Super shops of Bashundhara R/A Essay

Super shops of Bashundhara R/A Essay.

Why I have chosen it: Bashundhara Residential Area is one of the best residential areas comparing to others residential areas of Dhaka city. It has been started almost 25 years ago. It has been said to be a remarkable residential area because of its suitable location in the heart of the Dhaka city, good communication system with others commercial parts of the capital.

However it became much more popular throughout the country due to its world class hospital like – Apollo hospital; renowned educational institutes like International School Dhaka and North South University, and corporate house of Grameen Phone added its extra valuation than any other areas in Bangladesh.

Most of the habitant of Bashundhara are mainly occupied by job holders, businessman, student and others elite societies. Although it had been started long time ago due to demand of the necessity of the mass population, but very recently, the density of the population is increasing dramatically.

Under the present perspective to fulfill the basic needs of the households, there has been notable number of super shops, grocery shops and others daily necessary items shops are available at the entrance of bashudhara residential area which is not so far from living areas.

But now-a-days, super shops are being very much popular throughout the customers for the convenience of their shopping and bashundhara residential area is no such exception. There are four such super shops are presently available. Super Shop

An especially large retail store that serves as a one-stop shopping destination by offering highly diversified merchandise, such as groceries, toys, and camera equipment, or a wide variety of merchandise in a specific product line, such as computers or sporting goods.. For example, many superstores allow consumers to buy groceries, but the super shops available in Bashundhara residential area cannot provide facilities like banking, photos developing, and oil changing facilities in the customers’ vehicle.

Super shops of Bashundhara residential area about which I am going to prepare my report are Genius Shopping Centre, Non Stop Mega Shop, K. B. Mega Shop and Bashundhara Collection. Genius Shopping Centre: Genius Shopping Center is the market leader among other super shops of Bashundhara residential area. It is said to be the first and pioneer of the super shop comparing to others super shop this area. It has been established about 4 years ago. As the first super shop, it has earned the immense brand image comparably to others.

It has the heist amount of sales. They started with a small shop but due to the innumerous pressure of customers they have successfully expanded its size and facilities to think of their valuable customers. One demerit for genius can be stated that their super mall is two storied and customers face problems during shopping when they run with their trolley on the ground floor but when customers goes to first floor they have to leave their trolley on the ground floor and it creates problems during their shopping.

Non Stop Mega Shop: After Genius, Non Stop Mega Shop was opened with almost same facilities like Genius along with some extra benefit like CD -DVD collection shop and huge varieties of products and this mega shop is the major challenger for Genius. Therefore, Non Stop Mega Shop is delivering some additional facilities to its customer like their stuffs are very much prompt and quick service provider. Comparing to Genius, Non Stop Mega Shop is benefiting for its physical infrastructure as it is one storied and customers can easily move from one part to another part on the same floor.

K. B. Mega Shop: Apart from the above mentioned Genius and Non Stop Mega shops. K. B. Mega Shop is one of the most recently opened super shop which is trying to attract the customers but they are somehow failed due to its narrow entrance and its front side also occupied by varies fruits and others vendors that very often creates hassles to customers to get into it. K. B. Mega Shop is the follower than others previous super shops. Another very disadvantage for K. B.

Mega shop is that unfavorable location for the customers as it is situated on the left side of the entrance road, as the customer face severe problem to park their vehicle. Bashudhara Collection: Bahsundhara Collection is the most recently opened super shop at the bashundhara area which is also the follower. They has stated their business around four years ago with the very small grocery shop but now they have shifted to new area very nearer to its previous location. Although it is follower but it has a big advantage than others as it has medical pharmacy along with all grocery and households’ items.

The physical evidence of the super shop is enough to give extra rhythm to its customer. Disadvantge for bashundhar collection is same as K. B. Super shop as its car parking facility. There is no such super shop which follows accurately Niche Marketing idea but somehow the most recently opened mega shops are a little bit niche marketing for young generations specilly for teenagers and children. The super shops at the entrance of Bahsudnhara residential area don’t accurately follow the dealing with competition principles.

