Cloud Computing unique experiment

Cloud Computing unique experiment.

Cloud Computing


Your research proposal was well received by the selection committee, as was your colleague’s. The committee is unable to make a decision due to the high caliber and rigor of both proposals. As a result, they are requesting the candidates critique an experiment, reproduce it, and submit a detailed report as a tiebreaker. They have not specified which experiment to analyze; however, they stipulate that it must be found within a peer-reviewed publication within the last ten years.



First, locate a research study that contains a reproducible experiment taking the time and resource constraints of the course into consideration.



Second, analyze the original study and address the items described below:



Describe the problem addressed. Why is it important? Is this an agreed-upon problem?
Describe what was accomplished by the study. What was not achieved?
Describe the methodology the study utilized. Was it appropriate? Justify.
Describe the study results and the contribution it made to the body of knowledge, if any.
Describe possible extensions to the research, if any. In what ways can the study be enhanced or modified to provide additional value? Discuss any limitations or assumptions held within the study and how they can be addressed.


Present the study’s experiment that will be reproduced. Be sure to outline the setup and resources utilized.
Describe how you will reproduce the experiment. How does your experiment differ from the original? In what ways were they the same? How do your results compare with the original results and what conclusions can be drawn with the additional data provided by your experiment?


Finally, reproduce the experiment and document the setup, procedure, and results. Create any tables, graphs, raw results, or aggregate reports that would allow for direct comparison with the original study.

Ensure that your critique is comprehensive and meets the quality expectations of Senior Capstone level work.



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Cloud Computing unique experiment

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