous which can help the gamblers plan their money wisely.

Gamblers can even help themselves by recording their personal behaviour that helps them keeps track of all wins and losses. If all this procedures are taken, gamblers will have a greater chance to control their use of money, or even better, to completely remove gambling from their lifestyles. Although the Bible does not state much about gambling, there are a few verses that describe the greed and evil of people who want to get rich. In 1 Timothy 6:9-10 it says, “People who want to get rich fall into temptation

and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. ” These verses tell of how money can be bad when people are too eager and do bad things in order to obtain it. My view of gambling is that, also it can be fun for some people, we all need to consider about how we spend our money and most importantly- to use it wisely and not for immoral purposes. Bibliography One Author Sachar, D (2000). Compulsive Gamblers- The Tragic Results. Montville: The Oracle Press.

Booklet: Authors Known Lobsinger, C and Beckett, L (1996). Odds to Break Even- a practical approach to gambling awareness. Relationships Australia (QLD) Inc. Booklet: Authors Known Lobsinger, C and Beckett, L and Fittell, L (1995).

Working with Excessive Gambling. Relationships Australia (QLD) Inc. Booklet: Author Unknown Information on Problem Gambling. Relationships Australia (QLD) Inc. Pamphlet: Author Unknown excessive gambling hurts (Break Even- service for gamblers and their families). Relationships Australia (QLD) Inc.

This is a oral presentation about Excessive Gambling Essay

Gambling should be legalized Essay

Gambling should be legalized Essay.

What is gambling? According to www. dictionary. com gambling is taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. Gambling has been around for centuries and has been dated way back to 1492. People have been gambling in America ever since America was found. There are numerous underground cards clubs and casinos all over the country and in major cities. People gamble on everything: sports evens, dice, and cards. Even though people gamble every day in the United States, it is still illegal.

People do gamble everyday, so why is it not legal.

Gambling should be legalized. There are tons of ways to gamble. Anybody can pretty much gamble or make a bet on anything. Some major games though are cards. People play games such as poker or blackjack. Also, betting on horses and dogs has been around quit a bit. The biggest form of gambling though is the lottery. Most of these games and events are already legal such has the track and the lottery, but why are regular games like poker and blackjack illegal? Why gamble? What good can come from gambling? Gambling can help our economy by keeping money here in out on state.

“Proponents say it keeps money in the state” (Legalized Gambling 2). Another huge reason on why gambling should be legalized in the fact that it would draw a huge number of tourism to our state. “It could also attract potential tourist to the area. Tourist with money to spend, not just in the casinos, but at local restaurants, hotels and shops” (Legalized Gambling 2). This statement not only proves that it would bring tourist, but also that the local area would thrive as well because tourist would be spending money at other places such as hotels and restaurants. It would make the state richer. Why not gamble?

According to the Legalized Gambling article in paragraph three some people say that gambling would increase crime, which in return would mean would need more police and more money spent on the police. “Many feel that casinos will cause an increase in crime which means increased money spent on police” (Legalized Gambling 3). Many say it would cause people to become addicted, and the homes and families of these people would be ruined. “Some also believe that more Arkansans will develop gambling addictions which will lead to decay in the homes of these people and a general decay of family life in Arkansas” (Legalized Gambling 3).

Although this article in referring to Arkansas, the points are very relative to our state of Pennsylvania. If gambling were legalized, there would be more jobs. Jobs are very important especially now in our society. Hundreds of people do not have jobs. Jobs will be open for new casino card dealers for example. More transportation will be need for people to get to the casinos, and since there will be more people coming we will need transportation to other areas as well. Also, the local businesses like hotels and restaurants will be booming.

As a result, more jobs will be needed to up keep these facilities. Not only will gambling supply more jobs, but also the local taxes will go down. All gambling winnings are taxable. When a person wins the World Series of Poker, the winnings are taxed. Also, the casinos will have to pay taxes, which will result in lower taxes such as school taxes and so forth. This will keep most of the money in the state as well. Over in Jersey, gambling was one of the main sources of income for the state back in 1857.

“Legal gambling has become a $10 billion industry in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and the states, which are collecting $500 million a year in gambling revenues, are becoming more dependent on it to balance their budgets” (Janson 1). Back in 1857 the economy was bad but gambling didn’t even become stunned by the economy. “Despite a clouded economy, wagering is up in all three states in each of the last three years in almost every form of legalized gambling” (Janson 2). Back then it was making a killing. We can only imagine what it is bringing in now. Gambling is the sole reason to go to Las Vegas.

Who would want to go a desert on vacation where temperatures can get into the hundreds? Gambling is the only thing that is going for Las Vegas. With out gambling no one would go, and look at how much money Las Vegas is bring in off of the tourists coming from all over the world, all because of gambling. So when people do gamble where does the money go? Where gambling in legal money gets divided up. “84% returned to the public, 15% for commission, and 1% breakage or surplus” (Freeman 167). This shows that at the racetracks 84% go back to the people who are gambling, 15% goes to the brokers, and 1% is the breakage or surplus.

