Speech: Classroom and Beloved Principal Sir/madam Essay

Speech: Classroom and Beloved Principal Sir/madam Essay.

Hello and a very good evening to our beloved principal sir/madam, teachers and my dear friends. Today I stand here to bid a formal goodbye to all of you. When I joined this school many years back (you may mention the correct number of years in here for your speech), I was filled with lots of doubts and of course was scared a bit. But slowly with time we all got glued so strongly that even ‘fevicol’ started feeling jealous.

I still remember our small mischief in the class room, teasing each other, laughing out loud on a silly joke, reading a novel in maths class, eating other’s lunch boxes before break, fighting on petty issues, competitions on stages, crying over each other’s shoulders, and lot more which is hidden in deep in my heart and of everyone’s around here. These memories are just too valuable. These walls of our classroom have known so many great moments of our friendship and fight; these walls are like our second home.

I used to hate holidays of more than 3 days as it always meant being away from my friends which was too unbearable and now we stand on the turning point of our life when we have to move on our different paths. God only knows if ever we would be able to meet each other later in our life or not. I am also grateful to Facebook, twitter, email and Google plus for uniting us in our friendship chain even when we leave this school. I have made countless memories that I will treasure forever.

I take this farewell speech as an opportunity to thank my teachers who provided direction to our knowledge and shape to our future. I know, we’re one of the naughtiest classes in the whole school but we love you all and would never forget the lessons of books as well as of life that you have taught us. Thank you everyone for making this moment a very special for all of us. I will always cherish this moment.

All the very best for your future. I hope that all of you will get great success in your future. Thank you.

Speech: Classroom and Beloved Principal Sir/madam Essay

Where Is the Love – Satire Speech Essay

Where Is the Love – Satire Speech Essay.

Music is an important part of our life because it expresses different type of messages to different type of people in certain circumstances. They can mean all different type of emotions like love, heartbreak, excitement and so many more. Different type of music can impact in people’s lives, leaving them with a certain feeling towards someone or something. The song “Where is the love” by The Black Eyed Peas was created to inform people about what’s happening, that people should care about their neighbour.

In this analyse I will be talking about the theme, purpose and audience. I will also be talking about the tone and mood. And finally I will be talking about the figurative language, symbolism and allusion.

The theme, purpose and audience are important elements of a song are valuing people’s lives and backgrounds even though they are different. The lyric of “Where is the love” by The Black Eyed Peas tells the listener that they can easily pick up on when listening to the song with no video.

Even without watching the music video or searching for lyrics of the song, we can see the disappointment being expressed over the lack of togetherness in the world. I believe that this song is empowered by teenagers. It encourages young adults to stop the behaviours that reinforce the negativities in the world. I think that the older generation would be disempowered from this song because they wouldn’t really take much notice to what they are saying because it’s just “teen rap”.

Ron Fair, who was the producer of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”, met will I am when he recruited the Black Eyed Peas for the legally blonde soundtrack and the pair hit off. Later that month they started writing the song with Justin Timberlake, and in June, 2003 the song “where is the love” was produced. On the night after Christmas in 2001, Will I am came up with a beat and wrote a guitar part he liked. He then got some thoughts off his chest he’d been holding in since September 11, including the verse, “Overseas we tryin’ to stop terrorism/ But we still got terrorists here livin’/ In the U.S.A., the big CIA, the Bloods and the Crips and the KKK/ But if you only have love for your own race/ Then you only leave space to discriminate.” Taboo added similar emotional versus. I selected this issue as it is understanding, and can relate to many lives. Mood and tone has a major impact on the audience as it can determine the type of audience.

Both tone and mood are important aspect of a song. The tone of a song helps the listener distinguish the author’s attitude towards the subject matter, while the mood relates to the emotions the listener derives from the text. The lyrics mention gangs, violence, people killing each other, hurt children who are crying, but how we share the world with each other. The sad, undeniable parts of life as we know it, and their negative feelings, disappointments, sadness and regrets. When they say, “ask yourself,” “we,” and “one” in phrases throughout the song, they find a connections between themselves, the song and the listeners which can make us feel more involved, impacted and responsible, in the song listening about the problem. We realise we are not hearing about someone else’s problems, but our own, and we can be part of the solution.

