Interview a Healthcare Leader Essay

Interview a Healthcare Leader Essay.

My background and role in the interview was to determine what it takes to be an effective leader. The central issue to understand before conducting an interview with any subject is to ask oneself these following questions. They include, who is this subject? What does he or she do? How does he or she work and what makes them who they are? Asking these questions also are important when one is conducting an interview with a leader of a health care setting or an organization.

I as a restorative coordinator in a health care setting wanted to conduct an interview with a health care leader to understand what their role is in the daily operations of a health institution. I had some objectives, and they included, to find someone who had a hand in various projects within a health organization, a person involved with quality improvements, a person who implements ideas and a person who is involved with evaluating different health outcomes.

I also wanted to interview a person who had enough staff members working under them.

After considering these objectives, I made a decision to interview the director of nursing (DON) in my place of employment. This is a lady responsible for most of the clinical operations that occur on a daily basis in the health care institution. As I conducted the interview, I wanted to find out her personal philosophy of leadership, and her professional interactions with staff members including doctors, other health care managers, staff members and other auxiliary personnel involved in the health care institution.

The director of nursing leadership style and some of the major financial, ethical, clinical, administrative and personal challenges involved with leadership would be discussed. Finally, the DON’s mentor if any as she aspired to become a leader and her advice to me to become an effective leader would also be discussed throughout this paper. Who is a leader? After an informal introduction of the reasons why I wanted to conduct an interview with her as the director of nursing, I asked the number one question, “Who is a leader”? She stated and I paraphrase “a leader is basically a person that does everything.

According to Sullivan and Decker (2009), “a leader is a person that uses interpersonal skills to influence others while trying to accomplish a specific goal through means of flexible repertoire of personal behaviors and strategies” (p. 45). A healthcare leader is a person in the health care profession with or without a specific job title, and uses that role as a leader to affect change through various means. I waited for the DON to provide more detailed response of a leader, she stated, “well follow me around for a day and see what I do and this would give you an idea of what a leader does”.

Those statements by the DON lead me to finding out about the important qualities and characteristics of a leader. Important qualities or characteristics of a leader. I began my day of following the director of nursing, by observing a morning meeting that she leads on a daily basis called “Stand-up”. She invites heads of different department to give a daily report of the previous day’s operations. During this morning stand-up meeting, I observed some qualities that I think make a person an effective leader.

First, listening to other peoples’ ideas and providing suggestions on how to improve patients’ care and outcomes is a hallmark of an effective leader. From observation, I was able to see firsthand how the DON listened to different people in the meeting. Expectation of feedback from staff members is another characteristic of an effective leader. During the meeting, the DON requested feedback from staff members whenever an idea was brought up. She offered her opinion and requested other peoples’ opinions on different topics.

For instance, an idea was brought up during the meeting on how to decrease the number of falls among dementia patients. The DON requested every concerned department to provide a proposal on how to accomplish that task. She also set a deadline for the proposals for the following day. Other qualities of a leader include finding ways to affect change. Some of the ways include, introduction of ideas, creation of new policies and procedures, helps with changing existing policies and helps with implementation and evaluation of outcomes in a health care setting (Collinson, 2006). Personal philosophy of leadership.

Leadership is viewed by people in different ways. A person’s idea of what makes a great leader may be different from others. So the next question I asked the DON was what her views were of leadership in healthcare and what roles leaders play in making sure that tasks are completed effectively, institution policies and procedures are followed. The DON proceeded to discuss her leadership style. She stated that she does not believe in using only one leadership style because every situation is different. The director of nursing provided me with examples of when she uses different leadership style.

For example, she usually uses a democratic leadership style whenever she wants other staff members to have an active role in task completion. She uses transformational leadership style when issues are more complex and needs more inclusion of inspiration from a leader. For example, if an issue of an ethical nature comes up, transformational leadership style is used. She also stated that her leadership views are evolving because she sometimes makes mistakes when dealing with staff members. Learning experiences in her personal development as a leader.

The director of nursing’s learning experiences over the years as she became a leader in health care included mistakes she made over financial and personnel issues. One of her most poignant one was that she mistakenly fired a staff member as a result of someone else’s lies. She did not conduct a thorough investigation over the issue before she fired the staff member. As a result the health institution was sued for illegal termination. The case was settled, but she was taught a lesson of how to conduct a detailed investigation of issues before taking actions. How leadership in Nursing is evolving today.

