Individual Essay – Sustainable Urban Policy

Individual Essay – Sustainable Urban Policy
Purpose: Apply the knowledge from lectures to a real case of a city, analyzing its
organization, current limitations in terms of sustainability, and proposing solutions to address
these issues.
Length Limitation: 1000-1500 words
Document Style: 12 pts Times New Roman, double spacing
Reference: Should follow Academic Guidelines

Individual Essay – Sustainable Urban Policy

  1. Presentation of the City
  • Choose a specific city of your choice.
  • Provide an overview of the city, including its location, size, population, and
    key characteristics.
  • Describe its historical, cultural, or economic significance, if applicable.
  • Highlight any unique features or challenges the city faces.
  1. Organization of the City
  • Discuss the organizational structure of the city, including its governance and
    decision-making processes.
  • Explain how urban planning and policy frameworks influence the city’s
  • Identify any major stakeholders involved in shaping the city’s sustainability
  1. Current Limitations in Sustainability
  • Identify and discuss the key sustainability challenges and limitations of the city
  • Analyze specific aspects related to the five functions discussed in class:
    building environment, food systems, transportation, urban living, and waste
  • Provide evidence, examples, or statistics to support your analysis.
  • Highlight these limitations’ negative impacts on the city’s
    environment, society, or economy.
  1. Proposed Solutions
  • Present innovative and feasible proposals to address the identified
    sustainability issues.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of each proposal, considering potential benefits,
    costs, and challenges.
  • Support your proposals with relevant research, best practices, or successful
    case studies from other cities.
  • Analyze the potential impact of these solutions on the city’s sustainability,
    considering environmental, social, and economic factors.
  • Address any potential conflicts or trade-offs between different proposed
  1. Conclusion
  • Summarize the main findings of your analysis regarding the city’s
    organization, sustainability limitations, and proposed solutions.
  • Reflect on the significance of addressing these sustainability challenges for the
    city’s and its residents’ future development and well-being.
  • Conclude with a final thought or recommendation for further actions to
    advance sustainable urban policies in the chosen city

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Essay: Developing Global Leadership