The lyrics create a message to us through the words of the song. For example, there is a verse that goes, “but if you only have love for your own race, then you leave space to discriminate, and to discriminate only generates hate, and when you hate you’re bound to get irate, yeah”. The line is simple and sensible, letting us understand in a song, but relate to circumstances that are happening in the world. People these days think that clothes, phones, money etc. is more important than their family, a line in the song goes “most of us only care about the money makin’ and “selfishness got us followin’ our wrong direction.” This line is telling us what the black eyed peas think about and sees about the world.

The figurative language in my song, “where is the love” is true rhyme, slant rhyme, internal rhyme and alliteration. An example of true rhyme is “not respectin’ each other, deny thy brother” and “a war goin’ on but the reason’s undercover” An example of slant rhyme is “Madness is what you demonstrate” and “and that’s exactly how anger works and operates” An example of an internal rhyme is “And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, yeah” A example of alliteration is “Father,Father,Father help us”. These parts of figurative language helps us convey a message towards the targeted audience. However symbolism and allusion is not used in this song “Where is the Love”. The techniques used to perform this song has helped to convey a simple but yet affective message.

In terms of this song to us, I think it is effective because it points out a problem to which almost everyone can relate to. It also highlights the problem through relevance and negativity, which inspires people to stop the behaviours that reinforce these negativies. If that happens, people may treat other people more nicely, and we can maybe find “the love” that the Black Eyed Peas couldn’t find in their song.

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Where Is the Love – Satire Speech Essay

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Summary Essay

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Summary Essay.

Love at first sight is a controversial subject because it’s a matter of believing in fate or not. Fate is a peculiar thing, at that. In The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith, the main characters, Hadley and Oliver, meet against all odds on a modern day flight to England from America. Oliver, is the British boy Hadley never imagined she would ever meet let alone fall head over heels for in such a short period of time.

Hadley is the calm to Oliver’s storm but what will happen when Hadley realizes she may lose the one person that understands her?

Hadley Sullivan hasn’t seen her father for over a year, and now she’s going to London, England for his wedding to a woman she’s never met that will soon have the title. In the airport she meets a hot British guy named Oliver, but loses track of him when the plane lands.

Hadley slumps to the wedding without even having gotten Oliver’s phone number, last name, tries to figure out what role she has or wants in her dad’s new life, and learns that there are worse things than a father who leaves for another woman.

Oliver, who recently lost a father whom he never particularly admired, just wants to forget about his problems and uses Hadley as a distraction for the 18 hour flight that they are enduring together. Hadley has an epiphany and races to the only place she could imagine him being at. When she arrives, she thinks that Oliver didn’t even want to continue speaking, even though that flight is the best thing that has ever happened to Hadley.

Little does she know that Oliver was going through a rough patch in life; while she’s upset about her father remarrying, he’s losing his father permanently. She lives in distraught and then Oliver follows her back to her father’s reception ceremony and tells Hadley how he really feels. In the end, Hadley and Oliver live happily ever after, Hadley realizes how happy her father is and forgives him for abandoning her mother and herself and agrees to start reconnecting with him and her new stepmom who turns out to be very nice and Oliver learns how to feel again.

I thought the book was alright. It was very cliché and reminded me of many other young adult romance books, but it was decent. I wouldn’t recommend this book as a must-read novel, perhaps as something to read in their spare time when they have nothing better to read. It was extremely easy to read, there was not a lot of effort needed to complete this novel. I think that the author chose the title The Probability of Love at First Sight because in the book Hadley asks Oliver what he’s majoring in at college and he always has some kind of improvised answer that involves a study that isn’t important but it makes her laugh. In addition to that reason, it is also a story about love at first sight.

This book relates to my life because I know how Oliver feels after losing his father because I lost my father as well. I can also relate to Hadley because my mom recently remarried to a wonderful man that makes her happy. I have also met someone on a trip that I became very close to. A few years ago I made a friend on a Caribbean cruise and we became best friends and he only lives 3 hours away. We may not have fallen in love but we became good friends that still stay in contact.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Summary Essay

My Favourite Band Essay

My Favourite Band Essay.

