Gendered and sexual inequalities

300 words, provide a formative analysis of the week by incorporating all of the lessons into a cohesive understanding of what sexism is (gendered and sexual inequalities), how it manifests violently for gendered and/or other marginalized individuals (re: intersectionality–the intersections of race, class, gender, nation) and/or communities, locally, nationally and/or globally (you can focus on one or all societal scales as this week’s lesson did just that, but should also help you to reflect on our previous lessons on globalization and consumerism as well).  

Material Artifact:  After you have formulated an understanding of sexism, end your post with a material artifact that expresses a concrete way this complex social problem is being addressed, locally, nationally, and/or globally.


Checklist (Rubric) for End-of-Week Discussions


Check if complete

Points (20 Total)

My discussion has an intro, that broadly tells the reader what I am going to tell them about in the body of my discussion.


I have unpacked the lessons throughout the week with a focus on defining the social problem we explored and how we know it is a social problem (objectively or subjectively) 


I have brought in at least three class materials we have read or watched to unpack the social problem we are exploring.

After unpacking the social problem we are exploring, I have provided a tangible (real-life) example of how one aspect (narrowed down) of the social problem we are focusing on is being addressed in society (locally, regionally, or nationally).  When presenting my tangible example of social problem work, I describe thoroughly why I chose to highlight this specific example.


My material artifact provides a material understanding, which can include an analysis of a news articles, poetry, lyrics to a song, analysis of a book, conversation you had with an elder or community member, an observation of a local organization, non-governmental or non-profit organizations, or a social movement, etc. If necessary I have linked readers to websites and/or even uploaded pictures (of say a brochures or billboards).

I end my discussion with a conclusion that summarizes for the reader what I have unpacked in the body of my discussion.


I have thoroughly and thoughtfully responded to at least two other students’ posts.



My discussion post is at least 300-words in length, not including my works cited section at the end of my post.


I have incorporated at least three readings from our weekly lessons and have cited them, and anything else referenced, both in-text and in my works cited section.  The resources I use are formatted using a citation format of choice (APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, etc.).

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