Dialogue “Healthy Lifestyle” Essay

Dialogue “Healthy Lifestyle” Essay.

S – 1st friend
O – 2nd friend
L – 3rd friend

S: Hey? Guys! How are you?
O: Oh, hi! I’m fine, thank you.
L: Me too. What about you?
S: I’m in the green! You know I’ve changed my life in some ways according to an article. Oh, have you read this article?
O: Which one do you mean?
L: Oh, probably I’ve understood what Sveta is talking about. You mean the article in our university newspaper about a healthy lifestyle.

Am I right?
S: Absolutely. So have you read it?
O: Yes, I saw something last week.
L: Yeah, me too. Some time ago.
S: So what’s your opinion about it?
O: I’ve found rather useful, you know.
L: In what way?
O: Well, there is a part about planning of the day. Of course, I knew about it’s importance but I had no idea what consequences it could have.
L: Oh, yeah, for me it was extremely useful too because I often overwork and don’t sleep enough time and and besides I’m always dog-tired and in the black mood all that can cause diseases of cardiovascular system , diabetes, over-weighting, hypersomnia and insomnia…
S: And, of course, neurological problems.

It’s very dangerous. So you should plan your day more carefully and sleep enough. I try to go to bed at the sane time every day and not very late.
O: So you keep a kind of a timetable?
S: It’ s possible to say like that.
O: Isn’t it boring? I mean to do every day the same things at the same time?
S: Well, I do not do everything in a special unchangeable order but sometimes following the plan help to do work more efficiently.
O: There is something in what you’re saying. As you said, Lera, one of the possible disorders of unhealthy sleeping is overweighting. Nowadays it’s very topical problem. More than a billion people in the world suffer from it. This problem is becoming global!
L: And this is the reason of the heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, problems with liver and many others.
S: So everyone should keep himself fit with exercises, sport and healthy diet.
O: I wonder if you could give me some detailed information about diet.
L: Well, first of all you need to eat everything with measure, not overeat. Also you should eat more vegetables and fruit, advisable without thermal processing to save all the vitamins.
S: It’s also useful to drink a lot of water during the day and all this will help you to strengthen your immunity, to avoid overweighting and avitaminosis.
O: Avitaminosis?
L: Yes, it’s lack of vitamins in your organism. It’s fraught with such diseases as scuvy and rachitis. O: I didn’t have the faintest idea how dangerous shortage of vitamins could be! S: It’s said in the article.
O: Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to read it wholly. So probably I missed it.
L: By the way, coming back to the ways of preventing overweighting, sport is a very good notion.
O: You’re dead right! There is a lot about it in the article and not in vain. It not only keeps you fit and helps you to look good but makes all the systems of your body steady to the stresses which we are exposed to every day.
L: I absolutely agree with you. Sport is an essential part of my life and it helps me to be full of energy and to be just in the pink.
O: As far as I understood Lera does sport regularly. And what about you, Sveta?
S: As for me. I’m not a very sporty person. Of course, I know about the use of doing sport but I’m not very trained and not healthy enough to do it.
O: Well, I reckon that you should start with small loading and increase it gradually. But you definitely should do sport.
L: By the way, do you do sport, Olya?
O: Oh, yeah, I do football.
L: Really? Unexpectedly!
O: And you?
L: As for me, I’ve been playing volleyball for 5 years.
S: Oh, very interesting! Did you take part in competitions?
L: Yes, our team even took first place in the the competition in our city.
S: Oh, that’s phat!
L: Well, thank you. It was really wonderful! But now I’d like to ask you about serious things. I wonder if you could let me know your opinion about various dependences such as smoking, alcoholism and drugs which also are mentioned in the article.
O: As for the smoking I’d like to tell you that tobacco is the most used drug in the world. According to the statistics every 6 seconds one person dies because of the tobacco-related disease and every year 5 million people die.
S: Oh, it sounds horrible. I didn’t know it. But I’ve known about the big list of diseases it causes connected with cardiovascular system, lungs, gullet, larynx, stomach and so on.
L: Yeah, all that’s true. But do you know why people start smoking?
O: I’ve read that all the reasons have psychological base. Young people start smoking in an attempt to prove they are a part of an adult world. Adults try to escape from problems by doing this.
L: You know, I’ve tried smoking before I became a sportswoman.
S: Oh, really?

