Macro and Microeconomics: Question 3 (Test Yourself)

Macro and Microeconomics

Question 3 (Test Yourself)

Transactions included in the GDP are; a) Payment by Smith for garage building which raises GDP by $50000.b) $ 60000 used by Smith to build himself a garage which will increase the GDP by $60000. d) Joneses $ 500000 used in purchasing the house which will raise GDP by the same amount. f) $ 25000 used in purchasing a new frame computer from IBM that would increase GDP by $25000, i) $100 gained from the stock market, which will increase GDP by $100 and j) Purchase of a new economic book from the university, which will raise the GDP by $100.

Question 3(Discussion question)

Gross Domestic product is not suitable for measuring well-being of a nation because it does not include inequality in the distribution of income and wealth. The general assumption is that wealth is equally distributed among the citizens yet it is a few individuals who are rich. Secondly, the quality of goods and services comprising the output and externalities like pollution are not considered. In addition, increase in output may be attributed to long working hours with less leisure time. There is a lot of money in the black economy like prostitution, which is not included in the GDP computation. Non-market transactions such as volunteer and household chores are also not included. Sustainability of growth is not considered in the calculation of GDP because the country may have exploited its resources, increasing its GDP.

Computation of college Price index; 

Market basket for 1982=(10*1)+(25*1)+(10*3)+(12*12)+(12*3)+(5*11)=300

Market basket for 2009=(25*1)+(55*1)+(3*35)+(12*40)+(3*30)+(11*14)=909

Price Index for 2009=Market basket for 2009* 100              =909*100

                                    Market basket for 1982                          300


Real GDP for each year; Real GDP=Nominal GDP*100

                                                              GDP deflator

a) 1981=3131*100 = 5017.63     1991=5986*100= 6673.36        2001=10206*100=9329.1

            62.4                                         89.7                                            109.4

b) % change in nominal GDP is calculated by change in the GDP *100; from 1981 to 1991 and  1991 to 2001 , the nominal GDP has changed by 91.18% and 70.50% respectively while the real GDP has changed by 43.75% from 1981 to 1991 and by 21.96% from 1991 to 2001. (b)

Percentage Change in Nominal GDP

            Between 1981 and 1991

            5986-3131 ÷ 3131 × 100

            = 91.18%

            Between 1991 and 2001

            10206 – 5986 ÷ 5986 × 100

            = 70.50 %

Percentage Change in Real GDP

            Between 1981 and 1991

            6673 – 5018 ÷ 5018 × 100

            =32.98 %

            Between 1991 and 2001

            9329 – 6673 ÷ 6673 × 100

            = 39.8%

c) Rate of inflation = Nominal growth   Inflation (1981-1991) =5986*5017.63 =1.44%

                                   Real growth                                               3131*6673.36

Inflation (1991-2001) =10206*6673.36= 1.22%


2)  Real GDP=Nominal GDP *100

                        GDP deflator

Question 2

Nominal GDP92699869.6810206
Real GDP885792249329
GDP deflator104.65107.0109.4

Nominal GDP 2000

            Real GDP × GDP deflator ÷ 100

            9224 × 107.0 ÷ 100

            = 9869.68

Real GDP 2001

            Nominal DGP ÷ GDP deflator × 100

            = 10206 ÷ 109.4 × 100

            = 9329

GDP deflator 1999

            Nominal GDP ÷ Real GDP × 100

            9269 ÷ 8857 × 100

            = 104.65

Question 3

The last few years after the crisis have witnessed a gradual decline in productivity growth and the situation may persist for much longer (Orszag). Projections indicate that the trend is likely to persist for a much longer period. One of the reasons behind the slowdown in productivity growth is the fact that a significant percentage of the population is not engaged in active productive engagements. An aging population has also been cited as one of the reasons behind the slump in productivity. The author points out that workers usually display less enthusiasm and productivity after a crisis. The impact of the crisis manifests at the level of confidence on the part of the workers as many of them become affected by insecurities that hamper their capacity to produce.