I have always loved music since I was young . My favorite band is One Direction . I love One Direction because they are the most amazing band in the world . When I first heard their music, I knew that they were always going to be one of my favorites band. They song made me want to get up, dance, and sing . Their music is catchy ,fun to listen to and over all great. One Direction are a British-Irish boy band consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson .

The cutest guys you could imagine . I like One Direction most because their voice is very nice and when they sings their voice comes from the heart and which is very touchy and tends the song listen many times. They competed on the seventh season of The X Factor . One Direction’s first single is “What Makes You Beautiful” . The first song of one direction that makes me feel crazy is What Makes You Beautiful .

A catchy tune began to play, it made not only my body dance but my heart too.

A deep and sweet voice began to sing meaningful lyrics that made me smile so much it hurt my cheeks. One Direction’s song Little Things has the emotions kind of moving, with the lyrics that make you want to cry because they are so meaningful. One Directions voices are reason why I love them so much. Their singing voices and talking voices can catch anyone speechless . Their voices are so beautiful, in every single way possible. I mostly like Harry and Zayn voices . Each member has beautiful personalities as well, another reason I love them so very much. Liam has a sweet and caring personality.

Louis believes he will never grow up and thinks everything needs to be fun in a way. Zayn has a sweet, over protective, bad boy personality. Niall has an adorable, care free, special personality that makes everyone love him. Harry has the perfect kind of personality. He can be shy, but at the same time completely friendly. Harry is very sweet and seems to always make people feel special. One Direction is the most important thing in my life. I absolutely in love with One Direction. Especially, Zayn Malik! I hope that my dream to go to One Direction 2013 World Tour will come true .

My Favourite Band Essay

Love Relationship Among Student Essay

Love Relationship Among Student Essay.

This research study examines the relationship between academic achievement and at-risk students. Many issues today affect the achievement gap and the ability for at-risk students to succeed. Most data, as revealed in the studies included in this review, conclude the factors identifying at-risk students do have significant impact on the academic achievement of individual students and schools. Most often, these students are not successful and eventually drop out of school or pursue a GED. Data indicate that teacher-student relationships, parent or caregiverstudent relationships, motivation, SES, and peer influence can affect success for at- risk students.

Twelfth grade students from two high schools in an urban school district were given the opportunity to participate in a survey. This study investigates correlations between the dependent variable grade point average (GPA), and the independent variables teacher-student relationships, parent or caregiver-student relationships, motivation, SES, and peer influence. Five regressions were run to determine if any of the independent variables predict GPA.

Data from this study indicate that the variance between the dependent variable of GPA and each of the five independent variables is significant; however the practicality of these results’ having a significant influence on the GPA of the study participants is minimal.

The strongest variance found was between GPA and motivation and between GPA and peer influence. Other findings include a relationship between GPA and participation in sports or activities. As GPA increases, the percentage of students participating in sports and activities increased. The students in this study do have positive relationships with their teachers; have a parent or caregiver encouraging them to do well in school; and plan to attend college.

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Love Relationship Among Student Essay

It’s Better to Have Loved Then Lost Than Never Love at All Essay

It’s Better to Have Loved Then Lost Than Never Love at All Essay.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson once said “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”, and I agree. I think being in love is a part of the journey of life and a very good experience to have, one would regret for not having go through that. Being in love also makes you a better person, happier and more passion about life and it’s one of the best feelings anyone can have. Although losing costs a lot of pain, one can also learn from that and get something out of it at the end of relationships and learn upon that.

One only gets one chance at life so it should be a life where one can experience every part of the journey. Love is a huge part of that experience. If one never loved then they will be missing one of the biggest journeys of life and would later in their life regret it. Also, if one never experience love one wouldn’t know what that is, so they can’t decide for themselves if it was worth it for them or not.

The main character in “the long walk to forever”, Newt, is an example of someone who tries very hard to experience this journey. When he first showed up, he wasn’t sure that it would turned out how he wanted, but despite that fact he still told Catharine his feelings towards her. He went and talked to her because he doesn’t want to regret for not taking any action of what could be one of the best things in his life. In the end, he discovered that she loved him too, a risk worth taking. Being in love changes the way one see things in the world. It makes everything seem nicer, happier and better. Being in love will also makes you want to be a better person, for the happiness they receive they would also try to express it to others as well. One would also do things harder, be more passionate and more energized in everything they do.

