Response: Is America in Moral Decline? Essay

Response: Is America in Moral Decline? Essay.

Yes, and at the same time a very resounding no. Bill Bennett attempts to make the point that America is worse off now than it was in decades past by showing statistics of single motherhood, children on welfare, average daily television viewing, and other “moral barometers”. What he fails to mention is that statistics gathering has become far more accurate in recent years. It’s becoming increasingly easy to gather data now, with the internet and a cell phone in every pocket in America than it has ever been before.

Moving forward with a grain of salt, there is more than one way that someone can determine his data. The single-motherhood statistics are indefensible if one even wanted to try. Studies show that children develop better in dual parent households, and more children are growing up without fathers, in less stable environments. The failure of 21st century fathers to take care of their children is a pervasive and serious problem, and can easily be categorized as a symptom of America’s moral decline.

Other stats listed by Bennett are less convincing. The fact that between 1960 and 1990 television viewing rose from 5 hours a day to 7 hours a day is a meaningless statistic. Television programs themselves have evolved, and networks like History, Discovery, PBS, and Animal Planet (not to mention the introduction of 24 hour news networks and CSPAN) are actually informative.

Bork has a more dramatic castigation of American morality, one devoid of statistics but stocked up on vitriol and animosity. Bork’s seething hatred of “modern liberalism” is apparent in every line and every thought he puts to paper. His critique of the American justice system seems at best off base, and at worst fallacious. He repeatedly states that America has sunk so low morally that we no longer punish crime. He rails against our high crime rates while we refrain from punishing those who are “clearly guilty”. I would ask Mr. Bork then how he explains the fact America imprisons almost 10% of our citizens each and every year. How he explains that in today’s America, our prisons are more full than those under Soviet Russia, or the bastion of liberalism that is modern day North Korea.

His erroneous take on issues like this one are irresponsible and dangerous accusations to throw around. There are real problems to be solved, however not punishing criminals is nowhere near that list (though over-punishing may be). Certain aspects of American morality are certainly better than they were 50 years ago. Civil rights, treatment of the LGBT community, fair treatment of women both at home and in the workplace, are all examples of that. At the same time however, ignorance has become socially acceptable. Where we once applauded intellectual accomplishments we now scoff at them. The demystification of the White House has led us to believe that our politicians can now be “normal people you’d want a beer with”. We no longer seek the best and brightest to run our nation, and that in itself is a problem.

Our society has also become oversexualized, and a massive paradigm shift is currently being undertaken that replaces much of our popular culture with that of a formerly “ghetto” subculture. Teenage girls now frequently go out to parties wearing outfits that only twenty years ago were reserved for prostitutes and strippers. “Respect” is no longer a concept that involves hard work. Instead, many of today’s youth have been indoctrinated to believe that respect is innate, and that if someone doesn’t immediately grant them the respect they believe they deserve it’s grounds for confrontation and violence. While gangs have been around since the 19th century, the end of the 20th brought gang violence to another level.

Thousands of teenagers perished in gang related violence during the 1990s, and while those numbers have trailed off nationally, the problem remains ubiquitous. Certain aspects of our culture are indeed sliding into depravity, however to judge the entire moral compass of a nation by the fact that it’s become more socially acceptable to smoke marijuana and dress slutty at parties detracts from the greater moral strides we’ve made in human rights and the treatment of our fellow man (and woman). This question doesn’t have a one word answer… and any answer you receive from it will be based on the author’s personal experience, and thus subject to interpretation.

Response: Is America in Moral Decline? Essay

The Eastside Crips gang in Los Angeles Essay

The Eastside Crips gang in Los Angeles Essay.

A gang consists of people bounded together for a common purpose. In their case, it is the interest for criminal and social purpose that binds them together. Gangs are more commonly found in places representing the low – income bracket. Gang members usually live in slums across the country. Most of their time is spent on the streets doing nothing if not performing crimes and other forms of violence. They kind of life they live revolve around violence, crimes and substance abuse (The World Book Encyclopedia, 1989).