The studies indicate that the levels of productivity have been going down even before the crisis reached its peak in 2007 (Orszag). This is an indication that much of the challenges in productivity are rooted in certain structural and environmental realities that adversely influence the capacity of the economy to recover from the crisis. The study points out that much of the negative implications of the crisis are felt on a long-term basis. Total factor productivity is one of the areas that was adversely affected by the crisis. In essence, the reality poses practical challenges in the relationship between capital and labor. A disharmonious relationship between the two naturally impacts negatively on the score of productivity.

According to the author, the crisis also poses a negative effect at the level of spending. Many factories and businesses usually cut down on capital expenditure. There is less spending on improvements, investments, or expansions. As a result, the economy experiences a drastic reduction in development, which may persist for a long time with the attendant effects such as increased unemployment and a reduction in the productive capacities of the existing systems. The author points out that the reduction in productivity could bring down economic growth to the point of 2.1 percent.


Works Cited

Orszag, Peter. It’s too Soon to Celebrate a Recovery. Bloomberg. 30, Jan 2012. Web. 11 Feb, 2013.

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Question 1: Presenting Issues and the Primary Concerns

Question 1: Presenting Issues and the Primary Concerns

The client presents several presenting issues, which are grouped into one term “mother’s ability to manage her infant.” Mary – the client is unable to manage not only the infant, but also the six years old son called Jamie. Despite the fact that the client presents others issues, we can consider that the most pressing presenting issue is not able to manage her young infant. Lisa is the infant is not able to cope with her mother’s demands or expectations. She is not able to eat well, not able to sit yet her age is permits her to do so, she not able to hear what her mother tells her, and generally not able to conform to the mother’s undertaking at home. According to the client’s presentation of the case, the infant conformity levels are down yet her age calls for these changes.
In addition, there are primary concerns presented by the client; these concerns can be divided into two, the child’s present and those presented by the client. The as a worker, it is important to address both the mother’s problems and those presented by the children to solve the case the client presents. First, the worker should be able to address the developmental problem presented by Lisa. This could be both medical and psychological problems and hence should be given priority, secondly, it is evident that both children in the case present disciplinary problems hence these should be addressed to solve the problem. Other concerns are the mothers; she seems frustrated, confused, and not able to conform with the issues presented by the kids, the other primary concern is addressing the behavior that Mary has adopted due to her frustration; drinking habits.

Question two: Indicators of Mary’s Mental Health Status

There are various indicators that express the mental health problem faced by Mary. One of the indicators is has uncombed hair. From the psychoanalysis theory of social development, one of the signs of mental problem is confusion. Thus, with uncombed hair and the funny manner of clothing are clear signs of confusion hence this can be deduced to be an indicator of mental problem presented by Mary. The other indicator is anger and irritability levels. Based on previous literature, it is evident that individuals with mental problems often exhibit anger and irritability issues. Most of them are always furious and docile to other people and things. For example, they fight people. In this case, Mary is mad with the kids, especially to the infant (Lisa). The other indicator is that Mary is not able to organize herself. She is disorganized to an extent of leaving beer bottles at Lisa’s room. However, this is an indicator of mild mental problem hence straightforward to solve (Miller & Rasmussen, 2010).

How to obtain Additional Information

As a worker, there are four ways that I can obtain additional information from the client. First, I ought to undertake a serious, but friendly interview with the client in order to gain access to her personal information concerning her health problems. In order to gain access to this information, I have to be persuasive and inform the client that without this information it will be hard to help her move over this dilemma. Secondly, I will seek extra information from the ECN (Early Childhood Nurse) since she was the first worker who gains access to the family problem hence she can offer credible information about the child developmental problem. Thirdly, it is important to include Mary’s extended family in these issues. Mary has a past child life hence in before analyzing her current mental problems; it is worth to note if she has this issue in the past of if the issue developed after getting kids. For example, it can be stated that if Mary had this problem since childhood, then it must be a medical, or mental problem, but if the problem is because of having a family then is could be a psychological problem. Hence, this extra information is significant to get this difference (Sawyer et al,. 2006).  The last method of gaining access to information is by inviting a mental health specialist to diagnose Mary in order to get the information needed.

