Compile a strategic plan for the executive committee to review

Barbara was recently hired as a regional manager for the Urgent Care Clinic Organization (UCCO). One of her first tasks is to compile a strategic plan for the executive committee to review. The overall goal of the strategic plan is to identify specific actionable items that can better position the clinic organization.

For this assignment on UCCO, complete a minimum 2-page summary to explain why the organization should devote time to planning and why a strategic plan is needed.

Visit the Rasmussen online Library and search for a minimum of 4 articles covering the topics of strategic planning and healthcare management. Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, like:

  • Discovery
  • Business Source Complete via EBSCO
  • Business via ProQuest
  • What can a healthcare organization accomplish with the strategic planning process?
  • What would you recommend as areas of focus for Barbara’s strategic plan?
  • Discuss how Barbara can achieve a balance between historical and current topics in healthcare?
  • How should she apply them for her strategic plan?
  • What type(s) of primary and secondary research would you recommend Barbara conduct? What are the benefits? Explain.

Remember to integrate citations accurately and appropriately for all resource types; use attribution (credit) as a method to avoid plagiarism. Use NoodleTools to document your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.

Transferable Skills for this Project Stage:

  • Information Literacy

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Apply skills and strategies presented in this lesson to develop a plan for teaching from “Little Things are Big.”

Assignment 5

Apply skills and strategies presented in this lesson to develop a plan for teaching from “Little Things are Big.”

EXPLANATORY NOTE:  This assignment is NOT asking for a formal lesson plan (although you are welcome to submit one if you desire).  It IS asking you to select 4 of the comprehension strategies discussed in the lectures or that you’ve identified through your readings and describe exactly how you will use this text to explicitly instruct students on how to use that strategy to improve reading comprehension (the focus of the lesson is the strategy, not the text).  A simple listing or description of activities that use the strategy is not a sufficient response.  I’m looking for your method to actively engage the students in using the comprehension strategies (“the teacher will” focus, not “the student will”).

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Lush Company Integrated Communication Marketing Plan

Lush Company Integrated Communication Marketing Plan


1.0 Background_ 2

1.1 History_ 3

1.2.1 Scope of this Integrated Marketing Communications Plan_ 3

1.2.2 Marketing Objectives 4

1.2.3 Communication Objectives 4

1.2.4 Issues and Challenges 4

2.0 Situational Analysis 4

2.0.1 Strengths 4

2.0.2 Weaknesses 5

2.0.3 Opportunity_ 5

2.0.4 Threats 5

2.1 Product History_ 5

2.1.1 Product Background_ 5

2.1.2 Current Problems Facing Products 6

2.1.3 Current Marketing Situation_ 6

3.0 Target Audience 6

Figure 1: Cosmetic Distribution with Co-relation to age 7

Figure 2: Age Segmentation and Market Positioning_ 8

4.0 Competition_ 8

4.1 Product Comparison_ 8

4.1      Barriers to entry_ 8

4.2      Competitor Differentiation_ 9

5.0 Branding and Messaging_ 9

5.1 Branding Architecture 9

5.2 Positioning Statement 10

5.3 Value Propositions 10

6.0 Communication and Marketing Strategies 10

6.1 Social Networking_ 10

6.2 Direct Product Marketing_ 11

6.3 Customization and Internet marketing_ 12

6.4 Television Commercial and Bonus Schemes 13

7.0 Budget 14

7.1 Tactical Calendar 15


1.0 Background

Lush Company is a limited retail company that has its headquarters in the UK. It was founded in 1994 by Mr. Mark Constatine and his wife Mo Constatine. They pioneered the first store at Poole and named it Cosmetic House Limited. It was however on 10th of April 1995 that Lush Company acquired its current name. Since then they have opened over eight hundred and thirty stores in over fifty one countries. The company manufactures and retails several cosmetic and hand made products. These include bubble bars, shower gels, face masks and hair conditioners among others. The company uses synthetic ingredients and bees wax to give their products a touch of authenticity and uniqueness. A notable event was when Mo and Mark were awarded an OBE award during the new year of December 2010 due to their contribution to the beauty and cosmetic industry (Wood 31).

1.1 History

The source of what is considered as Lush Company can be traced to 1970 when the paths of Elizabeth Weir an accomplished beauty therapist collided with Mark Constatine and together they birthed the company called Constatine & Weir. The worked together and began experimenting by making simple beauty and bath recipes and selling them to clients. This attracted the attention of The Body Shop which was a company owned by Anita Roddick and based in the UK, She was contracted as their supplier and since then their success has been on a notable upward trajectory. A background analysis of the company will reveal unique and steady business growth and expansion strategies employed by the company’s management (Thorson and Moore 23).

1.2 Executive Overview

The marketing plan clearly outlines various marketing and communication tactics that help promote Lush Company and its products to give it a wider consumer scope. Lush will be able to do this through internet advertising, website promotions and television advertising among other tactics. The tactics implied by this Integrated marketing communications plan will ensure that Lush company is able to fully tackle any challenges relayed to sales and brand dominance to build client and consumer loyalty (Wood 25).

1.2.1 Scope of this Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

This ICM plan entails the various strategies, tactics and communication objectives required to ensure that integrated marketing is executed and implemented successfully.

1.2.2 Marketing Objectives

  • The overall plan is to ensure that purchase of cosmetic materials by a student base target group increases by a considerable 35 % by the end of the 12 months.
  • Have a significant increase in our market share before the end of the 12 months to approximately 18% through implementation of strategies and modalities laid out in this plan.

1.2.3 Communication Objectives

  • Ensure that approximately 15% of our target audience is aware about Lush Company and our cosmetic products by the end of the 12 months.
  • We also aim to increase our site traffic by 35% by the end of the year through website promotions and search engine optimization among other strategies.

1.2.4 Issues and Challenges

Women are our major target demographic and due to increased competition with regard to female cosmetic products we will face some very stiff competition. To help us counter this challenge, we aim to diversify our target demographic to include children and men so that we can have an effective marketing strategy through product target differentiation (Wood 21).

2.0 Situational Analysis

2.0.1 Strengths

One of Lush’s key strengths is the invention of fast cosmetic mixing technology which enables cosmetics to be mixed, graded and quantified very easily. This technology has put Lush as the market leader in this field. The company has also ventured into mergers and partnerships increasing its manufacturing capacities.

