Judging People Essay

Judging People Essay.

What gives you the right to judge someone by the way they look? Or the way they act? Or what culture or race they are? You don’t. No one does. But in the world we live in, where society’s opinions matter, we can’t help but to judge people by their appearance and behavior. It’s the subconscious part of our mind that makes judgments of the people around us who may be your friends or someone you have never seen before.

Judging is comparing someone with yourself. Sometimes it will make you feel good because you are better than them in comparison, other times it will make you feel worse because they contrast what you want to be.

Most behavior judgments stem from these three things: 1. You wouldn’t tolerate the same characteristic or behavior in yourself. If you are a shy and then encounter a very sociable person, your judgment about them might go something like this: “What a show-off, they are so loud “.

This is because you may be embarrassed to act this way and therefore resent others doing it. 2. You display the same behavior you resent, and then complain about it to a friend. As you complain about what the friend has done, others might think to themselves “You are doing the same thing you find wrong”. This will then lead to people judging you on how you judge others when you are showing the same behavior.

All of these judgments create a divide between people, friends and the social classes. Because of these judgments we tend to hang out with the same type of person because that’s where we ‘fit’. It’s human nature to unconsciously hang out with people who have the same behavior as us, because we feel safer and don’t feel pressure to be like our opposites. Until you get to know someone, who can’t make these judgments without sounding stereotypical. Princess Fiona says to Shrek “Well maybe you shouldn’t judge people before you got to know them”; because not everyone fits into that stereotypical category you put them in.

There is a lady over in Parker, Colorado named Amanda Hersh, who describes herself as “very heavily tattooed”. When Amanda’s friends heard she wanted to be physician, they scoffed and said you will never get in. Others expressed surprise. But Amanda was not only accepted into her first choice med school, the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, but in the top 10% of her class. Because of Amanda’s tattoos, she was judged that she wouldn’t succeed. Tattoos are thought about negatively. “People who drink, do drugs, have been jailed or do not believe in religion are more likely to have tattoos”.

Judging People Essay

Time I Was Judged Unfairly Essay

Time I Was Judged Unfairly Essay.

There was a time back in grade school when I was people had the unjust judgment of who I am as a person because I was a little different from everyone else. I have always been bigger in size than most people and that hasn’t changed today. I would wear different attire than other people because of the area I grew up in and the size of me. I would also be into hip hop music because of who I grew up with; however, I was the only one that only listened to hip hop because everyone was raised to not listen to the language they spoke in those songs.

When I was a kid and didn’t dress or look like everyone else it would be difficult for me to be included in some groups either out of fear by some of the smaller kids or flat out disgust at me being the biggest guy in the class.

I am still a husky guy to this day; however, I am going to try to cut down a lot because I feel in this society today you have to be thin or average to be accepted.

Unfortunately I have become less and less happy with my weight and appearance and it’s caused me to doubt myself and has hindered some of the better times of my life. There are always facts about America being the most obese country in the world and I see many health commercials that are concerned with child obesity. I hated being judged because of my weight, especially when I was in grade school and it caused me to react in the wrong way by becoming a “tough guy”. This attitude I developed almost cost me my catholic education, despite this, I did find a way to just hold back and finish my catholic education.

The clothes I would wear would be all loose on me which again wasn’t the way everyone dressed in shirts that they said fit but to me seemed tight. On dress down days I would wear my baggy clothes and see the odd stares from classmates who wore there preppy clothes that fit and wasn’t that lose. The shorts I would wear would be a little ghetto in the sense they pretty far past my knees and I would rarely wear cargo shorts. There was an African American teen influence in my style because I would hang out with them at times in my neighborhood of Tacony. If someone made a remark about me I would get angry with them and shove them or do something immature which caused more people to judge me before they know me.

The music that I listen to now is such a drastic change from when I was kid which has helped me fit in during social events or parties. When I use to be unfairly judged I would be listening to hip hop music and the language could not be comprehended by kids in my class. They would be listening to the rock music that I did like but didn’t always listen to because I was raised listening to hip hop. I still love some hip hop music as I did when I was kid but as of now I listen to everything from rock to house/techno music. The crazy thing is the kids that unfairly judged me before who I am now friends with and hangout with all the time are listening to the hip hop music I have been listening to since a child.

Being unfairly judged would dampen my mood a lot when I was younger because I took the judgments of others as me being wrong. I haven’t noticed any unfair judgment as I got older because I don’t think I really care much about it anymore besides my weight problem. Everyone that has matured from those days still make jokes here and there about things I may wear or my weight but I just try to laugh it off because I know I’ve come a long way since wearing the really baggy clothes and long shorts. I believe that in this society most of people very shallow because you rarely see a very attractive girl with a heavier guy or someone who dresses oddly, however it is the same way for guys who are the “typical” size and wear the dress clothes. I was unfairly judged when I was a kid and maybe I still am now, despite this, I find myself doing the same exact thing to others by being very shallow which I know I need to change.

Time I Was Judged Unfairly Essay

Performance evaluation Essay

Performance evaluation Essay.

The appraiser is then to check against these traits. They also put their own personal judgment into effect by putting scores on their performance. The people are ranged according to how the appraiser judges them. The appraiser has to be someone who is constantly in touch with the employee and thus is able to appraise his or her behavior against a list that is made (Chapman A. 2007). Summary The appraiser is usually supposed to be the immediate supervisor since they are able to evaluate the individual workers task outcomes and also they are able to comment on the behavior and traits that they have observed in the employees.

In this case the immediate sales managers are used to evaluate the sales people. They give the questions outlined in the appraisal form to employees and use them to appraise the individual task outcomes. They evaluate how effective sales have been under each individual sales person and their ability to meet their targets and what can be improved on to enhance their performance.

However, there is need to appraise not only the task outcome but also the traits and behaviors that the sales people have.

In the trait evaluation, the emphasis is more on the employee’s skills, capabilities, personality, attitudes and aptitude. This can only be done if the employees and the appraiser constantly work together hence enabling the appraiser to make the correct judgment on the employee’s traits. If the two have not been in touch with each other then it would be hard for the appraiser to pass judgment on the employee’s traits since he or she is not well versed with the person’s abilities, personality, skills, attitudes and aptitudes.

There is also need to evaluate the behaviors of the sales people. Even even the customers who buy the products of luxurion auto can do this. There are already identified behaviors of how they should behave towards customers and their behavior is rated against this background by identifying these behaviors, it leads to the employees striving to attain a level of behavior that largely conforms with the identified behaviors. This will in turn lead to more effective performance of jobs and better workplace understanding.

Performance evaluation Essay