Our custom Essay Writing Help

Our custom Essay Writing Help

When our team of professional essay masters says that CustomUniversityPapers.com is the most excellent and goal-oriented custom essay writing service provider, they mean it. Unlike our competitors, who often quote clichés, we have written perfect essays for students worldwide for over ten years. We put carefully selected words into their essay assignment worksheets and are interested in knowing more. Worry no more because you’ve just arrived at the right place.


Our custom Essay Writing Help

We offer a combination of world-class custom-written essays. We have achieved and sustained our excellence in essay writing by maintaining a pool of the most educated essay experts. Our custom essay writing help is designed to include a strong sense of humor, a writing technique sorely lacking in essays written by the competition. At Custom University Papers, we not only know a lot about writing excellent essays but are also well-equipped to teach you how to write them. Our employed and practicing professors, instructors, and teachers can teach you the tricks of developing a top-grade essay. This is why we are always available online to spout the much-needed hard wisdom and knowledge in custom essay writing.

While the Internet is increasingly flooded with all types of writers, we take a different approach to avail the best and most qualified professionals to work on your forthcoming essays and research papers. All our writers are masters and Ph.D. holders. We verify their credentials to ascertain everyone’s credibility and suitability. Our personnel and human resource management (HRM) departments post adverts on sites like Craigslist to attract and hire writers. CustomUniversityPapers.com is not your typical custom essay website but a writing platform that has historically worked through a rigorous and meticulous referral system. In other words, our top professors have been at the heart of our hiring approach, referring new hires.  

We preserve our essay writing services’ integrity by independently verifying the new hires’ academic qualifications and academic writing histories. We strictly adhere to this norm and ensure that our writers’ custom essays exceed your professor’s expectations. Although our essay maestros remain anonymous, just as you do, throughout our engagement and the dynamic custom essay writing process, 98 percent of them have top-rated graduate degrees. They specialize in various disciplines from literature through psychology to philosophy and sociology. Our professors and lecturers are currently or previously taught wide-ranging courses at the certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels.

Custom University Papers recognize that, when tasked with the responsibility to complete and submit an essay in time, you are more likely to define a specific vision for the same project. Consequently, we have established a navigable discussion board and live chat options, open around the clock and monitored 24/7 for security reasons, allowing for rapid two-way communication. In essence, you can use these systems to provide your favorite or preferred professor and writer with additional documentation regarding your urgent and upcoming essay. Our platform lets you contact us as we write your customized essay anonymously.

Custom University Papers has mastered the art of differentiation. We have differentiated ourselves in the academic writing sector in multiple key ways. First, as we highlighted earlier, our HRD and personnel departments only hire credentialed academics and committed postgraduate professionals with verified essay writing and teaching experiences. Second, we have created a customer-driven research paper writing company. This phenomenon means that we prioritize your essay writing needs, follow every aspect of the paper’s instructions or requirements, and deliver straight-A grades on your behalf.

Third, essay writers at CustomUniversityPapers.com incorporate a strong sense of humor into your uniquely-written essay. Finally, we are the premier and unique essay writing service provider you can trust. We get results in every form of writing, including custom research papers, dissertations, thesis, coursework, capstone projects, and case studies. Over the past decade, we have written thousands of customized essays from scratch.

How Do We Define An Essay?

Many lecturers and students overlook the history of essay writing. Funny, is it? We hope so because some of our team members took the same approach previously. Essay scholars have attributed the invention of an essay to Michel de Montaigne, a celebrated French author who lived between 1533 and 1592. He invented the term “essay,” describing it as a collection of words to make an argument. Montaigne wrote various texts during Renaissance French when the term “essayer” meant “to try.” In other words, an essay is a piece of academic writing whereby the writer tries or attempts to prove or justify a point, theme, or idea. Most essays are formal because you are expected to use facts to convince, persuade, or inform the target audience about a given issue—an example of an argumentative essay arguing for or against physician-assisted suicide (PAS).

Still, your professor may assign an informal essay. At Custom University Papers, we have encountered thousands of informal essays in the form of personal narratives. Typical examples of these essays include reflective journals, personal; statements, and essay prompts on various topics. However, informal essays are rare phenomena because legend has it that using the word “I” twice in an academic essay, the mythical ghost of an old composition professor will corrupt the file.”