There is no formal procedure that is being practiced. But depending upon different situations in some cases they are applying some of the rules. But the practice is very limited. Here the firm definitions are very similar. All of them are selling almost same kinds of products and the prices in all shops varies very slightly as they try to be competitors of each other. So without any doubt they are close competitors. The benefits the customers derive from the services are almost similar. That’s why the level of substitutability is more similar.

Super shops of Bashundhara R/A Essay

Thoughts on At the Galleria Shopping Mall Essay

Thoughts on At the Galleria Shopping Mall Essay.

In “At the Galleria Shopping Mall,” Tony Hoagland expresses anxiety about and dreads the impact of modern American traditions and standards at the beginning of the new millennium. In the second line of the poem, he says “there are some 49-dollar Chinese made TVs. ” This shows how America imports a lot of electronic devices from China, just about everything from TVs to iPhones to computers. Chinese labor is cheaper and quicker, making more sense to do business overseas. This is a stark contrast from fifty to even as little as thirty years ago.

Since the goods are being manufactured overseas, that means many American manufacturing jobs went overseas as well. “Who is nine and a true daughter of Texas… swinging a credit card like a scythe” (7 and 11) states that Americans are expected, encouraged, even required to know how to shop at such a young age. Lucinda (who is nine) may not know what a credit card is actually for; all she probably knows is that she can get almost anything she wants with it.

It also shows how we are expected to grow up at a faster rate.

The poem shows how materialistic America has become, so much that the Puritans, Transcendentalists, and Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves. From “comparing the breast size of an actress from Hollywood” (4) to “her favorite sport is shopping” (9), the American way is good looks over good morals. “And let us watch. As the gods in olden stories turned mortals into laurel trees and crows to teach them some kind of lesson” (18-22) implies that religion no longer comes first in the United States, and a religious person may think that their Lord will punish this country for their sins.

Meanwhile, from an economic and political point-of-view, it foreshadows how America’s disconnection from reality will lead to its downfall. Once the country does collapse, it’s going to be a scary drop. “So we were turned into Americans to learn something about loneliness” (24). America is the first and best at being materialistic and its emphasis on consumerism has spread around the world. As a nation professing individualism, and therefore individual consumer choices in the marketplace, Hoagland’s anxiety rises from our freedom to buy whatever we want. Our choices increasingly isolate us in America. For that, she truly is a lonely country.

Thoughts on At the Galleria Shopping Mall Essay

Term Shopping Mall Essay

Term Shopping Mall Essay.

What is a Mall ?

A shopping mall, shopping center/centre, shopping arcade, shopping precinct, or simply mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Modern “car-friendly” strip malls developed from the 1920s, and shopping malls corresponded with the rise of suburban living in many parts of the Western World, especially the United States, after World War II.

From early on, the design tended to be inward-facing, with malls following theories of how customers could best be enticed in a controlled environment. Similar, the concept of a mall having one or more “anchor store” or “big box stores” was pioneered early, with individual stores or smaller-scale chain stores intended to benefit from the shoppers attracted by the big stores.[1]

Regional differences

In most places, the term shopping center (shopping centre in British Commonwealth English) is used, especially in Europe, Australia, and South America; however shopping mall is also used, predominantly in North America.