In the movie Benjamin button, after Daisy broke her leg and wouldn’t be able to dance, she was crushed. However, when later she and Benjamin fell in love with each other, her ways of seeing life changed dramatically. They were always happy when they were together, and love changed her life and helped Daisy to quickly recover mentally from her accident. Losing someone causes a lot of pain, but there are things that can be learned from it. At the end of each relationship one can learn from their mistakes and change to the better. True love is something that can stand the test of time and even if it was lost there will still happy memories left in your heart. The story “The Skating Party” shows this perfectly.

Although the uncle, Nathan Singleton was engaged with Eunice Lathem, he actually loved her sister Delia Sykes. So when he had to make the choice to save only one of them he chose the one he really loved, Delia Sykes. In the end after Delia moved away with her husband he wasn’t all that sad. From this experience, he learned who he really loved and figured out that he couldn’t change the fact, so he never got married. He remained alone but felt he had done what his heart commanded. It’s better to love then lose than never love at all.

Life is a journey, and love is a big part of it. Being in love change the ways one sees things to be even better and it is one of the best feelings anyone can experience. Even at the end of a relationship there are things that can be learned that would help one to improve. So they can learn from that, improve themselves and be even happier with life. One only gets one chance of life so it should be a life where one experienced every part of the journey, or it will be something they will look back upon and regret for not doing so.

It’s Better to Have Loved Then Lost Than Never Love at All Essay

Love in the Time Essay

Love in the Time Essay.

The actions of human nature with regards to sexual drive and concepts of love are not easily explained using only conventional conceptual studies such as Evolutionary Sociology. For instance it is some how difficult to explain human behaviors such as celibacy, homosexuality, and adoption from these aspects. However, the evolutionary process is used to describe how humans came into being by a process of change over a substantial period of time.

In this case, some human actions is viewed as direct results of certain behavioral evolution, which makes use of thorough studies of other primates and many other animals in the animal kingdom, with the aim of discovering linking keys to unlock some behaviors.

On the other hand, some of the strongest concepts can be linked to Evolutionary Sociobiology where the evolutionary past of humans is a vital tool for the explanation of their present actions.

Additionally, all concepts that humans act upon, not easily explained with evolution in today’s world, can be shown to be results of the interactions of an information pattern, held in each individual’s memory and which is capable of being passed to that of another individual.

Thus, these ideas can be stored biochemically in human brains, but also can be transmitted in visually or orally, in writing, music, or TV for example. These facts are fundamental to the views of this paper, which is a stringent account aimed at exposing the influences of two seemingly dicey elements of human interactions, namely; love and lust.

This paper presents its views with vital emphasis on the lessons inherent in two of Scott Fitzgerald’s publications; that is ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Offshore Pirate’, as well as other vital resources which were consulted during this research. Introduction. Love can be defined as a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection. It can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, including pleasure (for example, one can be in love with a substance such as fashion, life style, car and so on) and in interpersonal attraction (such as falling in love with someone).

The circumstance in which one falls in love with a particular entity can some times be strange. An instance of this is found in the fiction story ‘The Offshore Pirate’, in which one the characters (Ardita) fell in love with a stranger whom she met under an unforeseen circumstance, thus she didn’t hesitate to confess her feeling to him (Fitzgerald 29). Although the nature or essence of love is a subject of frequent debate, different aspects of the word can be clarified by determining what isn’t love.

As a general expression of positive sentiment (a stronger form of like), love is commonly contrasted with hate (or neutral apathy); as a less sexual and more emotionally intimate form of romantic attachment, love is commonly contrasted with lust; and as an interpersonal relationship with romantic overtones, love is commonly contrasted with friendship, although other definitions of the word love may be applied to close friendships in certain contexts. On the other hand, lust is a shallow type of love known as Eros.

Recent critics have tended to prefer desire or Eros over love not only because of the latter word’s association with sentiment but also because an earlier generation of Shakespeare scholars identified it with a state in which characters rise above the trammeling conditions of social, political, and economic relations (Schalkwyk 76). Thus, Lust is merely a variation of consciousness’s project to become its own foundation, a project that necessarily fails. How Can Love Be Identified?