Essay: Developing Global Leadership: A Review of Barriers and Adjustments for international expansion David Burkus Oral Roberts University, City and Country, USA Global expansion brings with it many new challenges and opportunities for any organization. This article outlines four barriers to global expansion (language, regulation, culture, and competition) and provides leaders with organizational adjustments: organizations must develop executives with a global mindset and cultural sensitivity; leaders must decide on the level of involvement and decentralize their structure to empower local managers. These adjustments will better prepare an organization for going global. It’s inevitable. Just as a growing hermit crab will eventually look for a new shell to grow into, as organizations grow, many leaders will eventually look to other countries or continents to expand into. However, often the method that brought success at home is not the same route that will ensure success abroad. Fortunately, there’s help for leaders looking to help their organizations go global. This article will outline common barriers to global expansion and suggest organizational adjustments leaders must make. Leaders will need to develop an understanding of these barriers and adjustments to know what to expect when they’re expanding. Organizations expanding into new countries will likely find that “business as usual” will not operate well in the new culture (McCall & Hollenbeck, 2002). The cultural differences among locals will create several barriers to a successful expansion: Language. McCall & Hollenbeck’s (2002) research on global executives found that language learning was often the largest barrier to working across cultures. Though English is the unofficial language of international business, critical information can be lost in translation. Similarly, negotiators who do not speak the local language can be disadvantaged. Regulation. Differences in labour and consumer regulations can make doing business more difficult in foreign countries (Black, Morrison, & Gregersen, 1999). For instance, emission regulations for computer models are stricter in Europe than in the United States; as a result, product lines may have to be customized. Awareness of regulatory standards is vital to remain competitive with local firms. Culture. The cultural norms of interaction affect how business transactions are made, even if all parties interact in the same language. In the United States, many executives focus on doing business first and letting personal relationships build as business relationship does (Black, Morrison, & Gregersen, 1999). In many cultures, this order is reversed. Knowledge of this and other cultural differences can make interactions with local executives significantly less complicated. Competitors. As companies enter new markets, they inevitably meet local competitors. These competitors have knowledge of local markets that foreign companies may not. For example, McDonald’s spent 13 months trying to sell beef hamburgers in India before an understanding of local beliefs convinced them to use lamb (Rosen, Digh, Singer & Philips, 2000). Partnering with local competitors or conducting extensive competitive analysis is vital for gaining this market knowledge. These four barriers are not exhaustive, just common. When crossing cultures, organizational leaders can expect to encounter barriers similar to the ones listed above and, in some cases, drastically different ones. Whatever barriers these leaders face, their first step is to prepare. Organizations increase their chances of successful expansion by adjusting the way they operate. Several adjustments may need to be made to prepare an executive or organization for going global: Develop a global mindset. Executives preparing for expansion must develop a mindset that is open and aware of cultural diversity yet can synthesize across this diversity (Gupta & Givindarajan, 2002). Organizational leaders must be able to synthesize their company’s global strategy with the needs of the local organization and local market. International Management Review Vol. 8 No. 2 2012 84 Develop sensitivity to cultural differences. Understanding how business is done within the local culture is vital to getting business done. The ability to perceive and leverage the differences between familiar and foreign cultures is called cultural literacy and is an important tool for competitive advantage (Rosen, Digh, Singer, & Philips, 2000). Decentralize. The executives with the best understanding of local cultures are the ones who are native to that culture. Organizations may have to change their management philosophy to empower these executives to make decisions on the local level for the good of the global organization (Rosen, Digh, Singer, & Philips, 2000). Decide on the level of involvement. Before entering a foreign market, organizational leaders must decide how involved they anticipate being. Galbraith (2000) outlines five levels of entry companies can make into new markets: exportation, joint venture, foreign operation, multidimensional network, and transnational operation. Exactly what level of involvement is desired must be accounted for in a strategic plan. These adjustments must be made while preparing the organization and the selected executives for expansion into the new culture. The global expansion brings with it many new challenges and opportunities for any organization. Organizational leaders will likely encounter many barriers to entering the new culture, including language, regulation, cultural differences, and new competitors. Leaders can make several adjustments to themselves and their organization to prepare for these new hurdles. Organizations should develop executives with a global mindset and cultural sensitivity. Leaders need to decide on the level of involvement and decentralize their structure to empower local managers. Regardless of how these adjustments are made, organizations will find they must be to break from business as usual and successfully go global.

References Black, J. S., Morrison, A., & Gregersen, H. (1999). Global explorers: The next generation of leaders. New York: Routledge. Galbraith, J. R. (2000). Designing the global corporation. San Francisco: Jossey –Bass. Gupta, A.K., & Govindarajan, V. (2002). Cultivating a global mindset. Academy of Management Executive, 16(1), 116-126. McCall, M., & Hollenbeck, G. (2002). Developing global executives: The lessons of international experience. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Rosen, R., Digh, P., Singer, M., & Philips, C. (2000). Global literacies: Lessons on business leadership and national cultures. New York: Simon and Schuster.

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Asthma case study instructions ( Essay)

A 6-year-old female child came to the clinic accompanied by her mother, complaining of a cough 8 weeks ago. The cough is triggered when she laughs or cries. Her cough worsens when exposed to cold air, exercise, and at night. Patient’s past medical history of mild eczema and chronic nasal congestion. No shortness of breath, wheezing or fever was reported. She is currently taking no medications. No known allergies were reported. On her examination, she is not in acute distress. Positive findings during examination: nasal turbinates were a little pale and edematous. During lung auscultation, she had end-expiratory wheezing but no accessory muscle use for respiration. The child was born in India and moved to United Stated when she was 1 year old. Her family recently moved to a new area, and she complains of worsening nasal congestion. The house has some carpets on the floor. She also has a dog in her house. The patient has a history of mother and cousins diagnosed with asthma. The primary diagnosis is asthma based on her past history, clinical presentation and family history.


Should be a paragraph that provides a brief overview of the case and main diagnosis:


Differential Diagnoses

Provide EACH differential diagnosis with the rationale and supporting evidence with the REFERENCE for each one. Also, explain why differentials between Viral pneumonia and sinusitis) were not the main diagnosis.