[2] Outside of North America, shopping precinct and shopping arcade are also used. In North America, Gulf countries, and India, the term shopping mall is usually applied to enclosed retail structures (and is generally abbreviated to simply mall), while shopping center usually refers to open-air retail complexes; both types of facilities usually have large parking lots, face major traffic arterials, and have few pedestrian connections to surrounding neighborhoods.[2]

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Shopping arcade in Tokyo, Japan

Shopping centers in the United Kingdom can be referred to as “shopping centres” or “shopping precincts”. Mall primarily refers to either a shopping mall – a place where a collection of shops all adjoin a pedestrian area – or an exclusively pedestrianized street that allows shoppers to walk without interference from vehicle traffic. Mall is generally used in North America to refer to a large shopping area usually composed of a single building which contains multiple shops, usually “anchored” by one or more department stores surrounded by a parking lot, while the term arcade is more often used, especially in Britain, to refer to a narrow pedestrian-only street, often covered or between closely spaced buildings (see town center).


Cabot Circus in Bristol city centre, England

One of the earliest examples of public shopping malls come from Ancient Rome . One of the earliest public shopping centers is Trajan’s Market in Rome located in Trajan’s Forum. Trajan’s Market was probably built around 100-110 AD by Apollodorus of Damascus, and is thought to be the world’s oldest shopping center and a forerunner for the shopping mall.[4][5] Numerous covered shopping arcades, such as the 19th-century Al-Hamidiyah Souq in Damascus, Syria, can be considered precursors to the present-day shopping mall.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mall

At shopping malls, you can end up buying more things than you’d planned, thanks to the abundant availability of goods and services. Mall culture has become big business, as shopping malls have evolved into multi-storied structures housing a large number of stores that sell diverse products and services. Shopping malls house a collection of retail stores and restaurants, adjoined by pedestrian areas or an exclusive pedestrian street. In 1928, the Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island was the first to introduce the shopping mall concept to the United States. However, the concept was not new, if you consider the indoor, multi-vendor shopping of Isfahan, Iran’s Grand Bazaar in the 10th century.

1. Availability of Parking

* Parking is one of the major hassles for people who go into the city to shop. Shopping at malls eliminates this problem, because parking is provided either free of charge or for a nominal fee. Shopping malls incorporate vast parking areas into their design and construction. This makes it advantageous for people to choose to shop at a mall rather than a single store. Families who choose to visit a mall on the weekend or holiday for a family outing find it to be a more convenient option mainly because parking is provided.

One-Stop Shopping and Entertainment Center

* Visiting a mall is advantageous because of the numerous stores housed in one complex. Groceries, clothes, shoes, reading material, food courts, cinemas and entertainment arcades are available in one place. It is possible to spend an entire day out at the mall, shopping, eating, taking in a movie or playing games. Malls make great meeting places for friends to catch up over coffee at a café or a meal at the food court. Families get to do their weekly shopping, pick up odds and ends and keep the kids entertained at the mall. *

Inconveniences of a Mall

* One of the major disadvantages of shopping malls is their inconveniences. These include excessive crowding, especially on weekends and holidays. Sometimes it seems that everyone has the same idea—to congregate at the mall. Crowded aisles and stores make shopping very difficult; people often end up forgetting items they needed to buy. Senior citizens with mobility problems may have difficulty in traversing the mall, because of the largeness of the place. Parking can also be a problem when the mall is very crowded.

Shopping Malls are a Drain on Resources

* Shopping malls incorporate a large number of products and services inside them. It is not always easy to go to a shopping mall and exit with only what you came to purchase. The temptation to browse is always present, and browsing often leads to buying things that are not needed. Keeping to a monthly budget becomes increasingly difficult every time you visit the mall. With all the sales and special offers intended to tempt buyers, saying “no” becomes very hard.

Chennai Citi Center – for Shopping Lovers!!!

(History)About Chennai Citi Centre:

Chennai Citi Centre is an exclusive shopping mall in the heart of the City, spread over four floors-nearly 150,000sq.ft. Established by the group of B.S. Abdur Rahman Buhari on March 3rd 2006 it is a “must go” place for all Chennai shopping lovers. It is very near to Marina Beach, Kapaleeswarar temple and Santhome Bascillica which are tourist spots and naturally Chennai Citi Center also attracts many tourists.

