The Connections Between Four Different Unrelated Pieces Of Literature

The Connections Between Four Different Unrelated Pieces Of Literature


            The essay will take four different unrelated pieces of literature that includes; A & P by John Updike, Harlem Dancer by Claude McKay, the Prison by Bernard Malamud and The Right to Fail by William Zinsser. The connections between each of them will be then analyzed out so as to form a unique claim. In the short story A & P, the author John Updike describes the customers with great detail and on the other hand gives each character the names which subtlety describes their personalities. However in Harlem Dancer by Claude McKay, the author is against the habit of judging the books without the covers more than what a person can give. Bernard Malamud is a renowned and well respected American Jewish writer born in 1914 and died in 1986. His work includes novels, collections, nonfiction, and short stories. Most of what is featured in his writing is human conditions of Jewish life through his experience while growing up in New York. William zinner was a journalist and non fiction writer. As a teacher, his career began on New York Herad Tribune. His most famous work was a book on writing well, his books range from memoir, commentary, baseball, and craft of writing and so on.

            In the stories of A & P by John Updike and Harlem Dancer by Claude McKay, the authors seemed to have something common in their literary works. The connection of the two stories is that, the story of A & P by John Updike, the narrator eyes are caught by three barefoot girls in their bathing suits while checking groceries. However in Harlem Dancer by Claude McKay, the poem talks about beautiful young prostitute woman, half-clothed body sway who entertains people with her dancing but she is not happy when she does so, but covers it up by smiling (Claude pg 123, 2004). In both the two scenarios, the stories show the exposure of the nakedness of the women that makes the stories to look somehow similar.

            In Bernard Malamud’s the prison, he suggests that for a person to be fully a man they should accept the limitations that are most painful (Bernard pg 142 2013). He further states that those that escape the limitations are only able to achieve self-negating kind of freedom that is illusionary as they come out as less responsible human beings. He states that life is full of struggles and only the ability to overcome this struggles will make one successful. In William Zinsser’s right to fail he talks of a person’s right to take risks and chances. He further states that it is not wrong to make mistakes .so that one can be successful it is required that they fail a number of times so that they can discover their weaknesses and strengths. The writer underlines the reasons why people should not be afraid of failure since most people want to be successful they should know that even if they fail there is always room for doing a different thing. Both writers acknowledge the fact that there are challenges in life that can cause someone to make mistakes. They both suggest that the ability to overcome these challenges or deal with these mistakes accordingly will make someone successful.


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The Four Pre-Life Thresholds Of Complexity

The Four Pre-Life Thresholds Of Complexity 

The main pre-life events that preceded the complexities characterized by the life aspect of the universe can be summarized into four main historic events. These historical events include the big bang, emergence of stars, chemical elements formation and the formation of the planets. These cumulative events prepared the stage for the beginning of life forms. Complexity thresholds before life began with the appearance of the empty universe which was suddenly formed. After the universe, a series of other complexities represent various events that contributed to the build-up of the stages that gave the life forms the stage in which they would thrive and progress to complex life forms. The inanimate universe as discussed by Christian (15) has events such as the origin of the universe from some action of nature. 

According to the author, theories such as the big bang fail to explain where life forms came from after the formation of the universe. Hydrogen and helium were the building blocks of another complex event from their fusion which gave existence to physical complex sequence of events. From the newly formed mass of universe, galaxies were formed in the initial stages of the complexities. Galaxies forming into constellations of groups, clusters and super-clusters were established after the cooling of the universe. The stars are foundation of the other complexities as they are today. Gravitational force pulling together the stars in an orderly pattern facilitated the next complexity of a converging arrangement (Bryson, 16). Formation of the earth and other planets ushered in the life phase that began with simple life forms which progressed to put a higher and complex arrangement. 

Threshold 1 is the first in the order which is the beginning of events preceding life, when the universe formed through the generally accepted mode that took place 13 million years ago as explained in the Big Bang theory (Christian, xv). The theory states that there was a lot of heat that caused the surrounding which was very dense to rapidly expand like an explosion. The expansion still continues to date, creating space for the universe to come into existence state it is today (Bryson, 18). Threshold 2 has emergence of stars and the galaxies which formed from the cooling reaction of the expanding universe after the rapid Big Bang expansion (Christian, 41). The stars formed into groups that gave rise to galaxies. Threshold 3 consists of chemical elements formation stage from whose reactions energy was obtained to form materials necessary for life (Brown, 12). Molecular arrangement of the formed elements paved way for the formation of materials to the surface of the formed universe, enabling the setting of the stage for vey complex chemical phase of the universe. Elements such as carbon and other radioactive elements were disintegrated to give rise to more elements that are an important part of the universe. Threshold 4 constitutes the planet forming phase from which the earth and other planets were formed. Life supporting planet earth progressed with the complexity that life involves, which makes up the fifth threshold.