L: Yes, but it was a dog’s age ago. I just had such a company in which people seemed very cool to me and all of them were smoking and I didn’t want to be a black sheep. But fortunately I made a right decision and changed my life.
S: Nice to hear that. Besides smoking there is an another huge problem now -it’s alcoholism. In Russia percentage of people who regularly drink alcohol is just enormous.
O: Yeah, not only adults but more and more teenagers and even children are becoming involved into this problem.
L: And all this leads not only to diseases but to the degradation of people, of the whole nation. But it seems to me that the worst thing is drugs.. Smoking and alcohol provoke disorder in your body but not always and drugs almost always lead to death.
S: You know that Russia is on the first place of consumption of heroin.
O: No way! It’s terrible! Taking in consideration fact the biggest part of drug-addicts die before thirty and almost no one lives after forty and the spread of AIDS , it’s a frightful tendency.
L: Yes, but it should be more regulated by the government I guess. They must toughen control upon the drug traffic.
S: I agree with you. Oh, we’ve almost forgot about two more topics. They are not so horrible and wide-spread but also important. I mean anorexia and bulimia.
O: As for the first one I suppose it’s caused in general by fashion to be slim and a lot of girls try to get fit and it becomes an obsession. So it’s psychological problem.
L: The truth is yourth. Bulimia is also usually caused by the problems with neural system, various stresses and depression.
S: I think it should be propagandized that it’s good to be in a normal weight in order to prevent an imitation to models by the young girls.
O: And as for bulimia I’m not sure whether there is a way to prevent it.
S: There isn’t actually. Maybe only healthy lifestyle, keeping diet, doing sport will help to avoid stresses and diseases.
L: From my point of view you’re right. This article seems to be useful for us and probably for others.
O: And we, thinking about health, must remember “what goes around, comes around”. Let’s keep healthy lifestyle.

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Dialogue “Healthy Lifestyle” Essay

My Fashion, My Self, My Life Essay

My Fashion, My Self, My Life Essay.

Walking down the street wearing my favorite faded Levi’s and vintage Jimi Hendrix t-shirt with the classic black and white Converse Chuck Taylors distinguishes me from the Abercrombie & Fitch crowd, especially when I wear my Ray-Ban sunglasses and tie-dyed bandana.  My style choices fit in and complement my alternative and earth-conscious lifestyle because fashion is an important indicator of what a person’s unique values and interests are.

Living in such a saturated consumer culture means that it is impossible to avoid being branded.

  That being the case, I feel it is important to consciously choose what type of image to adopt.  I disagree with people who claim that image is everything; however your image does mark you as an individual within a certain subculture.

In my case I identify with rock and alternative music that is socially conscious therefore I choose to wear clothes that reflect those interests.  In marking myself this way I can make myself visible to the outside culture in a way that will hopefully draw the attention and acceptance of like-minded individuals, or at least it will hopefully lead to an interesting discussion with people who may not agree with my fashion sense.

I know this because it happens all the time, although many times it will be me going up to someone with an Abercrombie shirt on and asking them what they like about paying seventy-five dollars for pre-torn jeans when they could come with me to the thrift shop and get a pair of torn jeans for five dollars.  They will most often tell me that they do not like the idea of wearing clothes that other people have already worn, or that they just like the way brand new jeans feel, or that they had a gift card to the store, or that their girlfriend likes that them in that brand, or that all the cool models wear that brand, or that all of their friends shop there, or etc…

On the other hand, there are people like myself who love to shop second-hand and for as many reasons as people like to shop at the mall.  Personally, I like digging through old clothes trying to find the random gem, like my Jimi concert t-shirt from Woodstock that I got for three dollars and seventy-five cents.  I also like the idea of second-hand shopping because it is a form of recycling that eliminates some of the demand for the creation of new clothes.

The fact that in sweatshops around the third world people (and sometimes children) are working away their lives for meager pay just so that the first world can dress themselves in brand new clothes and be at the cutting edge of fashion is appalling.  I would much rather wear the rags of a generation ago than to support that practice.

Of course not all brands and companies that produce new clothes are earth-sucking evil-doers, but some are, including many that I see our consumer culture wearing all the time in the commercials, in the malls, and on the streets.  And of course I have purchased new clothes, we all have, but as I have grown older and learned more about the global supply chain, my consumer habits have become much more eco-conscious.  With this in mind, when I do buy new stuff I buy from companies that support environmentally safe production methods and from companies that support progressive labor rights issues.  My fashion, my self, my life.