Leadership in nursing today requires extensive educational background. In previous years, a registered nurse who has practiced for a long time can become a manager on a unit and even head a whole department. In recent times, the more education a nurse has, the more important he or she becomes. Not to say that it is a bad thing, but sometimes experience trumps education. The DON I interviewed is a master’s graduated nurse of three years. She stated that she wished that she had more experience before taking over a leadership position because it was a steep learning curve for her.

Challenges in her current position. Some of the challenges involved with being a leader described by the director of nursing include dealing with different egos in the workplace. She stated that one of her pet peeves in this position is that no matter how much she tries to act cordially toward some people in the work place, some staff members just want to make everything difficult for her to manage. Other challenges include trying to get staff members to adhere to rules and regulations of the health institution.

Some staff members as the DON stated find it difficult to follow instructions, so her challenge is to come up or elicit ideas from people on how to make staff members adhere to the policies established. The DON’s mentor and her advice for someone aspiring to be a healthcare leader. As the director of nursing described during the interview, her mentor was the previous director of nursing in the same health institution before she retired. She learned various leadership techniques and strategies from the previous DON.

She learned how to communicate with staff members and how to encourage others people to work together as a team. In terms of her advice to me as someone aspiring to be a leader in healthcare, she stated that, I should make sure to act with integrity in everything I do as it pertains to my job description. Her reason for this is that, staff members respect and work for any leader or manager who acts in an honest way. She also stated that I should treat everyone in an equal footing because perception is often times reality for staff members who may think that some staff members are treated differently from others.

Conclusion Conducting an interview with a healthcare leader was a learning experience for me because of all the renewed understanding of what it takes to be a leader. “Leadership encompasses a holistic focus on shared processes, structures, and culture” (Hanson, & Ford, 2011, p. 284). I came to understand that being a leader can be rewarding as well as a difficult challenge for people. I also learned that being a leader is not for everyone, because of the physical, psychological, social, and intellectual requirements that are expected from a health care leader.

Interview a Healthcare Leader Essay

Compare Historical and Current Features of Public Health Essay

Compare Historical and Current Features of Public Health Essay.

This essay will compare the 19th, 20th and 21st century in relation to the main public health strategies used in United Kingdom. It will also compare the similarities and differences of the living conditions in towns and cities between the three named centuries above. In comparing the differences between 19th, 20th and 21st century, the living conditions in the 19th century caused so many deaths.

This is because health was very poor and people went through many health issues such as poor and over-crowded housing which caused the rapid spread of diseases, pollution and poor environment as people were ignorant to the causes and consequences of the pollution and poor sewage system which brought about terrible smell that was unbearable for living.

Additionally, the poor law system in the 19th century, this strategy was set to take care of the under privileged mentioned above, such as the lower class people. Moreover in the 19th century, there was an episode of cholera outbreak which claimed so many lives.

The cholera episode that was killing people became an interest to Dr John Snow (1813-1858). He did various investigations and he eventually found pointed out in his investigation a particular water supply that was coming from the contaminated River Thames was the cause of the cholera outbreak. In Beveridge’s report in the 20th century, it helped to bring a change to the educational standards in the areas that were highly affected by poverty. The Beveridge report stated that all working people must pay weekly contributions, those contributions were used as benefits by the government to pay people who were sick, unemployed, retired and widowed.

The benefits helped the under privileged to meet some of their basic needs which were impossible for them in the 19th century. The National Health Service came into effectiveness by Clement Attlee’s, who was one of the members of the Labour Government due to the outcome of Snow’s report. With the 21st century, the public health was drastically changed compared to the 19th and 20th century. This was because the public health white paper, choosing health: making healthy choices easier, (2004) was introduced as the awareness of health was growing in size which forced the government to bring bout the public health white paper.

This document promoted societal fairness, dealing with broad causes of ill-health, inequality in the society as well as identifying individuals needs to support and empower them. In the 21th century, people are more informed; technology and science have improved, making better medical system more efficient and effective with more improved living conditions, compared to the two previous centuries. The similarities between the 19th, 20th and 21st Century was that famous personalities mentioned above aimed at improving the health of the populace over time.

They all carried out numerous investigations and research to bring about positive results. In the 21st, there was the Health Protection Agency, an independent organisation that focuses on protecting individuals’ health throughout the UK. There is also the National Institute for Clinical Excellency also an independent organisation; their responsibility is to provide national guidance and treatment of ill-health which has improved the living standard, condition and a huge improvement of health in the wider UK population. Conclusion Before public health came into effect living condition was very poor causing premature death.

