Hunting vs. Fishing Essay

Hunting vs. Fishing Essay.

When it comes to outdoor activities that involve people fending for their own food, there are two different things, fishing and hunting. Hunting and fishing are sports that people enjoy doing outside. People every day go out and fend for their dinner, and also they do it for pleasure. There are so many different types of equipment you need for both sports. Hunting and fishing have many things in common, but they are very different.

To lead off hunting is very different than fishing.

When you go hunting you need to have the proper attire to wear. You just can’t go out and expect to shoot something wearing jeans and a tee shirt. To give a better description a person would need to have clothes that are camouflage but not the army kind. You would want to make sure that it is scent free because the animals will smell you. When hunting you go mainly in the woods, most people sit in a tree stand.

Some people will walk with dogs to help them catch their prey. When people hunt they use different weapons such as bow and arrows, tranquilizer darts, knifes, and guns. There are many different types of animals people go hunting for; to list a few there are pigs, deer’s, turkeys, and ducks. Hunting is considered a dangerous sport because you have some people that just go out there to hunt but play around at the same time ending up you might school someone thinking that you are shooting an animal but it’s a decoy or person.

Fishing is a sport that is totally opposite than hunting. When people go fishing they mainly wear bathing suits, but you can wear anything. Fishing has to do with water everywhere and you don’t have to worry about fish seeing or smelling you since they are under the water looking for food. You can fish in either saltwater or freshwater. Most people fish in a boat but you can do it on land. With fishing you don’t have to go all out with equipment the main thing Hunting vs. Fishing3

you need is a fishing pole. There are people that go all out and have lots of different poles, hooks, lines, and bait. With fishing there are many different types of fish you can catch but you don’t always catch fish you can get a shark, stingray, turtle or even an alligator!

Hunting and fishing have a lot of things in common. They are both done outdoors. Both sports end up costing a lot of money to do because of all the things you need to get started. You have to take classes for each so you know how to protect yourself and others with you. You also have to get hunting and boating/ fishing licenses, you just can’t go and kill something without have a license or you can get into a lot of trouble.

People take time out to spend in the environment to do something that they enjoy. There are people that prefer fresh food by catching it themselves than spending the money and having it already in the grocery stores. Some people just want to have that adrenaline feeling that they get when they are able to kill something. People can do these sports for pleasure or competition. Both sports are used to get animals for food and if it is a good keep they mount them on the wall.

Hunting and fishing have many different things in common but also have their own techniques. Hunting has so many different things that we need to watch out for so we can stay safe. While fishing all you have to worry about is finding the right spot where the fish are biting. There are many things that keep them the same as well taking classes and learning how to do the sport properly. So when you think about it you can either fish or hunt to catch something, guess it just depends on how you want to do it.

Hunting vs. Fishing Essay

Hunting essay Essay

Hunting essay Essay.

The morning was cold and dark as I crept through the familiar terrain towards my favorite hunting spot. After getting situated in my tree stand I patiently waited for the woods to light up. As the glowing sun started to rise, nature began to come to life. The birds were chirping, squirrels were out looking for their nuts and I was patiently waiting to see a deer. This was the first day that I got the chance to take my brand new Browning deer rifle into the woods.

Not long after greeting the rising sun I heard the familiar and non-mistakable sound of a deer quietly walking through the woods.

I could tell it was getting closer so I stealthily picked up my gun and scanned the woods looking for any movement that would give away the position of the deer. Finally I saw him, a good looking six pointer. As I steadied my aim I squeezed the trigger and sent a bullet flying towards him.

I knew I made a good shot because the deer tore through the woods for about thirty yards and crashed to his death right beside the creek. After dragging the deer out of the woods I got to brag to the rest of the guys in my hunting club. At the time it was the biggest deer that I had killed and was thrilled with it.

We ate lunch then dad and I got the luxury of skinning, gutting and quartering up the deer so that the meat could be put into our cooler. Now that the first deer of the day had been cleaned, it was already time to head back to our stands for the afternoon hunt. As I climbed back into my stand, I once again got situated and pulled up my trusty new deer rifle. Nature was still very active which always makes for a good hunt. I always enjoy just observing nature while I am hunting even if I do not kill anything. About an hour had passed as I began to hear something loudly barging through the woods.

