Leisure Activities Essay

Leisure Activities Essay.

When people hear the phrase healthy leisure, some think sports and fitness. Some others may think of leisure as spare or unproductive time that is only allowed when work is finished.But there is a lot more to healthy leisure than activities that benefit our physical bodies. A balanced lifestyle makes time for both responsibilities and leisure.The fact is, leisure activities are essential to our emotional and physical wellness. They can help us manage stress, prevent boredom, and maintain mental agility and physical dexterity.

They can teach us coping skills and increase self-confidence. They can give us pure enjoyment as well as spiritual and social connection.That’s why all of us need to plan to have leisure activities in our lives.

Where can you find healthy leisure activities? No matter where you live in Nova Scotia, a variety of healthy leisure activities is available nearby. Check out the bulletin boards at your local library or grocery store, or get a copy of your local municipal recreation

calendar. Other sources • Art (ask at supply stores about painting, sewing, knitting, pottery groups, and more) • Continuing Education (check with your local school board, community college, or university) • Clubs (such as the Lions, Kinsmen/Kinettes, or Shriners) • Culture/Heritage groups (check with your local museum or art gallery) • Fitness (curling, dancing, swimming, skating, golf, hiking, and more may be available in your area) • Gardening (ask at your local gardening store about clubs) • Music (look in the Yellow Pages for a list of teachers) • Theatre (check for local theatre groups) • Volunteering (check with your local Community Health Board)

Choose your leisure activities with care. While leisure plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle, some leisure activities come with risks that need to be considered and understood.Gambling, for example, is a leisure activity for some people. When treated carefully,…

Leisure Activities Essay

My Summer Adventures Essay

My Summer Adventures Essay.

This summer I didn’t really have much to do other than work, I had three jobs and it wasn’t the funniest thing, but I earned a lot of money. In addition, I spent some time coming to school in the after noons and working out. However, this summer not like my other summers I had some new experiences and memories the make me smile. First, summer is hot and with that brings the fact that people never go out nor feel like doing anything.

In addition, three jobs made it even more impossible for me to go out and had ass much free time ass possible. However, the times I had the opportunity of having fun it wouldn’t go to waste I would make it count for the books.

This summer I hade three jobs one of them was working ass a pizza maker in Straw Hat Pizza. Then I would work as a field worker in the watermelon, the best thing off this were all the new people that I meet during the time I worked.

Next, I had another job as a waiters of a Mexican restaurant. This were the jobs that I had over the summer, something I know is that if it wouldn’t of been for this jobs I wouldn’t be as happy and proud of my self. My experiences thought me a lot of values about life and one of them was hard work.

Another activity I did over the summer was going to the lake to swim and chill with my friends, this was pretty fun to do. I also stayed home watch TV and eat some snacks because I was too tired to do something. Last, I went to other towns to hang out with my old friends.

Finally, yeah this summer wasn’t what I expected or want I wanted to do but it was a good summer were I made money and relaxed enough to get ready for school. It was also a short summer were I wish I could of done a lot more. Last, I’m happy because I meet new people and saw old friends.

My Summer Adventures Essay

Do Young People Today Make Good Use of Their Leisure Time? Essay

Do Young People Today Make Good Use of Their Leisure Time? Essay.

Leisure time can be well spent in many different ways. One popular option among the young is playing video games and watching television. While other activities like sports,social gathering and reading are available to them,many people feel that they spend too much time on these indoor games and screens and prefer them to be more active. In this essay,I will discuss my view on the issue to get positive results out of free time. Nowadays, younger generation has greater choices of leisure facilities than previous one.

Among such facilities are television and video games.

Some social experts and families are concerned about health of teenage overindulge on these activities. This is supported by some reports that sitting too long in front of television could lead to problems of eyes and back. On the other hand, some medical experts believe that some video games can improve the dexterity of the player and this could help his or her future career like operating doctor or pilot.

In addition, watching television keeps young audience inform about what happens around locally as well as globally.

That would enhance teenagers’ inquisitive mind and encourage them to keep eyes on challenging local and international issues. While such benefit is welcomed, there also are dangers of exposing them to violence, crimes and explicit scenes on some television series which can have negative impact on younger personalities. Alternatively, there are many activities which have positive results in term of social, physical and educational values. For example, walking, jogging and trekking in a recreational park improve their physical strength and give an opportunity to observe nature and environment.