My Fashion, My Self, My Life Essay

The product of life cycle Essay

The product of life cycle Essay.

Select a product with which you are familiar. What stage is your selected product at in the product life cycle? Provide rationale for your answer. Based on your knowledge of the product life cycle, what types of changes will occur to your selected product as it continues through the product life cycle? How will this affect the marketing of your selected product? (minimum 100 words)

The product of life cycle “describes the stages a really new product idea goes through from beginning to end” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2009, p.

261). The product life cycle has four stages: market introduction, market growth, market maturity, and sales decline. Let’s think about the electric cars such as The Nissan Leaf; this product is in the market introduction stage. Indeed, Nissan’s sales are low; customers are not really looking for this product as they may not even have a good idea how this product works and what is its true value.

At this stage, Nissan’s marketing will be affected as several informative promotions and large monetary investments will be necessary to let the consumers know about the new electric car that is available on the market.

Once the consumers learn about Nissan’s electric car, the product will enter in the next stage of market growth. Sales will increase and Nissan will make larger profits; however, the competition will also start to increasingly notice that the consumers are buying more electric cars. Then, the Nissan’s product will move to the next stage, market maturity; during this stage Nissan’s sales very likely will level off as there will be many competitors who will be selling electric cars. Finally, in the last stage of sales decline, Nissan will start replacing its Leaf model with newer models (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2009).

The product of life cycle Essay

The Most Influential Person in My Life Essay

The Most Influential Person in My Life Essay.

I’d like to start off by saying this: The most important person in my life is my mom, but if I have to talk about one of the most influential person in my life, I have to talk about my father.The reason that I choose him is because he is an example of successful person.:

My father is quite person who dedicate all his life studying and achieving all his goals, He is a professional engineer who actually work in a big company in fort Lauderdale .

. Since an early age my mom and my father decided that living together was not the best for our family. At first understanding their problem was not easy for me, but thanks to that I was able to get proper knowledge from both. . He doesn’t spent a lot of time with me or with my brother and sister but he was always a good example to me that a person who I want to be.

I remember several years ago I was like 20 or 21, I had a conversation with my father, and in the middle of that conversation there was a phrase that I won’t never forget . . He said “ Whatever you want to be, try to be the best, if you want to be a doctor you have to study a lot but you have to try to be the best one , but beside doctor you work as waiter you have to be the best waiter. These tips inspired me during my life to achieve several goals . One of the most important things that my father has taught me is to be responsible and independent because it will help me when I live on my own.

My father and I live together for about 11 month when I was in Italy, and there I had the opportunity to know him very well, it was a wonderful experience because we were like friends, like brothers and we have fun and enjoyed a lot of time together. . I’m here in Miami because of him, he was really an influential person who convinced me to moved here in the United States and I will always thank for that For me, my father is an example of a successful person, He treated everybody fairly and was a good teacher to the people who asked for his advice

Let me end by saying that I continue to make myself more and more like him daily. I have far to go but the more I do it, the more I understand him Probably he doesn’t know that I’m just talking about him, and I bet that probably he will never know that he was one of the most influential person in my life…

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The Most Influential Person in My Life Essay

Our Toughest Struggles in Life Can Be with Ourselves Essay

Our Toughest Struggles in Life Can Be with Ourselves Essay.

In our life, struggles are everywhere. If we want to be successful, we will have to strive hard. Just as an old Chinese saying goes, “There won’t be the fragrance of calyx canthus if the flower doesn’t go through the chilly winter.” Only after we undergo different kinds of hardships, can we achieve what we aim at. Therefore, we must get ready to face the toughest struggles and try to deal with any ups and downs calmly and bravely.

When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of getting a nice toy like the one my friend Henry had. One day, I told my mother about that, hoping she would buy me one. However, she just ignored my idea, encouraging me to save money and buy one for myself. At first, I was so disappointed and frustrated that I got very angry with her. Later, I calmed down and thought what she suggested might as well be a good way to accomplish my wish.

So I spared every cent I could in my daily life until finally one year later I accumulated enough coins and got that fancy stuff. During that year, I overcame numerous difficulties like killing the desires of buying candies, pulling myself back from snack bars, restraining myself from watching too many movies, etc. It was really too much for a ten-year boy. Nevertheless, my mother was right – I achieved what I had always wished for and trained myself the ability to handle any tough struggles in my later life.