It was on the latter part of the 1960s when a student from the Fremont and Locke High Schools founded a gang and named it the “Baby Avenues. ” The gang also goes by the name “Avenue Cribs. ” The name of the founder was Raymond Washington. He so named his new founded gang after the “Avenue Boys” or “The Avenues” which are older gangs. Washington gang’s “The Cribs” are assumed to be a spin – off to the “Slausons.

” At one point, the Slausons was the largest street gang ever to exist in the history of South Central Los Angeles.

How the “Avenue Cribs” or the “Baby Avenues” ended up being called the “Crips” has since then a subject of debates (“Crips,” 2008). Besides Raymond Washington, there is still another person recognized to be a founding member of the “Crips,” his name is Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Washington, together with Williams established the gang in East Los Angeles in the year 1969. If Washington was just 15 then, Williams was 17 when the Crips was established. Washington was killed in the year 1979 while on the 13th day of December in the year 2005, Williams served death sentence at the San Quenin State Prison (Inside Prison. om, 2006).

Washington founded the gang at a time when the Black Panther’s power source was almost completely removed. It was also during that time when both political and social groups have gone useless in Los Angeles. Washington was not old enough to engage himself in the Panther movement at that time. Nevertheless, he captured much of the Panther’s style of neighborhood social control. He patterned his quasi – political group the Panther’s military approach by being clad in the black leather jacket of the 1960s (Streetgangs. com, 2008).

More than imitating the Panther style, Washington also looked up to an older gang that was left dormant all through the 1960s. The gang goes by the name the Avenues. Robert Munson and Craig Munson were the leaders of the gang. As a result, Washington chose to call his own quasi – political group the “Avenue Cribs” or “Baby Avenues” to embody the youths of the new generation (Streetgangs. com, 2008). Washington’s original purpose was to carry on the radical philosophy of the 1960s. On purpose, he also wanted to serve as guardians of society and leaders of their respective neighborhoods.

However the radical mission did not last due to the lack of maturity and political direction in Washington himself. His group did not see the light of day when a schema for social reform within the neighborhood has been developed. Instead, they turn out to be too preoccupied in safeguarding themselves from the threat coming from other gangs existing around them (Streetgangs. com, 2008).

The original Crips besides its founding members Washington and Williams are Mack Thomas, Bernie Simpson, Melvin Hardy, Michael Christianson, Jimel “Godfather” Barnes, Raymond “Danifu” Cook, Greg “Batman” Davis, No. , Michael “Shaft” Concepcion, Anglo “Barefoot Pookie” White and Ecky, Most of these youngsters are identified as the toughies in their respective places of origin. They earned respect from other youths within Los Angeles during the early part of the 1970s (Streetgangs. com, 2008). It was during the year 1980s when the prisons at Texas detain several members of the Crips gang. Since no constitution has been penned down for their affiliation, they are identified not as a gang rather as a threat to security.

Others claim that the name of the gang traces its roots after an incident involving a lady reporting for a housing project in Los Angeles filed a complaint against two young robbers. The alleged robbers include Washington, the founder of the gang. The lady was able to identify one of her attackers as a cripple carrying a stick or cane. Still, there are some who claim that the gang name may be traced from another street gang that goes by the name Baby Avenue and eventually came to be called the Avenue Cribs gang. They were found in the Central part of 1960 Los Angeles (Inside Prison. com, 2006).

There are a total of 88 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County to date. And over a dozen of unincorporated cities have also been identified. The Crips gang may be found in a 24 cities in Los Angeles alone. The expansion of the Crip gangs may have reached a point of stabilization at a certain extent. However, they have also suffered decline in other places due to some shifts in demography (Streetgangs. com, 2008). The Crips are accountable for the neighborhood incidents which include but are not limited to stealing, assaults in and outside of their respective gangs and drug trade.