It didn’t take long for me to spot the obnoxiously loud group of turkeys. As I glanced over the group of turkeys one of them stuck out like a banana on a plate full of oranges. It was an albino turkey. I wanted to shoot so bad, but at that time of the year turkey season was not in so she luckily got to scratch and dig for food with no worries of harm. After the turkeys made their way to a new spot in the woods I began to calm back down from the exciting encounter with an all-white turkey. I had never seen anything like it before.

About an hour before dark nature was dead calm. There were no noises to be heard at all. As a hunter I get the feeling when something is about to happen. It is my sixth sense. After a short time had passed, I would say thirty minutes I heard the soft, carefully placed footsteps that only a deer can make. I looked over my right shoulder and immediately sighted the big bodied whitetail walking towards me through a hardwood thicket. I cautiously stood up and got my gun ready for the shot because I knew this deer had to be a buck due to his enormous body size.

I put my scope on the open spot where he should have walked out. When he entered the shooting lane the first thing I saw through my scope was a large set of shining antlers. As my heart began to beat even faster buck fever took over me. I swung my scope to his body and centered the crosshairs dead on his shoulder. I squeezed the trigger once again and made another great shot. The deer dropped right in his track with all four legs tucked in under his body. I was so enthused that I immediately called my dad who answered his phone asking me right off hand what I had killed.

Still shaking with excitement I managed to get out the words really big buck, come quick and look at this deer. I rapidly climbed down out of my stand and walked up to the deer with a huge grin on my face. Dad got there shortly after and saw the deer. I honestly think he was happier than I was on my great, successful hunt. We got our four-wheeler and got this deer out of the woods. When the rest of the guys in our hunting club saw the deer they were in awe at the size of it as well.

It was a nine point buck with a twenty inch spread and his most unique feature was the five inch drop tine that hung down from his left main beam. This is still my most successful hunting trip yet and I still have the title to the largest deer that has been killed in our hunting club. Since this was the first day that I had taken my brand new Browning a-bolt deer rifle chambered in the 300 wsm cartridge, I gave it the name of ol’ faithful. Still to this day just thinking about that evening puts a huge grin of success on my face.


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Hunting essay Essay

Polar Bears Essay

Polar Bears Essay.

Class: Ursidae. 9bPhysical characteristics: Bears have big heads, round ears, small eyes that face forward, very short tails, and stocky legs. They are plantigrade, walking on the heels and soles of their feet like humans do. Each paw has five curved claws that are not retractable, or cannot be pulled back. Habitat: The polar bear habitats encompass the entire Arctic region. Polar bears have adapted to be able to live in the water and on land. Unlike other bear species, the polar bear are excellent swimmers, and have been spotted more than 100 miles away from land or ice.

The polar bear habitat is that of the entire Arctic region. Life cycle: Female polar bears reach sexual maturity at about four to five years. Male polar bears reach sexual maturity at about six years. Breeding takes place from March to June on the sea ice, but most occurs during April and May.

During the breeding season, males and females find each other by congregating in the best seal-hunting habitats.

Male polar bears have been seen following the tracks of breeding female polar bears for more than 100 km Competition for females is intense. Females breed about once every three years; therefore, there are about three adult males to every breeding female. Before mating, a female polar bear may be accompanied by several males. The males fight fiercely among themselves until the strongest or largest male succeeds in chasing the others away. Dominant males may succeed in mating with several females in a season. Females have babies in the den while hibernating. Polar bears life span is about 15-18 years. Prey: The Polar bear’s main prey is the Arctic seal which is a rich source of high-fat blubber.