Two years ago when I first came here, I encountered another unimaginable problem in my life – I understood little in class just because of my poor English. I was depressed and sighed in despair all the time. It was my mother and teachers who inspired me and gave me a lot of encouragement. They told me that difficulty was everywhere and it could accompany anybody anytime. As long as we got ready and took actions, nothing was impossible. From then on, I got up early every day to practice speaking English, listening to English and reading English. Besides, whenever I was free, I went to various markets to practice speaking English with native speakers. Success always shows appreciation for those who make great efforts. Nowadays, I am able to understand most of the lessons in class and express myself in English most of the time in my daily life.

What I get from my own experience is that life is not always filled with flowers and easiness. The road of our life is made up of struggles and success. How successful we are depends on how much endeavor we are willing to undertake. Accordingly, we need to prepare for any toughest struggles in life as they can come up anytime.

Our Toughest Struggles in Life Can Be with Ourselves Essay

Proposal for Quality of Work Life Essay

Proposal for Quality of Work Life Essay.


Human resources play a very important role in success of an organization and thus, management of human resource assumes importance. Many aspects affect the management of human resources. One such aspect is Quality of Work Life (QWL). It is a philosophy, a set of principles, which holds that people are the most important resource in the organization as they are trustworthy, responsible and capable of making valuable contribution and they should be treated with dignity and respect . The elements that are relevant to an individual’s quality of work life include the task, the physical work environment, social environment within the organization, Administrative system and relationship between life on and off the job.

QWL consists of Opportunities for active involvement in group working arrangements or problem solving that are of mutual benefit to employees or employers, based on labor management cooperation.

People also conceive of QWL as a set of methods, such as autonomous work groups, job enrichment, and high involvement aimed at boosting the satisfaction and productivity of workers.

It requires employee commitment to the organization and an environment in which this commitment can flourish. Thus, QWL is a comprehensive construct that includes an individual’s job related wellbeing and the extent to which work experiences are rewarding, fulfilling and devoid of stress and other negative personal consequences.

According to Gadon (1984), QWL programs have two objectives: (a) to enhance productivity and (b) to increase the satisfaction of employees. Thus QWL provides healthier, satisfied and productive employees, which in turn provides efficient and profitable organization. Quality of work life (QWL) is viewed as an alternative to the control approach of managing people. The QWL approach considers people as an ‘asset’ to the organization rather than as ‘costs’. It believes that people perform better when they are allowed to participate in managing their work and make decisions.

This approach motivates people by satisfying not only their economic needs but also their social and psychological ones. To satisfy the new generation workforce, organizations need to Concentrate on job designs and organization of work. Further, today’s workforce is realizing the Importance of relationships and is trying to strike a balance between career and personal lives. Successful organizations support and provide facilities to their people to help them to balance the scales. In this process, organizations are coming up with new and innovative ideas to improve the quality of work and quality of work life of every individual in the organization.

Various programs like flex time, alternative work schedules, compressed work weeks, telecommuting etc., are being adopted by these organizations. Technological advances further help organizations to implement these programs successfully. Organizations are enjoying the fruits of implementing QWL programs in the form of increased productivity, and an efficient, satisfied, and committed workforce which aims to achieve organizational objectives. The future work world will also have more women entrepreneurs and they will encourage and adopt QWL programs.

Whilst there has, for many years, been much research into job satisfaction (1), and, more recently, an interest has arisen into the broader concepts of stress and subjective well-being (2), the precise nature of the relationship between these concepts has still been little explored. Stress at work is often considered in isolation, wherein it is assessed on the basis that attention to an individual’s stress management skills or the sources of stress will prove to provide a good enough basis for effective intervention. Alternatively, job satisfaction may be assessed, so that action can be taken which will enhance an individual’s performance.

Somewhere in all this, there is often an awareness of the greater context, whereupon the home-work context is considered, for example, and other factors, such as an individual’s personal characteristics, and the broader economic or cultural climate, might be seen as relevant. In this context, subjective well-being is seen as drawing upon both work and non-work aspects of life. However, more complex models of an individual’s experience in the workplace often appear to be set aside in an Endeavour to simplify the process of trying to measuring “stress” or some similarly apparently discrete entity. It may be, however, that the consideration of the bigger, more complex picture is essential, if targeted, effective action is to be taken to address quality of working life or any of it’s sub-components in such a way as to produce real benefits, be they for the individual or the organization.