Each of the above thresholds is important in the study of the big history, which entails the study of everything that the universe is composed of today. The analysis of the events that the thresholds entail gives the picture of where the universe originated from as well as the processes that it is subjected to. Through such studies, the study of humanity is given a clearer picture from which an understanding of the environmental impacts that life is exposed to becomes well documented. By understanding the processes that the universe is exposed to, these studies facilitate the human exploration of the universe to understand the importance of such processes on human life. According to Brown (65), studying these events could facilitate unravelling the current pressing global challenges such as climate change and global warming. According to the author, the human population must realign itself to the challenges of these hazardous processes on the planet and the universe in order to adapt to changing conditions of life. Without such adaptations, human beings, animal as well other life forms are at a serious risk of mass extinction. Understanding the human life complexities under the environmental conditions would perhaps be an important stage to facilitate research to accommodate hazardous outcomes of changes in the universe such in dealing with disease outbreaks (Brown, 70). 

Regarding the   reasons why we need to know about the history of everything, it is probably the most important platform where all disciplines of studies can be conglomerated to formulate a comfortable earth. This arises from the revelations that the various related studies such as cosmology and geology, human beings can take charge of the developments in the universe and save the planet. 


Works Cited

Brown, Cynthia Strokes Big history: from the Big Bang to the present. New York, NY: New Press, 2007/ Print

Bryson, Bill A short history of nearly everything. New York, NY: Broadway Books, 2003. Print

Christian, David Maps of time: an introduction to big history. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2005. Print

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Identify and discuss FOUR areas of subjective judgment in BEP’s financial statements for 2008.

Sample Paper

  1. Identify and discuss FOUR areas of subjective judgment in BEP’s financial statements for 2008.  As part of your discussion, you should highlight any changes you recommend to ensure that the final statements are by the IASB’s Conceptual Framework and present a “true and fair” view as required by the Companies Act 2006 and GAAP.


1. The Internal Accounting Standards Board (IASB) prescribes the treatment of intangible assets acquired in business in International Accounting Standard 38 (IAS 38) – Intangible Assets. According to IAS 38, an intangible asset once recognized and acquired subject to the criteria that has a definite useful life and its cost has been measured reliably and the expected future economic benefits will flow to the entity. In the BEP’s case, although it has complied with requirements of IAS-38 in terms of recognition of its licenses and copyrights, however, in case of Harry Boulder license amounting to £ 80,000 and in case of KFun/Tara Productions copyrights’ no amortisation has been charged. An amortisation is required to be charged to the carrying amount reported in the balance sheet as soon as the intangible asset is available to be used or benefits are being derived from it.

2. According to International Accounting Standards 2 (IAS 2) – Inventories, whereby it stipulates that inventories must be reported at a lower of its cost or net realizable value. However, in the BEP’s case inventories are stated only on historical cost. Since the author from whom the license was obtained has retired; the company, however, holds worth £ 680,000 merchandise stock, and also there has been the closure of TV transmission on the part of KFun/Tara productions which cast significant doubt about the realizable value of such merchandise stocks. Although John Bowman is confident in selling the stock above market price there is a need to determine a reliable market value, and most probably it will be lower than the cost. Accordingly, BEP should write off its inventories by directly debiting the loss in the cost of goods sold and crediting the carrying amount of inventories.

3. The Prudence concept as prescribed in International Accounting Standard 1 (IAS 1) – Presentation of Financial Statements, clearly states that while preparing financial statements, a degree of caution is required such that assets or income are never overstated and liabilities and expenses should never be understated. Accordingly, in case of BEP, the company has booked trade receivables on credit sales without making any provision for doubtful debts. There can be possibility say for instance 5-10% of its trade debts go unpaid. Further, as mentioned in the case, there is also an issue regarding a complaint from the customer amounting to £ 123,000 who is reluctant to settle his dues on account of defective quality of toy. The company however is testing the products. Regardless of the results of the tests a provision is required to be made and if tests prove defective quality, the company should write of its trade debts by £ 123,000 immediately.

4. As far as accidental payment on the part of customer is concerned who subsequently told BEP to keep the payment as deposit for next order. The company however has debited its bank account without passing the corresponding credit entry. Therefore, BEP should book it as unearned revenue or as an advance from the customer in its current liabilities because unless or until the sale has to be made to this customer sometime in future when the merchandises have been despatched and all the risks and rewards have been transferred to the buyer in accordance with IAS 18 – Revenues.