Before we conclude this subsection, allow us to remind you that a perfectly written essay has a well-thought and uniquely-crafted thesis statement. As usual, the thesis statement goes a long way in introducing the topic and summarizing what the essay is all about. Notably, personal essays often have implicit thesis statements, while their impersonal counterparts’ should be explicit. Remember to state the principal argument in the first paragraph of your essay.

The essay must have an introduction. Your essay introduction should be concise and clear. It would be best if you used the introductory paragraph to provide an overview of the essay. Typically, a paragraph should be five sentences long. This means you should utilize the first sentence (topical sentence) to introduce the paragraph’s idea or main point. You should then write about three additional points to describe and explain the primary point before concluding (concluding sentence). At Custom University Papers, we encourage college students to use their concluding sentences to restate the introduction and take it further by challenging the reader to start thinking about the argument’s implications.

Do you see why we say Custom University Papers is the best essay writing help in the digital space today? We recognize and appreciate that a perfectly written essay must be structured properly. Our essay writing team will produce a perfect custom essay. At the same time, you take care of other engagements, such as daycare, working on a business report, and having physical exercise to fend off lifestyle illnesses by keeping fit. We are your education partner, who boasts excellence in whatever essay assignment you ask us to handle.

Remember that you should complete your write, edit, proofread, and turn in your essay approximately an hour before the deadline. It is not uncommon for your essay rubric to read as follows: “You will lose 10 points for late assignment submission. This is where we come in. Our essay writing service revolves around quality, uniqueness, and timeliness. So, we are not like some of our competitors whose writers don’t care about the speed and timely delivery of assigned tasks. We diligently do our work by reading your essay requirements keenly, conducting intensive research, and crafting top-notch essays from scratch. Our writers are postgraduate researchers, meaning your class work will be done by a professor whose teaching experience may surpass that of your current instructor. Thus, expect our team’s best and most customized essays in record time.

What Is Not an Engrossing Essay

Don’t be surprised when we insist that it is easier for many students to say what an excellently written essay is not than saying what it is. First, while many stories or narratives follow a five-scene structure, an essay should not be written as fiction. Yes, an essay has the quintessential five acts or paragraphs, but it must never be confused with fiction. Second, essays are not scientific reports on studies’ or experiments’ findings/results. We don’t deny that an essay can be a comment on an empirical study and other similar types of writing.

Third, note that an essay is not a screenplay for movies/dramas/films, books, or poetic works. Fourth, an essay should not be approached as an argument or discussion ending with ultimate no and yes answers, commonly known as binary claims. Finally, we don’t consider structureless and poorly formatted stream-of-conscious rambles as academic essays. Unfortunately, we read these kinds of writings on an everyday basis. Our firsthand encounters with diverse students in the classroom have also given us adequate experiences to determine what not an essay is.

Are you unsure of how to develop and present an essay free from these mistakes? Visit us today, and you will not regret it. We understand that the essays, as most lecturers teach them in the classroom or online, are not the actual essays you will encounter in the wild (assignment). Our expert essay writers report daily that even knowledgeable students break essay rules because their professors use the rigidly-defined lesson hours to give out dismal and trivial essay writing instructions to be followed by learners. These rules often form worksheets, narrow options for formatting, style, language, content, and checklists or essay writing rubric. We don’t write essays as a doctor’s prescription but instead do what we know best: using evidence-based information to prove a point in a customized way. Try us today and see our professional writers do the magic by delivering an outstanding essay.

How To Write a Top-Grade Essay?

Before writing your essay, you need to think like a lawyer because not all arguments or points they make in a law court will receive a yes verdict. An attorney argues a case by presenting hard and soft evidence to convince the jury to accept their submissions. Likewise, an essay requires you to brainstorm ideas, search for irrefutable evidence through in-depth research, and argue it in writing. You must spare adequate time to think about what your target audience (readers) will want to hear, do, know, and feel when they start or complete reading your work.