Most of the Crips belong to loosely organized groups whose members are teenagers and young adults in their early 20s. Nevertheless, there exist Crips gangs who are relatively more structured than the rest. They are comprised by men aged late 20s and some of its members are in their early 30s. These gangs are accountable for the more complicated kinds of drug trade at not exclusive to the street level but the wholesale sales as well. In their attempt to control drug trade in the area, they resort to violence in gaining power over certain territorial boundaries (Maryland. ov, 2007) The common practices of the Crips involve money extortion from people outside of their gang alliance. They are usually involved in different crimes across the United States. Some gang activities do happen inside the campus premises making it an unsafe environment to be in (“Crips,” 2008). The Crips are widespread across the United States. Literally they are almost everywhere. This makes it difficult even for them to identify an ally from an enemy. This is the reason that compelled them to find ways to establish identification.

They were cautious enough not to attack gangs hailed from a different group, but essentially from the same gang they are from (“Crips,” 2008). The Crips are associated white the shade of blue. The choice of color may be traced from the color that the South Los Angeles’ Washington High School is identified with. It was where the founding member, Washington went to school at. Members of the gang are clad fashion bearing shades of blue. This can be in the form of Adidas sweat pants and shirts, jackets of professional sports team, shoes and shoelaces, belts, hats, caps that has the Los Angeles teams’ names printed on it, rollers.

The Adidas brand is not the only staple in the Crips fashion, some of them do wear British Knights footwear, Dickies or Nike brands. The BK symbol also means “Blood Killers. ” The Crips are proud to claim themselves as this. When one happens to cross the boundaries of the rival blood gang, any blue kind of thing meets sure death. The Crips use other colors besides blue, particularly, purple, black or brown. (“Crips, 2008; Knowgangs. com, 2008). If the identity of one is questionable, the Crips exhibits gestures or speak in sign language. They call their brothers “cuzz. They use this argot in their usual conversation.

They always replace the letter B with C in all of their forms of communication. They do possess an intricate brand of communication that includes not just graffiti but sign languages too. Other than as a venue for self – expression, graffiti may also serve as a demarcation territorial margins. They use art, in the form of fashion, graffiti and sign language to express themselves more fully (“Crips,” 2008; Knowgangs. com, 2008). Although tattoos are commonly associated with gang membership, the Crips on their part do not usually wear this on their skin.

The concentration of the Crips is not on the United States alone. They began to establish themselves in places the world over. The most distinct of all the characteristics identified with the Crips are their high regard in individualism. They vow to promote violence against other gangs in existence. The gang rivalry between the Bloods and the Crips displays a high probability of violence involving members of the respective gangs taking place now and in the days that will come after (Knowgangs. com, 2008). ”

The east side Crips of Los Angeles is arguably the most broadly established gang in the United States of America. Thanks to the exposure the media has given them back in the year 1980. Since then, the Crips have wandered all over the United States. They may be found in most states and in detention centers. There are many gangs that have flourished carrying the name of the Crips, they amount to over a hundred by now. The Crips are racially exclusive no more (Florida Department of Corrections, 2008). The gang life is equivalent to a world of violence and crime.

In some places, there exist gang rivalries. For example, the Folk groups, specifically the Black Gangster Disciples and the Crips declare war against each other in different parts of the United States. The rivalry between these two traces back to the control of drug trade in the area (Florida Department of Corrections, 2008). This kind of rivalry is expressed in the gang’s graffiti. They use the “eight ball” as a symbol to illustrate their wrath against other gangs. An eight ball illustrated as intact signifies an alliance between the groups.

However, a drawn through or destroyed image of the eight ball declares a conflict among the groups concerned. The eight ball is certainly distinct identification of the gang. Evidently, the use of the so – called “pitchfork” as well as the hand gesture of the Crips, when done at the same time forms the number 8 (Florida Department of Corrections, 2008). There are a lot of rappers who has gone main stream and became famous who turn to the Crips by association. The so – called gangster life associated with violence has been promoted through one of the avenues of hip hop music.

This kind of lifestyle was the inspiration of many songs that have even received worldwide acclaims. Some of the lyrics of these songs may not be always about the glorification of their kind of lifestyle. There have been some lyrics that speak of criticism to the gangster life. Even so, some of the lyrics do speak of praise and promotes the kind of life these gangs live (Maryland. gov, 2007). It is important for a person to prove himself worthy if ever he expresses an intention of joining the gang. But then again, the Crips have no integral leadership in their group.