  • Prepare the Statement of Cash Flows for BEP for 2008.  Use the information provided in the case study information only.  Do NOT incorporate any amendments you might recommend in your answer to Question 1.


The Statement of Cash flows for BEP for the year ending 31st December 2008 is as follows;

(For workings please refer to the attached excel worksheet)

  • Critically evaluate the trends in BEP’s sales, costs, overheads and profitability during 2008 relative to 2007, using your analysis to discuss any issues you believe BEP’s Board should address or investigate in the light of the company’s present circumstances and the trading outlook for 2009.


The above table shows the summary of the profitability of the BEP during the year 2007-2008.

It is evident from the above figures that there has been 28% growth in the revenue. This growth is due to 11% increase in the sales of Harry Boulder licensed merchandise and major increase of 44% contributed by other character deals and 27% by Kfun character ranges.   However the gross profit margin ratio which is calculated by dividing the gross profit with revenue has reduced by 3% (2007: 42%). This was due to the fact that there has been 34% increase in the cost of sales in the current year. The increase in cost of sales by 34% is contributed by 44% increase in payments of royalties to Harry Boulder for holding license of the ideas used in the BEPs merchandise and 31% increase in the prices of raw materials being purchased from supplier due to current inflation in the economies all over the world and 39% increase in the import and distribution costs.

The 44% increase in the cost of royalties is due to increment in the rate of royalty percentage because of amendment in the agreement between Harry Boulder and BEP which was effective in the current year by 3% of sales in contrast to 1% in the previous year. The percentage increase is due to stringent prevailing market conditions and for other brands that were beyond BEP’s financial outreach.    

BEP’s profitability had also been impacted by a deal made by Sport Events International (SEI) who had initially promised to buy the merchandise procured from China at £ 750,000 which would profit the company by £ 150,000 but eventually SEI could only able to sell 30% of the stock merchandise amounting to £ 225,000 giving a profit of £ 45,000 and after much negotiations agreed to buy the remaining stock for £ 336,000 which was an economical loss for BEP. The use of excessive borrowing on the part of BEP has also harmed profitability because of increase in interest payments disbursed to the bank which have been increased by 103%.  The company had also been proposed by Kfun advertising and broadcasting company for full investment in its business but it is uncertain whether it would prove to be a profitable venture or can further erode the company’s overall profitability.

  • Use the Statement of Cash Flows that you prepared in Question 2, together with an analysis of the operating cash cycle for BEP in 2007 and 2008, to critically discuss whether BEP has any cash flow issues it should address, and recommend solutions for the Board which might improve cash generation in the business. 


      The analysis of BEP’s operating cash cycle is as follows.

The above analysis has been performed on the financial statements of BEP for the year ending 31st December 2008. From the above table, we can clearly see that inventory turnover has decreased by two times. As inventory turnover ratio indicates the frequency of replenishment of inventory and indicates the number of times it is sold to customers. Therefore, higher inventory turnover is considered to be a growing factor. However, in BEP case it has been decreased. Accordingly, the inventory days have increased by 50 days more in 2008. This substantial time lag in conversion of inventory to sales is a key business concern for the company and shows inefficiency on the part of its operations management. The company had accumulated extra pile of stocks and thus has not managed to sold them resulting in increase in stock levels. In order to eradicate this issue, the company must need to incorporate efficiency in its operations by reducing the time lag in purchasing the materials and manufacturing of finished goods. Enhance the quality of its merchandise products to create more demand. In addition, BEP can also innovate its products to attract more customers.  Furthermore, the receivables day collection period shows how long it takes in the recoveries of BEP’s trade debts towards its customers. The receivables days have been increased by 20 days which clearly indicate that customers are now taking longer time in clearing their outstanding dues. For addressing this issue, a comprehensive credit policy is need to be drafted whereby in order to encourage customers for releasing early payments discounts should be allowed to such customers and surcharge/penalties should be imposed who submit payments after the credit line. There is also a need to ensure credit worthiness of each customer. In contrast, the payables days remained consistent with the previous year. But due to time lag in the inventory and receivables, the operating cash cycle has gone very high by 70 days in the current year leading to 166 days which can significantly harm the operational cash flow. This can be evident from the cash flow from operations which is negative by £ ‘000’ 1,902. The company is poor in generating cash from its operations because of the working capital being accumulated and has increased by £ ‘000’ 8,255 which is twice times as compared to previous year. This poor management of the company’s working capital, the operational cash flows are negative. However, if we look at the total cash at year end, it turned out that it has increased by £ ‘000’ 4,315 as compared to previous year. But this increase is majorly due to cash flow from financing activities because of the receipts from issue of further long term loan by £ ‘000’ 4,523 and receipts from further right issue of share capital by £ ‘000’ 637 and share premium amounting to £ ‘000’ 3,000 out of which £ ‘000’ 850 was paid as dividend to shareholders leading to £ ‘000’ 7,310 cash flow from financing activities. Lastly, the current and acid test ratios are good and have increased by 4 and 3 times respectively. This is because the company holds excess current assets than its current liabilities and is considered to be a good indicator.