There was also inequality; the wealthy could afford to live in better areas, good education and to pay for good medical treatment. The under privileged were left with no choice but to live one day at a time. In the 20th and 21st century, there were so many strategies used to improve health and inequality in Britain. However in the 21th century, there were more strategies implemented to improve public health which were set out in a document and had three foundation values. All these was put together to improve, protect and empower the lives of individuals in the UK population.

Compare Historical and Current Features of Public Health Essay

Reproductive Health Bill Essay

Reproductive Health Bill Essay.

The Reproductive Health Bill is a law in the Philippines that guarantee universal access to methods on contraception, fertility control, sexual education, birth control and maternal care. This bill or law is to provide the poor with reproductive health services, including access to contraceptives, and sex education to school children. That is why the priests and the church officials are not in favour of this bill because for them it is against the law of GOD, and some people disagree to use it because there is a rumours that after you use contraceptives you’ll get sick.

In my point of view, I thought this argument is unnecessary for me to know because I’m just a student and I thought at first this bill is useless to the people after I read it, it is useful to the Philippines. This bill must be known to all the Filipinos out there.

To me, I guess I am a Pro-RH bill because I am aware to what is happening to country right now, it can help our country seize the blooming population of our country and I believe that lazy and irrelevant parenthood is one of the main problem why there is POVERTY.

We can build a nation that can provide need to our family. A nation that can follow fast to the new century and can never be left behind. Because of POVERTY, our country is being pulled down. And this bill can help for the couples married or unmarried because it contributes more to the knowledge to couples to have a good family planning.

We all know that couples demand to have sexual intercourse and so by these, they can ensure a happy family and will not boost in numbers. And another thing is the Sex Education, to me I approve this so the students can help especially, their young minds to decrease the pregnancies of teens. I know I’m against the church and the law of God but I can see the future, if the population keep increasing fast trash will increase also, it is like in the movie “Wall-E”, so for me I agree to this bill. Another thing, if the church always agree to the laws of the government there would be many laws that can help this country. I’m not saying that I’m against the church and God, I’m also a Catholic but we must see that our country is IMPROVING.

You may also be interested in the following: disadvantages of rh bill

Reproductive Health Bill Essay

Functional Health Assessment Essay

Functional Health Assessment Essay.

Health Perception/Health Management
Client’s perceived pattern of healthand well-being and how health ismanaged.Compliance with medication regimen, useof health-promotion activities such asregular exercise, annual check-ups.

Pattern of food and fluidconsumption relative to metabolicneed and pattern; indicators of localnutrient supply.Condition of skin, teeth, hair, nails,mucous membranes; height and weight.

Patterns of excretory function(bowel, bladder, and skin). Includes client’s perception of normal”function.Frequency of bowel movements, voiding pattern, pain on urination, appearance of urine and stool.

Activity – Exercise
Patterns of exercise, activity, leisure,and recreation.Exercise, hobbies. May includecardiovascular and respiratory status,mobility, and activities of daily living.

Sensory-perceptual and cognitive patterns. Vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell, pain perception and management; cognitive functions such as language, memory, and decision making.

Patterns of sleep, rest, andrelaxation.Client’s perception of quality and quantityof sleep and energy, sleep aids, routinesclient uses.

Self-Perception/Self Concept
Client’s self-concept pattern and perceptions of self.Body comfort, body image, feeling state,attitudes about self, perception of abilities, objective data such as body posture, eye contact, voice tone.

Client’s pattern of role engagementsand relationships.Perception of current major roles sandresponsibilities (e.g., father, husband,salesman); satisfaction with family, work,or social relationships.


Patterns of satisfaction anddissatisfaction with sexuality pattern; reproductive pattern. Number and histories of pregnancy andchildbirth; difficulties with sexualfunctioning; satisfaction with sexualrelationship.

Coping / Stress Tolerance
General coping pattern and effectiveof the pattern in terms of stresstolerance.Client’s usual manner of handling stress,available support systems, perceivedability to control or manage situations.

Value – Belief
Patterns of values, beliefs (includingspiritual), and goals that guideclient’s choices or decisions.Religious affiliation, what client perceivesas important in life, value-belief conflictsrelated to health, special religious practices. NursingNursing FormsGordon’s 11 Functional Health PatternsD Ladd 7-16-02

Functional Health Assessment Essay

Nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations Essay

Nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations Essay.