2.0.2 Weaknesses

One of the key weaknesses of the company is the fact that the major markets are in the USA. The current economic recessions and fluctuations have impacted the sales negatively and Lush is now venturing into Asia and Africa.

2.0.3 Opportunity

There is a lot of opportunity presented by the African and Asian markets. Inflation in Africa and East Asia has led to an increase in demand for cosmetics which are cheap and economical on pricing.

2.0.4 Threats

Recalls on some cosmetic products have posed a major threat to the company. There have been cases of dysfunctional cosmetic products resulting to accidents and skin irritation in some cases. The company has recalled some of the products in the market and this has threatened business all over the country and the company is working tirelessly to rectify the problem with the cosmetic products.

2.1 Product History

2.1.1 Product Background

               Lush Company Over a period of three years have built a team of highly creative employees with Mo Constantine being the lead and overseeing product development. The products are at times highly individualistic and in some cases it is important to educate customers. New products are launched roughly every week and such a product that became very popular with the company was bath bombs which fizz when dissolving in water. A lively online user community and discussion forum is a very useful source or Ideas and input to the creative process (Wong 24).  

2.1.2 Current Problems Facing Products

             One of their greatest problems right now it the lack of a direct link to consumers in that certain clients cannot easily get Lush cosmetic products. Most of their target group demographic hence cannot easily get and purchase their products leading to a gap in product delivery and development (Smith and Ze Zook 15). Another key problem they are facing is consumer brand indifference. There is no brand loyalty especially from women who are their target demographic since there are many diverse cosmetic products to choose from (Smith and Ze Zook 16).

2.1.3 Current Marketing Situation

Lush company has a website through which it reaches most of its users and has built quite a sizable online community of clients. This is one of their key tactics and they currently do not have other supporting strong marketing tactics.

3.0 Target Audience

Four factors have been taken into consideration in defining our target market. These are:

  1. Target Identification

Based on research and studies regarding the cosmetic market, we have chosen to employ a new approach and target college and university students as our target audience. We are targeting a segmented age range as a new marketing strategy which will help target a well-balanced and defined consumer population ages 19-29 and 32-50 as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Cosmetic Distribution with Co-relation to age

Description: C:\Users\Reed\Downloads\images-1.jpeg

Source: Smith and Pulford 31

  • Market Segmentation

Most of our target market includes students and we were able to capture some analytical data to validate our segmentation of this market by asking some questions such as “How would you like to use Lush Cosmetics as your primary products?” and “Would you switch from your current cosmetic products to Lush Cosmetics?”. The response that we have gotten from respondents has given us a baseline to assure us that within the next 12 months we will achieve market segmentation of the said age bracket.

  • Market selection

By selecting the specified target market, we aim to capture a well- defined and balanced target group that will ensure even our products have age based diversity and appeal to both adults and young individuals.

  • Market strategies and Positioning

When most of the students were asked what had greater influence in their decision to purchase cosmetic products, about 56% said that price was the dominant factor. About 32% said that quality was the dominant factor. 21% of the respondents said the design and style was a dominant factor.

Figure 2: Age Segmentation and Market Positioning

Description: C:\Users\Reed\Desktop\Age.PNG

Source: Smith and Ze Zook 21

4.0 Competition

4.1 Product Comparison

Currently, there are a number of companies producing cosmetic products that target the youth especially college and university students. With our products being refined to suit this age segmentation bracket, we aim to have a competitive edge and capture most of this market segment share.

4.1      Barriers to entry

Lush company is facing a number of barriers that deter it from fully optimizing this market. Key of these is the lack of awareness of this age bracket to Lush products and services. The economic recession and downturn has also proven to be quite a barrier as more and more people are spending less on cosmetics and beauty products contrary to a few years ago.

4.2      Competitor Differentiation

Community Engagement: We would like to let our members experience an ownership of the products and services. We will involve the community majorly through the membership and management activity through or website.

Activities and events: Regular on our schedule will be activities and events organized by the Lush management, friends and partners, together with featured institutions. These include, launches, marketing, meet-ups, conferences and regular talks aimed at helping us market our cosmetics to a wider spectrum.

Cost Leadership strategy: Lush Company also aims to make cosmetic products available to this market segment at a cheaper and affordable price slated at a 10% discount compared to current prices of cosmetic products within the UK.

5.0 Branding and Messaging

5.1 Branding Architecture

The company aims at using young women as the pioneering subjects of brand messaging. Lush say that they are trying to “tap” on the moral sense of young women, so that the market will be more supporting and favor them for their ethical movement. Research also shows that 11% of consumers would be interested in paying for beauty products by a new method of ups on Smartphone’s instead of a credit card (Smith and Pulford 26). Lush company seeks to employ a conjunctive model on its branding message since it is likely to appeal more to young women and students (Brannan 26). One is that for the conjunctive model users, the brand messages should highlight the more professional and corporate side of using cosmetic products than its leisurely aspects or strong points. Brand messages for the lexicographic model however, should highlight the leisurely aspect of cosmetic products than the more formal and stringent professional highlights as is the case with the conjunctive model.

5.2 Positioning Statement

Lush company hopes to build its brand and establish concrete links among the younger populations and its products. Increasing popularity of cosmetic products among the young individuals is the motivation behind this branding and messaging strategy.

5.3 Value Propositions

Lush company aims to use a cost leadership strategy and highlight this in their brand messaging so that more young people can become aware of the cost difference between Lush’s cosmetic products and their competitors. This is set to attract a higher number of clientele and their product value is likely to increase significantly.

6.0 Communication and Marketing Strategies

6.1 Social Networking

Social networking is a key strategy that Lush Company seeks to use to implement their integrated communication marketing strategy. Through social networking, Lush Company seeks to target the younger generation Y especially via social media.  This is with the aim of influencing their decision making skills regarding cosmetic purchases and using social media as a platform to reach them. Research has shown that since businesses embraced social media as a major platform for marketing their products, most companies have experienced a steady increase in sells among the younger generation who are frequent users of social networks (Smith and Pulford 29). The place that social networking plays in undoubtedly very impactive in today’s business tactics and economy balancing to diverse clientele from different generations (Smith and Pulford 38).  Online marketing is one of the companies’ marketing objectives and they aim to achieve this through social interaction and culturing a consumer objective for cosmetic products to this younger generation through this avenue (Clow, Kenneth and Baack 31). Through social networking Lush Company will be able to broaden their spectrum of influence to the target audience and this will go a long way in ensuring that their goals are met. The social media commands great influence over today’s generation and affects their position as consumers greatly (Sandhusen 34).  Lush Company should hence capitalize on this avenue to increase and cement their marketing tactic through social networking (Boone and Kurtz 24).