     The formulae used in calculating the above ratios are as follows;

    1. Inventory turnover (times)             =       Cost of goods sold

                                                                        Average inventory held or yearend inventory

    2. Inventory days                               =      Inventory                x 365

                                                                        Cost of goods sold

   3.  Receivables days                           =      Trade receivables   x 365


  4. Payables days                                   =       Trade payables   x 365

                                                                        Material Purchases (in cost of goods sold)

  5. Current ratio                                     =       Current assets

                                                                        Current liabilities

  6. Acid test or quick ratio                    =      Current assets less inventory

                                                                        Current liabilities        

  7. Operating cash cycle = Inventory days + Receivable days – Payable days

  For workings please also refer to the attached excel sheet. It will serve the purpose.

  • Use an appropriate costing technique to recommend whether the Board should accept or reject the offer from SEI to purchase the remaining stock.  Your answer should explain the rationale behind your recommendation and discuss at least TWO non-financial factors BEP’s Board should consider in its final appraisal of the offer.


BEP is currently using an activity based cost model for allocating its overheads costs to it products. The indirect overhead costs are being allocated based on the activity pools within cost centre. Assuming all the indirect overhead costs are fixed cost, we can perform break even analysis as follows;

 As Sports Events International (SEI) had already bought 30% of the goods procured from China amounting to £ 225,000 due to fears of downturn in the economy. However, as we can see the breakeven sales turned out to be £ 365,385 means that a minimum of this amount of sale the company is able to achieve neither a profit nor a loss. Therefore, 30% sale of merchandise is not a lucrative deal for the company as it is not able to gain any single pound of profit.  However, after negotiations SEI had agreed to buy remaining stock for £ 336,000 which was a 20% discount of the cost. For this purpose, we have performed scenario analysis taking percentage of stock (100%, 70% and 30%) to determine the possible outcomes as follows;

From the above table, we can clearly see that at 30% sale of stock is a loss for the company amounting to £ 39,000 and negative profit margin ratio of 7%. Therefore, this offer should not be considered. In contrast, if SEI had purchased 70% of the stock previously and then agreed to buy the remaining at discounted price it gives more profit than the stock bought at once because of the extra savings due to fixed cost.

In the situation under purview as mentioned in the case since BEP procured its products from China which also require a 10% deposit at the time of order and as regards the merchandise of SEI is concerned it had to wait till another slot become available as there is substantial time from designing to finished goods in stores. Therefore, the opportunity cost of the production foregone of BEPs other regular products has not been accounted while accepting the proposal of SEI. Moreover, since the SEI has already tendered breach of deal for buying lesser quantity of stock. It is also not sure whether SEI would buy BEP’s products consistently and frequently in future periods. In addition, both the entities have different motives in terms of the product line as BEP is engaged in the designing and distribution of toys and children games merchandises in contract SEI requires sport goods for major events. Hence, in the light of such scenario, it is not considered advisable to accept the business proposal of SEI because it is not adding value into BEP’s current business.

  • Perform a critical analysis of KFun’s trading results and cash flows in 2008 against its budget for 2008, using your interpretation of the variances as well as other information supplied in the case study to comment on any vulnerabilities in KFun’s profit and cash forecasts for 2009-2013. 


The trading results and cash flows in 2008 against its budget for 2008 are as follows. The results show that actual results are deteriorated as compared to budgets. There has been 7% decrease in revenue from advertising because of the recession caused by global economic crisis in September 2008 which significantly affected all over the world. The rebroadcast/content sales go unexpectedly higher than budget by 9% leading to overall 3% decrease than budgeted figures.         

The employee costs show an abnormal relation with the average number of staff as in budgeted figures there are more number of staff and less cost of employee while actually the employee were less in number and cost remain high. This can be due to inefficiency among the workers claiming overtime. Surprisingly, the distribution cost and other overhead cost remain less than budgeted by 9% which can be regarded as a positive sign and control over costs leading to cost savings. Since the interest is anticipated before year, there is no variance in it. The overall profit however has been diminished by 16%. The cash flow turned out to be healthy, showing 102% growth than budgeted.