Whilst Quality of Life has been more widely studied (4), Quality of working life, remains relatively unexplored and unexplained. A review of the literature reveals relatively little on quality of working life. Where quality of working life has been explored, writers differ in their views on its’ core constituents.

It is argued that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts as regards Quality of working Life, and, therefore, the failure to attend to the bigger picture may lead to the failure of interventions which tackle only one aspect. A clearer understanding of the inter-relationship of the various facets of quality of working life offers the opportunity for improved analysis of cause and effect in the workplace….This consideration of Quality of working Life as the greater context for various factors in the workplace, such as job satisfaction and stress, may offer opportunity for more cost-effective interventions in the workplace. The effective targeting of stress reduction, for example, may otherwise prove a hopeless task for employers pressured to take action to meet governmental requirements.



* To study the level of satisfaction of employees towards the quality of work life. * To study the importance given by the organization to quality of work life * To study suitable measures to improve the quality of work life. * To identify the major areas of dissatisfaction if any, and provide valuable suggestions Improving the employee’s satisfaction in those areas. * To study the role and importance of good quality of work life of employees in an organization


* To study the present and overall quality of work life in the organization. * To understand the relationship between QWL and employee satisfaction. * To study quality of work life contributed for employees personal and professional development

The major factor which has influenced the increasing importance of provision of quality of work life is employees themselves. Workers are changing. They have become more educated and independent. Close attention to QWL provides a more humanized work environment. Hence it is very essential that every organization ensure that their employees have a positive quality of work life. Quality of Work Life in an organization is essential for the smooth running and success of its employees. The quality of work life must be maintained effectively to ensure that all employees are running at their peak potential and free from stress and strain.

The Quality of Work Life can affect such things as employees ‘timings, his or her work output, his or her available leaves, etc. Quality of Work Life helps the employees to feel secure and like they are being thought of and cared for by the organization in which they work. An organization‘s HR department assumes responsibility for the effective running of the Quality of Work Life for their employees. This being the real fact and since there was absenteeism and lack of job satisfaction among the workers in an organization, the researcher has made an attempt in this regard and has undertaken the current study to analyze the Quality of Work Life in this organization and to offer suitable suggestions for the organization to take necessary steps to improve the Quality of Work Life among its Workers.


There is a much about the quality every aspect viz. quality product, quality of material and inp uts there in, quality of packing, quality of product development and quality of service. The quality of work life and quality of life, which is pivotal aspects in everyone’s work life. This also brings employee satisfaction You can obtain man’s physical presence at a given place, and a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day. But the enthusiasm, initiative, joy, loyalty, you can’t obtain by devotion of hearts, mind and souls. Apart from this if the employee is provided with other extrinsic and intrinsic benefits then this will lead for high productivity and results in employee satisfaction too.

To introduce the hard practices in to the organization it is the important to have encouraging atmosphere. QWL is one of the most important factors, which leads to such favorable atmosphere. It produces more humanized jobs. It attempts to serve the higher order needs of employees are human resources that are to be developed rather than simply used QWL leads to an atmosphere that encourages than to improve their skill. It also leads to have good interpersonal relations and highly motivated employees who strive for their development. QWL will ensure enthusiasm work environment with opportunities for every one to give is best. Such job will provide job satisfaction and pride to the company.


* According to R.E.WALTON(1973) “Quality of work life is a process by which an organization responds to the employees needs for developing mechanisms to allow them to share fully in making the decisions the design their lives at work” * According to THOMAS S. BATEMAN AND SCOTTA.SNELL(2003) “Quality of work life refers to programmes designed to create a workplace that enhances employee well-being”

* “Quality of work life defined as the level of employee’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction on  Working conditions at the work place”
* “Quality of work life can be define as “The quality of relationship between employees and the total working environment”

Descriptive research design – This is used “to describe systematically the facts and
Characteristics of a given population or area of interest, factually and accurately”
One of the main benefits of descriptive research is that fact that it uses both quantitative
And qualitative data in order to find the solution to whatever is being studied.
This in turn can help to describe and give an answer to certain life experiences.
For example, when carrying out a case study descriptive research allows various sources to be
Considered such as personal accounts. With this in mind, it enables a wider view of an issue
As opposed to strict numbers and figures which can only account on facts rather than

For the purpose of this study the employees may belong to any manufacturing company in Chennai.