Love between humans can be identified in many ways, but the most common way is that it connotes a sense of steady friendship and faithfulness as well as the spirit of forgiveness even in the face of faithfulness. Just like the couple (Tom and Daisy) in Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ forgave each other’s flaws. Love is a subset of desires of which sexual acts such as kissing is an integral part. So it is not strange for one to develop such desires at first sight of what he or she wants or would love to have.

Thus, the case of the nineteen year old ‘Ardita’ expressing her feelings for the young stranger she met (Fitzgerald 30). Love tends to bring together things that would naturally be in diversity, forcing these to rather identify what they have in common (Fitzgerald 23). Hence, it is a gateway to romantic relationships. A romantic relationship is an important part of many people’s lives, but not the whole. Balance is about understanding where your relationship fits into the life you have.

A person who’s working 80 hours a week may genuinely not have time or energy for any kind of relationship at all. A person who’s raising children must consider their needs as well as his or her own. Emotional honesty (starting with that first time you confess love) isn’t achieved simply or quickly. It takes work, work that will go on for the rest of your relationship, both with yourself and with your partner. It also brings deep rewards in the form of closeness and trust. Signs of healthy relationships include being open to change, to the process of facing and accepting uncomfortable emotions.

More than any other part of a relationship, the work of emotional honesty is founded in love. It takes a leap of faith to drop your defenses and trust your partner with the feelings, thoughts, dreams, ideas and words that are most essentially yours. Human Actions mentored by Love. Responsibility; this act includes having the time to devote to the physical capacity to carry out certain tasks. This requires a lot of time and sacrifice from all parties involved. Time, more often than not, is something that gets in the way of being able to devote oneself.

Commitment; this involves boycotting all nefarious acts such as unfaithfulness, which tends to breach the contract instituted by love. Achieving Goals; this includes the ultimate goal of mastering the art of love as well as all the stepping stones along the way. Staying focused on the present is important, yet without an idea of where one is heading it’s easy to get lost. Confidence; love serves as an instrument that bestows confidence among it participants Patience; hand-in-hand with confidence, patience is needed to persevere through the low points.

If martial arts were easy, everyone would do it. The same goes for love. Truly opening yourself to another, being vulnerable, and accepting the other unconditionally takes a lot of effort. It is a common misconception that “love should just come naturally. ” Persistence; working closely with confidence, persistence requires having faith in the process of learning. That even though you don’t get it all now, if you keep at it, eventually you will. Action that Depicts Lust. Lust is a physical emotion that humans act upon in the heat of the moment.

Yet few would fall in love with someone who didn’t turn them on, and that can lead to problems. Here are some tips to identify lust; • If one only want to be with another person just to have sex, it’s lust. • If one tries to describe his or her friend and can only talk about physical appearance and body parts, that’s lust. • If a person doesn’t call or converse with the other party except when he or she wants physical pleasure, that’s lust. • If one lies to someone in order to get into bed with him or her, that’s lust.

It’s possible for an affair based purely on lust to develop into a healthy relationship based on love, but it doesn’t occur often. You may be better off spending your time with someone who sees and appreciates you with clothes on. Conclusion. Real love exists between equals. Neither partner is considered inferior or superior, though different roles may be assumed. One party’s wants, needs and fears are no more or less important, though they may at times be more or less urgent, than those of the second party. Both deserve time, energy, and resources.

In summary it is important to note that humans are all animals being controlled by a conscience in one form or another. Its hard to have any proof of what it is actually. However, it is some form of a soul or divine presence or just a series of memes that have dominance in our minds taking over some of our functions to insure that the meme itself is able to survive as long as possible and to reproduce itself, spreading to other minds and trying controlling them in much the same way, truly acting like a virus for the computer that is our brain.

Thus, memetics may basically provide a partial answer to how love or lust mentors our behaviors, just as evolutionary sociobiology, but do these two concepts complete the picture of human behavior? Maybe there is a part to us that is non-material a spirit or such that instead of being memetics controlling us, it controls us and memetics influences that. Something has to select the memes, decide between them and there maybe something beyond our comprehension to explain this.

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Love in the Time Essay

How I Know My Mother Loves Me Essay

How I Know My Mother Loves Me Essay.

