Critical Writting Essay

Critical Writting Essay.

The article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” was wrote by Stephen Marche and was published in the Atlantic. The article catch the eye of the reader because it can be relate to our daily life in this generation. Social network is a medium where everyone involve themselves in.

The article is about the loneliness of the people that communicates using the social network. The social network can broaden one’s companionship, but it will increase one’s loneliness. The article starts with the story of a well-known artiste that’s found dead in her own apartment, because she’s alone in the house.

The social network isolates the connection between a real friendship and a friendship for the sake of connecting. According to a research, loneliness drastically increase in a decade and most of the people are not happy with their life because of loneliness. However, the usage of social network is depending on its user, it can be use for the good, or the bad.

The social network proves that there’s no way to make one happier, better life or even more liberated version of humanity, but sometimes, it has its own benefits.

The author believes that the loneliness is not something that the social network did, but rather it depends on one’s themselves. The social network merely a medium to be connected to each other, but it relies on the user itself on how to use that technology on improving oneself. The author stated that one shouldn’t cast the blame of loneliness on the technology itself, because at some point, the technology does help in improving the lifestyle in this current modernise world. According the a study, 35 percent of adults older than 45 were chronically lonely, as opposed to 20 percent of a similar group only a decade earlier. Loneliness itself occurs even without the existence of social network. One’s will still feel the loneliness in oneself after some time.

In this article, the author biased towards the Facebook that does make us lonely. Even if there’s some points that the author agreed that the loneliness is not all due to the existence of the social network, but the authors swing her writing towards the idea of the social network does make one feel lonelier. The author agreed that the social network can be the key to one’s solitude, but somehow, it will help to smoothen the interaction occurs between each other.

The usage of social network itself defines one’s loneliness but at times, it does help to widen the connectivity to other people. Though the social interaction between each others are need, but even so, loneliness still exist. The author doesn’t believe in the idea of a website that offer interconnected world is bogus. It also proven that the social interaction online proportionally increase one’s loneliness. With this, the author conclude that the social network does make one feel lonelier.

The author have many sources and references that she refers to. There are few studies of various university included in the article. There are also survey include from the 2010’s AARP. Some of the studies are not relevant, but most of it are related to the topic itself. Though, part of the article was not about the social network that make us lonely, but it also proves that one can be lonely even without the social network or online social interactions. There are many examples given in the article regarding the issues. The author did have a few conflicted argument the references in part of the article.

The targeted audience of this article is quite wide. The article itself revolves around the social network interactions where in our current modern world, most people have this kind of interactions and it is what happening in this current modernise world. There speculations on about the article, even in the social network on how it is not relatively related to nowadays lifestyle, but some part of the article did tell the truth. This article is really appropriate for those addicted Facebook user who did not see the bad influence of the social networking.

The article is quite informative in my opinion. The author tried to show the positive and the negative side of the addiction to social network and how it affect oneself and make that person lonely. The information provided is packed with data from various sources, supporting and against the issues. Regardless, both side have their own strong points on the issues. It is all up to the audience to judge which is better for their life. There are logics on each of the points provided, however one’s should know better which is a better choice for his life.

In Stephen Marche’s “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” article, she wrote that loneliness is a psychological state, not a matter of external conditions. In this contact she claimed that one become lonely because of the psychological matters, and external conditions doesn’t play any role in turning a person to be lonely. In my opinion this is wrong because the external conditions do play some roles in cause a person to feel lonely. Variety of conditions can cause a person to feel lonely. Conditions where causes the person to be neglected, and in time, he will feel lonely, after a while. Negligence of the people surround him will trigger his feeling of being left alone, thus it rose the lonely feeling in him.

The author wrote that being lonely is extremely bad for your health. She claimed that if you’re lonely then the chances you get sicks is higher than one who are not, because you less likely doing recreational activities. This is not a right context because even you’re alone, it doesn’t mean that you’re less likely to do recreational activities. It is all depend on one’s will to do so. In this current era, most people who lived alone, like the one who live in studio apartment ( normally for one person only) they usually do have their own recreational activities like gym, etc. So, the writer’s idea of being alone or feeling lonely is bad for your health is wrong. If one’s will is strong enough to do their own health beneficial activities, this problem won’t occurred.

In the article, Stephen Marche’s wrote that by using social network, popular kids popular while lonely skulker skulk alone, even on the social network, and she thinks that the social network is primarily only for lonely skulking. If she’s saying that social network can only use for lonely skulking, that’s wrong. The social network has many benefit and can be beneficial in many way. It’s all depends on the person use the social network and how is he going to utilise the function for his own good. The content of social network is wide, so it has it own pro and cons. Though, most people nowadays will fall to its cons, but that is up to that person himself.

For me, this is a good article for all the social network users out there. It will gave them a new light and let them grasp a new idea of how benefiting is the social network itself, and how it can also kill one’s feel and make them feel lonely. It will set a good example on what shouldn’t you do, and how to avoid yourself from feeling lonely.


Stephen Marche, (MAY 2012) Is facebook making us more lonely. ATLANTIC MAGAZINE


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Critical Writting Essay

Facebook vs Twitter Case Study Analysis Essay

Facebook vs Twitter Case Study Analysis Essay.