6.2 Direct Product Marketing

Lush plans to use direct product marketing where certain characteristics are similar to those of service marketing but unlike in the latter, individual attention to clients is not always practical as it involves large-scale production of goods and products shifting focus to the production aspects for instance, raw materials, quantities, stocks, and prices (Semenik 21). This is because in order to reach their target market, direct product marketing of their cosmetic product is ensured through conformance quality which is more pronounced, as it is more likely to net a large portion of impressed and interested consumers unlike in service marketing where the service requires more flexibility to adjust to meet the varied particular interests of various clients in the service industry (Bothma 33).

6.3 Customization and Internet Marketing

Customization of products for customers is the most critical means of delivering true value to customers (Ogden 47). Lush company aims to customize their products in order to achieve superior competitive advantage in the marketplace. The company implements product configuration system as a way of achieving this practice (Linton and Morley 17). It provides a lead time for product reduction depending on the demands of customers (Schultz and Lauterborn 31). Therefore, the design of products is done in a way that attracts the attention of customers.

One of the corporation’s Internet marketing strategies employed in marketing their products is lowering of prices for cosmetic products any time all the year round. The company keeps on lowering their cosmetic products in order to compete with their competitors producing the same products (Belch and Michael 21). This is crucial because it strategy has enabled it to acquire more customers who order and buy products online. In 2006, the company cut their prices in an effort of maintaining their market share. It also cut profit margins of real products purchased by more than a half (Blythe 39). This is done for the purpose of maintaining existing customers and attracting more customers in the market.

6.4 Television Commercial and Bonus Schemes

Advertisement has been a very dynamic market that keeps on changing with current societal issues (Cateora and Graham 11). Companies have started using measures that are sophisticated, with many buying agencies and clients using combinations of surveys and “optimizer” programs to analyze the demographic and psycho-graphic characteristics of audience groups and then establish pricing parameters that fit the audiences various networks delivered (Sandhusen 34). Lush company aims at using this to their advantage by launching a series of advertisements targeted at television viewers. The output of these commercials would be a recommended advertising placement portfolio for a specific product campaign (Percy 36). Lush Company also aims to use bonus schemes to further the implementation of their integrated communications marketing plan. This marketing strategy aims at providing customers with bonuses for cosmetic products purchased (Pickton and Broderick 27). The company will offer their customers free bonuses for the products purchased, including skin and hair products. This is crucial, because it enables customers to demand more products from their company since they will be incentivized. They will also make promotions of their services and products online offering a wide range of bonuses in order to attract more customers (Varey 26).  Lush aims to use the slogan of ‘Looking younger every day’ as a means of making their products known to customers and establishing their branding structure that a younger demographic can identify with.

7.0 Budget

A large percentage of our budget has been allocated to company promotions about 55% because statistics show that a significant 60% of the target market that we have selected prefer events and word of mouth advertising (Blakeman 25). Our second most dominant budget has been slated for television and commercial advertising which is about 25%. This is because results indicate that a considerable 50% of our target market prefer television advertising (Blakeman 36). Print and paper advertising has been allocated 15 % of our budget and lastly internet marketing and search engine optimization has been allocated 5 % of our total budget.

7.1 Tactical Calendar

Description: C:\Users\Reed\Desktop\tactical.PNG


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* NRS Social grade is a classification system based on occupation:

Population %

A  Higher managerial, administrative and professional   4%                                                       

B  Intermediate managerial, administrative and professional    22%                                  

C1 Supervisory, clerical and junior managerial, administrative and professional       27%

C2 Skilled manual workers   22%                                                                                                           

D  Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers          16%                                                                           

E  State pensioners, casual and lowest grade workers, unemployed with state benefits only    9%

Brief explanation of marketing communication strategies, 3ps

Push strategy:
Create awareness of the brand with the ultimate goal of sale to the final target audience customer/consumer.

Pull strategy:
Use Intermediaries, distribution channels and retailers to create awareness and develop strong distribution network to the final target audience customer/consumer.          

Profile strategy:
Create awareness and spread the communicational message among stakeholders to the final target audience company’s micro environment. 

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Prepare A Revenue Cycle Plan For A Community Hospital.

Prepare A Revenue Cycle Plan For A Community Hospital.

Assignment Instructions

Prepare a revenue cycle plan for a community hospital.  Include the following information in your plan:

Prepare A Revenue Cycle Plan For A Community Hospital.

  • Introduction
  • Evaluation  of clinical data required for payment and reimbursement systems (PPS,  DRG, RBRVS, RUGs, VBP, Billing/insurance plans).
  • Explanation of chargemaster and claims management applications and processes.
  • Assess the effect on healthcare finance of revenue management (cost reporting, budget variances).
  • Summarize revenue cycle management and reporting processes (CCI, X12N).
  • Evaluation of the severity of illness and how it impacts the healthcare payment systems.

The format of this plan is like a policy and procedure but is a longer document. Compile your document based on the findings and collection of information for each of the requirements.

Domain IV. Revenue Cycle Management

        IV.3. Evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and reimbursement methodologies.

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A good lesson plan is vital to any teacher as it determines whether the teaching experience will be boring or interesting

Lesson Plan

A good lesson plan is vital to any teacher as it determines whether the teaching experience will be boring or interesting (Shoemaker 150). Teaching grade two and three is not as easy at it seems because the children’s minds is still young and what they are taught at that age might have a lifetime impact. In that aspect I present two lessons plan that will ensure that not only will the children understand what they are taught, but also ensure that not even a single one will be left behind in class work (Feeney 150).

A good lesson plan is vital to any teacher as it determines whether the teaching experience will be boring or interesting.

