Opinion Essay Writing Services

Opinion essay writing services at custom university papers

As a student, an employee, or a person who enjoys writing, there’s the likelihood that you will come across an interesting or dynamic topic requiring your opinion. When asked by your professor to put your thoughts, opinions, or perspectives down on paper, do you think you’re well-positioned to score above 90%?


That may sound like an odd or realistic question. Doesn’t it? Regardless of your answer to this conundrum, we present this brief article to highlight what constitutes a perfect opinion essay.

Opinion Essay Writing Services

As the name suggests, an opinion essay or research paper is a type or kind of paper in which you provide a personal opinion about a given topic. In most cases, opinion essays’ topics, subject matters, or themes are controversial. Moreover, your instructor may direct that you write a short, medium, or long opinion paper. In addition, it is not uncommon to encounter opinion essays in different types of papers. For example, you may be asked to format your opinion essay as a speech, essay, or research paper.

Opinion Essay Writing Services

These opinion essay writing dynamics explain why academic writers at Custom University Papers.com often emphasize the need for our customers and all college students to remain prepared, flexible, and open-minded.

You ask whether it is mandatory that you in-text cite and reference an opinion essay because, after all, the content encompasses your thoughts about the subject matter. Our straightforward answer is YES.

You always back up your point-of-view with verifiable evidence, well-thought explanations, and examples. For this reason, our team of academic writing experts emphasizes the need for you first to brainstorm and study the topic before starting/writing your opinion papers.

Why should you engage in the brainstorming session when the essay only requires your opinion? By doing so, you gain access to diverse ideas regarding the topic. You’ve been challenged to AGREE or DISAGREE with a mandatory school uniform. Yes, the topic seems unconventional and controversial.

By brainstorming, you can discuss with fellow students, consult lecturers, and ask your parents and friends about what they think. Undoubtedly, you will end up with immense information to include and elaborate in various opinion essay paragraphs. That sounds convincing.

Having brainstormed, it is now time to read and review the opinion essay requirements keenly. These may include the following structure, formatting style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, OSCOLA, or Oxford), and grading rubric.

Our esteemed writers and expert editors have concluded that most students’ concerns revolve around “HOW TO STRUCTURE” an opinion. Because we care about your ability to gain in-depth knowledge of what an opinion paper is, we have dedicated the following section just for this. We agreed to use numbers and bullets to make your reading relatively easier.


Opinion Essay Structure

  1. Introduction: introduce the opinion essay by either repeating the assignment question using your own words or using a hook that captures your point of view.

Example: You may be asked to write about “whether you agree or disagree with mandatory school uniforms.” You can start your introduction by saying: “I strongly agree with all students wearing school uniforms because it creates a strong sense of equality.”

By contrast, you can choose to disagree or partially agree. The choice is yours unless the instructions state otherwise. However, you must justify and explain your opinion using facts and examples.

  1. Body paragraphs: You can have as many paragraphs as possible depending upon the length of your opinion essay.

Notably, these body paragraphs should state and explain the reasons why you agree, partially agree, or fully disagree.

Hello… Also, remember to stick to high academic standards to earn the highest points. You can do this by having the following per body paragraph:

  • Topic sentence (introducing the reason)
  • Supporting details (opinions, facts, examples)
  • Concluding sentence (summarizing the reason)
  • Conclusion: Here, you have the opportunity to summarize the thoughts, feelings, points of view or ideas and facts captured in the essay. But, DO NOT introduce new ideas in this final paragraph. However, you are free to provide a relevant recommendation in a sentence or two.

Additional Tips & Requirements

Since we have covered how an opinion research paper should look, there’re wide-ranging tips to help you produce an amazing opinion essay. We have Custom University Papers’ team of writers has summarized them below.

Read on…

  1. Use transition phrases and statements: Primarily to link your opinions and ideas. Some of these phrases include “Owing to,” A further reason for,” “The other justification for this,” “While critics say that,” “First,” and “In summary/conclusion.”

Note: In any opinion essay you will encounter in the future, transition statements, phrases, and words play a central role in demonstrating how your point-of-view adds to previous arguments. They enable you to illustrate whether or not the already-made ideas/arguments are faulty, complete, or true. These phrases should be followed up with sentences expressing your opinion.

When you think or believe that your opinions are not backed up with solid evidence, consider using or incorporating modal verbs (“could,” “might,” “should,” or “may) or tentative phrases (“does not seem/appear to be,” “tends to,” or “suggests that”).

  • Write within the topic: At Custom University Papers, we have noted with a great deal of concern that most students often go off-topic; thus, losing the much-needed relevance in academic writing. They usually “beat around the bush.” Fortunately, we are here to write a top-notch custom opinion essay on your behalf. So, by contracting our essay writers, be assured of higher grades in any opinion papers.
  • Always indent your paragraphs: Consider doing this unless you’re instructed to produce an opinion paper in poetic forms. You must understand that opinion writing is like any other academic paper.
  • Formality: We always remind students and readers to mind the language they’re using to write an opinion essay. The same advice applies to our tried-and-tested custom essay writers. They’ve internalized the importance of using formal language: professional words, phrases, and symbols.

There’s no room for slang, including LMAO, LOL, DIY, or OMG.

  • First-person point-of-view: While virtually all opinion essays revolve around your perspective, remember to read the paper instructions because they may require a third-person point-of-view. However, this is a rare occurrence based on hundreds of opinion assignments we have handled.
  • Evidence: Finally, let’s emphasize the need to integrate relevant, up to date, and authentic/credible sources in your opinion essay. Few readers will pay attention to your opinion when you can’t find proof backing it up.
  • Conclusively, having read through this material, what do you think? I guess you are convinced that we are overly qualified to deliver the best custom opinion essay for you. If so, what are you waiting for? Sign up and order your custom opinion paper today.