As a result, many gangs resolve into observing what they believe to be the Crips tradition. There exist no specific rules to follow in forming an alliance with the Crips. A relative or a friend of one Crip may easily be recruited as a member. Nevertheless, for the not so blessed, committing violence can serve as a ticket to the Crip alliance. This may be in the form of stealing or any other crime that may be asked to be performed (Maryland. gov, 2007). People who express interest in joining the gang do such crimes not just as a form of initiation.

They prove another thing by doing so, that is they are not members of the police force. Other forms of initiation may include beating in, an activity performed by the members to aspirants. This is a physical attack usually done in groups. This is performed until the aspirant has endured enough pain to exhibit his loyalty and bravery to the group he wishes to belong to. Gang rape may also be performed for a woman expressing interest in joining a gang. Crips affiliation nevertheless remains fluid. A member in his own will may enter and easily remove his affiliations to the group whenever he desires (Maryland. gov, 2007).

The Eastside Crips gang in Los Angeles Essay

The Destructors Essay

The Destructors Essay.

The Destructors, authored by Graham Greene, conveys the idea that people have the instinctive ability to destroy, and make a guilt choice, between what they believe in what is right from wrong. The Destructors is to show how clear the characters and their actions are projected and guided by the subtle message of irony. The central theme of this short story is of a group of teenagers who call themselves the ‘Wormsley Common Gang’. The gang of misfits live by their own rules, despite the expectations of average citizens.

There are a few ranges in the irony, some more important than others. For instance, it was ironic when Trevor told the gang when to meet up before the destruction, and Mike informs the group that he will not be able to make it because he has to attend church. Ironically, Mike’s reputation is seen as a hardcore gang member, and perceptions of gangsters are not those usually associated with religion .

Its shows, although he tries to fit in with the older gang members, he is still religious and doesn’t want to feel like a sinner..

Secondly, it is a strong example of irony when Trevor says, “We aren’t thieves.” Just because they do not spend the money they have found and burnt it instead. They might feel as if it wasn’t doing any illegal harm. Yet, in reality their actions are still considered as stealing because the gang is snooping into someone’s personal possessions without permission. As Trevor does not consider himself a thief, his integrity and sense of right from wrong is portrayed. Therefore, his judgments are as limited as his action contradict in his intentions.

Initially, the boys decide to destroy Mr. Thomas’ house They believe their actions will be doing the area a favor, by tearing the house apart to balance out the appearance of the other homes equally in the neighborhood. By doing that, the gang members initially thought they became heroes or great figures to be recognized. However, they did not realize their actions would not be seen as respectful by the people and their actions for diminish their purpose. Therefore, no matter how hard the gang tries to receive respect from the society, they will never gain any from them other than having reputations for being a rebellious gang of teenage boys.

The gang of teenagers is symbolism of the new generation, sons of destruction who thrive to bitterly be disassociated from anything before them. Feeling disconnected from the past, with the upcoming changes, the gang has a feeling of superiority above the elderly. Similarly in the reality of today, we hide the guilt within us, no matter how harmless it feels, the wrong will always leave evidence of effect.

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The Destructors Essay

The Crips Essay

The Crips Essay.

Who knew that a gang founded by a fifteen-year old would become one of the largest and most violent gangs in the United States? The Crips started as an individual gang in the late 1960s. By the late 1990s, there were 200 Crip gangs in California. The popularity of Crip gangs increased dramatically, outnumbering non-Crip gangs by three to one. There were sparking disputes with non-Crip gangs. This led to the alliance of rival gangs which was known as the Bloods. Eventually, the Crips became the most powerful gang in California.

The Crips are mainly composed of African-American ethnicity. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1969 by fifteen year old Raymond Washington. The gang was originally known as the Avenue Cribs to represent a new generation of youths. Washington was inspired by the revolutionary ideology of the 1960s. He assembled friends and wanted to act as community leaders by aggressively protecting local neighborhoods.

The revolutionary vision did not last due to immaturity and lack of leadership, and the gang was not able to apply its vision of neighborhood protection into a broader protective strategy.