Furthermore, spending time with family, relatives and friends outdoor enriches their social lives. As a result, they would be more interactive and responsible socially. Finally, one could simply be entertained by reading at home or playing some music. In conclusion, how much time should we spend on each activity during extra time is debatable. Each has its own merit so long as individual does not involve excessively. In my opinion, young and adult alike should choose sensibly on type of activity and time spent to get most benefits out of their free time.

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Do Young People Today Make Good Use of Their Leisure Time? Essay

Lack of interest in sports Essay

Lack of interest in sports Essay.

Annotation The world in which we live today sport plays a major part of a child development process from a tender age, so for someone not to be interested in any sporting activities there must be a serious problem. A sample report was done by Mokhazani bin Fadir that explores why there is a lack of Interest in sports among students. A survey instrument was used to collect data from a total of five hundred students and only fifty would choose sports as their preferred leisure time activity.

The survey shows that this is only 10% of the student’s population.

The purpose of this research is to highlight the reason why student lack interest in sports, it also seeks to find different means and method how to get the student interested in sporting activities in school. The theoretical frame on which the study was based was that student assumes that playing sports involved getting hot, dirty, sweaty and occasionally sunburned. On the other hand parents also placed greater emphasis on academic performance rather than having their child spending their time doing any form of sports.

This theory goes to show that not only the student lack interest in sports but the parents as well. The results show that there was a wide spread lack of interest for sports by student, not only did the student lack interest in sports their parents also placed a greater emphasis on their academics rather than extra-curricular activities. On the other hand the research also shows that the students complain that they did not have enough time to balance their leisure time much more to have time for sports. The findings of Mokhazani bin Fadir sample report shows that.

Lack of interest in sports Essay

Cell Phone Should Not Be Used in Classrooms Essay

Cell Phone Should Not Be Used in Classrooms Essay.

The use of cell phones in today’s society is at an extremely high rate that people of all ages and gender can be seen parading with their cell phones. Whether people are buying groceries or driving in their cars, cell phones have become important in everyday life. Phones should only be used in leisure time and not in school while studying. Cell phone use in schools should be restricted because it distracts students, it is disrespectful towards teachers, and may tempt students to cheat.

Cell phone use in class distracts everyone’s attention from the class. When a cell phone suddenly rings in class it makes a lot of noise, delaying lecture time for students. Instead of spending time to pay attention to the lecture, many students will spend their time giggling. If students are not able to pay attention they will not learn anything. Another distracting thing about cell phone use is that many students use their phones and text with their friends.

Many people who text in class are not advancing their studies, but their social life. Students who sit in class and text are just wasting their time, instead of using that time to further their education. Some students who have their phones in class play games instead of listening to the lecture. When a student starts to play a game, others easily become fascinated. Playing games in class distracts more students. Using cell phones in schools is not only distracting, but it can also be disrespectful.

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Using cell phones in class is not good idea because it is disrespectful to teachers. Students who text in class may not know what the teacher is asking about, and may end up falling behind in class. It is disrespectful to not listen to others while they are talking. It is bad etiquette to not listen to the lecture while the teacher spends their time to teach, not only does it wastes the teacher’s time, but also their own time. Using cell phones in school while the teacher is trying to teach disrespectful, but it can also be used as a medium for cheating.

Schools should keep their current policies of not being able to use phones because students may use it to commit educational fraud. It is hard for a teacher to always know what their students are doing during an exam, like a student who may be looking up information on their phones. If students do this, they will not be able to learn anything. Also, some students use their phones and tell others what the questions are on the test, making it unfair for those who are working hard to earn the scores that they deserve. Another is that if students are able to use their phones in class and communicate with someone who knows the answer while taking the test. It is true that cell phones would make a good learning tool, but it is really tempting to cheat during tests.

Cell phones in our current society are part of our everyday life, but cell phones should only be limited to leisure time and not during school. Cell phones should not be used in school because it is distracting, it is disrespectful to teachers, and can be a tool for students to cheat. Students should learn to become independent from their cell phones just like the days when cell phones were not invented yet.

Cell Phone Should Not Be Used in Classrooms Essay