Explore and Discuss Diversion Programs for High Risk Offenders

Your term paper assignment is intended to develop the following skills:
Researching a topic
Reading comprehension and interpretation.
Weighing the evidence and thinking critically
How to argue and write persuasively

On writing a corrections paper.
The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in developing your writing skills as well as provide
you with an opportunity to gain in depth knowledge on an area of interest.

On doing the research
The quality of your paper will be dependent on the thoroughness of your work in the library and on
computer data bases. We have a number of good journals in our library but through search engines
like ProQuest. Government reports can be useful, especially Statistics Canada data, or formal
technical reports from organizations such as the federal Solicitor General, Corrections Canada, or
Justice Canada.
On integrating the research into your paper
Once you have done your research, you need to write your paper. First, you will introduce your topic
and explain the purpose of your paper. You should identify the issue of interest, and be specific. Then
you need to present your research. You will summarize the ideas and evidence gleaned from your
research, preferably giving me some contrasting view points. You will show that you have weighed the
evidence critically, and provide me with some of your opinions and ideas. While you can do this as you
write, generally it is more effective at the end of your paper. Your conclusion should also summarize the
main points of your paper.
On writing the paper
Term papers must be typed, with a proper title page, have page numbers and show that a careful
proofreading and spell check were conducted. I expect you to use proper grammar, sentence and
paragraph construction, proper citations and to be diligent in preparing the bibliography. I expect an
introduction, review of the research, and a conclusion.
Length – 6-8 pages, double spaced. Not including title page or bibliography.
References: minimum 5 sources. Use APA. If you are unfamiliar with this Google it, there are many
websites devoted to explaining it.
Paper due: March 16, 2023 no later than 9p.m.

Topics (must be based on Community Corrections)
· The Need for Supervision following the completion of Treatment Programming
· Challenges with Reintegration of long term/ Chronic Offenders
· Female Offenders and Case Management: What does Gender Responsive Supervision
look like
· Explore and Discuss Diversion Programs for High Risk Offenders
· Engaging the Reluctant/ Resistant Offender
· Alternatively, students can present a topic to the Instructor for consideration.
Marking of papers will be based on the following criteria
· Clear Introduction of your Topic
· Body of Research and the overall completeness of the material presented in your paper
· Discussion of Alternative viewpoints
· Conclusion
· Overall quality of writing in your paper
· Proper use of APA style referencing

Textbook used in this course is : Curtis T. Griffiths: 5th Edition: Canadian Corrections

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