The Crips became obsessed with protecting themselves from other gangs, as they were often in conflict with other non-Crip gangs, and they became increasingly violent as they attempted to expand their territory. By the early 1980s, the gang was heavily involved in the drug trade; the majority was crack cocaine. They are also involved in attempted murders, assaults, rapes, robberies, thefts, drug distribution and obstruction of justice by threatening witnesses. The Crips expanded its network of crime into high schools across the country. Gang leaders recruited young girls as prostitutes.

They maintained allegiance through beatings, threats, assaults, and endless supply of drugs. Most girls, usually fifteen or sixteen years old, are reluctant to report their procurers after violent and frequent beatings and threats. A girl was choked, cut by a knife and threatened with additional violence when she refused to use cocaine and no longer wanted to participate in the prostitution. Five gang leaders were arrested named on charges of underage sex trafficking, and if convicted, each would face life imprisonment. Although the Crips used to be a single gang, it is now a loosely connected network of individual sets.

Criminal acts are often directed by individual leaders; it is not the result of a hierarchical decision making process. Crips is an identity that many gangs associate themselves with. They have the reputation of being extremely violent, and they are required to commit violent acts to obtain their gang membership. It is difficult to believe that Raymond Washington would create one of the largest street gangs in the United States. Most members of the Crips, like Raymond Washington, were troubled youths. They desired personal recognition. The media publicized the Crip gangs’ criminal activity which gave members a sense of real power. It is ironic because there was a good intention for starting the gang, such as protecting local neighborhoods. In the end, the Crips are harming the neighborhoods that they once wanted to protect.

The Crips Essay

Crips Essay

Crips Essay.

Not only in the past but in today society the term “gang” is a hard word to define, because “No two gangs are alike” (Mays & Winfree, 2006, 313) The National Institute of Justice report adopted the the definition of street gangs as “groups of youths and young adults who have engaged in a sufficient amount of antisocial activity to warrant attention by the criminal justice system. owever to add on to that definition, the law enforcement uses the definition ” an ongoing, organized association of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, who have a common name or common signs, colors, or symbols, and members or associates who individually or collectively engage in or have engaged in criminal activity.

” However when talking about gangs you need to be specific in which gang you are talking about because there are over hundreds around the world.

With that being said this paper will be giving information about the gang “Crip. ” To give more insight on the Crip gang, you should know that they “consist primarily of African-American males, and according to the “NDIC there are approximately 35,000 members throughout the United States.

” But in “1970 the gang was established in Los Angeles, California by two men Raymond Lee Washington, and Stanley Tookie Williams,” before they were expanding around the United States.

Unlike normal people who work the gang gets it’s income by doing illegal crimes. The Crip gang members are represented by the color blue, there style, and some of the symbols they make with there hands. When many gang member get caught they all go through different procedures through the juvenile system because not all crimes are regulated on the same actions. Even though there are many minorities that make up the Crip gang such as Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, African Americans, and others the group is primarily made up with African Americans.

With all of the minorities coming together and joining along in the gang there are approximately 35,000 members through out the United States. With those numbers being so high, it is also said to be that there are around ” 400 different Crip sets throughout the United States,”(P. O. I. G) and when I say different Crip sets I am talking about how they like to be “referred to by their geographical names such as the Inglewood Crips or the Hoover Crips, and further by their set names such as the GrapeStreet Watts Crips or the Rolling 60s Crips. ”

When they call themselves by there geographical name it does not mean that they are not in the ”crip gang” that makes up the United states it is basicly just saying that is where they come from and how the group likes to be recognized as. Just like how many other things start, the gang was made up of individuals. Founder Raymond Lee Washington who was fifteen at the time and Co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams. Stanley Williams joined because he “was not old enough to join in the Panther movement in the 60’s so he decided he wanted to take what he had learned, regarding control of neighborhoods, and start his own.

That is just what the young boy did to. Both boys were from the Los Angeles, California area. Eventually gathering more people to join and the list started to add up of members day by day. Many members did not go by there first name and they all had nicknames or also known as ”street names. ” The main reason to start the group was to protect their neighborhood and act like community leaders. Many people got the same idea and started to have a copycat affect and decided to call themselves the “crips” too.