Facebook (originally “The facebook”) is a social networking website launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, then 23, while studying psychology at Harvard University. Membership was initially limited to students of Harvard College, but soon the social site was subsequently extended to other Boston universities, the Ivy League and eventually all US universities (Yadav, 2006). It became Facebook. com in August 2005 after the site’s address was obtained for a relatively meager $200,000. By the end of the following year it was also open to high schools.

As of September 2006, Facebook was extended beyond educational associations to anybody with a registered email address. They have over 175 million active users worldwide currently and are growing every day. Facebook’s mission statement seems simple: “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected (Reagan, 2009). Twitter still no business model but it has a new mission statement: “To instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them.

”(Evans, 2011). Who is better than who? Or one could say who is going to be the king of the hill?

Facebook has tried to purchase Twitter with no success. It is hard to say who will come out on top or who will be the ultimate winner of the social war. There are some key differences between the sites (Lacy, 2009). It’s far easier to find people on Facebook and most of the time you can tell if it’s actually them. Facebook and Twitter are both free sites and are both popular. Facebook and Twitter are both time conversations, but Twitter is a little faster. They both seem to have their good and bad qualities. Twitter has a character restriction and has no popups. Twitter users can also post to their Facebook page.

Facebook does not have a character limit. They both can post pictures and videos, but Facebook has more capacity for sharing videos and photos without forcing you to link out to another window (Lacy, 2009). Facebook has a better privacy blocking system, if you can find it with the ever changing improvements. A lot of users are not aware of this option. Facebook allows businesses to advertise and reach more people faster. Facebook makes there revenue off the ads on their site, witch keeps it free for their users. Facebook has games for their users to play as well.

These games also generate some of their revenue. Twitter has no games and the only source of revenue is its investors. Facebook is threatened with losing users to a less familiar, social networking website. The major problem that exists is the fact that Twitter has a controlled level of social networking. Facebook does not allow one way interaction options meaning that if I want to follow someone’s posts then they themselves would have to accept my friend request, and Facebook also does not allow someone to track real time information is always adding improvements that the client base does not like.

With this happening it may mean that many Facebook members may leave and start using twitter because of some of the restrictions that are placed on the members of Facebook. The first alternative solution is for Facebook to purchase stellar star technology and offer the capability to track real-time information. This solution will help to eliminate Twitter’s current advantage of having the capability to track real-time information. Another alternative solution is to develop a way for one-way relationships to be possible on Facebook, while maintaining its’ security.

Many users want to broadcast their status information, but not actually follow all of their status viewers and get somewhat irritated with the flow of game postings that clog up their pages. I know I do to the point that I log off and sometimes go and check out Twitter. In conclusion, there will never be a happy medium here. Technology is constantly evolving and there will probably be another social network that will be created and pose threats to both of these networks.

In my opinion, Facebook is more personal, whereas Twitter is more Hollywood. Facebook deals with contacting old friends and family members and Twitter is about following an entertainer. Myspace is simply out of space as there aren’t really too many users out there anymore. LinkedIn is a way to network via business and doesn’t contain the content that any of these sites do, as it wouldn’t be professional. Facebook will definitely be around for a long time, as will Twitter. Most can’t have one without the other, I know I can’t.

Facebook vs Twitter Case Study Analysis Essay

The Impact of Facebook Overuse on Teens Essay

The Impact of Facebook Overuse on Teens Essay.

Especially in teenagers, social media overuse is very common. Teen have a huge desire to socialize and communicate by logging in on different social network sites. For them, one of the most popular of such sites is Facebook. Many teens log in to share information about their lives with their friends. However, spending too much time on Facebook can have positive and negative impacts on teenagers. These effects can make teens have lower grades and the lowest rates of reading retention, but also give shy children a way to socialize and allow them to develop their identity.

Nowadays, many teens that spend too much time on Facebook have lower grades and the lowest rates of reading retention. Students’ concentration has lapsed because of the need to check their Facebook page. They feel a need to access their profile while they are studying. Many of them, “study” with their Facebook opened. It’s a way to maintain themselves aware surroundings. This negative cab cause sleeping disorders and depression, which contribute to getting lower marks at school.

However, Facebook also brings out positive effects in teens. One of them is that Facebook gives shy children a way of socializing. Hopefully, this can help on their actual face-to-face interactions. Many have difficulties in expressing themselves among teens of their same age. Socializing on Facebook helps them to get rid of their fear, and it’s easier to be part of the community they lived in. It’s incredible how social media help them to improve their socializing skills.

Another positive effect of Facebook overuse on teens is that it allows them to develop their identity. Choosing a profile picture, listing likes and dislikes, favorites of this-and-that, and quotations “force” the child to be self-aware. Teens are able to share thought and be accepted in society for their beliefs. It’s a way to find interests in common with others, and give them confidence. Others use it as a diary, post notes, write poems, and experiences. For teens, it’s a way to express their feelings with no prejudgments.

In conclusion, many kids do not manage social media fine and suffer the negative effects of Facebook if they overuse it. Really excess of anything has negative effects if you think about it. Parents should help their teens to manage their time and set time limits. “Everything in moderation” is a good way of living.

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The Impact of Facebook Overuse on Teens Essay