This lesson plan focuses on English Language Arts objectives: comparison and dissimilarity. Students will be able to compare the two stories: The Three blind mice and The Three Little pigsStudents will work together in small mixed groups to apply strategies for understanding and vocabulary.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Discover exact vocabulary words wanted to link to the story.
  • Answer all the questions that are related to the story verbally go over each and every concept of the story like, who did what, how, why, and when.
  • Be able to put their imagination to work and tell what might have happened before the story took place.

 Be able to understand all the descriptive words used in the story (Hernandez 120).

Teacher planning

Time Required for Lesson

Three hours



  • The teacher will read the story the Three Little pigs aloud and discuss the happenings in each part of the story.
  • The student will be required to tell the happenings in the story verbally without referring to the books.
  • Students will be required to fill in a journal depicting the events in the book, The Three Little Pigs by Paul Galdone.


  1. The students will be required narrate the story of the Three Little Pigs, as they understood it with major emphasis being on the flow of the activities from the first to the last.
  2. The teacher will read aloud and talk about The Story of the Three Little Wolves and The three blind mice by Agatha Christie.
  3. The teacher will bring out the difference and similarity between the two stories in form of diagrams.
  4. The students will work together in small mixed groups and fill a similarity and difference sheet.
  5. Each and every student will work alone and come up with a sequence of the events sheet either in drawing or writing in the two stories. In case of any difficulty the students will be rendered some assistance.


The second plan focuses on vocabularies

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Discover exact vocabulary words wanted to link to the story.
  • Answer all the questions related to either the stories in writing.
  • Be able to write down the correct spelling of the word used.
  • Be able to understand the meaning of the vocabulary used in the stories.


  • The teacher will discuss the happenings or events in the stories with the students.
  • The student will be required to tell the happenings in the story verbally without referring to the books.
  • Students will be required to write down all the events in sequence as they are told in the stories.


  1. The students will be required to write down the entire events, one after the other in the order of first to the last.
  2. The teacher will explain the vocabulary used in the two stories to the students.
  3. The students will work together in small mixed groups in order to write down the meanings of the vocabulary used in the stories.
  4. The student will be required to work individually and write down other meanings of the vocabulary used in the stories.


Works Cited

Feeney, Stephanie, and Eva Moravcik. Who am I in the lives of children?: an introduction to early childhood education. 9th ed. New York: Pearson, 2013. Print.

Hernandez, Donald J. Double jeopardy how third-grade reading skills and poverty influence high school graduation. Baltimore MD: The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2011. Print.

Shoemaker, Donald J. Juvenile delinquency. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2009. Print.

Taylor, Barbara M. Catching readers, grade 3: day-by-day small-group reading interventions. New York: Heinemann, 2010. Print.

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The HR Strategies and the HR plan for Sharjah Economic Development

1.0 The company Background 

The association effectively tries to build up the economy of the Emirate by giving remarkable and cutting edge administrations and offices to the financial specialists through exceedingly qualified workforce and advanced innovations. The vision of the association is to work towards a propelled economy and consistent development. The objectives are to applying quality models in offered administrations, giving fitting client bolster, sharpening and creating HR abilities, and expanding the incomes and diminishing the costs and appropriately using the accessible assets. It also is disentangling work style and methods and gives fast and productive administrations (sedd, 2015).

This Department was to assume control over the nearby power for the use of government laws identified with monetary issues, and in addition the use of neighborhood announcements and requests identified with the economy of the Emirate. As indicated by the pronouncement specified over; the Department was set up and incorporated the accompanying segments: Business Registration Section, Organizations Section and Arranging, Research and Statistics Section. It assumes control over the arranging and execution of monetary improvement ventures, and also the planning of laws and regulations, vital arrangements and issuance of business, mechanical and administration licenses notwithstanding all the grants required for those licenses and control over all the financial firms in the Emirate of Sharjah (sedd, 2015).

2.0 Recruitment and Selection

The organization’s objective in enlistment and determination is to contract and hold the most qualified people. Supervisors are urged to first consider candidates from inside of their specialization or others from inside of the organization who express enthusiasm for the position.

On the chance that the position stays unfilled after grounds wide enlistment, the Workplace of HR helps offices by arranging all parts of the job procedure to present procuring divisions with qualified candidates from a mixed bag of sources outer to the department. The enrollment process, application audit, reference and foundation checking, and the determination and procuring procedures for all Staff positions are liable to appropriate labor laws and regulations. Enlistment endeavors are composed by HR Enrolling Specialists to guarantee consistence with these laws and regulations. Livelihood choices are in light of capabilities and are made without respect to race, shading, national or ethnic inception, sex, handicap, veteran status, or age with the exception of where a particular trademark is viewed as a “true blue word related capability” for a particular position (Nabi et al., 2015).


Human personnel are accessible to give interview all through all parts of the work and employing procedure. They will give help with posting opening, creating and actualizing enlistment methodologies, distinguishing and selecting competitors, guaranteeing all pre-employment necessities are met, and affirming employment offers.

Recruitment Process 

Employment Posting Strategies

In order to post work, procuring supervisors must start a posting through the jobs online business webpage, media, magazines or any other suitable mode. Once the essential supports are gotten, an Enrolling Advisor will either set up an occupation posting taking into account the data gave or survey the prescribed employment posting as put together by the enlisting supervisor. In either occasion, HR maintains all authority to alter work postings to follow College arrangements and systems. 

Recruitment specialist will then contact the enlisting director to talk about an enlistment methodology (Newton et al., 2015). 

Selection Procedure 

Applicant Prescreening

The huge number of uses got every year keeps the talking of all candidates by the Workplace of HR. Be that as it may, all applications are evaluated and candidates whose capabilities and experience appear to be most fitting to the opening for which they have connected are by and large chosen for screening meetings with the Workplace of HR or the enlisting office. 

Referrals to the office for a particular prospective employee meeting are in view of counsel with the employing chief and on the consequences of the screening and meeting procedures. It is the target of the Workplace of HR to elude prescreened contender for an opportunity. An Enrolling Expert will tell all candidates met for a particular opportunity of the result of the determination process. 