That is how the money works in the racetracks. Each state deals with the money differently though. “These percentages include the deductions for monies for both Track and State. Each state has laws specifying the division of this percentage between Track and State. Some states use a sliding scale. The higher the volume of business, the higher the percentage paid to the state” (Freeman 166). As shown here the state taxes are included. Also, commission is used in all racetracks, and this provided jobs for many people. Another good reason why gambling should be legalized is because people can make a ton of money.

If people would be smart about things they could maximizes their profits. These people are called pros. Professional poker players, like Johnny Moss, make all their money from playing cards. Gambling, if done right, can be easy pickings for people. “Gambling is a calculated technique for making money” (Thompson 27). Basically this is saying that if people are not stupid with their money that they will win. For example, if a person is playing Texas Hold’em, a type of poker, then they should only play superior starting hands like Ace King, or Ace Ace.

The reasoning behind this is because these starting hands have the best odds or chances of winning. By calculating odds people can beat the game. As mentioned before, gambling can be beat. A good way to make money is to play games where the people have control. Luck can only take a person so far. In casinos, most of the games, like the slot machines and roulette, have odds favoring the house or the casino. It is wise to stay away form these games. Instead, people should play poker or blackjack, where there is a little more skill involved. Luck can only take a person so far.

According to Basil Nestor “Luck has an influence, but skill has a more pronounced effect” (13). This means in the long run, skill will produce more money. In card games there is a rake. The rake is a percentage of the winnings that goes to the house or casino. This is how the casino makes money of the game. For example, if a person just won a $100 pot in poker and the casino rakes ten percent, then that person would only get $90. Another nice thing about casinos is that the more a person gambles, the more they will get. Casinos always give out free things.

For the high rollers, or people that spend a lot of time and a lot of money gambling, casinos usually give them free rooms and free tickets to shows. If a person is doing well, the casino may give them free food or free money to play with. There reason for this is to keep that player there. Statistically, the house or casino has better odds, meaning that the chances of a person winning are lower than even. So, eventually the casino will win. So, they try to keep that player there for as long as they can because they think the odds will catch up with them, but as mentioned before there are ways around that

Gambling will help our state out tremendously. The state could use more jobs. Some taxes will go down. It just seems to be a no brainer. Why would we not legalize gambling? People say that it will ruin homes and lead to addiction. Well, for all those people that are concerned about that, don’t gamble. No one will twist your arm to gamble. Gambling will bring so much to the state of Pennsylvania. All the tourist will need a place to stay. That’s where our local hotel and motels come in. The business will increase drastically. All the tourists will need a place to eat.

Our restaurants will serve that purpose. With all this, all these businesses will need to up keep with everything. So, as a result, there will be more jobs available. The casinos will also cause taxes to go down. With all the money the state will be receiving from the casinos, they won’t need to tax the people of the state. We already have the lottery and bingo and, these are forms of gambling. How come the lottery and bingo are exactable to our society and games like poker and blackjack are not? Is there that much of a difference? Gambling will do more good than bad.

Gambling should be legalized Essay

Bad habit – gambling Essay

Bad habit – gambling Essay.

Gambling is a perfectly healthy hobby as long as gamblers are still in control of when to stop. To win at gambling, one must know when to quit, because quitting while you’re ahead is the best chance of winning at a casino. If gambling has become an addiction and one continuously seeks casinos in order to feel fulfilled then they are not far from a gamblers ruin. So if you don’t want to become just another victim of the casino, then you might want to take some advice.

First, have you noticed the difference between people that are most likely to lose a lot of money in casinos than those who continue to live a healthy lifestyle? Aside from the remaining money in their wallet when they walk out of a casino, another difference between the two is the control. In every aspect of our life, control is a key factor in winning, including gambling. There are a couple of bad gambling habits that most gamblers do that we need to avoid.

Gambling with important money is one bad habit that may damage a gamblers life pretty bad.

Money that we need to pay for credit cards, for the water bills, for the electric and the phone bills are all important and must not go anywhere else other than where they are supposed to go. These things are a necessity therefore they are more valuable than to satisfy your gambling needs. If ever you find yourself thinking of betting your money that is supposed to go to these things then we suggest you lean back from gambling for a while. Another bad gambling habit is gambling to get back the money you’ve lost in a bet. Although this one is broken most of the time, it is still a good idea to use your money more wisely.

Of course there is a chance of you getting back your money in the casino, but every gambling games winning percentage is against gamblers. Which means that aside from getting back your money, it is more likely for gamblers to further increase the amount of money they’ve lost. Bad gambling habits develop really quickly so at the first sign of these, be warned and gamble more cautiously. No matter how much money you can spend on gambling, it doesn’t take long before you bet it all unless you have control over your gambling habits.

Bad habit – gambling Essay