Against this background, you do not necessarily have to begin writing your essay with a perfect introduction. You can look for relevant information online or from the class readings and other printed works by taking short notes, cutting and pasting, or recording voice. Think of and develop an outline that will suit the number of pages of your essay. You can use the notes and the outline to start writing without worrying about many revisions. A good essay writer worries about proofreading, editing, and revisions later. Most importantly, ensure that the ideas presented in the essay will positively impact your jury (in this case, your professor, classmates, or random readers). This involves synthesizing your evidence logically, introducing key data and accompanying information early, and emphasizing the smooth flow of the principal arguments.

Steps To Writing a Great Essay

Some people parading outside as excellent academic experts may not know the nuances of the essay writing process. This is why we defined an essay and provided a brief description of what isn’t an essay.

Now read on and follow this detailed description of how to write an A+ essay:

Plan & Organize

Ask any mason whether they can build a magnificent bungalow with planning and organizing activities. The answer will be a big NO. Why because a detailed, proper, and well-thought plan comes in handy in defining and shaping the kind of information you will include in your essay. It also influences or determines how your essay will be structured and formatted. In this respect, you must organize yourself properly before beginning your essay.

A goal-oriented student needs time, willpower, appropriate research skills, patience, communication, and dedication to produce a compelling essay. Our team of essay experts does just that. Essay writers at Custom University Papers are well–trained and –resourced to deliver top-quality custom essays in time. We work around the clock to ensure that our client receives their papers before the stipulated deadline and score the desired grade.

However, uniquely written and quality essays require adequate time. As much as our team delivers in time, we usually encourage our new and returning customers to do the following as part of the essay planning and organization phase:

  • Start by contacting our customer care or chatting with your preferred essay writer on our easy-to-navigate platform. As you know, “the early bird catches the bird.”
  • Communicate the assignment details/instructions/requirements by attaching necessary files (if available).
  • Please give us your thoughts about the essay task (OPTIONAL). Specifications will go a long way in giving us insights into what you want.   


As mentioned, brainstorming ideas should be the first activity a writer should engage in. You cannot just jump into writing without thinking of ideas, and You can review sample papers on the same subject matter if you have thought of tangible points or ideas on the topic.

Sometimes your lecturer may instruct you to look for a topic for yourself, as long as it falls within the course concepts. In this case, you should think about a topic that interests you. The topic should be specific, relatable (not abstract), and researchable. Alternatively, reach out to us today for essay topic selection help because our professional writers have never run out of relevant ideas to enable you to come up with a top-rated essay. We read and learn new things every day for your grade’s sake. Also, remember that your essay prompt must not be too broad because you do not have all the time in the world to include all information in the world about the topic.

Planning Essay Presentation

This is a critical stage in essay writing because you may have a carefully selected topic but do not understand how to present the brainstormed ideas. Thus, once you have picked an essay prompt, the next step involves deciding which ideas will be part of your essay, including their presentation (in a logical manner).

It would help to structure the essay so it won’t bore your readers. You can achieve this by having an anecdote, incident, or life experience/event in the introductory paragraph. An attention-getter is handy in preparing your reader’s mind for the essay’s main points. Making the primary argument early may cause your audience to lose interest in the essay. Equally important, you should have a hierarchy for your points, starting with the most significant.

Writing Your Essay

Now that you have planned how the essay will be presented, the time is ripe for putting your ideas in writing. You can start by writing a five-sentence introduction in which you catch the reader’s attention, introduce the topic/main theme/primary argument, explain the point, provide examples/statistics, and present a thesis statement. Still, we often urge our clients to write introductions for their essays after writing the last body paragraph. You only need a well-crafted thesis statement to start your body paragraph based on the essay’s outline. If you are quite concerned about this step, you can ask us to write your essay. While we follow the traditional introduction, main body, conclusion, and reference format, our experts will produce the perfect custom essays for you.

We don’t just write, revise, and send your essay; we ensure that it is original, unique, plagiarism-free, delivered in time, and aligned with the assignment requirements. Trust Custom University Papers’ essay writing help today, and come back with a testimony of excellence after scoring that straight-A. Our experts do not pick content online and spin it using funny paraphrasing tools. We write every of your essay task from scratch. This is what differentiates them from quacks parading themselves as top-notch essay writers. We put in the effort by searching information from recently published peer-reviewed articles and books to deliver evidence-based essays on any topic, including nursing, English and literature, business, criminology, religion, HRM, or psychology.