Pre-interview Agenda

  1. Acclimate yourself with the obligations and prerequisites of the position you are filling. 
  2. Verify you can answer general inquiries regarding the College and the advantages gave.
  3. Detail addresses that will concentrate on employment related issues, for example, asking the applicants how they would manage genuine living, occupation related circumstances. 
  4. Record and arrange the inquiries in the request you will be asking them. 
  5. Audit candidate’s resume and/or application. 
  6. Acquire a livelihood and group guide for excluded level, out of region applicants. This data may be acquired from the Enrolling 
  7. Specialist who is arranging your enlistment endeavors. 

Interview Rules

  1. When the rundown of occupation related inquiries is made, use it for all candidates for the same position. 
  2. Set the candidate calm with starting and inviting comments. 
  3. Ask open-finished inquiries which require behavioral portrayals as opposed to just “yes” or “no” answers ( i.e., have them portray a work circumstance in which they took care of anxiety well instead of simply inquiring as to whether they can “deal with anxiety well”). 
  4. Tune in; the hopeful ought to do most of the talking. 
  5. Stay far from inquiries that have more to do with individual way of life than occupation experience. Phrase the inquiry so that the answer will depict at work qualities rather than individual qualities. On the off chance that the inquiry is not identified with execution at work, it ought not to be inquired. 

3.0 Training and Development Strategy

Individual Coaching Method: It is an at work approach in which a director has the chance to instruct a worker, ordinarily his quick subordinate, on a balanced premise. Instructing is helping self as well as other people increase new viewpoints their goals and practices, to comprehend what’s conceivable and how to get to internal assets, for example, inspiration, responsibility, enthusiasm, and so forth as a mentor, the chief delicately faces workers with their weaknesses and makes recommendations for remedial activities. The chief is likewise aware of empowering great execution. Instructing is thought to be a standout amongst the best administration improvement procedures. Steady direction makes the student learn rapidly. 

Tutoring Method: Tutoring is an at work way to deal with preparing in which the student is given a chance to take in on a coordinated premise from more experienced individuals from the association. The coach is generally a more established, experienced official who serves as a host, companion, partner and counsel to another individual from the firm. The tutor is given the charge of securing and obligation of helping the new representative. The relationship may be formally arranged or it may grow casually. For tutoring to be profitable, the parties’ advantage must be good and they must see one another’s learning styles and identities. In the event that tutors frame excessively solid bonds with learners, ridiculous partiality may come about. An exceedingly effective tutor protégé relationship may make sentiments of envy among different partners who are not ready to show just as great results out of the tutoring procedure. 

Work Rotation Method: This system for preparing includes the moving of students starting with one employment then onto the next to augment their presentation and empower them to acquire a general comprehension of the totality of the association. Other than helping them to overcome fatigue, work revolution allows direct connection with an extensive countless inside of the association, along these lines encouraging future working connections. Learners are arranged to face differentiating styles of operation and principles that fluctuate as indicated by bosses. A few learners may feel more like going by easygoing spectators in the offices than being a piece of the workforce, which would invalidate the reason for occupation turn. Representatives who are searching for all the more difficult assignments may feel baffled when solicited to perform various types from basic occupations at the same level.

4.0 Strategies for Performance Appraisal

Rating Scales: Rating scales comprises of a few numerical scales speaking to occupation related execution measures, for example, steadfastness, activity, yield, participation, disposition and so forth. Every scales ranges from brilliant to poor. The aggregate numerical scores are registered and last conclusions are inferred. 

Private Report System: Private report framework is no doubt understood strategy for execution examination framework basically being utilized by the association. In this technique for assessing framework, subordinate is seen by his bosses in regards to his execution in the employment and on his obligations done. From that point Superior composes private cover his execution, principally on his conduct in the association and lead and comments if any. Secret reports will be kept classified and won’t be uncovered to anybody lastly private reports will be sent to the top administration authorities for taking ruling against individual on whom classified report has made. Private reports are the primary criteria for advancing or exchanging of any worker primarily in the administration part (Guest, 2011). 

5.0 HR Plan for Training and Development

Week 1HR PersonnelThe essence of training employees in an organization, HR functions, Employees’ rights
Week 2The ManagerOrganizational Change, Culture, and Ethics
Week 3The Technical ManagerEmerging issues in Technology
Week 4Health OfficerWorkplace Health and Safety
Week 5Resource personRisk Management


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Describe In Detail How To Strategically Plan A Telehealth As A Scope Of Digital Health.

Describe In Detail How To Strategically Plan A Telehealth As A Scope Of Digital Health.

This project aims to dive into one aspect of digital health known as telehealth. This project will entail the scope, definition, and history of telehealth, following the rubrics and the goals and objectives to focus the project. This paper is 8 – 10 pages long. Please follow the directions as stipulated in the assignment below. Attached are some reading materials and rubrics.

Describe In Detail How To Strategically Plan A Telehealth As A Scope Of Digital Health.

Using what we have covered in class, assume the role of an executive director of a service in our healthcare delivery system (OT, PT, Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Acute Care Settings are all appropriate starting points).  You are now tasked with creating a strategic vision for a telehealth service (Identifying the target population, reviewing relevant state and federal policy, and establishing goals for the program). Your final product should be a narrative piece of original work between 8 and 10 pages.  External citations should be included (6-10 citations).  The narrative may include lists, figures, or diagrams, but the work needs to be clear and concise. The Center for Connected Health Policy ( Links to an external site.) is a great resource to find state laws applicable to your geographic area.  You should create a fictional practice with the following goals and objectives to focus your assessment on: 

Alignment and Engagement – Who are the stakeholders, where will the funding come from, and what are the goals or overall strategy?

Enabling Technologies – Select a vendor, app, or platform to assist your patient population.  You should identify a minimum of 3 competitive or similar technologies.  

Care Across the Continuum – What are the state and federal policies, how will the organizational policy be implemented, and who is the target population? 

Interoperability –   How can information captured be shared with others? Will information be a reporting dashboard, alerts to providers, or structured follow-up by other care teams?  How will information be shared with others?

Please make sure this paper is original and no duplicates anywhere. Take into focus what’s expected in the rubrics as well.