1- Asthma:

2- Viral pneumonia:

3- Sinusitis:


Identify the lab, radiology, or other tests needed for Asthma with supporting evidence.


Include the initial treatment plan for Asthma. It should include medication names, dosages, and frequencies


Patient/family education in patients with asthma

Follow-Up for asthma

Appropriate follow-up plan.

Please include when patient will follow up: 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months.

What are some follow-up labs or tests. Referrals

Why are they following up? What outcome do you wish to assess? 



APA format

Intext citation

References at least 4 high-level scholarly references per post within the last 5 years in APA format.

EACH differential diagnostic gets 1 reference

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Write an essay examining the use of online medical information and current barriers facing telehealth or telemedicine

Topic: After conducting independent research using at least three sources not used in the class, write an essay examining the use of online medical information and current barriers facing telehealth or telemedicine.

Write an essay examining the use of online medical information and current barriers facing telehealth or telemedicine.

  • This assignment will be an essay written in APA format (see below). The essay should be no less than 1500 words on the topic (s) noted below.
  • The title page and bibliography do not count towards the word count.
  • Complete the assignment in a Word document using APA formatting with your last name as part of the file name. Omit the abstract and outline. A Word APA template and APA sample paper are provided for reference.
  • After completing the essay, save and upload the document in the Assignments section of the e-classroom.
  • Each essay will be checked by Turnitin automatically upon submission. You will have access to the originality reports. 


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Creative Essay

Creative Essay

Below is a list of current research questions and issues in psychology. Using creative writing and visual support, address these issues and questions from the perspective of a Philosopher from the Greek, Middle Ages, or Renaissance era. In effect, you are being asked to impersonate the Philosopher and discuss the research question or issue from their point of view using only the knowledge they have acquired and their predecessors’ viewpoints while using references of your choice to support your response.

Use your imagination as well as the course content to explore the issue and the historical figure you are impersonating.


  • Title Page: APA Format
  • Maximum 10 pages, minimum 6 pages (excluding title page and references)
  • References: APA Format (You are free to use any reference source available but ensure you cite using proper APA format.)

List of Research Questions and Issues in Psychology

  • How does the mind-body connection affect our emotions?
  • What circumstances lead normal people to begin to experience psychopathological symptoms?
  • How do the social situations and the cultures in which people find themselves influence thinking and behaviour?
  • To what degree is personality innate or learned?
  • Do multiple intelligences exist?
  • How should we define the concepts of normal and healthy and disorders and dysfunction?
  • Is it possible to reduce the causes of psychopathologies to biology?
  • How does the brain accomplish learning and memory?
  • Are there characteristics that are universal to all humans?
  • How is consciousness affected by traumatic brain injury?

If you have a different issue you would like to use, contact your course instructor to have it approved before beginning to write your paper.

See the Assignment Schedule for the due date.
Submit using Dropbox.

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Essay Exercises

Chapters 7 -11

Essay Exercises

1. For number one, you will need to conduct some outside research. Also, consider chapter 11 and Table 11.5. Your organization (an American Manufacturer) is considering going abroad. After careful consideration, the organization has determined two finalists for its global expansion: New Zealand and United Arab Emirates. Your organization has determined that the product that the company manufacturers would be a good fit in either country.  The question your organization is pondering is which country would be a better fit from an external/industry environment perspective as well as a cultural perspective. Based on the text and outside research, identify, and compare cultural similarities and differences as well as external/industry factors between New Zealand and United Arab Emirates. and determine which country would be a good cultural fit for your American organization?   

2. Consider the following scenario. This is not factual. This is a scenario. American Airlines is considering purchasing Sun Country Airlines. Sun Country has indicated they are willing to sell the organization for a discounted premium amount. After months of discussion, the discounted premium amount has ranged from eight to twenty percent. Two weeks ago, American Airlines agreed to purchase Sun Country Airlines for the discounted premium amount of thirteen percent. Currently, Sun Country Airline’s stock price is $19, and they have 19,300,000 shares of outstanding stock.

