Sources, Rules, and Creation of an Innovation Cookbook

Hello, here are details below. I know you seen all this before when we first talked about these. I will also send you the grading scale rubrics too on what the instructor is looking for to get good grades.

Sources, Rules, and Creation of an Innovation Cookbook
This assignment uses the materials from Units 6, 7, and 8. The focus is to use the learning from the four cases studies in Unit 6, add new sources or perspectives in Unit 7, and apply them to a new for-profit publicly traded organization of your choice (but not used so far in this course or BMGT8136) and:

Create your best practice guidelines for innovation—your innovation cookbook.
Apply these guidelines to your case study organization. When applying your selected best practices from Step 1, assess how effective your selected case study organization is in putting the guideline into practice.
Recommend what course of action your case study organization should take. How would you make the innovation recipes suited to the tastes of the organization?

Other Requirements

Written communication: Must be free of errors, scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the business profession.
APA formatting: Your assignment should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and format.
Length: At least 1,800 words.
References: Include two PRJ or PJ references, not including the assigned readings.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

Studies. FROM UNIT 6
Use the Capella University Library to complete the following required readings.

Murray, A. (2011, June 27). The innovator’s solution; Clayton Christensen, Glenn Hutchins and Ellen Kullman on being cutting edge—without breaking the bank. Wall Street Journal Online.
Birkinshaw, J., Bouquet, C., & Barsoux, J. -L. (2011). The 5 myths of innovation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 52(2), 43–50.
Anonymous. (2011). Think different. The Economist, 400(8745), 60.

Use the Capella University Library to complete the following required readings.

Birkinshaw, J., & Robbins, P. (2010). Ideas at work: Sparkling innovation. Business Strategy Review, 21(2), 7–11.
Ramírez, R., Roodhart, L., & Manders, W. (2011). How Shell’s domains link innovation and strategy. Long Range Planning, 44(4), 250–270.
Raynor, M. E. (2011). Disruptive innovation: The Southwest Airlines case revisited. Strategy & Leadership, 39(4), 31–34.

The following required readings are available full-text in the Capella University Library. Search for each article by clicking the linked title and following the instructions in the Library Guide.

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