Target Audience Essay

Target Audience Essay.

The target audiences will be divided into three segmentations which is geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, and psychographic segmentation. First of all, we will set mother and father who are in age range between 25-30 years old as our target audiences. This is because most of the time, the parents will usually to purchase diapers for their babies. The reason why we choose mother and father who are in between age 25 to 30 is because, according to a survey by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), we get to know that the average age at first marriage for men and women is from age 28.

6 and 25.1 respectively in year 2000. Hence, we estimate that the marriage couple in age between 25-30 might have or raising a baby now. Therefore, there is a very high possibility that they will consume the diapers for their baby.

Nowadays, who will be the one to purchase the diapers for baby? Surely is mother and father. As a parent, they have the responsibility to consume the baby products for their baby. Diapers play an important role for baby, because it is a necessity and is underwear for baby. Hence, parents used to keep their eyes on the diapers market in order to consume a best use diapers.

In psychographic segmentation, we primarily focus on the benefits sought and lifestyle. Although diapers are mainly worn by children who are not yet potty trained or experience bedwetting, but parents is also looking for the convenient and long lasting diapers for their children. Nowadays, parents used to be paying a higher attention to the wetness protection. According to a diapers survey 2010, we get to know that parents are much more concern about the absorption of the diaper. This is because baby can go potty in a diaper many times. Therefore, parents can comfortably take a good care of their babies.

Carry on to the lifestyle, since Huggies diaper is standing in a strong position and also holding the strong brand recognition in the market. This can automatically obtain the belief from the parents in order to consume Huggies diapers. They believe the qualities control and most of the people will think that got the credibility and brand recognition usually is best to use. Belief impact behaviour and selection decisions as well. If the parents think these diapers are nice to use for their baby, for sure they will purchase it naturally and frequently.

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Target Audience Essay