Based on the data provided, what is the amount American will buy Sun Country for? Show the Calculations.

3. Corporate Tax Rate. As stated in the countries have different tax rates for various reasons. Consider this. In the US., due to many tax deductions, at the end of the year, many organizations do not owe additional tax amounts. In the United States, what would happen economically to corporations, employees, and the communities these organization serves, if corporations were totally exempt from paying taxes? Think about who would benefit and who would suffer?

4. According to research, during good economic times, those considered middle class, are more likely to purchase an automobile that is a little out of their price range because they have extra money. Those that are considered upper class, are not affected by the economy or buying regardless of if the economy is good or bad (expansion or contraction). The bottom line is the state of the economy will affect the middle class more so than those in the upper class.

Consider the DFW area. Although the economy is pretty good currently, since 2020, inflation have increased, prices have increased, some organizations have ceased to exist, and money is not as plentiful prior to 2020.

Since 2020, the sales from the middle class have decreased on the BWM 5 Series and you have been given the task of increasing the sales on this vehicle from this market.

Here is a brief description of the vehicle. Click on the link

Although the price tag can vary from $54,200-$142,000, depending on the model, the basic model of $54,200 is your focus. Knowing the price is $54,200 and after reading the description of the vehicle, who specific is your market regarding demographics and what advertising medium would you use? Before answering these questions, research those that buy this automotive. Be sure to validate your answers with legitimate sources.

– (a) Consider the marketing segments’ demographics (age range of your market, family, single, income range, educational level, occupation, etc.

-(b) where would you advertise to get the attention of this market?

5. You have a business you are considering selling. There are several ways to determine the firms worth. Based on the following data, which method would merit you the most for your business. 

  • Current annual profits were $3,100,000.
  • Your current stock is $27.00 per share
  • There are 34,000 outstanding shares of stock.
  • Your stock has earned $17 this past year, and
  • Average net income over five years $890,000

Consider in this calculation,

    – Price/Ratio Method,

    – Outstanding Share Method, and

    – the Conservative Rule of Thumb method.

Show your work for each of these methods and identify, based on your work, which method yield you the most for your business.

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The Research Essay

Final Research Paper Checklist

Your final paper will have three major components: The research essay, Works Cited/References and a self-reflection. Font: Time New Roman / Size: 12. Double-spaced.

  1. The Research Essay

This will be 9-10 full pages in length (this is all essay format)

You will incorporate (direct quotes or paraphrasing) at least 8 sources (here and in the Works Cited/References page)

You will acknowledge the opposition, somewhere or throughout, in your essay

Have an original title

Place your name on the essay

Number your pages

*A cover page is NOT needed, but if you have one, that is NOT page number 1


Provide an outline

Provide an abstract

Provide a table of contents (TOC)

  • Works Cited/References Page(s)

You must have at least 8 sources. You are free to have more, but there must be at least 8 sources. You are free to use many or all of your sources from your annotated bibliography as long as you reference them within your final research essay.

Remember: this is a Works Cited/References – NOT an annotated bibliography, so you will NOT provide summaries or highlight how you plan to use each source. You will only provide bibliographic information (author’s last name, first name, titles, dates, etc…).

All sources MUST be in alphabetical order (ABC). Do not number sources.

  • Self-reflection

You must answer three questions – this will be on a separate page and typed. 1.) What worked well and why? 2.) What would you do with more time and why? 3.)  What grade (or grade range) do you feel you have earned and why? I would imagine that this will be short, a paragraph or two in length.

This means your final will be 11-12 pages in length. Make sure to staple this together.

Final note: you are free to use images but still need to write 9-10 full pages of an essay. This means you might exceed 11-12 final pages if you provide imagery (maps, charts, photos, etc…). You need to cite each image, for they are sources as well.

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HUM 212 Latin American culture essay guidelines

HUM 212 Latin American culture essay guidelines

All essays must make use of in-paragraph citations of at least five academic sources to support views! Three to four pages, typed, double-spaced, MLA format, in-text citations.