As regard forecasting of future years is concern, the annual average increase in revenue by 17% is not justified keeping in view the current economic situation. It is not feasible if we keep the previous track record of actual versus budgeted of the year 2008 where the advertising actual sales were 7% less than budgeted. Since advertising is considered to be companies’ discretionary expense of companies and it is most likely curtailed during recessionary periods. The rebroadcast/content sales on average of 2-3% are a valid ground because previously it was 9% more than the budgeted. In contract the increase in employee costs by average number of staff isn’t seem reasonable because in recessionary period usually the entities either resort to lay-offs or redundancies or retain the same employees by enhancing their efficiencies. Furthermore, the significant increase in capital expenditure (CAPEX) on intangible assets is also not consistent with amortisation charge. It shows that either amortisation is not charged on additional CAPEX on intangibles or CAPEX is inaccurately included in the cash flow forecast. However, the net cash flows are growing.

  • Evaluate the opportunity to buy KFun, using an appropriate appraisal technique over the 5 years from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2013.  BEP’s cost of capital for its existing business activities is 9%.  Your answer should include:
  • A recommendation to the Board as to whether the proposed investment should proceed, including a clear demonstration of how you arrived at your conclusion;

Answer (i):

 To evaluate the appraisal of carrying out investment in KFun, we have used the Net Present Value Method as a reliable measure of determining the time value of money. By using this method, we have compared the present values of all cash inflows and outflows using discounting rate of 9% to calculate discounted cash flows. The initial investment includes all the cash held at bank. The summation of discounted cash flows gives net present value amounting to £ 530,000 which clearly indicates that it is a profitable venture. Therefore, accepting the proposed investment is advisable because the company is already overburdened by substantial debt financing (highly geared). The project is lucrative unless or until the cost of capital stays lower than 12%, the internal rate of return at which the NPV becomes zero.

  •   A critical discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of BEP raising £5m debt or £5m equity to fund an acquisition, including supporting calculations showing the impact of any financing structure on BEP’s liquidity, capital structure and financial risk.

Answer (ii):

Although both debt and equity financing have different advantages and disadvantages but excessive debt financing is strictly not recommended as it shows that company is relying solely on debt. In contrast equity financing is always beneficial even if it is in excess amounts. It is a healthy sign of any corporate entity.  The following tables show the impact on capital structure and on the capital ratios on acquiring of £ 5 million debt or £ 5 million equity shares.

Debt financing can only provide advantage in terms of savings in taxation benefits in form of deduction being allowed against interest expenses. It can also improve relationship with the company’s bank because of return payments in form of principal along with interest charges. In contrast, debt financing has more disadvantages. Above all, the bank takes charge on the company’s assets such as on company’s inventory or trade debts and pledged them as security and can hold the right to recover the amount by selling such assets. Such encumbrances can also make it possible for the bank to intervene over the operational matters of the company casting significant control over its policy matters. Moreover, the highly geared company can never inject more capital because no one is willing to make an investment in it.

Equity financing, in general is the most beneficial mode of financing whereby the cost is low as compared to benefits. The company holds a stock in the market and can capitalize market by injection of more capital through continually increasing profitability. Since dividends are paid in both years, it is a good sign of growing business. The only drawback of equity financing is its slow pace in getting the funds as compared to bank loan whereby the funds are swiftly transferred after necessary formal procedures.

The capital gearing ratio indicates the company’s structure of the composition of debt with the equity. A high capital gearing is detrimental to the business. At present the company’s capital gearing ratio is 49% which can be reduced to 38% if £ 5 million equity shares are issued. However, it will be deteriorated further to 60% if £ 5 million debt is taken from the bank.  It can give rise to financial risk, majorly the company might not be able to meets its current or future debt obligations in form of high interest rates payments along with principal. It will also harm the profitability and in turn the company’s ability to declare and pay dividends which fortunately it is paying in both recent years. Excessive financing can also inhibit additional investment into the company’s business. The interest cover ratio is needed to be high to indicate the number of times the company is able to disburse interest payments. By issuing more debt will weaken the interest cover ratio. Debt to equity ratio of 61% is highly recommendable and is also better than the current state however additional financing is strictly not recommended.     

  •   A critical discussion of any other factors that you believe should be considered by the Board in relation to this potential acquisition.

Answer (iii)

Above all, both the entities have different lines of businesses. While BEP is engaged in the design and distribution of toys and children games merchandises but KFun is involved in the broadcasting and advertising business. It will turned out to be a new challenge for BEP to get acquainted with new ways of doing things and entering into new field which it does not acquire the relevant skill or specialized knowledge of running the affairs of the business. Broadcasting companies also have to follow certain laws prescribed by the regulatory authorities, and non-compliance can result in severe repercussions. Moreover, since both organizations have diversified workforce. This diversity can cause conflicts among the work peers because of different methods of work style, time keeping and overall culture of both organizations. It required time to adapt with each other.

