IFSP Treasure Hunt

IFSP Treasure Hunt.

Part 1: IFSP Treasure Hunt

Find out what kind of important information is in the IFSP that can help you support Cathy Rae Wright’s special needs — see pages 73-78 of the textbook.

What is the student’s birthday?

Name one strategy that will help meet the outcome, “Cathy will increase her attempts to vocally communicate in order to meet her needs known and to positively interact with others?”
What is the primary language spoken at home?
What is the student’s disability?
What is one important strength to remember about the student/family?
Are there any health, vision, and hearing concerns to remember?
Who is the service coordinator, and what is her phone number?
After reading the present levels of development name three things the student might have difficulty with in a toddler inclusion classroom?
What are the four major concerns that the family has about their child?
How many times a week does the infant educator go to the home to work with this family?
Now go on a treasure hunt to find the required elements of an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Your will still be using Cathy Rae Wright’s IFSP located on pages 73-78. As each element is located make notes of what you find.

Find a statement of the child’s present level of development including physical (including vision, hearing, and health status), cognitive, communication, social/emotional and adaptive/self-help.
Find a statement regarding the family’s resources, priorities, and concerns.
Find a statement of measurable outcomes expected to be achieved for the child and family. What is the criterion for that outcome, the strategy to achieve the outcome, and the timeline?
What specific early intervention services types are offered to this family? Try to find them all. Choose one service and determine when it will start, for how long, and the frequency of sessions
What is the percentage of time that Cathy will be spending in the natural environment?
Find the name of the service coordinator who will be responsible for the implementation of the IFSP.
Find the steps to be taken to support Cathy’s transition to her next program upon reaching the age of 3.

Part 2: Individual Family Service Plan Assignment Summary

Now that you have completed the hunt, ask your self the following questions:

What surprises, ideas, or concepts came up for you about the elements of an IFSP?
What questions about either the elements of the IFSP or the family came up for you during the treasure hunt?
If Cathy is expected to come into your inclusive classroom, what further information or clarification would you like to ask the family or specific professionals who are listed as the IFSP participants?
What kind of adaptations might you make to your environment to accommodate Cathy?
What kind of activities might you plan to work on Cathy’s goals in the IFSP?
You will now need to take all the information gathered and write a summary of your findings and answer the above questions. Be sure to be detailed in your summary. You must use APA and include the following:

IFSP Treasure Hunt

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