The War of the Worlds

This book discusses the events that occurred before the war. It focuses on the idea of invasion and its implication to the people. The author talks about Mars claiming that the planet was running out of natural resources. This reason eventually motivates Martians to invade earth for its natural resources. The narrator witnesses the weird lights on Mars, which leads him to argue that there is a ‘thing’ coming to Earth to cause calamity, struggle, and death. This shows that there are signs of war before it commences and the author saw these signs and warned the people about them. However, the people did not heed his warnings because they did not believe that creatures from Mars would invade Earth.

The story talks about a two-week invasion in which the people regard to the invasion with complacency, but they are soon provoked into a defensive nature of war. This story has a certain edge that causes panic amongst the people with the idea of an invasion disturbing the minds of many people. The plot of this story lies on a strange disk that lands on Earth and eventually hatches. The alien inside, Martians destroy all with its heat ray and spreads terror within the land. Humans seem powerless against the alien, and the latter eventually seizes control of the planet. However, people feel the need to fight and protect what belongs to them, and this leads them to a defensive battle. This story may seem a little misguided, but it presents people with a perspective on how to handle attacks and what eventually leads them to battle and show how to react.

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