*********************************THE END**********************************

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Examine the four quadrants on the balanced scorecard, how they are related, and what their impact is on financial performance

For this Assignment, you will continue in your role of a consultant to provide information about using accounting information for decision making to a fictional organization so it can better prepare for the future. Last week, you submitted the first of two reports on financial information and budgeting. This week, you will submit the second report, which will focus on performance reports and balanced scorecards.

In addition to the requirements that follow, be sure to incorporate into your report references to appropriate academic sources, such as those found in this week’s Learning Resources or those in the Walden Library.

To prepare for this Assignment: (Use attached document and Templates)

  • Download the Week 2 Part 1 Assignment Template.
  • Download the Week 2 Part 2 Assignment Template.
  • Your Instructor will provide part of the data to complete the calculations for this week’s Assignment. To access that information, refer to Doc Sharing:

Submit your completed business report and accompanying Excel file. Your report should be 3–5 pages in length (excluding title page and references) and should address the following:

Analyzing the Performance Report—Preparing a Flexible Budget

For the first part of your report, you will examine a performance report based on the static budget about which the owners are very concerned. They feel that the unfavorable variances that are reflected in the report indicate an area that needs to be addressed, but they are looking to you for a better understanding and concurrence. To access this performance report, refer to the data that your Instructor provided in Doc Sharing for this week’s Assignment.

To complete this part, address the following:

  • Using the Week 2 Part 2 Assignment Template and the data provided by your Instructor in the Doc Sharing area, prepare a performance report that includes a flexible budget.
    • Note: In addition to submitting your work in Excel, you will insert your performance report into your main document.
  • In your report, analyze why the original report was incorrect and explain the conclusion you reached based on the performance report.
  • Then identify at least three questions regarding the performance report and include a rationale for why you asked each question.

The Balanced Scorecard

One of the owners read recently that the balanced scorecard is a strategic-based performance management system and is wondering if it would be beneficial to implement a balanced scorecard approach. For the second part of your report, you will provide an analysis of how using the balanced scorecard can benefit the company. To complete this part, address the following:

  • Explain how the balanced scorecard communicates strategy and provide examples.
  • Examine the four quadrants on the balanced scorecard, how they are related, and what their impact is on financial performance.

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***1  Go to the NINR website: and identify the four current priorities for nursing research under NURSING RESEARCH DEVELOPS KNOWLEDGE TO…. Do you agree with the priorities or would you recommend addition or elimination of some of the priorities? Describe how these research initiatives can be translated into evidence-based practice in your work environment. 

***1  Go to the NINR website: and identify the four current priorities for nursing research under NURSING RESEARCH DEVELOPS KNOWLEDGE TO…. Do you agree with the priorities or would you recommend addition or elimination of some of the priorities? Describe how these research initiatives can be translated into evidence-based practice in your work environment.


Remember to submit your work following the file naming convention FirstInitial.LastName_M01.docx. For example, J.Smith_M01.docx. Remember that it is not necessary to manually type in the file extension; it will automatically append.

Start by reading and following these instructions:

1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

3. Consider the course discussions so far and any insights gained from it.

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources if needed, use APA style as required, and check your spelling.


Identifying A Clinical Question

Write a 1000-1500 word essay addressing each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. There should be three main sections, one for each bullet below. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Support your ideas with at least five (5) sources using citations in your essay. Make sure to cite using the APA writing style for the essay. The cover page and reference page in correct APA do not count towards the minimum word amount. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.

Identify a clinical question related to your work environment, write the question in PICOT format and perform a literature search on the identified topic.


To enable the student to identify a clinical question related to a specified area of practice and use medical and nursing databases to find research articles that will provide evidence to validate nursing interventions regarding a specific area of nursing practice.

Review the Application Case Study for Chapter 3: Finding Relevant Evidence to Answer Clinical Questions as a guide for your literature search.


  1. Identify a clinical question related to your area of clinical practice and write the clinical foreground question in PICOT format utilizing the worksheet tool provided as a guide.
  2. Describe why this is a clinical problem or an opportunity for improving health outcomes in your area of clinical practice. Perform a literature search and select five research articles on your topic utilizing the databases highlighted in Chapter 3 of the textbook (Melnyk and Finout-Overholt, 2015).
  3. Identify the article that best supports nursing interventions for your topic. Explain why this article best supports your topic as you compare the article to the other four found in the literature search.