Question 3: Interventions to Mary’s Situation

There are various interventions to Mary’s situations, but this study will only use three of the methods because of the urgency that the case deserves. Since the case consists of two phases; the Lisa’s childhood developmental problem and Mary’s mental problem, it has to employ mental health training, counseling, and family intervention methods. Since the child’s issue is more urgent, the family intervention method will be the first cause of action. After taking the child to a health specialist, the ECN nurse, the child has to be taken under custody. At this time, that the family will play this role because Mary will also be under another intervention, which will demand her 100 percent attention (Lewis, Haviland-Jones & Barrett, 2010). Mary will be part and parcel of a mental health training intervention where her indicators will be used to manage her problem. In addition, she will be exposed to a mental professional who will diagnose her and advice on the best treatment to administer. Lastly, counseling in a significant intervention that will help both Mary and the infant.

Question 4: Agencies/services/organisations

Three scenarios have to be addressed in the case. One is to address the challenges faced by the infant, by Mary and my Jamie; Mary’s eldest child. For this reason, three organisations or agencies have to be brought on board to help curb the problems faced by the client. Since the first victims of the presenting issue are the infant and Jamie, a children based organization must be included. First, a child specialist from children based agencies has to be invited to offer treatment and advice on how to help the infant with the developmental problem evident from her first diagnosis with the ECN.
The second agency to be included is one that deals with mental health disorders. This organization will offer medical and psychological assistance to help solve the problem expressed or indicated by Mary. The reason for including this organization is to offer medical and physiological diagnosis if any. The last organization is Trauma and Fear agency that will help Jamie recover from the psychological torture.

Question 5: Legal and Ethical Issues

The only legal issue addressed in the case study is that concerning the unfair treatment of the children. The way that Mary is handling the kids a legal concern, this can be termed as a bridge of the law after she is diagnosed with a mental problem.  If in any case that she is diagnosed with a mental problem then she will not be guilty the offense, but if she faces no mental problem then she will face the law. Therefore, this issue awaits Mary’s diagnosis.  In case she is not mentally sick then, I will have to inform the authorities.  The case is covered with ethical issues (Diamond & Lee, 2011).  For example, confidentiality of medical or health information offered by Mary and the family is an ethical concern. The other ethical concern is the mode of exposure to a counseling process. In order to address these issues, first I have to work in accordance to my professional code of ethics and to assure my client that all the information she and the family have offered will remain confidential.

Question 6: Case-Notes

Counselor:  _______________________                 Session Date:  ________________  Time: 

Client(s) Name:  ___________________________________________________ Session #: ______

Last Home Visit Case-Notes


Client Description:

Based on the analysis the client indicates a fair recovery from the mental health problems that she had previously. She is very strong, organized and well- dressed.

Subjective Complaint:

The client only complains that the duration of counseling is long and would prefer it shortened during week days. She also wants to be with the kids.

Objective Findings:

It was noted that the client is able to handle all her domestic chores without any problem; her level of confusion is over.

Assessment of Progress:

After a vigorous evaluation of the client, she is ready to have her kids back since she has 99 percent recovered.

Needs for Supervision:

However, the ECN should continue visiting the infant for more three weeks to ensure they have conformed to the mother’s change in behavior.

Part 2

Monitoring and Reviewing Counseling process

            The first step in monitoring and reviewing a counseling process is by evaluating the level of feedback being offered by the client. In case the client offers considerable feedback, then it can be evaluated that the process is efficient. The next step is ensuring that what was discussed in the process is being implemented. If the client implements advice offered in the counseling process then, the process can be considered efficient and effective.