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Describe In Detail How To Strategically Plan A Telehealth As A Scope Of Digital Health

Describe In Detail How To Strategically Plan A Telehealth As A Scope Of Digital Health

This project aims to dive into one aspect of digital health known as telehealth. This project will entail the scope, definition, history of telehealth, following the rubrics and the goals and objectives to focus the project on. This paper is 8 – 10 pages long. Please follow direction as stipulated in the assignment below. Attached are some reading materials, and rubrics.

Describe In Detail How To Strategically Plan A Telehealth As A Scope Of Digital Health

Using what we have covered in class, assume the role of an executive director of a service in our healthcare delivery system (OT, PT, Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Acute Care Settings are all appropriate starting points).  You are now tasked with creating a strategic vision for a telehealth service (Identifying the target population, reviewing relevant state and federal policy, and establishing goals for the program). Your final product should be a narrative piece of original work between 8 and 10 pages.  External citations should be included (6-10 citations).  The narrative may include lists, figures, or diagrams, but the work needs to be clear and concise. The Center for Connected Health Policy ( Links to an external site.) is a great resource to find state laws applicable to your geographic area.  You should create a fictional practice with the following goals and objectives to focus your assessment on: 

Alignment and Engagement – Who are the stakeholders, where will funding come from, and what are the goals or overall strategy?

Enabling Technologies – Select a vendor, app, or platform to assist your patient population.  You should identify a minimum of 3 competitive or similar technologies.  

Care Across the Continuum – What are the state and federal policies, how will organizational policy be implemented, and who is the target population. 

Interoperability –   How can information captured be shared with others? Will information take the form of a reporting dashboard, alerts to providers, or structured follow up by other care teams.  How will information be shared with others?

Please make sure this paper is original and no duplicate any where. Take into focus what’s expected in the rubrics as well.

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Action Plan to Address Drunk Driving

Action Plan to Address Drunk Driving


Drunk driving among college age group between the ages of 18 and 25 is one of the most common social problems that are related to the use of alcohol. Drunk driving does not endanger the life of the drunk driver and passengers, but also other people who are on the road (Parks, 2010).  Many lives being lost and continue to be lost as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol. There is the need to come up with measures to prevent individuals under the college age from driving under the influence of alcohol. The environmental strategies used in the action plan are not assured to changing the behavior of every college student, but they can certainly help in changing the aspects of college and community culture that supports drunk driving among individuals in the college age group.

Action plan

            The safety of college students and those around them is of great importance. There is the need to ensure that the alcohol prevention program put in place is working. The alcohol prevention program should take the form of a serious action plan that needs to be implemented by educational, legislative and community support. The action plan comprises of the following action points;

Action point 1: An increase in the enforcement of laws that dictate the minimum drinking age

The minimum legal age that one needs to attain in order to start drinking according to the law is a well studied alcohol control policy. As compared to other programs that are generally aimed at the youth who are in the college age bracket, increasing the legal age required for buying and consuming alcohol is considered to be the most successful (DeJong, 2005). If the law can implement a higher legal drinking age then there will be a decrease in consumption of alcohol. This is because of the decrease in the amount of alcohol being sold to minors. There should also be efforts made to reduce false age identification in order to make this law more effective. This will in turn lead to a decrease in the number of fatal road accidents caused by drunk driving. This should be carried out as a joint effort between college lecturers and the community. 

Action point 2: Increased publicity, implementation and enforcing laws aimed at reducing alcohol-impaired driving

The number of deaths due to drunk driving can be reduced through setting the legal content of alcohol in the blood for college age group to 0.2 % or even lower. This can also be implemented trough using sobriety checkpoints around colleges and campuses (DeJong, 2005). Administrative license revocation laws should also be implemented incase a college student is found exceeding the legal blood content. This will make these college students careful and avoid going beyond the stipulated legal content of alcohol in their blood when driving. They would not want to risk their licenses being revoked. College students should be educated against the dangers associated with drunk driving. 

Action plan 3: screening and counselling college students

All the college students who visit health centers in campus should undergo screening for alcohol abuse. College students abusing alcohol and those at risk of alcohol abuse should be given personal counselling. The counselling should entail how alcohol can easily sabotage their academics and lead to death in road accidents (Miller, 2008). They should also be counselled on how they can handle social situations where they can access alcohol freely. 



Action plan 4: Restricting the density of alcohol retail outlets around college compounds

There should be a reduction in number of alcohol outlets around colleges or recreational areas where college students like to spend their time (DeJong, 2005). The number and location of these outlets can be restricted either directly or indirectly through policies that make it difficult to obtain licenses.  There would be a reduction in the consumption of alcohol by individuals in the college age if alcohol is sold far from their colleges or areas they like spending their time. 

Delivery of information

This information can be delivered through law enforcement officers to the college students through college presidents, student and community leaders. The information can be delivered through seminars and sessions that are aimed at sensitizing college students of reduction of alcohol consumption. 

Statistics on drunk driving among the college age-group

According to research, drinking and driving by college students is considered to be a major public health issue.  One in every five college student admits to drive while they are drunk. About 40% of college students have acknowledged that they have ever been drove by a drunk driver. Another worrying fact is that the tendency of driving under the influence of alcohol starts when a college student attains the minimum legal age for driving. College students very limited experience in driving and hence making drunk driving by college students more hazardous. 




Measuring success of action plan

In order to find out whether the action plan is successful or not fresh statistics can be taken on the number of accidents due to drunk driving among college students. If the number of accidents have decreased then it means that the action plan implemented was effective. 
















DeJong, W. (2005). Preventing alcohol-related problems on campus: Impaired driving : A guide for program coordinators. Bethesda, Md.?: Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention ;. 


Miller, J. (2008). A Drunk Driving Prevention Program for Your Students. The American Biology Teacher, 199-205. 


Parks, P. (2010). Drunk driving. San Diego, CA: Reference Point Press. 

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Media Plan

Media Plan

            A media plan are documented objectives, tactics, strategy and resource allocation for a target group. It is the media mix and schedule that are used to get to thetarget audience/ population(Baron, 12). Little finance and knowhow on the above elementsalways make reaching a target group tricky. Our organization has always served the purpose of creating convoluted plans aimed at ensuring a great businessplatform for Indian bikes in the market. Staying in the business for the Indian’s has been an issue since the 1950’s, their chief competition created by the Harley Davidson.