This paper explores articles and research conducted on nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations. There are three types of entities that own hospitals, which are: nonprofit, for-profit, and government. However, it can’t be determined if they specialize in different medical services or how their service profits affect certain specializations. More than likely, the for-profits offer profitable medical services that benefit the organization, which would lead to believe that the nonprofits are in the middle, leaving the government with offering the unprofitable services.

The for-profits are also quite responsive to the changes associated with service profitability than the nonprofit or government entities.

Therefore, it would be necessary to evaluate the value of nonprofit hospital ownership and differentiate between the service offerings amongst the hospital types. Looking into the ways that for-profit hospitals make profits, it would be necessary to take into consideration the geographical location versus the well insured citizens that are located within the area. This paper also looks into the assumption that all general hospitals are relatively alike in the services provided, regardless of ownership….

but also that these entities would vary in their patient mixture. In my research, this paper is for the recognition of profit making and to introduce the idea that for-profit healthcare and organizations are more opt to decide on which medical services to offer based on the service profitability.

In our country nonprofit hospitals account for a major portion of the urban areas, while the remainder being for-profit or governmental ownership operating under different legal rules. When we evaluate the interests associated within the healthcare industry, we must take into consideration the value it has on today’s society and economy. This issue has been heavily debated in that there have been raising questions as to the fact of the similarities between non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations. In analyzing these issues, it must also show relevance as to the accountability of the evidence and material that supports the policies regarding ownership.

From our standpoint here in the United States, hospitals take the foremost credit as being the largest healthcare organization in the country. When we look into classification however, it can be noted that private hospitals have the ability to be classed as for-profit or non-profit organizations due to independent regulatory rules that separate the two. From a non-profit standpoint, these type organizations are not required to pay sales, income, or property tax.

And to further introduce the non-profit organizations, it is within reason to understand that they were established with the intention of providing specific social services to meet the needs of poor citizens. For this reason, is why not-for-profit healthcare and those hospitals and organizations that are associated within its boundaries… are exempt from paying taxes. This is a major factor as to how and why these type organizations operate. When realizing the importance of non-profit healthcare and organizations, it is fair to say… that although they are deemed to be prestigious organizations, they are often not regarded as such.

For-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations operate under different legal rules. These rules would explain how profits are shared and distributed to shareholders in for-profit organizations, and how government and nonprofit hospitals are tax exempt. Although these rules impact operations, they provide the basis as to the similarity in healthcare services rendered… contracting with the same insurers and government payers… operating under the same healthcare regulations… and employ with similar if not the same training and ethical obligations.

Just because an organization may be for-profit, does not mean that they traditionally provide lower quality services and higher costs. However, in some cases where this is a factor, it causes a change in operations in that it creates a negative effect on the availability of healthcare. Nonprofit organizations such as hospitals, often switch to for-profit due to the issues related with their financial instability to operate in that status and remain open. This change allows them to improve their financial standings, reduce Medicare costs, and generate higher revenues. It also allows the investors and shareholders to have a bigger impact on operations and funding.

Due to the rising high costs associated with healthcare, the United States has had an increase in the amount of nonprofit healthcare organizations converting over to for-profit. Since those changes have been made, it has allowed more facilities to remain open, continue offering healthcare to citizens, and functioning to service communities. This also shows face as to why and how nonprofit healthcare organizations offset costs by charging more to their patients that have the ability to pay for services. On the other hand, for-profit healthcare organizations exploit these means as a profitable turnkey business necessity.

However in this case, it makes the profits visible which in turn keep costs down for all patients, and not differentiate between social status. In conclusion, when evaluating avenues for improvement of the financial and operational performance of nonprofit healthcare organizations, it is impertinent that these organizations monitor the contributions required to be made in order to operate under the tax exempt status. When this does not occur, is when fines, closures, and investigations take place ultimately contributing to additional costs and substandard performance.

Just as well when evaluating avenues for improvement of the financial and operational performance of for-profit healthcare organizations, it is impertinent that the options provided to citizens covered by healthcare plans, are up to standards. In doing so, they are provided the best care at reasonable costs due to donations, stockholders, and board members that have a particular interest in the care of the citizens which reflects on the success of the organization and the level of care given.


Anika Clark (2012). Nonprofit vs. for-profit health care: Debate hits home. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed Nov. 20, 2012]. Steven Hill (2011). Non-Profit vs. For-Profit health care: How to Win the Looming Battle Over Cost Control.

Nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations Essay

Government Roles in Healthcare Essay

Government Roles in Healthcare Essay.