Service user for ending a counseling process

            The user must address the current status of the client, the nature mental health evident, and the next step towards full recover of the client. In this case, the worker should ensure that the user hold, the necessary follow up services.


Diamond, A., & Lee, K. (2011). Interventions shown to aid executive function development in     children 4 to 12 years old. Science333(6045), 959-964.

Lewis, M., Haviland-Jones, J. M., & Barrett, L. F. (Eds.). (2010). Handbook of emotions. Guilford Press.

Miller, K. E., & Rasmussen, A. (2010). War exposure, daily stressors, and mental health in          conflict and post-conflict settings: bridging the divide between trauma-focused and       psychosocial frameworks. Social Science & Medicine,70(1), 7-16.

Sawyer, A., Baghurst, C., Graetz, K., Nurcombe, P., Prior, R., & Rey, W. (2006). Mental health of young people in Australia.

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The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution; Question 1

The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution

Question 1

It is noted in the fourth amendment Law of United States that the police have could or could not have an entry to a person houses. Therefore, the below explanation will explain more about the above Law:


    It is noted that in a certain situation, the police might have access to entry to someone home to search. This is only possible when they have a reasonable suspicion of any nature of criminal activity even if the nature of the crime falls short of cause of the arrest. Based on the Terry v. Ohio case, the police have access to conduct a warrantless search to a person’s premise such as a house or home under certain circumstances as it may appear. In terry, for example, the Supreme Court noted that when a police offers witnesses unusual conduct that makes the officer think reasonably that the criminal conduct maybe be stirring. If, for example, the suspected person as a weapon and if he/she is dangerous to the police.  The officer is allowed access to the person premises to ascertain if the suspect has a woman or not.         

     This type of search is known as Terry stop. To conduct such a search, the officer is mandated to consider articulated facts, taken with rational inference from the suspect to reasonable warrant as search to the premise of the suspect. As settled in Florida v. Royer (1983), such a hunt must be impermanent, and addressing must be restricted to the reason for the stop. For example, the police officer who stops an individual because they have sensible suspicion (Lasson, 1970). To affirm that the individual was driving in the wake of affirming that it is not stolen constrain the individual to answer addresses about whatever else might be available, for example, the ownership of contraband.

Question 2

Under the Fourth Amendment, law requirement must get composed authorization from a court of law, or qualified justice, to legally inquiry and seize evidence while exploring criminal action. A court stipends consent by issuing a writ known as an issue. A hunt or seizure is for the most part irrational and unlawful if directed without a substantial warrant and the police must acquire a warrant at whatever point practicable. Inquiries and seizures without a warrant are not viewed as outlandish if one of the particularly settled and outlined special cases to the warrant necessity applies. These exemptions apply “just in those outstanding circumstances in which extraordinary needs, past the typical requirement for law implementation, make the warrant and reasonable justification prerequisite impracticable. In these circumstances where the warrant necessity doesn’t have any significant bearing a pursuit or seizure regardless must be legitimized by some individualized suspicion of wrongdoing. In any case, the U.S. Incomparable Court cut out an exemption to the prerequisite of individualized suspicion. It decided that, “In restricted circumstances, where the security diversions involved by the pursuit are insignificant. Where an imperative legislative investment promoted by the interruption would be put in peril by a necessity of individualized suspicion” a hunt or seizure would at present be sensible.

Question 3

There are four principle circumstances in which a warrant is not needed for police to pursuit your home:

            Consent. In the event that an individual who is in control of the property agrees to the pursuit without being pressured or deceived into doing along these lines, a hunt without a warrant is legitimate. Note that police don’t need to let you know that you have the right to deny an inquiry. However, you do. Likewise, note that if that in the case that the officer’s Allie is injured he, or she can agree to a hunt of the regular zones of your abode. However, not to your private territories (room, case in point). Then again, the Supreme Court as of late decided that one mate can’t agree to the pursuit of a house for the other.