Marketing Plan


            This plan will innovatively aim at people who are utilized to the conventional media, people born after the war, and bring backthe Indian Cruisers to their level of dominance.


            Our advertisement target markets, in order to advance, will include three market occasions. Such are Bicycle week in Daytona Shoreline, FL on thefirst week of walk. There are also the Sturgis Bicycle Week in Sturgis, ND on the first week of August, in Daytona Shoreline, FL on the third week of October.

Company History

            Indian Motorbike Assemblies is a producer of bikes based in Springfield, Massachusetts. They have been themain rival of Harley Davidson since 1903; it is the second most seasoned bike mark in the U.S. in the previous times, they were thelargest producer of bikes globally.

Media Target

Our organization, in this agreement, will try to meet thefollowing objectives;

  • To create a familiarity zone with the Indian Cruisers but keep budgeting within the $18dollar funding
  • To create the Indian Cruisers reemergence into business, with backing through the whole year of 2009
  • Focus on the forty to forty-five agedpeople with a pay pack of sixty thousand dollars. 
  • Keep up attention to the item by arriving at X percent of the of the targetmarket after presentation of the commodity.
  • Use media that will successfully impart the delight of owning an Indian cruiser

Media Strategy

We aim to concentrate on magazines and radio as an essential to create mindfulness for the target market.

Cooperate Analysis

Red Wing Motorbike

            The cooperate was started by the Rock Legend, Steven Tyler. The Red Wing Motorbikes are currently sold at the Pritt-Harley Davidson and Berkeley-Harley Davidson franchises. With an overall decided target to be ‘a new brand to change the businesssector’, they started offering bicycles in 2007. They promote that each bicycle is hand marked by Steven Tyler, a factor that has turned them into a significant playerthe business market. Their target group is of a higher age bunch with high wages.

Buell Motorbikes

            This is an American bike maker located in east Troy, Wisconsin. It was established by ex-Harley Davidson engineer, Erik Buell. In 1993, the cooperate branded with Harley-Davidson and turnedentirely in a subsidiary/ possession of the Harley by 1998. The Buell Motorbikes are known morefor their dashing bikes than the road bikes. They haveworked solely on the “Sportster” and other hustling or “groin rocket” style bicycles since they joined with the HD. Their center, which is essentially game bicycles, make them match our auxiliary target group(Baron and Scissors, 25).

NSU Motorenwerke AG

            This is a German organization that waspurchased out by the Volkswagen in 1969. The NSU group, arrived in the U.S at their prime, when the HD washitting low. From 1955 into the 70’s, they heldthe position of the biggest maker in the U.S., after which theyhave not had an impact or accomplishment in the U.S. market. It is because of theemergence of stiff competition from other motorbike producers.

Target Market

Primary Target Audience

            Indian Bikes has an outstandingly not the same number of customers as its significant rival Harley Davidson because of its costly itembase. Indian shoppers are composed of white married men of between the ages of forty to fifty-five; they might be having young families back at home. They might appear as though they are a piece of Consistent American Centre; these are shoppers whose annual netsalary might not be less than sixty thousand dollars. In mostcases, these shoppers are professional experts. Quite a number work in Corporate America is holding managerial position. Largely, they are not so much outgoing. However, they doadore leisure and travel activities that are both associated with the rich status.

Secondary Target Audience

            A second market that has buyer potential has been distinguished due to a wide base of Indian Bikes that engage a couple of bunches of different male age brackets. It comprises of white male of ages between thirty-five to forty, married or single, and may have an adolescent troop.
            Thoughthey might appear as if they are part of a piece of Standard Centre America, normally, these are men whose annualincome is not less than sixty thousand dollars.

Media Objectives

            Media objectives are usually part of a four staged standard media plan that includesstating the objectives, establishing a budget, assessing the media choosingand implementing the choices(Bythe, 67-71). This plan has an objective of reaching out to the target group. Consideringthe high population of America, The advertisement on the reemergence of the Indian Bikes will appear on four Television Programs in including ESPN(180, 190, 161). Others are the History Channel (173, 158, 170), Speed (162, 214, 163), and Travel (143, 105, 127).
            Each program has an average rating of 20. Using the four programs results in accumulation of 80gross points. Their combinedreach is therefore 40%There are also a higher likelihood/ chances that viewers of may also see any of the reading programs. 400 people are more inclined to be exposed to one or more television programs in a population that has 1000 television sets. GRPs for a program where the advert becomesvisible X the frequency the advert runs.
            Using one schedule in all four programs for the commercial can help determine the frequency of the ad. 170homes watch only one program, 110homes view 2programs, and 70 watch three programs while 50 household view every program. The number of programs watched by every household add up to 800. Hence 400 households will be exposed to 800 commercials.
            The above procedure alsoapplies to the radio. This is based on the assumption that thepeople watching the television programs will also listen to the radio. Theradio, however, have a broadened base. For example, All News(117)WCOA, Pensacola has 70,000potential listeners, and 30,000 hear a commercial, an average of 43%. In this regard, Indian Cruisers will be able to realize its aim of bouncingback into the business.
            Continuity that entails the timing of the media assertions, will create the following trend; 15%in October, 25%in November, 45%in December and 10% for the rest of the year. The reason forsuch a high percentage in December is because most people are on Holiday. Considering that thetarget brand of audience of people aged between forty and forty-five will create a 60%sales derivative, the aim of thiscampaign is to raise the brand experience by 30%among them. The campaign will reach 1million in 12 marketsusing TV, radio, newspaper and magazines as well as social media.