In this study the sample size is 50
Non Probability Sampling: Non Probability sampling refers to methods of selecting individuals to include in a study where some elements of the population have no chance of selection, or where the probability of selection can’t be accurately determined. Non Probability sampling methods include accidental sampling, quota sampling and purposive sampling.



Purposive sampling starts with a purpose in mind and the sample is thus selected to include people of interest and exclude those who do not suit the purpose. This method is popular with newspapers and magazines which want to make a particular point. This is also true for marketing researchers who are seeking support for their product. They typically start with people in the street, first approaching only ‘likely suspects’ and then starting with questions that reject people who do not suit. The universe is very large and the sample size is relatively small (50). The samples to be taken Purposively from manufacturing sector. Purposive sampling technique facilitates data collection on the basis of availability of the samples and convenience of the researcher.

Essentially two types
Primary data are those which are collected for the first time and are original in character. Data which are originally collected by the investigators are called primary data while the secondary data are collected through some other sources. For example, information collected by an investigator from a. student regarding his class, caste, family background, etc., is called primary data. On the other hand, if the same information collected about the student from the school record and register, then it is called secondary data.


The tool to be used to collect data here is the interview schedule.

An interview schedule is a list of questions to ask the interviewee. It should start with more open questions. An interview schedule is prepared to effectively find out useful and accurate information.


This research proposal serves a small outline about the future project on the topic Quality of work life. This is the current emerging problem that most of the sectors Are working towards to improve it.

Proposal for Quality of Work Life Essay

Does Technology Always Improve Quality of Life Essay

Does Technology Always Improve Quality of Life Essay.

In today’s globalised and modernised world, advancement in old technology resulted in modern technology and many discoveries have been made and quality of life of the people have improved as a result of availability of modern technology. Undoubtedly, modern technology has became a crucial and prominent aspects of our life. Although it has led to complications, it is actually reasonable to say that modern technology has very much improved the quality of life of people.

Thus, I opine that modern technology does sometimes improve quality of life.

Firstly, modern technology has improve quality of life through the improvement of healthcare services. Researches and development in the healthcare sector of society are conducted to find ways to make further improve quality of life. With the help of modern technology, for example, many different types of drugs and vaccines have been created and developed for disease prevention.

The American medical announced that it is possible to vaccinate against brain cancer and perhaps more cancers can be vaccinated in a similar way.

The chances of people contracting various illnesses are slim and thus, they live a healthier life. Some surgical procedures that were deemed extreme and dangerous in the past were made easier with modern surgical technology and the chances of succeeding was almost for sure, and one example is heart transplant. Hence, modern technology has lower the chances of us falling sick and increased the chances of recovering.

Considering how modern technology has raise and increase life expectancy, allowing people to live healthier lives than before, it has proven to improve quality of life adversely for many people. Secondly, modern technology has improved transport and communication. In many countries, international trade is very important, as no one country can be self-sufficient in providing goods and services. This is especially so for a country like Singapore whereby we do not have a lot of natural resources and thus, our dependence on trade is large.

Trade is heavily linked with transport and communication technology as they are vital for trade operations. For example, as a trading hub, Singapore has utilised modern technology to built cargo transportation cranes and in addition, communications between cargo ships and PSA improved and also position locating have became more accurate with the availability of modern technology. Hence more goods and services can be obtained and the people have more choices to consumed from, and they will be able to choice whatever is best for themselves, improving the quality of life.

Thirdly, modern technology has increase productivity and made life easier for people as modern tools of production and industrialisation created by modern technology have enabled many countries to enjoy economical growth and create more wealth for the people and consequently creating better live for the citizens. For example, robots are used by many firms in Japan’s packing industries instead of human labour, and this robots such as the RF87 tokyo, are able to produce more output in a shorter period of time compared to human labour.

This bring about increase productivity and consequently allowing success for the firms, and economic growth for the nation. Modern technology has also increase our access to information. Now, information technology is so advanced that we are able to find almost any kinds of information on the Internet just by typing certain key words in the search engines. With the increased efficiency and access to knowledge, society is able to identify opportunities for economic growth and with economic growth, quality of people’s lives can be improved.