            Plain View: In the event that a Police as of now has the right to be on your property and sees contraband or confirmation of wrongdoing that is unmistakably noticeable.  The protest may be legitimately seized and utilized as evidence. For instance, if the police are in your home on an abusive behavior at home call and see cannabis plants on the windowsill, the plants can be seized as confirmation.

            Search Incident to Arrest: If you are arrested from your home or premises. The police may hunt down weapons or different associates to secure their wellbeing (known as an issue “range”) or they might overall pursuit to keep the decimation of confirmation.

            Exigent Circumstances: This special case alludes to crisis circumstances where the procedure of getting a legitimate court order could trade off open wellbeing or could prompt a loss of confirmation. This includes cases of “direct pursuit” in which a suspect is going to escape. A late California Supreme Court choice decided that police may enter a suspect’s home without a warrant on the premise of the hypothesis that critical confirmation. Such as the suspect’s blood alcohol level may be lost otherwise.

Question 4

            As a rule, the police are approved to lead a warrantless inquiry when the time it would take to get a warrant would imperil open wellbeing or lead to the loss of imperative confirmation. Here are a few circumstances in which most judges would maintain a warrantless pursuit: Following a health or medication case, the officer is allowed to go into the home of the victim without any warranty. A Police on a standard watch hears yells and shouts originating from a home, hurries in, and arrests a suspect for spousal ill-use. In addition, police “close behind” of an escaping criminal proceeds with the pursuit into the suspect’s abode so as to make the arrest. 

In these sorts of crisis circumstances, an officer’s obligation to ensure individuals and save evidence exceeds the warrant prerequisite. 

Question 5

            A police officer doesn’t need a warrant to seize booty or evidence that is “in plain view” if the officer is in the region where the confirmation or contraband is initially spotted. The officer must have reasonable justification to accept the thing is evidence or contraband keeping in mind the end goal to seize it, however. So, if an officer who has legally pulled you over spots what seems to be cocaine on the traveler seat, he can most likely analyze it, seize it and arrest a suspect. Therefore, it can be noted that the Fourth Amendment has both positive and negative effects not only to the police but also the public.


Lasson, N. B. (1970). The history and development of the fourth amendment to the United States             Constitution (pp. 51-105). Da Capo Press.

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analysis on Albert Einstein’s Question on Does mankind today place more value on commodity or on self

The focus of this paper is to provide an analysis on Albert Einstein’s Question which states. Does mankind today place more value on commodity or on self. The paper provides an argument in support of my stance on the issues. Human beings have indeed changed their priorities thus placing self interest before the greater good of society. 

Albert Einstein is one of the most significant scientists of all time. Most of his work was dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the society. Einstein is known for his quotes that sort to challenge social-cultural norms in the community. One of the statements addresses the change from the socialist way of life to the individualistic way of life. In the past, society worked had so as to fulfill objectives aimed at their personal growth.  The study of the work of a majority of the philosophers is dedicated to personal fulfillment and self actualization. Concentrating on oneself involves leaning about ones soul. One of the deeds that bring satisfaction to human beings is serving of society (Seligman, p. 127).

“The individual feels more than ever dependent on society, but he feels this dependence not in the positive sense — cradled, connected as part of an organic”.

            When individuals dedicate themselves to working towards the benefit of a community they get self satisfaction and self worth. The responsibility to society is expected so as to improve the growth of the community. Most cultures place emphasis on performing good so as to improve the relationships between family and friends. Cultures are prone to change due to the change in social cultural aspects. The introduction of globalization changed the dynamics of most societies. People were exposed to new inventions and innovations that improve the quality of life as a whole. The spread of globalization resulted in the shift from socialism to capitalism. Capitalism involves policies that support the personal growth and development in regard to economic, social and cultural policies. Individuals can maximize on their wealth as much as they can as long as they use legal means. This is contrary to the socialism system that encourages society to work for the benefit of the whole community. People thus place emphasis on their personal desires as opposed to basic needs like happiness and love (Velkley, p. 109).