They have a very interesting way of catching their prey. A Polar bear would make a breathing hole somewhere in the middle of a vast ice expanse. Seals would often come out of these holes to breath. The Polar bear would patiently lie on its stomach with its mouth near the hole, waiting for any unfortunate seal to appear. This wait could sometimes last for several hours before a Polar bear could have his meal. Polar bears also prey on bearded seals and harp seals. When this prey is difficult to find, Polar bears would attack young walrus, narwhal, fish, seabirds and eggs. Species status: Polar bears were added to the list of threatened species because polar bears are vulnerable to this loss of habitat.

Hunting of polar bears as a food source by certain native people and trade in native handicrafts made from polar bears will also continue. However, importing polar bear products from Canada (where trophy hunting is legal) will be banned. Pollution from man-made kills polar bears also Use for humans past and present- pas was they were hunted for food and fur. Present still hunted but also hunted for trophies but that has been banned Interesting facts: Polar bear cubs learn to freeze and remain still while their mother hunts. If they move, the mother disciples them, with a whack to the head. A polar bear’s fur is not white!! It is hollow. The fur reflects light. The hollow fur also traps the suns heat to help keep the polar bear warm. Known as the king of the artic.

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Polar Bears Essay

General Zaroff Character Analysis Essay Essay

General Zaroff Character Analysis Essay Essay.

General Zaroff, one of the main characters in The Most Dangerous Game, was introduced to readers towards the middle of the book and is the antagonist throughout this short story. General Zaroff displays a love for hunting, an unstable and unremorseful mind, and also displays arrogance and cockiness. These three character traits are supported by his actions and words throughout the short story. General Zaroff displays a very passionate love for hunting, which allowed Rainsford and Zaroff to relate to each other fast right when they met each other.

When General Zaroff land Rainsford sit down to talk and have a meal General Zaroff says, “Be a realist. The world is made up of two classes–the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are hunters.”(pg.21) This quote shows that general Zaroff doesn’t view hunting as just a sport, but as a direct correlation to life. This quote shows that General Zaroff has a passion and love for hunting animals of all sorts.

Also, during General Zaroffs conversation with Raisnford he states, “I killed my first bear in the Caucasus when I was ten.”(pg.23) This quote shows that the generals love for hunting sprouted when he was just a young boy, and has been passion ever since. General Zaroff constantly shows throughout, whether it is in what he says, or the actions he portrays, that he has a very unstable mind and is somewhat of a psycho. For example, towards the end of the lengthy conversation between General Zaroff and Rainsford, General Zaroff says, “I hunt the scum of the earth- sailors from tramp ships, lascars, blacks, chinese, and mongrels.” (pg. 26)

This quote shows that General Zaroff thinks of murder as a game and has no remorse in killing humans of any type. This quote also reveals that “hunting” and killing humans is a hobby for General Zaroff and is taken very lightly by him. Also, during their conversation General Zaroff stated, “This is why I use them. It gives me pleasure. They can reason, after a fashion.” (pg.26) When reading this quote it should bring chills to you because of the way general Zaroff talks about other humans. He refers to them along the lines of animals that he is hunting, therefore taking the lives of humans doesn’t bother him what so ever. He also says at the end of the quote that killing humans brings pleasure to him, which breaks almost every morale code of society.

Genral Zoroff shows throughout the book that he is very arrogant and cocky, whether it is through his actions or through his words. During the conversation between the General and Rainsford, General Rainsford states, “I have hunted every kind of game in every land. It would be impossible for me to tell you how many animals I have killed.” (pg. 23) Analyzing this quote you can see that general Zaroff has been all over the world and has hunted every type of animal, but the way he comes across is very arrogant and cocky. A little later on in the same conversation General Zaroff says, “Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and if need be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure. I am strong. (pg. 26) The arrogance in this quote is overwhelming and is a prime example of showing just how cocky General Zaroff is.

It also shows that he sees himself higher up than most people and is better and stronger than everyone else in every way. Throughout the short story, The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff portrays the part of a psychotic killer who loves to hunt and has lots of arrogance not only when he speaks but through his actions as well. General Zaroff thinks he is the best hunter to ever walk on the earth, but is proven no match for Rainsford who beats Zaroff at his own game. Even though the book doesn’t exactly tell the ending it hints to the fact that Raisnford killed the psychotic General Zaroff.


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