Furthermore, improving communication improves quality of life as information can be disseminated to everyone easily. Natural disasters in a certain country can be made known to the world almost immediately, thus allowing help to be provided quickly. For example, the earthquake that struck Haiti few years back was immediately reported to the rest of the world and countries like singapore were able to provide aid swiftly, so as to improve the quality of life of the victims. The needs of the people are catered to with the availability of modern technology, and has improve quality of life.

Lastly, modern technology relieves global hunger. In the world, there are many people living in countries where they are faced with problems of lack of food, which may lead to starvation. This is especially so in developing countries where they are economically not stable and are not able to provide sufficiently for the people. Hence, with modern technology, for example, genetically modified food was developed whereby seeds of crops are injected with certain substances so as to develop traits that are favourable for a specific climate so as for the crop to grow well.

Bacillus Thuringiensis(BT) bacteria is injected into corns to increase its resistivity to pests, and allowing them to grow in warmer environment. This allows more crops to be harvested. This is especially useful in third world countries such as Ethiopia whereby they live in regions that experience unpredictable climate, increasing food supply for the people, allowing them to stay nourished. Being more nourished, people will be less prone to falling sick as their daily nutritional requirements are met.

Thus, they would live more healthy lives, improving their quality of life. Some people may argue that some of the certain substance used in the foods may cause allergic reactions to occur as some people maybe allergic to the substances. This may in turn lead to health problems, lowering quality of life. However, the efforts of developing GM food has largely improved the problem of hunger around the world, and as for the problem of allergies, this only affects very little amount of people, which can be solved for further advancement with technology.

Hence, modern technology has improved quality of life’s. Modern technology does not always improve people’s quality of life, however, the benefits that modern technology has brought upon us greatly outweighs the limitations it carries. In our quest for development, we have no choice but to depend on and embrace modern technology, as the solutions for many problems in the world is dependant on modern technology. Modern technology has radically change the way we live and modern life will be greatly disrupted with technology.

Does Technology Always Improve Quality of Life Essay

Chemical Reactions in Our Daily Life Essay

Chemical Reactions in Our Daily Life Essay.

Science being a subject of common interest, it is very intriguing to analyze visual experiments happening in day-to-day life. There are a plethora of products that you use everyday, which are formulated with application of chemical reaction. Say for example; toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cleaning agent, etc. are all results of chemical reactions. Following are some of the most profound chemical reactions, which we encounter in everyday life :

Aerobic Respiration

Do you know indulging in physical movements is associated with a chemical reaction? The process requires energy, which is yielded by aerobic respiration.

Over here, respiration helps breaks down glucose (an energy source) into water, carbon dioxide and energy in form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The balanced cellular respiration equation is represented as:

C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2+ 6H2O + Energy (36 ATPs)

Anaerobic Respiration

Due to overexercising, sometimes our body cells run out of oxygen and respire anaerobically. This cause synthesis of lactic acid and cause muscle cramps. Anaerobic respiration is observed in some bacteria, yeast and other organisms.

In contrary to the aerobic type, it breaks down glucose in the absence of oxygen, resulting in production of ethanol, carbon dioxide and energy. Anaerobic respiration equation is:

C6H12O6 → 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 + Energy


Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants manufacture their own food. This occurs in presence of sunlight and other raw materials, namely carbon dioxide and water. The chlorophyll pigment harvests the light energy from sunlight, which is then converted into glucose by the phenomenon of photosynthesis. In short, it is the opposite of aerobic respiration. The equation for photosynthesis is:

6 CO2+ 6 H2O + Light energy → C6H12O6 + 6 O2

Rusting of Iron

Very often, you notice a coating of rust over unpainted iron surfaces, which gradually leads to disintegration of iron. This is nothing, but a chemical phenomenon called rusting. In this case, iron (a very reactive metal) combines with oxygen in presence of water (more precisely, atmospheric moisture), resulting in formation of iron oxides. The chemical reaction behind rusting can be simply represented as:

Fe + O2 + H2O → Fe2O3. XH2O

Propane Grill

Have you ever prepared meat in a propane grill? The meat placed over the burner is cooked with the help of heat energy released after burning of propane gas. Thus, propane is the reactant which when burnt with the help of oxygen gives heat energy and other byproducts. Check out the balanced equation for the combustion reaction that take place in a propane grill:

C3H8 + 5O2 → 4H2O + 3CO2 + energy

Whether you consider cooking, souring, fermenting or burning, there is a chemical reaction accompanying these everyday processes. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say learning chemistry and chemical reactions start at home.