However on a real note you could tell they were copycats because they would “fashion themselves by regional cultural indicators that have nothing to do with Los Angeles. ” (Crip Gang. Internet 4) Like mentioned previous in this essay we talked about Geographical names, some of the following below: East Side Crips, Compton Crips, West Side Crips, Avalon Garden Crips, 43rd Street Crips, Harlem Crips, Hoover Crips, Inglewood Crips, and Grandee Crips should be added to the list. “(Crip Gang. Internet 4) Both men Washington, and Williams passed away and the gangs kept rising and becoming bigger.

The men both passed away from different incidents, Washington passed away on “August 9, 1979 by a former gang member because of a verbal dispute. ” Williams on the other hand did not pass away until the later years of 2005 when he was fifty one years old. Before he passed away he was “currently on death row at San Quentin for murder. ” Well like unlike many normal people who worked for there money legally, the gang did it in an illegal manner hoping to make it day by day risking there lives and family’s lives.

Although there family members might not of been in he gang they would be the first people targeted at when that family member in the gang messed up. Gang members are known to do anything from “uncountable murders, assaults, the gang is involved in drug trafficking, racketeering, extortion, murder, prostitution and robbery,”(P. O. I. G) ” drive-by shootings, graffiti, and violent takeover bank robberies. “” Most of the gang’s murders involve disputes over territory and drugs. ”

One they have done all of the above and haven’t gotten caught they continue to do it and risk there lives and others. However after selling drugs, and participating in the other illegal acts the money adds up where they then can afford to “purchase expensive cars, watches, and clothes” Like any other type of gang or club there is always a symbol that the group goes by, and in this situation there are a select few important ones that should be talked about. There is anything from the color clothes, hand signals, and how they dance.

The color that crips like to go by are shades of blues. However the “Grape Street Crips in Watts and New Jersey wear the color purple. ” There style of clothes is just like any other young adult would wear jeans, t-shirt, sweat shirts, sneakers, polo and a hat. However many of them “wear a blue rag or handkerchief as an identity item. ” Another type of symbol the gang likes to go by are the hand signals that they throw up at others or even each other. Some symbols they like to go by are making the letter “C”(P. O. I. G) with there hands, this means “Crip up, and Crippin. “(P. O. I. G. )

Not only do they make the letter “C” but they are also aware of making the letters ‘”BK” which stand for their status as blood killers. ‘ They talk about blood killers because the gang blood is one of there biggest rivals. They are also known for the symbols they make in graffiti the gang is also known to “replace the letter “B” with the letter “C” in writings, and go by the six pointed star which represents Life, Loyalty, Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. ”

The thing that gets me most about this is how they may be loyal to there ”gang” but what about others? They are out there killing and breaking the law for no reason they don’t know what any of the things they preach mean! Above it stated that they talk about blood killers because the gang blood is one of there biggest rivals. Just like the Crip gang the Blood gangs have symbols and identifiers that they go by so you know who’s gang they belong to. Unlike the crips that wear blue and use the “C” in hang gestures the bloods like to wear red, usually a bright color.

Not only to they wear read but they make a hand gesture. One of there most common gestures in spelling out the word blood with there fingers. When crips and bloods get together they will fight and fight untill one finally wins. In todays society all cases are looked upon differently, which basicly gets down to how each case gets ran through the juvenile justice system. Many people think that children can not be charged as adults through the system, however “Today, all states allow juveniles to be tried as adults in criminal courts in one of four ways. (Siegel, 2001, 466)

The four ways that a youth can be tried as an adult would be through direct file wavier, excluded offense wavier, judicial wavier, and reverse waiver. A direct file wavier, is were “the prosecutor has the discretion of filling charges for certain legislatively designated offenses in either juvenile or criminal court. About 15 states have this provision. “(Siegel, 2001, 466) The excluded offense waiver, “states laws exclude from juvenile court jurisdiction certain offenses that are either very monor, such as traffic or fishing violations, or very serious, such a murder.