The government which consists of federal, state and local combined has many important roles in the U.S healthcare system. One of the roles in which the government provides is finance. It is estimated that 48% of healthcare was paid for by public dollars in 2008, which included Medicare, Medicaid, state and local health programs, CHIP, and Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs (Yesalis,Holt,& Politzer,2012). Federal and State governments jointly fund Medicaid, long term mental health services, community health centers and public health programs.

The next important role that the government plays in the healthcare system is delivering healthcare to patients. Some examples of healthcare delivery would be the Department of Veterans Affairs which is a federal government operated facility which provides healthcare for veterans. There are hospitals and healthcare facilities which are located on military bases which are run by the federal government that are available for our military service members. There are also federal or state run government healthcare facilities which provide healthcare for uninsured or low income families for little or no cost.

The Indian Health Service is another program which is run by the federal government that offers healthcare to American Indians as well.

The government also has the role of regulating healthcare. One of the things that the federal government regulates is Medicare and Medicaid providers. State governments are usually more involved when it comes to regulation of healthcare. They regulate things such as: establishing health codes, regulating the insurance industry, and license health care personnel and facilities. The state government works alongside with local health departments to perform other functions as well. Some examples of these are vital statistics, mental health services, and environmental health.


Yesalis, C., Holt, H., & Politzer, R. (2012). Fundamentals of U.S.
Healthcare. Retrieved from

Government Roles in Healthcare Essay

Money Cant Buy Health Essay

Money Cant Buy Health Essay.

Ah, money. The grease that moves America. The love of which has perhaps caused more human anguish than perhaps any other object with the possible exception of abuse of the Bible, Torah or Koran by religious extremists. Money can’t buy health. All the money in the world can’t undo the damage caused by smoking, drug abuse, cancer, sex act, and a thousand other health problems which destroy one’s quality of life. Of course, if you are rich enough you can buy a new kidney or heart.

But what is kind of life does one have fighting AIDS, cancer, a dead liver, destroyed lungs or a brain tumor caused by saturating yourself with pesticides, herbicides and other life-destroying chemicals? Money is an essential energy booster needed to see you through your life smoothly. It gives you a status symbol and you are placed in an elevation in the society. You are able to buy the best things available and your materialistic possessions give you a sense of elation.

But is money the -be- all -in -life and is it enough if you have a big bank balance and many enviable things which only money can get you.

No, nothing can be farther from truth. Money can get you many things in life which will give you a superficial happiness that gets sated very fast. There are many things in life money cannot buy. Can money buy you happiness? Of course it cannot. Happiness is a state of mind which has nothing to do with money. If money is needed to feel happy, then only rich people will be the happiest lot. In fact, it is the rich who feel a vacuum within them as money alienates them from the others. You might ask if money is not important.

It is very much important to make you lead a life where your self esteem will not be affected by being dependent on others for your day to day survival. You should strike a correct balance between seeking money for your betterment and a mad rush towards it to keep in pace with other people’s wealth. If you start comparing you always feel lacking. Earn for yourself, not for competing with others. Give priority to your inner wealth, so that you can truly enjoy your materialistic wealth. Money can buy healthcare and medicine, but it cannot replace health once it’s lost.

It’s far better to take preventative action such as watching what you eat, exercising, not smoking, and getting regular physicals than to rely on money to save you once your body has started to fail you. Money also can’t buy back your youth. No amount of money you make in the future will replace those days when your body could do anything easily and look good doing it. You can spend thousands on “treatments” to preserve your youth, but it’s an illusion. Once your youth is gone, no amount of money will get it back. If money could buy peace, I think we’d be there by now.

Money Cant Buy Health Essay

New Healthy Fruit Smoothie at Burger King Essay

New Healthy Fruit Smoothie at Burger King Essay.

If fast food is unhealthy and is believed to cause obesity, why is there still a fast food restaurant every few blocks? Perhaps because there are a lot of people who are still consuming fast food and backing its business, the fast food industry survives and appears to even increase. The fact that modern life is fast paced as well as the economy hasn’t fully recovered makes people prefer to work more consistent and eat faster.

Needless to say, the competition among well-known brand names is getting more challenging, and advertising plays an important role in marketing and drawing consumers’ attentions.

Knowing the only disadvantage of fast food is its unhealthiness, Burger King has recently introduced their healthy real fruit smoothie using David Beckham. By equating his charm, his famous credibility, and his physique, David Beckham endorses the new Burger King’s smoothie to not only women but also soccer fans and whoever seeks healthy choices at a fast food restaurant.