Assignment Expectations:

Length: 1000 – 1500 words
Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion.
References: Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of five (5) scholarly sources are required for this assignment to support the topic.
Rubric: This assignment uses a rubric for scoring. Please review it as part of your assignment preparation and again prior to submission to ensure you have addressed its criteria at the highest level.
Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a PDF document (.pdf)
File name: Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and the assignment number (for example RHall Assignment 1.docx)

The post ***1  Go to the NINR website: and identify the four current priorities for nursing research under NURSING RESEARCH DEVELOPS KNOWLEDGE TO…. Do you agree with the priorities or would you recommend addition or elimination of some of the priorities? Describe how these research initiatives can be translated into evidence-based practice in your work environment.  appeared first on Infinite Essays.


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The post ***1  Go to the NINR website: and identify the four current priorities for nursing research under NURSING RESEARCH DEVELOPS KNOWLEDGE TO…. Do you agree with the priorities or would you recommend addition or elimination of some of the priorities? Describe how these research initiatives can be translated into evidence-based practice in your work environment.  first appeared on nursing writers.

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Summarize the four messages outlined in the IOM report and explain why these are significant to nursing practice.


Review the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” Write a 750-1,000 word paper discussing the influence of the IOM report on nursing practice. Include the following:

Summarize the four messages outlined in the IOM report and explain why these are significant to nursing practice.

Discuss the direct influence the IOM report has on nursing education and nursing leadership.

Describe the benefits and opportunities for BSN-prepared nurses. Explain why it is important that a nurse’s role and education evolve to meet the needs of an aging and increasingly diverse population. Discuss the significance of professional development, or lifelong learning, and its relevance in caring for diverse populations across the life span and within the health-illness continuum. Discuss how nurses can assist in effectively managing patient care within an evolving health care system. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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The Four Meta paradigms Identification discussion and documentation from the literature of your perspective on the basic four meta paradigms/concepts of patient nurse health and environment.


You are required to submit a “scholarly paper” in which you will identify, describe, research, and apply the concepts that underlie your personal philosophy for professional nursing practice.

This will help you identify your own values and beliefs about the established metaparadigms and metatheories of the discipline. It will also help you identify and articulate concepts relevant to your specific practice. This paper is intended to be an exercise in clarification and organization of your professional foundation. You are also required to provide a list of assumptions from personal nursing practice that illustrate the concepts and framework of your theory.

Your paper should follow a format that includes:

A: Nursing Autobiography: A brief (1 page) discussion of your background in nursing.

B: The Four Metaparadigms: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on the basic four metaparadigms/concepts of patient, nurse, health, and environment.

C: Two Practice-Specific Concepts: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on at least two other concepts specific to your own practice.

D: List of Propositions: A numbered list of at least five propositions or assumption statements that clearly connect the concepts described.

Each week, you will complete various segments of your Concept Synthesis Paper Your paper should integrate these discrete elements and reflect your personal nursing philosophy.

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The four spheres of political action in nursing essay

The four spheres of political action in nursing essay

Respond to The four spheres of political action in nursing essay post as if it were me. Min 150 words, min 1 scholarly citation (no older than 5 years), Strict APA format, ASK A question at the end.


The four spheres of political action in nursing are listed as the government, the workplace, interest groups, and the community (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw, & O’Grady, 2016). Each of the four spheres are influential to policies that affect the health care of our nation and its people.

In our reading the four spheres are described as:

1. Government – regulates many health care policies for the people, even sought as the leader in policy development for private sectors when deciding health care policies.

2. Workplace – the setting in which a nurse is employed and regulated by its internal or external influences of policies. The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.

3. Interest groups – nursing associations for example, can increase the amount of advocacy for a group of nurses in their influence on health care policies.

4. Community – a group of people that share a geographical area, that also share a common interest. The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.

The four spheres are most definitely interconnected and overlap each other. In my nursing practice, I have always worked in the acute care setting. I was born and raised in the community that I know serve as a nurse. My community is a small town, with a recent increase in growth within the last two years due to more jobs being offered with big box distribution centers being created in our community. Not only have I seen this growth in the last two years, but there has always been the influence of the snow birds in our community, residing in the well-known area of The Villages. In my community, we also have the very popular event Horses in The Sun (HITS) every year, which brings many travelers as well. My community features a large population that lives in the range of poverty and/or lower class economic statures. In working in acute care, I see the results of people living in poverty. They do not have access to primary health care and do not seek medical attention until the circumstance may have become too detrimental to their health and in an “unfixable state”. In my workplace, we do not deny access to people in our community that do have health insurance coverage, but it is undeniable that their health care services and treatments are different than a person who does have medical health insurance. We have many interest groups in our community that provide means of health care for the population that lacks access to health care needs. For example, we have the Marion County Nurses Association and we have the non-profit organization called FREEdom Health Care. FREEdom Heath Care provides free of charge health, dental, and vision care to the lower-class citizens of the county once a year, all managed by volunteers and donations. The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.