About 29 states now have sch laws for certain crimes. “(Siegel, 2001, 466) Believe it or not but after doing some more research I stumbled upon some shocking news about juveniles. Which was a quote that I found stating that “After all, juveniles commit almost 9 percent of all the murders in the United States and about 15 percent of all rapes”(Siegel, 2001, 451) Last but not least the judicial wavier comes into play “after a formal hearing at which both prosecutor and defense attorney present evident, a juvenile court judge may decide to waive jurisdiction and transfer the case to criminal court.

This procedure is also known as binding over or certifying juvenile cases to criminal court. (Siegel, 2001, 467) Then lastly there is the reverse wavier, which “states laws mandate that certain offenses be tried in adult court. Once the case is heard in the adult court, the trial judge may decide that the offender would be better served by the juvenile court and order a reverse waiver. About 25 states have this provision for certain circumstances. (Siegel, 2001, 467) With that being said you know how juveniles can be tried through the adult system, but did you know that “The problem of youths processed in adult courts is a serious one.

About 8,000juvenile delinquency cases are now being transferred to the adult courts each year. Supporters view the waiver process as a sound method of getting the most serious juveniles offenders off the street. “(Siegel, 2001, 467) Even though trieing youths as adults is now aloud many people think that it does more harm then it does good. If you think about it they are right, because now juveniles will be in cells with adults were they can be targets of the adult predators. Youths held in adults prisons and jails are five times likely to be victims of attempted sexual attacks or rapes that those held in juvenile institutions. (Siegel, 2001, 467)

Also not only will they be victims of attacks but it also states that “The suicide rate for juveniles in adult prisons and jails is nearly eight times higher than that for juveniles in youth detention centers. ” (Siegel, 2001, 467) Just like any other crime probation can always be a type of punishment to depending on how serious the crime was. Probation is “a sentence entailing the conditional release of a convicted offender into the community under the supervision of the court (in the person of a probation officer),subject to certain conditions for a specified time.

The conditions are usually similar to those of parole. “(Siegel, 2001, 336) Probation however can be revoked just as quick as the person was put on it. If you brake the probation rules, or commit another crime you will be put back into a prison in most instances. In todays society there are approximately four million people on probation. However if there was not probation facilities would be even more overcrowded then they already are. If none of the above programs work they can be charged as a Juvenile delinquent as well. It basicly would all be based on what the crime did and how big of a crime it was.

Each judge is going to have a different outlook on the situation. Not only will they have a different outlook on the situation but another thing that plays a major factor is weather or not you have been caught before for doing a crime. If you were caught before for oing a crime, or something else that was illegal that could affect the way you are charged through the system. Below I would like to talk about some of the reasons people join gangs and some of the things that people need to do in order to be accepted into the gang.

Some kids join gangs because they need to feel “acceptance, excitement, to earn money, peer pressure, protection, to socialize and etc. ” (S. A. P. D) If kids have nothing better to do or don’t feel like they mean anything at home they are going to find mischief to get into because one way or another someone will notice them. Many minority groups have this problem because there family members have a tough time trying to live so they work alot and try to make money to support there family’s. In situations like that though it pushes the child away because there is never anyone around.

Then they go seek and find other ”kids” with the same problem and they become a family. It’s not as simple as it sounds to get into a gang. Not every gang is the same but some of the ways you can enter into a gang is by being rolled in also known as jumped in, quoted, lined in, then there are ways like being courted in, walked in, sexed in, and commit crimes. Being rolled in means ” usually consists of the recruit having to fight 3 or more members of the gang for a specified amount of time.

The time limit is different from gang to gang, but usually last somewhere between 15 seconds and 1 minute. The reason for the beating is to see how tough the recruit is and if he is a fighter. ” (S. A. P. D. ) Courted in is were, “sometimes and individual is asked to join a gang without going through any initiation. “(S. A. P. D) If you are offered a spot in a gang like this that usually mean that you have something the gang wants rather it be talent, or special connections.

Being walked in means that you can just join it is very similar to being courted in. Sexed in is as bad as it sounds, being sexed in means ” female recruits are required to roll 2 dice. Whatever number is thrown is the number of gang members the recruit has to have sex with. Lastly committing crimes is pretty self explanatory and means that you have to commit special crimes in order for them to see what you can do and if you are talented enough to do it without getting caught.