When I was very young, I was a sickly child. In fact, I had to spend most of my life away from school and in bed. Not surprisingly, I was miserable. I fretted a lot and constantly demanded my mother’s attention. I was a spoiled brat.During the day, I would demand that my favorite delicacies be served to me and that my favorite stories be read to me. At odd hours of the night, I would ask for a hot drink or a cookie, or just some company.

”Mummy, stay with me!” was my constant whine.Not once was that demand refused. Not once did my mother groan or grumble. She answered every unreasonable demand of mine with unfailing patience. My mother would put everything aside to comfort me.My world was very small then. There was just me and Mummy.

My world consisted of the feel of her cool palms soothing my brow and her floral scent as she leaned over me to tuck in my blanket.

I remember her low voice, hushing me as I fretted about the pains in my joints. Most of all, I remember the look in her eyes, of deep concern for her sick child. That was how I knew my mother loved me then.Miraculously, I have outgrown my childhood ailments. Now that I am on the threshold of adulthood, my world has grown to include many exciting friends. Set free from the prison of the sickbed, I revel in the fun that the world has to offer.My relationship with my mother has suffered from my wild pursuit of fun.

She criticizes my choice of friends and tries to enforce rules and regulations to curb my activities.Two nights ago, I stayed out way, way past my “curfew” hour, which is eleven o’clock. It was almost 1 a.m. when I reached my house. To make matters worse, I had been unable to call home to inform my mother that I would be delayed. There were no phones where we were “hanging out”. I knew that I was in for it!My mother flung open the door the minute she heard my friend’s car pull in. Her face was red, sweat was pouring down her temples.

My friends made a quick exit as she ranted at me, her arms waving wildly. I didn’t say a word, in case one of those hands should find its mark on my face. I was ordered straight to bed.As I got into bed, she stood in my room, still ranting at me for my disobedience and “wild behavior”. I was tired. I just wanted to sleep. I looked up at her face to try to gauge if her scolding would be continuing much longer.Then I saw something familiar about the look in her eyes. It was the same look of concern that she had always had when I was so sick. I saw in her eyes all the fears that she had suffered that night as she waited for her daughter to return safely.This is how I know my mother loves me now.

How I Know My Mother Loves Me Essay

Have You Ever Experienced Falling in Love? Essay

Have You Ever Experienced Falling in Love? Essay.

Have you ever experienced falling in love? How do you know if you’re in love? Does age really matter when you fall in love? What does love feel like? These are some of the questions asked by teenagers like me. I, as a teenager, admit that I have loved someone, and have been loved back. At first, I didn’t know that, but I woke up one morning and realized that I was in love with him. I taught myself that time that I was too young for love since I was just 15 years old back then, but in reality, age does not really matter at all.

Love is the greatest feeling in the whole world. As a teenager we can’t help but get curious in things like love. So I decided to read an article about teenage love. In everyone’s teenage years, we will encounter different people, get interested with someone, we want to be loved and fall in love.

There will also come a time in our adolescent years where we will get an urge to fall in love with someone so that we will not be left behind with what is trending, because this is part of our physical growth as a teen. Francis Githinji states that “Teenage is a confusing place to be because you are not old enough to be called mature and you are not too young to be called a child.” Francis is right, we are in a place of confusion because sometimes, we feel like we are old enough to handle these love situations and sometimes we feel that we are too young to be serious in love. Teens also conclude that they’re in love with someone but then they don’t realize that they are just infatuated.

Out of curiosity, teens want to experience and explore something new about themselves that is connected with love. It is because they hear from certain people that if love is real, there should be sexual intercourse involved. But for me, it’s not real love if it’s only lust. And if you really love someone, you will respect her/him. That’s what I call love. No one can say if teenage love is real or not, but as you experience love in your teenage years, you’ll learn from it and become wiser the next time you fall in love again.

Nobody is an expert when it comes to love. We can’t control love, it just comes around. We will get shocked that one day, we fell in love someone. There is nothing wrong with falling in love, but sometimes the people in it make mistakes. We just have to know how to handle love. As we take on our teenage life, we will get along with other people and unexpectedly fall in love. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s real or not, as long as we are enjoying our life. We are still young, and there are many experiences that await us.

Have You Ever Experienced Falling in Love? Essay

Frost and Farley’s “The Road/Lover Not Taken” Essay

Frost and Farley’s “The Road/Lover Not Taken” Essay.