            Commodities are assets that can be bought or sold in any given market. People have been trading commodities from the ancient days. Barter trade was the preferred medium of trade; it involves the exchanged of goods for goods. This was a simple form of trade aimed at sustaining the communities. As people began to interact, the methods of trade developed into more complex activities. Traders begun to produce goods and services that were competitive in nature. This in turn led to the improvement of the quality of goods in the market. 

            Commodities have changed from their simple nature to more complex and differentiated items. Most commodities are created to meet other needs apart from their primary function. An example of this is the use of the cell phone. Cell phones are a product of technological developments in terms of communication. Cell phones are primarily intended to improve the communication between people in different locations. Over the years, the commodity has been developed to include services such as internet, GPRS and entertainment services. This is reflective of the demands that society places on manufacturers. An immense amount of value is placed on physical items as opposed to emotional and personal features (Velkley, p. 211).

People are thus less interactive with each other due to the shift in priorities of society. The focus on self is ideal for the recognition of the people in the surrounding environment. Human beings are social creatures in that they are more sustainable when they work as a community. The value of self does not regard the value of commodities and thus makes them the least of priorities. Focusing on personal development and education is encouraged to improve the relationship between different individuals. This in turn promotes love and understanding in regard to different ideologies (Seligman, p. 312).

 Reducing the need for material goods makes an individual realize the value of the basic things in life. One can have all the wealth in the world but lose their friends, family and respect. This achievement does not amount for allot thus displays the lack of value of commodities. Society continues to forget the significant of self as opposed to commodity. Some argue that commodity is equally as essential as self. This places an immense amount on pressure on individuals to achieve these items. Research has shown that people who value commodities lose out on the basic factors such as family and relationships. These elements may be simple in nature but account for 90 percent of a human beings life (Seligman, p. 234).

In conclusion, the world continues to change, values continue to change. More and more people are beginning to realize that commodities are not as significant as they look. Society should encourage the value of self so as to change the current situation. This in turn will improve the state of the globe which has a lot to be desired. 








Works cited

Seligman, Martin E. P. Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being. New York: Free Press, 2011. Print.

Velkley, Richard. The Tension in the Beautiful: On Culture and Civilization in Rousseau and German Philosophy. Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question. The University of Chicago Press. 2002.Print.

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Nursing Question Help

Nursing Question Help

1.- What is the proper sequence during auscultation of the abdomen per quadrant?

2.- What is the sequence of Physical Examination?

3.- What is the sequence of Abdominal Examination?

4.- Who many types of voice sounds do you know? Explain them. 

5.- How do you assess Cranial Nerve X?

6.- What is a Vestibular assessment?

7.- How many arterial points can we find in a body during the assessment? Explain.

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answer asap for teacher question

Thanks for posting! You might have included the NAACP as resisters and the landmark SCOTUS decision with Plessy v. Ferguson, which caused the separate but equal issue that characterized Jim Crow. While it was a setback for racial equality in American history, there was a silver lining in the words of the lone dissenting Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall Harland. His words would inspire many hearts into the next century. Looking at his words, what sort of message did he convey to those on the losing end of the court battle? What were his views on the American concept of liberty?
Best regards,
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Discussion question -Working with your team®: Working with Your Team

  • Not completed (REQUIRED)

  •  Video

  • 3


  • 4.1

Watch the section, “Working with Your Team,” from the® video, Working Remotely.

Note:  Completing these exercises will benefit your Supporting Activity responses. Click on the button that is labeled “Exercise files” above the video you are viewing, then click the file name in the pop-up box to download the files to your computer.


Copyright ©2017 by University of Phoenix

What did you learn from the video about working with your team?  What are the challenges working remotely?

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Physician And Nurse Shortages-Discussion Question

Physician And Nurse Shortages-Discussion Question

Minimum 1 page AMA format


Physician and Nurse Shortages

Although the number of physicians and nurses has steadily increased over time there continues to be concern about impending shortages of physicians and nurses. Recently there has been more concern about physician burnout.