Crips Essay

GoodFellas Essay

GoodFellas Essay.

What is a gangster? A gangster or mobster is a criminal member of a crime organization. It is a criminal organization that associates with the Italian Mafia. Its an addictive way of life that leads to two places; six feet under or in jail. However, everyone wants to be a gangster. Is it because of the power, the fame or the fortune. In the classic movie “GoodFellas” the characters Henry Hill, Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito grow up to be gangsters.

They experience many life- threatening situations that ultimately prove they were born to be gangsters.

They become successful, daring and dangerous all at one time. The film takes place in East New York in the heart of an Italian neighborhood. Controlled by the Mafia. Everyone knows the of the criminal organization but no one has the guts to stand up to them for fear of being killed. The neighborhood is taught two vital lessons in life to keep them safe, “Never rat on your friends and keep your mouth shut.

” At a young age, Henry Hill and his friends learn those lessons rather quickly.

The movie begins with character Henry Hill stating, “as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. Not knowing the meaning of a gangster, Henry Hill, was forced to conform to what he observed. Amazed by how much fun and excitement he and his friend Tommy were having, the two young gangsters were influenced to perform deadly task under the wing of the local mob captain, Paul Cicero. Henry, Jimmy and Tommy were conformed to the life of a mafia members. The great number of people that were already to conformed and the type of responses they received intrigued them. The Solomon Arch Experiment demonstrated the social psychology theory of Obedience.

Obedience is defined as changing one’s behavior at the command of an authority figure. Just like in any organization, there is always one person who is in command. In the movie, Paul “Paulie” Cicero is looked at as the authority figure because he makes all the decision. Henry, Tommy and Jimmy show a great amount of obedience to prove themselves loyal to Paulie. As the movie goes on the mafia encounters lots of criminal activities. Some were influenced by obvious disrespect from others and some just to make a little cash. However, Tommy DeVito ommitted a crime everyday because of the ctions of others.

Tomm, unlike everybody else had a very short temper. The slightest comment could trigger anger. A “made men” of the Gambino family insulted Tommy of his previous life as a shoe shiner. Without hesitation, Tommy with the help of Jimmy brutally beats Billy Batts. With prior knowledge of the consequences that would come with his actions, he felt he had to prove himself. Tommy attributions are based of situational causes. Situational causes is behavior attributed to external factors, such as delays, the action of others, or some other aspect of the situation.

With everyone laughing and joking with Billy Batts about Tommy’s younger age, he reacted the best way he knew how; through violence. William James explained the theory of functionalism. After years of working with the mob, Henry Hill’s mind began to adapt, live, work and play. His life was surrounded by nothing but crime. Freud introduces the theory of psychodynamic. The unconscious mind pushes or represses all our threatening urges and desires. Freud stressed the importance of early childhood experience. Lastly, Erikson’s fifth stage of development Identity vs.

Role Confusion explains adolescents deciding what they want to be in later in life. Most children who are deprived off a childhood grow up too fast. They never get a chance to experience falling, having a dream or playing a sport just for the fun of. Most young adults then settle for less and when they experience failure blame it on situational causes. Henry Hill settled late in the movie to be a drug dealer because he believed that was the only way to get back in life. Instead of listening to Paulie, his mentor, he decided to move past it.

Henry got caught up in the lane of life that he forgot about the risk he was taking. As a result, he failed. He was busted and thought the best way to get out was to blame it on everyone that influenced him in the beginning. The world is full of influence. People all across the world are influenced to do things everyday. Whether they are influenced for good or evil there are numerous factors that contribute to their influence. One factor the Solomon Arch experiment observed was conformity. Conformity is changing one’s own behavior to match that of other people.

People conform to those that surround them because of the number of confederates, type of response given and when the entire group agrees they decide to agree. People also are influenced by obedience. Changing one’s behavior at the command of an authority figure influences many people. The characters of the movie “GoodFellas” were influenced by numerous thing; some more than others. They all learned something from one another. When people learn anything some part of their brain is physically changed to record what they have learned. However, Henry, Jimmy and Tommy never learned their lesson.

GoodFellas Essay