One of the most renowned American poets of his century, and of our generation still, Robert Frost – evident in his perhaps most widely recognized poem, “The Road Not Taken” (1915) – is able to effectively relate the inherent and quintessential condundrum existent in humanity which plagues the greater part of every human being’s existence.

Conversely, the poet Blanche Farley, in a similar poem entitled “The Lover Not Taken” (1984) is able to afford readers more than a brief glimpse, and perhaps, reflection, of the inner workings of the human psyche, and its complexities; however much verging on a lampoon or parody of Frost’s work it may appear to be.

Both writers are able to convey an aspect of humanity through their poetry. Apart from the glaring similarity which exists in the title of Frost and Farley’s poem, “The Road… ” and “The Lover… ” share another familiar element.

Both are fraught with the inherent human agony and reality of choice. The need to choose between two roads to tread by, or lovers to take for one’s own; and the possibility of being at an advantage or disadvantage for choosing or dismissing a lover or proverbial road over the other is explicitly voiced in both poems.

Both Frost and Farley are able to communicate the exquisite agony which is necessarily attached to the act of choosing, and perhaps even mourning the fact that one doesn’t have the capacity to venture and experience both undertaking.

Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” begins with the famous lines affirming the previously mentioned sentiment when he pronounces, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, / And sorry I could not travel both… ” (1-2). In case readers were unable to exact this particular ideology from the title yet, the aforementioned quoted lines are able to firmly establish and affirm it. The extent of Robert Frost’s poem proceeds to relate how he chose one road over the other, one that appeared less than pleasant, but that which he proceeded to tread along in nonetheless.

And despite already treading along in it, Frost briefly thought of returning and walking the other road instead, but he resolves to continue on the road he’s chosen, pronouncing, “Yet knowing how way leads to way, / I doubted if I should ever come back. ” (14-15). The poem aptly culminates under a tiresome, but hopeful and optimistic note in which the poet looks back on the journey he’s taken, and relates: “I shall be telling this with a sigh / Somewhere ages and ages hence: / Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– / I took the ones less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference.

” (16-20). The proverbial road and journey which the poet took, and which every man and woman, at one point or another, is inevitably bound to undertake is highlighted in the poem. Frost stresses the weight or impact that every individual’s choice contributes in the shaping of his or her life. The concluding line in the poem speaks to readers on a visceral level because it encompasses an inherent and significant aspect of every individual’s humanity.

In “The Lover Not Taken,” Blanche Farley addresses this similar aspect of humanity – the perennial agony associated with choice – albeit rooted in parody, and perhaps even comedy. Farley relates the age-old torment of being torn between lovers, playfully relating, at times subtly, and sometimes crudely, in a fashion almost identical to Frost’s previous poem, “Committed to one, she wanted both / And, mulling it over, long she stood… This new guy, smooth as a yellow wood / Really turned her on. ” (1-2, 5-6)

Farley proceeds to relate what she finds attractive in both men, almost in a manner which appears achingly juvenile, but the poet redeems herself with traces of wit and humor which “The Lover Not Taken” is not without. The narrator troubles herself with a view of the consequences and ramifications that could possibly ensue if she was to pick one lover over the other; but like Frost, the narrator is able to arrive at a firm decision. Farley concludes the protagonist’s particular condundrum in comedic triumphance by expressing, “With that in mind, she took the fast way home, / The road by the pond, and phone the blond.

” (21-22) Blanche Farley’s “The Lover Not Taken” may be different compared to Robert Frost’s classic “The Road Not Taken” in terms of the gravity of choices being discussed, but it nonetheless presents readers a reality which applies in the extent of human existence. It affirms the idea that the perennial agony which exists alongside mankind’s inherent need to choose is very much present, be it in something as arcane and immensely significant as the journey every individual is supposed to undertake which will alter their entire being, to something as seemingly banal, trite and even juvenile as ambivalent love.

Ultimately,“The Road Not Taken” and “The Lover Not Taken, are both able to evoke the agony which lies in choices, however disparate the weight of the concerns addressed in each poem may be, and in essence, both are able to reflect humanity.

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Frost and Farley’s “The Road/Lover Not Taken” Essay