Throughout the commercial, Burger King shows their true intentions: to visually attract the audience with their appealing and healthy smoothie, to interest them by using a celebrity along with the slogan “exciting things are happening at Burger King”, and to show part of the American culture through the story and the conversation. In the commercial, Burger King is attempting to refresh their reputation of being unhealthy and creates a visual appeal for their smoothie.

By showing how the ripest strawberries are being cut and blend nicely, the commercial effectively forms a visual image of the drink and stimulates the audience’s curiosity to try it out. In addition, strawberry is definitely one of the most favorite flavors for kids while banana is a very healthy fruit. As a result, a mixing of those two fruits surely captures the attention of children and mothers who want to purchase a possibly healthier choice. As given on the Burger King’s website, the smoothie’s nutritional facts are acceptable, 200 calories and forty grams of sugar per twelve ounce serving (small size).

Even though forty grams of sugar is a little bit too much for a 200 calorie drink, most of it comes from real fruits and plus, there isn’t any saturated fat or anything else. These definitely won’t kill you or make you fat compared to other sugary, creamy drinks. However, people often think that healthy food is boring and tasteless. By filming the ad expertly and convincingly with high definition, Burger King is able make the smoothie look realistically tasty and delicious. Its most visual appeal is when it was poured into the glass.

The fluid looks amazingly delicious and well-blended. The color also appears to be reddish orange as it is well-balanced between strawberries and bananas. As Hirschberg mentioned in his “The Rhetoric of Advertising”, Burger King does create “the distinctive image for the product” in their commercial. The smoothie glass is shown closely on the half left of the image while other half is showing a bunch of fresh strawberries. They also blur the strawberries in the background to emphasize the prominence of the smoothie glass.

This allows the audience to see its smooth viscosity closely and triggers their appetites as well as interests. Instead of illogically exploiting well-shaped models and athletes to promote unhealthy products like other franchises, Burger King utilizes David’s healthy and lean physique to indicate their product as a naturally healthy smoothie. Starting off with a spokesperson claiming “exciting things are happening at Burger King”, the setting of the commercial is refreshing, exciting, and appealing just like the smoothie itself.

Surprisingly, the spokesperson’s tone isn’t too excited as expected. It is rather a normal, not-a-big-deal tone. It seems to imply that it is usual to have exciting things at Burger King, and in this case, it is David Beckham with the strawberry banana smoothie. Apparently, Burger King tries to persuade the audience that many celebrities do actually visit Burger King, and that they should come and eat at Burger King as well if they want to meet their idols. Using David Beckham to promote the smoothie is brilliant.

Not only David Beckham is appealed to women, but also his classy fashion style is attracted the young adults, let alone his recognition as a professional soccer player. Additionally, like David, those kinds of frosty, sweet, and fruity smoothies have always been attracted to women rather than men. Furthermore, his healthy body makes the drink even healthier. Also, David has been recently promoting for the Sainsbury’s Active Kids as an ambassador. He has been on many posters and advertisements that encourage children to eat healthy and exercise.

Burger King apparently knows what’s going on and has their commercial set. Through the conversation between David Beckham, the cashier, and the manager, the commercial creates an entertaining situation and shows part of the American culture. Humor is definitely one of the American cultures. Mostly everything we see on TV has entertaining and humorous elements. In the commercial, audience will be able entertained as soon as David orders his smoothie and mesmerizes the cashier.

As the cashier is being fascinated by his charming radiance, David shifts into a luminous gentleman wearing a classy, black suit and reorders his smoothie in a very heavy English accent. The way David pronounces “strawberry banana smoothie” and the cashier’s daydreaming look are what make it worth a giggle. The music is also very antiquated. It sounds like one of those Western classic, love songs that appeared in “Gone with the Wind”. The commercial also exploits homosexual agenda by showing the male manager, after snapping his cashier out of David’s charm, is also stunned by David’s dazzle.

Same sex attraction is just a daring joke as it either makes the audience impressed or offended. Nonetheless, whether it is offensive or not, the scene creates an emotional appeal and makes an impact on the audience as one of the advertising techniques Hirschberg has discussed, “They supply the unstated major premise that supplies a rationale to persuade an audience that a particular product will meet one or another of several different kinds of needs”.