In my experience as a nurse, there has always been ethical considerations when caring for lower-class/poverty level patients. Many people, even nurses can be “quick to judge” and biased towards a person who may not have the means of access to health care, maybe even judging as far as thinking they deserve to be sick since they do not have primary health care. When saying this aloud, yes – it sounds completely immoral and wrong for a nurse to be biased in this way, but let’s face it, we have all seen this type of judgement occur against the underprivileged population. Education in ethical considerations should happen early on within the education of a nurse. Training a nurse in ethical awareness as a precedent of ethical sensitivity can encourage the nurse to be morally responsible in their care for others (Milliken & Grace, 2017). Specifically, ethical sensitivity defined as “understanding of the patient’s situation” should be addressed when caring for any person (Milliken & Grace, 2017). The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.

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What are the care issues/challenges associated with elderly women who are diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections.Prompt Three-Develop a prevention teaching plan for the elderly population.Prompt Four- Discuss the impact that sex enhancement drugs have on this issue.

What are the care issues/challenges associated with elderly women who are diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections.
Prompt Three-Develop a prevention teaching plan for the elderly population.
Prompt Four- Discuss the impact that sex enhancement drugs have on this issue.


sexually transmitted infections and the elderly

Paper guidelines

Written Assignment
Select one of the following maternal-child health issues. Provide a complete and thorough explanation to the following questions.
An introductory and conclusion paragraphs are required.

Option 4: Sexually Transmitted Infections and the Elderly
Prompt One-Provide an overview of this issue, identifying the statistical data.
Prompt Two-What are the care issues/challenges associated with elderly women who are diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections.
Prompt Three-Develop a prevention teaching plan for the elderly population.
Prompt Four- Discuss the impact that sex enhancement drugs have on this issue.
Prompt Five-As a future nurse (include three roles of the nurse), how would you plan to address the issue?

Coppin State University

Directions for the paper/writing assignment:
1.    You want to prepare this assignment in APA 6th edition format, must have at least five sources-two-three recent articles and at least two internet sources. You cannot use WebMD, HealthyMinds, emedicinehealth or Wikipedia. You need to use a quality internet source that has an identified author or Nationally/Internationally recognized organization.
2.    Must have an introduction and conclusion
3.    Use the questions for this assignment as subheadings in APA format. The question prompts serve as the body of the paper.
4.    Paper should not exceed five (5) page excluding cover and reference page
5.    Paper needs to be submitted by the posted due date. Need two (2) hardcopies and one TurnItIn attachment. The paper will not be graded if it is not submitted using TurnItIn and providing the hard copies.
6.    If you quote, it must be limited to no more than 80 quoted words. Direct quotes are allowed, but must be limited to the 80 quoted words. You are required to use quotation notes. Ideally, the wording of the majority of the paper should be paraphrased. The document must be considered at least 70 percent original thought. Failure to achieve this standard will result in a grade of zero.
7.    Do not submit the rubric with the assignment.

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Identify four leadership qualities or traits that represent excellence in nursing.

G. Identify two provisions from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics (see web link below).

1. Analyze how the two provisions identified in part G influence your professional nursing practice.

2. Describe a nursing error that may occur in a clinical practice (e.g., clinical setting, skills lab, or simulation).

a. Explain how the ANA provisions identified in part G can be applied to the error discussed in part G2.

H. Identify four leadership qualities or traits that represent excellence in nursing.

1. Discuss the significance of the four leadership qualities identified in part H in the nurse’s role as each of the following:

• a leader at the bedside

• within a nursing team or interdisciplinary team

2. Identify how your work environment impacts the following:

• nursing leadership

• decision making

• professional development

I. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

J. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.




A nursing theory that has influenced the candidate’s values and goals is identified.



The explanation of how nurses apply the selected theory in part A to plan excellent nursing practices is logical.



The discussion of how the theory from part A fits the candidate’s professional practice is relevant, and it accurately addresses the identified theory.



The contributions of 2 historical nursing figures in the nineteenth or twentieth century is identified.



The comparison accurately addresses the differences in the contributions of the 2 historical figures identified in part B and is logical and well supported.



The description of how the contributions of the 2 historical nursing figures have influenced the candidate’s nursing practice is accurate.



The explanation of the functional differences between the State Board of Nursing and the ANA is accurate and well supported.



The definition of the roles of the State Board of Nursing and the ANA is provided and supported.



The explanation of how the State Board of Nursing and the ANA influence the candidate’s nursing practice is accurate and relevant.



The explanation of the requirements for professional license renewal in the candidate’s state is accurate and well supported.



The discussion of the consequences of failure to maintain license in the candidate’s state is accurate.



The comparison accurately addresses the differences between registered nursing license requirements in a compact state versus a non-compact state and is well supported.


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