Chemical Reactions in Our Daily Life Essay

Life After High School Essay

Life After High School Essay.

I remember that towards the end of my senior year in high school, my parents suggested that I apply to a four-year college. They also offered to pay for the cost of going to college as long as I would go full-time and would start right after high school. They believed that I would be more prepared to challenge the real world by having a four-year college degree rather than just a high school diploma. Having a higher education made the difference in getting a good job with a decent salary.

Unfortunately, I did not follow my parents’ advice to go to college right after high school. Instead, I decided to look for a job because I wanted to be independent. After I had been working at different dead-end jobs and making minimum wage, I tried to apply for better jobs that would pay more than ust the minimum wage. These jobs required a higher education such as having a two or four year college degree, which I did not have.

I soon realized that I had to go back to school to obtain a higher education. I hated the fact that I had basically wasted three years.

Now I encourage my younger sister to go to college right out of high school.By doing so, she wouldn’t waste time working in dead-end jobs making minmum wage. Instead she would concentrate on getting a better education which would provide her with a better paying job. I didn’t want my sister to learn the hard way that she could have been better off by going to college ather than working right out of high school. I felt good to see my sister’s interest in applying early to go to college right after she graduates from high school.

Although she is still a junior in high school, I am glad she has learned from my mistake of not taking my parent’s advice when I had the chance. Fortunately, I did go back to school, and now I’m in my last semester of college. I guess it is better late than never.

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Life After High School Essay

Life without Modern Gadgets Essay

Life without Modern Gadgets Essay.

A lifestyle without the modern gadgets, sounds quite a hard life to live. But lets look deep and analyse both sides of this. Life de-modernised would be a time consuming one requiring a lot of time and effort, for example, can u imagine urself carrying around your home stereo, you cannot!!.. instead we have mp3 players and iPod’s too boost our speed in life. Although there are so many negatives to be seen on the surface when considering a lifestyle without modern gadgets, we as people have actually forgotten the beauty and simplicity of life without modern technology.

The simplicity of learning to do things by yourself instead of a ‘machine’, the simplicity of working together physically instead of creating your ‘own workspace at home’ as ‘teleworking’, confining you to a lonesome boundary in life giving you all the opportunity to procrastinate in ur own home.. Technology is good but has also brought people to a height of extreme convenience where we easily forget our roots of simplicity.

Time is very precious in today’s era. Everyone wants to do things in very short span.

The quotation “Stitch in time saves nine” means if you finish something in time, you will be able to do ten things in the time you saved. Keeping this in view, scientists and technologysts developed many new things to save as much time as possible. In each and every sphere of life we can find machines and gadgets that saves our time a lot. Wether it is business, transport, education, communication, new technology did a lot. ATM is one of the inventions of time saving gadgets. ATM is expanded as Automated Teller Machine.

Or sometimes we can also say it as Any Time Money machine which is true in its sense. We can draw money at any instance of time with the help of ATM, a day or mid-night, in emergencies, or when we shop we need not have to carry cash, we simply apply the credit or debit card, same like ATM card. Initially, we have to stand in long ques to draw money out of banks, sometimes, the employees are absent, there is some holiday in bank or strike of workers hence we have to sit back without money and our work remains pending for several days.

There was a boy named Salim, he went to factory every day for his life earnings, early morning he used to went and came back in the evening. One day, his owner wants rent. When he came back in evening he found a board at his door, it was written on the board, that if he didn’t pay rent by morning, he will be out from the room. He was very upset, he talked to the owner and takes the deadline of next evening. He thought that he will take a leave from office and will draw money from bank and give it to the owner.

Next morning, he went to the bank, and he find a long que, he was bit upset, but he have to give money before deadline. He stand in the que in the last place, when he was near his turn, he found that the strike break down in the area. Every shop and office went close. The bank also closed due to strike. He was upset and he again came back home without money. Again on TV he found that the strike will remain stir for next 2 days. Hence, this is the best example of giving the importance of ATM in our daily life. Our life was like miscommunicated without these gadgets.

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Life without Modern Gadgets Essay