After all, the homosexual joke serves its purposes: to make impressions and to indirectly persuade that the strawberry banana smoothie is just irresistible for both sexes. It is not a surprise to see celebrities or well-known professional athletes appearing in a commercial nowadays. Using David Beckham to promote the new smoothie is a great move of Burger King. Burger King shows that fast food does not necessarily mean unhealthy. To get the word out about their changes, they have to pull out their biggest marketing campaign ever using a lot of well-known celebrities.

So far, David Beckham as well as the new healthy smoothie menu is definitely the aces and the most success compared to other commercials. Its views jump over 20,000 in a matter of hours proving that it works. “With their latest initiatives, Burger King is showing commitment to areas that I’m passionate about, such as supporting charities, helping children and improving the healthier eating options. I am happy to help the brand launch its first smoothie platform, which is a great addition to any diet”, said David Beckham.

New Healthy Fruit Smoothie at Burger King Essay

Emotional health Essay

Emotional health Essay.

Since I am going into the field of psychology, community psychologists have interest in promoting systems change to improve the lives of individuals and communities. Systems change efforts frequently involve the implementations of reforms across a wide variety of organizations that make a system, as well as reforms with the individuals that compromise those organizational settings such as medical providers as well as individual. Domestic violence has increasingly been seen as a health care issue, beginning with immediate and long term physical and emotional health and well-being.

Ideally, health care settings can provide an avenue for enhancing domestic violence intervention by reaching women with abusive partners and offering appropriate assistance. In many studies there has been evidence that domestic violence survivors support the practice of having physicians ask them privately about their abuse they have experienced. Screening for domestic violence typically begins with asking female patients about current or past experiences with physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their spouse, partner, or ex-spouse or ex-partner.

National organizations such as the American Medical Association endorse routine domestic violence screening. Although screening has the potential to play an important role in successfully identifying and supporting victims, efforts to keep consistent screening by health care providers is often unsuccessful. Domestic violence is an issue that carries significant social stigma and has only recently been defined as a health care issue.

Providers sometimes have a problem in their beliefs about domestic violence as a health care issue and screening as a health care practice. Providers may feel that screening is an invasion of patient privacy or that screening is unlikely to result in positive outcomes. Providers have indicated that they lack sufficient knowledge and skills to do routine screening. So if I would want to initiate help it would be with the medical community and community law enforcement, giving them the training to understand to help victims of violence.

And I would definitely want to start with families, maybe in social services and in schools, in helping them to break the cycle of violence that has almost become mainstream America. Since this is a widespread epidemic all population should be made aware of this problem, it isn’t really a problem for just the poor or the rich.

Reference: Rappaport, J. (1977). Community psychology: Values, research and action. New York, N. Y. : Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

Emotional health Essay

How Does Poverty Affect People’s Health and Well-Being? Essay

How Does Poverty Affect People’s Health and Well-Being? Essay.

The health and well-being of a person depends on lots of different circumstances. It is about finding a good work / life balance and feeling healthy in body as well as mind. It is about feeling good in what you do and who you are as a person, it is about achieving personal goals and accomplishing your hopes and dreams.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

A person has to be able to enjoy the things they do socially and physically, to be able to develop and sustain good relationships, whether personal or social, which makes them feel part of something and connected to others such as friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

They have to feel in control of their own lives and have a sense of belonging and meaning to their existence. This gives purpose for an enjoyable life and a good feeling about life in general.

Ronald Labonte states that there are three sets of factors to health and well-being. They are Physical, Mental and Social. He shows how these are interconnected on his model of health and well-being. It shows the various outcomes from the different combinations and in what areas. Well-being can be achieved by doing things that we enjoy, developing good relationships with others, feeling good about our life and living conditions and having energy to enjoy it all. It is about having meaning and purpose to our lives.

However, whole communities can be affected by good or bad health. This can be dependent on the environment and area they live in as well as their current situation and what they do. Living in an area which has a high level of deprivation can have a big impact on a persons well being and eventually it can take its toll on their health. Living in a neglected neighbourhood can change a persons characteristics as well as their behaviour. Low income, poor housing and no support can all contribute to poor health.

A person’s income and education level can have an impact on their health and well-being. If a person is on low income then they may not be able to afford to live anywhere else. They may not be able to afford to keep their children in school.

Relationships with your family and friends can also affect the way you feel and can have an impact on your well-being and mental health and this could be positive or negative depending on the relationship. If for example you live in an area where you have no support from family or friends you may feel isolated and alone and if the neighbourhood is not a safe one you may be afraid to go out therefore never getting to meet new people or get the relevant help you need. People who live in poverty are usually claiming state benefits to survive.