Respond to each of the following questions:

  • What role does student debt play in this workforce market?
  • How could physician and nursing shortages be altered by policy changes (wages, policy, substitution, barrier changes)?
  • Argue the following: There will be a shortage of healthcare providers.

Physician And Nurse Shortages-Discussion Question


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english question 329 – Essay Writers

Please see the file to now what to do………………………………………………….
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discussion question and peer reviews 14

Many people debate how much privacy an employee can expect at work. Share your thoughts on the following questions:

Do you think that employees have an expectation of privacy in the workplace? Why or why not?
What do you feel is more important, job satisfaction or pay? Explain your answer.

Do you think that employees have an expectation of privacy in the workplace? Why or Why not?
I think that employees are being monitored each day. I think that big companies monitor employees if they feel if there is probable cause. For am example, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) allows employers to listen in on business telephone calls, but are not allowed to record or listen to private conversations. Employers may also install audio recording devices in any location that is used for work; however, cafeterias, break rooms and locker rooms are off limits. There are large businesses and companies monitor employee activities : monitor activity on social media websites for example in my company we have block out YAHOO but we can use other web pages. My company also monitor phone calls as well. We have to sign a form in our handbook that our company monitor behavior on all employees. Another example is Many laptop models are equipped with webcams. Some anti-theft software is designed to use those webcams to take still images from the laptops front-facing camera without the knowledge of the user. Webcams can be remotely activated – also without the knowledge of the user.

What do you feel is more important, job satisfaction or pay? Explain your answer.

I feel that a job is has more of a satisfaction rather than pay. You can make a lot of money and not be happy, In my experience that the more money you make the more responsibility you have. There will always be a lot of pressure. This can be lead to longer hours and greater responsibility. For these reason, I feel that a job if you love can be very rewarding and satisfying.

Do you think that employees have an expectation of privacy in the workplace? Why or why not?
I don’t believe that a person has that much privacy in the workplace. In certain places, we are entitled to have an ounce of privacy. I have more privacy in my personal life than in the workplace. Let’s examine a few things that employers do have the right to search, and we as the employee don’t have a right to say anything. When you walk into the office or whatever work setting you to work at, the employee owns all the equipment even the ink pens you use. The employer does have the right to search your computer if you use one to get your job to find out if the computer is being used for recreational purposes instead of work. Things like were you surfing the Internet on Facebook or some other social media platform that has nothing to do with your assignment. If the employer owns a company vehicle and it’s used for company business, and something happens on your watch, yes that employer does have the right to search that vehicle. Another thing, even your emails are being monitored at work because the system once again belongs to the employer. I had one of our bosses who used to monitor this coworker’s phone calls, but there is a limit to that as well. As an employer, you can’t listen in on personal phone calls especially if the employer is making a call from work. Yes, there is a high expectation of employees, but there are rules and regulations for those bosses who wish to go above the law to see if something is going on with one of their employers. My take on things is that someone broke a rule and now there are laws in place to protect both sides to a certain degree. If the rule were not broken, then laws would not come into play.

What do you feel is more important, job satisfaction or pay? Explain your answer
I feel that job satisfaction is way more important than pay any given day. I felt that I had accomplished something on a personal level. For example, I used to work in the admissions department from the school that I graduated from. Our collegiate system took a hit, and so did many other people’s job. It was a sad day where I worked. I knew mine was probably on the line. The policy states last hired and first fired or let go. I did what I had to do to help the remaining students get into college that semester and the next without pay for well over 30 days. My old coworkers were so inspired that they went into their bank accounts and paid me for almost three months of work. I had a job to do and did it with a smile each morning. I knew I was getting paid, but I couldn’t allow the students to suffer because the help was no longer available. I didn’t make much money but knowing that I helped a student get one step closer to their dream was thanks enough.
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