Location| Mylapore, Chennai, India|
Opening date| 3-Mar-06|
Developer| ETA Star Properties Ltd.|
Management| Chennai Citi Centre Holdings (P) Ltd.|
Owner| Chennai Citi Centre Holdings (P) Ltd.|
No. of stores and services| 400 shops, 100 dining establishments| No. of anchor tenants| 9|
Total retail floor area| 10,925 m²|
No. of floors|
| 5|

Lifestyle and Landmark, which together occupy more than half of the mall. Lifestyle International (P) Ltd, part of the prestigious Dubai based Landmark Group, started its operations in India with the launch of the first Lifestyle store in Chennai in 1999. In little over a decade’s time, Lifestyle has established itself amongst the leading retail companies in India. Positioned as a youthful, stylish and a vibrant brand, Lifestyle Departmental stores offers its customers not just the ease of shopping but also an enjoyable shopping experience. Each Lifestyle store brings together five concepts under one roof – Apparel, Footwear, Children’s Wear & Toys, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Beauty & Fashion Accessories – offering a convenience of a one-stop shop and a wide choice of national & international brands. Home Centre by Lifestyle is a one stop destination for Furniture, Home Décor and Soft Furnishings that truly represent style, comfort and individuality. Home Centre uses a unique ‘Concept Room’ display model to give customers a practical idea of how each piece of furniture would look in a particular room.

In keeping with the Group’s tradition of making every shopping experience rewarding and memorable, The Inner Circle – Landmark Group’s Loyalty program allows members, to enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges such as reward points and exciting offers. The Inner Circle is today recognized amongst the leading Loyalty Program in the country with an ever increasing base of customers. The card is accepted across all Landmark Group Stores in India including Lifestyle, Home Centre by Lifestyle, Max Fashion, Bossini, Spar Hypermarket, Polynation Food Court & Gloria Jean’s Coffees. Lifestyle and Home Centre offer a truly international shopping experience Landmark, a TATA Enterprise, is India’s largest book and music retailer. Started in 1987 as India’s first large-format book and music store, Landmark was all about building a generation of well-informed people. Since then, Landmark has expanded into toys, stationery, gaming, electronics, gift articles, home decor, art & craft and sports accessories.

Now a part of Trent, the retail arm of the Tata conglomerate, Landmark has 18 large format stores, 1 hotel store, 1 airport store, and 1 IT Park store, across 10 locations in India.. Known for its multifaceted and popular events, quiz’s; Landmark has been a destination for book and music launches, hosting authors and artists from across the world. The guest list boasts of writers like Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follet, Wilbur Smith, Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, and Kiran Desai, film personalities like Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shyam Benegal, and Karan Johar, and music artists like MLTR, Swarathma, Sukhwinder, and Soulmate, among others. Landmark has also been at the forefront of holding events that present children with their favourite characters like Ben 10, Barbie, DORA, and Doraemon.

The rest of the mall has designer shoe shops like Mochi, Titan, a Health and Glow outlet, Cookie Man, Foodworld and a few accessory shops. There are many food stalls serving coffee, fresh corn, samosas and other snacks and is a great place to take a break during shopping. There is also a food court serving various cuisines and a large play area for children. Citi Center is a one-stop shop to shop, dine and watch a movie, or just hang out with friends. Citi Center is a unique host of flagship outlets of the top brands.


For movie lovers there is INOX. For food lovers there are various spots starting from Pakistani Kebab, Arabian Hut, Little Italy, KFC to south Indian Sangeetha – so try out anything you want!!!

For Kids

Kids will love the Fun City with its electronic rides and various arcade games. There is a new facilty for practicing cricket with state of the art bowling machines.


Most important you need not worry about parking – there is a huge parking lot exclusively for Citi Center shoppers. If you don’t want to take your car or your own vehicle, you can travel in comfort by MRTS or any one of the air-conditioned buses which stops opposite Chennai Citi Center.

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Term Shopping Mall Essay