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Golden Temple Essay

The Golden Temple is quite possibly the best sight in North India. But the Golden Temple is more than a sight. It’s an experience. From the moment one walks through the shallow water (to wash your feet) into the inner compound, one can tell that there is something holy about the place. It’s an incredibly moving experience to see the devoutness and solemnity with which the Sikhs bow down and pray. It is surprisingly quiet given the hundreds of people inside the compound at any given time, the Golden Temple is a place, that one doesn’t simply feel in awe to look at — one feels in awe to be there.

The Golden Temple, just after sunrise.

The shimmering Golden Temple, by the night.

The Golden Temple is a holy place of the followers of Sikhism. The fifth-largest organized religion in the world, Sikhism is monotheistic and emphasizes values of faith and justice. The Golden Temple….