Introduction to Architecture

Introduction to Architecture.


The fundamental goal of the second analytical paper assignment is to write a well-researched comparative
essay critically discussing two selected works of architecture. Students will be assigned one (of twelve) preset
comparative essay. The focus of this paper is compare and contrast not only the formal characteristics of the
projects, but the conceptual underpinnings motivating their design. Papers must situate the projects in their
cultural and historical context and productively reflect on the theories that informed them. The paper should
clearly articulate an argument in relation to other scholars who have written about the projects. It should cite
any pertinent written work by the architects about the projects or the theories behind them. Further, it should
analyze and properly cite images to support the central comparative argument.




The analytical paper consists of a short (1000-1250 word) essay followed by properly formatted list of
bibliographic sources followed by images with proper figure annotations. Images should be integrated into
the essay, captioned, and discussed analytically rather than being merely pictorial.


Through research, students should integrate the ideas of other scholars in crafting a convincing written
argument. Over the course of the semester, we have read short selections from several books and articles.
The analytical paper assignment presents students the opportunity to analyze specific theoretical projects and
texts in greater depth. What are their key claims and assumptions? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
What have other scholars written about them? Like the in-class presentations, the paper is not a mere
summary or report, but a critical analysis. The essay should reach a well-reasoned conclusion about the two
projects. The analytical essay is similar to Analytical Paper Assignment #1 and the essays on the quizzes and
exams in that it states a thesis and supports it with evidence.


Learning Goals
This assignment tests the ability to clearly communicate architectural ideas through writing. It challenges
students to develop a discursive relationship between specific works of architecture. It asks them to raise clear
and precise questions, interpret information, consider diverse points of view, and reach well-reasoned
conclusions. Students must:


● Produce a neatly formatted, well-written essay
● Provide supporting visual documentation (with figure numbers and sources)
● Write a concise critical essay incorporating and properly citing research (at least 4 sources) from
other scholars. No websites for this assignment! Use the library and the library’s digital access to
scholarly journals.

Introduction to Architecture