Poverty is defined in two ways, Absolute and Relative.

Absolute poverty has been defined as “a minimum subsistence level based on essentials for survival” These are the basic human needs, food, water, clothes, sanitation, health, shelter, education and information.

Relative poverty describes your current standard of living. It is “having an income which is less then 60% of the national average Relative poverty is measured on the fluctuations in the “average” income rather then a fixed rate making it difficult to measure.

Living on a low income especially with a family to raise is hard work and very stressful. This can cause tension and arguments in the family which could eventually lead to the breakdown of the family unit and create even further issues. Trying to provide for children in regards to material things such as mobile phones, televisions, iPods, laptop etc can be emotionally and physically draining. It can be difficult trying to keep up with the moving trends while still trying to put food on the table and keep your children happy.

Children living in poverty may be at a higher risk of being bullied at school for not having the right shoes and latest fashions. This could cause major mental and emotional issues for the child which they could end up carrying into adulthood. They may stop performing well at school and eventually leave without any qualifications which could lead to difficulties in gaining employment. This will then re-enforce their low self esteem and self worth and perhaps they will fall into a life of crime or become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Also due to lack of education and resources they could become promiscuous and young girls may end up pregnant. They perhaps will not stay together with the father of the child and the girl will end up a lone parent claiming benefits.

Poor diet can have a big impact on a person health. People may not be able to afford to purchase food that is good for them, like fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. They may have to buy cheaper alternatives which will not have the same nutritional value as fresh produce and they end up with a higher risk of suffering health issues and dying young.

Due to a poor diet some pregnant woman can end up having babies that are under weight. These children may then suffer long term health issues leading all the way into adult hood reducing the amount of time that they will actually live. They are at a higher risk of developing physical conditions such as hearing and sight defects.

Mental health is a main cause for concern in low income areas and money worries can lead to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia and perhaps even suicide. Having little or no money limits the activities you can do and prevents people from taking part in leisurely pursuits like taking holidays or being able to visit family and friends in a different location. This can eventually take its toll on your mood and outlook on life.

Living in poverty can also lead to social exclusion. If people are socially excluded they lack opportunities and resources. The government states that: “social exclusion happens when people or places suffer from a series of problems such as unemployment, discrimination, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime, ill health and family breakdown”

People can sometimes feel trapped in their own neighbourhoods even more so if that neighbourhood has a bad reputation and you’re trying to find employment. Having to say where you live could potentially reduce your chances of securing a job. Employers may not want to hire someone from a bad neighbourhood.

Living in an area with poor housing conditions or lack of facilities can have an impact on a person’s state of mind. Social problems may be an issue, perhaps there is a high level of crime in the area, underage drinking could be rife, children may have no where safe to play and parents from other neighbourhoods may not want their children mixing with children from a neighbourhood with a bad reputation. There may not be any local facilities near by like shops, medical centre, leisure areas etc

From reading chapter 7 there are many examples of how poverty affects people and mainly I feel that it is the women in the community that feel the effect more. Always having to budget before going shopping, knowing precisely what they need so that they have enough money when it comes to paying for it. Not being able to do any leisure pursuits or do fun things like taking a trip to the cinema can have a negative impact on the family as a whole therefore perhaps relationships within the family break down.

Many women go without so that there will be more for their children and husband. No wonder these women end up depressed about there current situation, It must be hard work always worrying about money and whether their will be enough to feed the family. It seems like a relentless situation. It must cause social and mental anxiety for a person therefore creating negative affects. These negative feelings and emotions can lead to illnesses such as fatigue, stress, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite etc. You may also feel embarrassed, disrespected and resentful. You may also feel worthlessness at times about the whole situation.

Living in poverty can have a demoralising effect on your health and well-being. Not eating proper healthy food, not getting the right treatment for health issues, drinking and smoking to excess, these are just some things that will have a negative effect on your life and will reduce it considerably. If you can remove some barriers and try to make good of things and turn all the negatives into positives, then you can slowly start to change the outlook on your life and over time improve your health and well-being.

Community programme’s like Thornhill Plus You programme can have a really positive effect on the neighbourhood and the people who live in it. Living in a good positive health neighbourhood will have an impact on the people who live there. In the Ronald Labonte model of health and well-being, living conditions and control over our lives are contributing factors to our well-being.

How Does Poverty Affect People’s Health and Well-Being? Essay