Persuasive essay: View a movie or documentary, or read a novel set in Latin America or with main characters whose ancestors are indigenous to North America. The time period portrayed in the story should be in the modern era, from colonialism to globalization (1500-present AD). Evaluate it in light of information from the textbook and other academic sources. Do you agree or disagree with how it portrays modern Latin American or native American culture? Why or why not? Typed, 3-4 pages due last class.

Suggested film titles : Even the Rain (Tambien La Lluvia), Smoke Signals, In the Time of the Butterflies, City of Men, El Norte

Suggested novel titles: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Research essay: Research a specific topic related to a specific country in Latin America or a native American ethnic group and present your findings in a 3-4 page research paper. The topic should be set in the modern era, from colonialism to globalization (1500 AD-present).

Sample titles: “Modern Aztec Culture in Mexico, 1500-2015 AD”, “The Evolution of Racial Identities in Brazil 1500-2015 AD”, “Women’s Rights in Modern Colombia 1800-2015 AD”.

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Final Project Essay Assignment

Final Project Essay Assignment

  1. Compose the assignment using Microsoft Word.
  2. The paper should be formatted using double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font,
    and one-inch margins.
    Content Instructions:
  3. Pick a topic of interest to you from Chapters 7-12 of your textbook.
  4. Use the UWA library or online journal to find an article(s) that relate to your topic and
    compose your essay.
  5. The Essay must be at least 1000 words.
  6. You should use the template that follows:
    Global Issue: Type out the Topic (In bold)
    Review of Subject
    The answer in a brief paragraph with any table or list to demonstrate you know the content of the
    material. No opinions, discussions, conclusions are to be reviewed in this section – just the facts
    of the subject in a clear concise answer. This section should be no more than 200 words.
    This section provides you the opportunity to outline and review your ideas about the essay
    question, where it applies in business, what applications or sections that the content is important,
    and where it might be applicable in your own company. Six hundred (600) words are more than
    sufficient to cover this section. Originality, creativity, application to practical everyday business
    problems is the key to answering this section. Research to find several important aspects about
    the subject question in the UWA Library is expected.
    Your conclusions incorporate the Review of Subject (facts) and Discussion (opinions) into a
    crisp series of supporting findings based on your research. This section should support your
    position and show careful thought and good reasoning in your essay conclusions. The conclusion
    section should also demonstrate that you thoroughly understand the material. This section
    requires at least 200 words.
    A separate page in APA format included with your submittal with references listed is required.
    You should consider at least two to three references per submittal. More may be required to
    support your conclusions. The references should be the most current data.
    Submission Instructions:
  7. Save the paper as “yourname_mg300_essay2.doc.” (i.e.,
  8. Access the Assignments link, located on the Course Menu to upload this assignment as an
    attachment to the Essay 2 drop box.

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Assignment #9: Argument Essay—Essay #2

Assignment #9: Argument Essay—Essay #2

Both Jaron Lanier and Wendell Berry argue about the ethical implications of using technology in their respective essays. Their arguments about dependency, addiction, manipulation, and consumption in relation to our use of technology are compelling and thought-provoking.

For this essay, I’d like you to come up with your own argument in regards to the use of technology and whether its adoption is useful to us or not. You can discuss any aspect of the use of technology you’d like but you need to frame your argument in similar terms to the authors we’ve just read. Your topic should be in regards to some current issue in technology and one that impacts you personally. Some topics that you may want to consider when formulating your argument:

  • Deep fake
  • Surveillance
  •  Biometrics
  • Social media (hate speech)
  • Addiction (cell phone, social media)
  • Cyberbullying
  • Privacy
  • Misinformation
  • Social relationships
  • AI
  • Drones

These topics are very general so you’ll need to make them more specific by relating your personal connection to them. How they impact you and intersect with your life is important here. Your thesis should be rooted in your experience. You don’t want to simply gather information about these topics and report them in your essay. This is NOT a report paper. Rather, you should formulate an argument in relation to a specific aspect of technology and tell your reader whether its adoption is useful to us or not. You will need to provide reasons for why and how this specific aspect of technology should be used. You should reference both Berry and Lanier but also use at least three (3) outside sources to support your thinking. Use direct quotes only. These sources should be used sparingly as the weight of your argument should be rooted in logic.

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