Advantages Of Social Networking: World Wide Connectivity

Advantages Of Social Networking: World Wide Connectivity.


Discuss about the Advantages of Social Networking for World Wide Connectivity.



Advantages of Social Network Impact

World wide connectivity

The different social Medias like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn are influencing people’s life in a huge way. With the help of these platforms, people staying at one corner of the globe are able to make friends with those living in another end. Not only does it helps in maintaining of proper contact but also helps in maintaining overseas business relations (Agrawal, Catalini and Goldfarb 2015).

  Social media networking

Figure1: Social media networking

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Commonality of interest

Social networking platforms like blogs help people to share their views about different political, economic, legal and entertainment aspects and the opinions are counter commented by other blog users which creates options for online communication between different individuals (Atzori, Iera, and Morabito 2014).

They are able to exchange information and opinions with such a vast number of people. This helps in recognizing various areas of common interest between people living in different parts of the world. It also helps people in enriching their knowledge regarding many things.

Targeted Advertising

Social networking sites are very useful for the modern organizations. They can advertise and promote their products through online campaigns. They can also open their own consumer forums where they can directly communicate with their targeted customers, and get their feedbacks. They can also develop their online web pages and apps that help in increasing the customer satisfaction level (Atzori, Iera, and Morabito 2014).

Increased News Cycle Speed

Social networking sites have also made it easier for people to gain an easy access to the different news and other information. The news channels often rely upon sites like face book, Gmail, Gtalk to share the links of the news. This also helps people to keep a track of whatever is happening around them within their busy daily schedules (Agrawal, Catalini and Goldfarb 2015).


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Advantages Of Social Networking: World Wide Connectivity

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