Media Choices

TV Channels

            To achieve our target market, we havedecided to make the most use of link systems and particular TV day advertisements/ parts. It would promoteand expand familiarity with the Indian Cruiser brand towards the end of the year in creatinggrounds for the arrival of theitem into business in 2015 as per the plan. The quantities of the day partsand the linksystems will be recorded in the following accompanying command: 45-54, 35-44, 55-64.
            The most conventional inside our target will be accompanying link systems and TV day parts as illustrated below:

  • ESPN(180,190,161)
  • History Channel(173,158,170)
  • Speed(162,214,163)
  • Travel Channel(143,105,127) 
  • Discovery(132,132,117)

    Day Parts

  • Mon-Fr i8PM-9PM(492, 451, 335)
  • Mon-Fri 9PM10PM (489, 454, 345)
  • Mon-Fri 10PM-11PM (474, 428, 321)

Radio Stations

We plan to center on the encompassing ranges of bicycle occasions in utilizing these radiostations. Our specific aim is to build a consciousness of Indian’s vicinity at the occasions. Our choice of radio stations, based on the kinds of radio that our target group listens to are:

  •  All News (117) WCOA, Pensacola, 
  • FL ClassicFM(158)WJGL, Jacksonville, FL


            There are magazines that have a high record within our essential target business sector range, but also with high files in the optional and tertiary target age ranges too. Such are the magazines that we have chosen. We have advertised with these magazines amid the months preceding significantbicycle occasions in the United States. Through the advertisements, we trust, we will gather more backingfor the advancementswe want to run amid the occasions of Bicycle Week in Daytona, Sturgis, and Bicycle tober.


            We intend to use paper that is more inclined to achieve our side spread demographic. The USA Nowadays is a toprated paper in America with a normal routineaudience of 6,275, 497. Due to its achievement of a great reader base and general substance, it becomes theideal choice for this intendedpurpose. The Divider Road Diary with a reader base of 5,063,751 would help achieve the purposes with a perfect measure of disposal wage to discover our item an appealing speculation. It is a paper of decisions for expertsand speculators much the same. The paper thatwe intend to use for thisparticular purpose should have a bigreading base that is also steeped into our target group(Carter and McGoldrick, 56).


            Boards are to be placed in high activity regions in the weeks pavingthe way to and amid Bicycle Week, Bicycle to berfestand Sturgis Bicycle Week. This is specificallyaimed at utilizing the boards viably. We will publicize all mid-year in North Carolina since it is the head office. To alarm newcomersand voyages that cruisers are accessible in the range and to helpinhabitants remember their vicinity, boards will be put in closeness to Indian Dealership in the end.

Flow Chart

            Radio Stations charge an average of $50 per advertisement comparedother media that charge an average of $100 per advertisement. Their lower charges makemore organization advertise with them. Radios are cheap and portableand hence the Radio stations are reachable to almost everyone. Our organization aims at using radios majorly as promotional media for the Indian Bike Cruisers for this reason.
            When an advert is relayed, so many peopleget it, butonly a few of the targeted audience might get it(Carter and  Mcgoldrick, 89-93). Sothe target coverage index should always be greater than the message index. Because the messagedoes not reach 100% of the target group, it is important to record the projectednumber of coverage more than the projected reach of people.
            It is crucial to consider the budgeting cost of the advertisement while preparing theadvertisement flow chart. The totalcost of the advertisement should fall within the budgeting cost to avoid overstraining the company. The cost of our advertisement in this case is $55,400.00 while the budgeted cost is $60,000.00. A firm should prepare an advertisement flowchart that that has very low costscompared to the budgeted costs, butthe ratio should not go below 50%. In this case, the firm has a ratio of 55400/60000* 100%= 992.33%. Thismeans that thelow chart, at almost 100%, is within the budget.
            Most of the target audience are working people who are mostlyonly available after work. The flowchart, therefore, should place most of theadvertisements during the evening news in Channel TVs.


            With the aim of reaching 150million adults within a year, the media campaign will run from January 2014 to January 2015. The client aims to spend $2,000,000 for the campaign. In magazines, the campaign will advertise 72ads. Because there are two magazines chosen for this campaign, each magazine will, therefore, run 36ads. With the exception of July, The People’s magazine will run advertisements throughout the year. Fifty thousand dollars will be spent in circulating four advertisements in the months of January, February, March, April, May, June subsequently then September, October, November and December.
            TV cables will take a total of 144 ads in the months of January, February, March, July, August, September, October, November and December. The total cost of these TV cable-ads will be 300,000 dollars.
            Personneldepartment will also be included in the resource budget. Their salaries and wages will consume a total of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Sixty thousand dollars go to theworker benefits, same as the payrolltaxes and commissionpayments and bonuses, sixty thousand dollars each. That makes a total of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. The total amount spent on the personnel will be four hundred and twenty thousand dollars.
            To determine the best campaign ad, research must be carried out(Blythe, 19). The primary research that takes place at the beginning of the campaign will cost around one hundred thousand dollars. Secondary research that goes hand in hand with the media campaign is for thepurpose of monitoring the impact of thecampaign on the intended market. Thecost will be around forty thousand dollars. Research materials are kept in the library. Expenses that will cover for the services of a professional librarian will be twenty thousand dollars.
            Brandeditems and branding company cars with the product’s name will cost approximately one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. An interactive website will also be used in the campaign to maintain an online presence. The services of Smartweb, the company that has been identifiedfor this purpose, will cost fifty thousand dollars. There will also be direct marketing that will include road shows anddirect sales. This will cost thirty thousand dollars.
            There will also be internet marketing that will alsoinvolve the use of the socialmedia for a period of four running months. The costfor achieving this will be twenty thousand dollars.
            Focus on the public makes it necessary to have a public relations advisor. Purposel, this is done to ensurethat the preparedads have relevant content that is agreeable to thetarget audience. There will also organize events that will include family fun day and a town cleaning exercise. Posters and flyers for thecampaign will also be prepared to cost one hundred thousand dollars. The community programs that the campaignaims at sponsoring will cost a total of ten thousand dollars.
            Advertisement on the two newspapers in the months of March and September on a daily routine will cost, and on the radiostations will cost a total of four hundred thousand dollars. Training of staff in communications will cost approximately twenty thousand dollars. Incentives for the channels involved in the advertisements will cost twenty thousand dollars. Cost of buying computersand other equipment will cost fifty thousand dollars. Other costs will arise from postages of letters, telephonecommunication and travel. Such will cost a total of sixty thousand dollars.
            Telemarketing and fun fairs to ensure maximum exposure will cost sixty thousand dollars. Forty thousand dollars will be used in setting up a customers’ loyalty scheme to ensure that thecustomer retention remains high.


Cited Works

Baron, B. Roger, and Sissors, Z. Jack. Advertising media planning. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Print.

Blythe, J. Essentials of Marketing, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. 2005. Print.

Carter, B., and McGoldrick, M. The expanded family cycle. Individual family and social perspectives. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 2009.

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